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Globish Word Listing 1,500 words

Globish Word Listing 1,500 words


ABLE -ness Power

ABOUT round about, about face


++ Absurd Absurdity

ACCEPT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able "acceptance" Consent


++ Access -es, -ed, -ing, Increase, Approach Arrival

-ible, "accession"

ACCIDENT -s, -al, -ally not essential

ACCOUNT -s , -ed, Accounting, -able Description

-- [Accuse] "Accusation" to fault, charge


ACT -s, -ual, -ually, -ed, -ing Activity lack of {on, up, with}

of doing "Action"

-- [Actor] lack of Inactivity

++ Active Activity

-- [Activist]

ADD -s, -ed, -ing "Addition" Increase Acquisition -al, -ally

++ Address -ed, -er, -ing Request Abode


ADMIT -s, -ed, -ing "admission"


++ Advance -s, -d, -r, -ing [progression] Approach, [promotion] Offer {in, on, to, with}

ADVERTISE -s, -d, -ing "advertisement," ad Publication

ADVISE s, -d, -ing, -or Advice

-- [Affect] = Influence, touch

-- [Afraid] = fearful

AFTER -wards = in back of

AGAIN a- and again, say it - Repetition

AGAINST over- [contraposition], Opposition, Disagreement

AGE -s, -ed, -ing, -less very old age = ancient

AGENCY -ies, + person = "Agent"

-- [Aggression] = warlike act


AGREE -s, -d, -ing, -able, ably "Agreement", lack of Discord

mutual a.Compromise, Assent, Conformity


-- [Aid] = help, financial support

AIM -s, -ed, -ing Intention -less

AIR y -s, - ness, -ing,-ed,-man [aeronaut] -plane; put on airs Boasting; -

craft {out Ventilation}

-- [Air Force] "military service"


-- [air+port]

++ Alarm -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Album] = collection

-- [Alive] = lively a + live

ALL Whole -blessed, -clear, -fired, fours, right, " almost, also,

although, altogether, All Holy, + most, + ready, +so, + though, +together,

-- [Ally] = fellow "Alliance" "united group"

-- [Almost] = all+ most

-- [Alone] = a + lone = single

-- [Along] = a + long = together with

-- [Already] = all + ready

-- [Also] = all + so

-- [Although = all + though

-- [Always] = all + ways



AMOUNT -s, -ed, -ing Quantity

-- [Anarchy] = no government

-- [Ancestor] = fore + bearer

-- [Ancient] very old


ANGER -s, angry, -ed, -ing Resentment bent Irracibility

ANGLE -s, -ed, -ing, -r, -ular Angularity = Elbow, slope, grade

-- [Angry] cf. anger

ANIMAL -s, science, sounds

ANNIVERSARY -ies = commemoration

ANNOUNCE -s, -er, -ed, -ing "annunciation'

-- [Another] an + other

ANSWER -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

ANY -body, one, place, time, thing

APOLOGIZE -s, -d, -r, -ing

-- [Appeal] = call for

APPEAR -s, -red, -red, -ring, "Appearance" = seem

APPLE -s fruit, Food

-- [Appoint] make, give official

++ Appropriate -ed, -ing, -ly Borrowing "appropriation"

APPROVE -s, -r, -d, -ing, -al Approbation, Consent, lack of = not okay

AREA -s Region

ARGUE -s, -d, -r, -ing, "argument"

ARM Arms -ed service, -ing, -hold

ARMY -ies

-- [Around] = nearly a + round = round about

ARREST -s, -er, -ed, -ing put in custody

ARRIVE -s, -d, r, -ing, Arrival

ART -s, -ful Cunning, lack in -fulness, maker "Artist"

-- [Artillery] Heavy guns, gun group


ASH -es - Wednesday, tree

ASK -s, Request -ed, -ing Ask sincerely

ASSIST -s, -ed, -ing, -ant "Assistance" Aid

ASTRONOMY - -cal, -icallly, -er

AT home


++ Atom -s "atomic"

-- [Attach] = tie, connect

ATTACK -s, -ed, -ing, -er

ATTEMPT -s, -ed, -ing,

ATTEND -s, -ed, -er, -ing, "Attention" [heed] Care;lack of Inattention

-- [Attention] cf. attend

++ Attract -s, -ed, -ing, "Attraction" pulling power, allurement


AUTOMATIC -ally [ "automation"


AUTUMN = fall season, late in life

AVERAGE -s, -d, -r, -ing Mediocrity

AVOID -s, -ed, -ing, -able "Avoidance"

AWAKE -s, awoke, -ing

-- [Award] = grant

++ Aware -ness Sensability = conscious

-- [Away] a + way Being away Absence

BABY -s, -ied, -ing

BACK Rear -s, -ed, -ing [cf support],

-er, -board, -ground, -wards


BAD -ly, Badness, time [untimeliness], times Adversity

example [disreputable person], lands, name Disrepute

BAG -s, -ger, -ging, -ged, -man, -woman = sack, capture

BALANCE -s, -ing, -d, -r Symmetry, [counter-]; lack of


BALLOON -s, -ed, -ing

BALLOT -s, -ed, -ing = cast vote

BAN -s, -ned, -ner = forbid

BANK -s, -er, -ing, -ed, note,

BAR -s, shaft -red, -ring

BARRIER -s = block + age, stronghold = obstacle

BASE Cause -s, -d, -ing -less "Basic" -ness

BASKET -s, -ball

BATTLE -s = fight "battleground"

BE am, are, is, was, were, been, will, WOULD, shall, should

++ Bear -s, -er Agent,-ly, -able, -ing, bore, borne against, out,

through, up, with

BEAT -s, -er, -ing [repeated sound] n. = Drum, v. = Whip

BEAUTIFUL "Beauty" fully


BECOME -s, became, -ing

BED -s, -ded, -ding -ding, -room

BEFORE -hand Priority = in front of

BEGIN -s, -ner, began, begun Beginning

BEHIND -in back of; behind time

BELIEVE -s, -r, -d, -ing, "Belief", true, false, lack of Incredulity

BELL -ringer, sound

BELONG -s, -ed, -ing

BELOW -ground,

BEND -s Deviation -er, bent Tendency, -ing

-- [Best] superlative of "good"

-- [Betray] reveal, deceive -er = turncoat

-- [Better] comparative of "good"

BETWEEN = in space separating two things

BIG -ger, -gest, -ness b-hearted Liberality

BILL -s, -ed, -ing Receiving


BIOLOGY -ical, -ically, -ist

BIRD -s, -ed, -ing = flying animals -er

BIRTH -s, Beginning -ed, -ing High - Nobility

BITE -s, -er, bit -ting

++ Bitter -s, -ly,-ness Unsavoriness [resentment] = anger

BLACK -s, -ness Color, market [illicit business]

BLADE -s, -ed, -less, of grass

BLAME Accusation, -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -ful, -lessness Innocence, Guilt

-- [Blanket] = heavy cover

++ Bless -s, -ed, -edness, -ing

BLEED -s, bled, -ing

BLIND Blindness -s, -ed, -ing, -ly [blind faith]

BLOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing Hindrance, put a block

BLOOD y -ed, -ing Relation "kin"

BLOW -s, blew, blown, -ing, {out, up = Blast, swell}

BLUE -ing -ness Color blue blood Nobility

BOARD -s, Food, Provision [tribunal] -ed, -ing

++ Boast -s, -ed, Boasting, -ful

BOAT -s, -ing, [watercraft]

BODY -ies Parts

++ Bold -er, -est, -ly, -ness Courage Defiance

make bold = dare

BOMB -s, -ed, -er, -ing {out}

++ Bond -s, -er, -ed Subjection; -ing; [securities]

BONE -s, -d, -ing -less, -dry

BOOK -s, -ed, -er, -ing Good - Sacred Writings

BORDER -s, -ed, -ing


BORROW -s, -er, -ed, Borrowing


BOTTLE -s, -r, -d, -ing cf. container

BOTTOM -s, -ed, man, place, side

++ Bow -s, = bulge

BOX -es, -er, -ed, -ing -ed off, up

BOY -s

-- [Boycott] refusal to deal with

BRAIN -s, -less

BRAKE -s, -ed, -ing Cane-

BRANCH -s, -ed, -ing [stream] [divergence]

-- [Brass] metal

-- [Brave] cf. Bold

BREAD -s, -ed Food

BREAK -s, broke, broken,-ing,-able Brittleness, [disjuncture] -fast

{at, for, in, off, out, over, through, up Divorce, disintegration], with}

BREATHE -s, -d, -r, -ing Vapor, Touch; take a breath

++ Breed -s, -er,bred,-ing Domestication, Reproduction, Posterity

BRICK -s, -ed, -ing

BRIDGE -s, -d, -ing, -hold

BRIEF -s, -ed, -ing, -ly,-ness, -ing, [compendium]

BRIGHT -ly, -ness [cheerfulness] [pleasantness]

BRING -s, brought, -ing {in, off, out, over, to light Disclosure, up, with}

++ Broad -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness Breadth, -mindedness = wide

-- [Broadcast] Broad + cast

BROTHER -s, -ly

BROWN -ness Color

BRUSH -es, Touch -ed, -ing

++ Bubble -s, -d, -r, -ing

BUDGET -s, -ted, -ting

BUILD -s, built, "Building," -er, {in, on, over, with, up}

-- [Building] cf, build


BURN -s, -ed, -ing {off, on, out, over, through, up, with}


BURY -ies, -ied,-ing, -ial Internment

BUS -es, -ed, -ing

BUSINESS -es, -like -man

BUSY -ier, iest, busyness,

BUT for Exclusion

BUTTER -s, -ed, -ing

BUTTON -s, -ed, -ing, type of fastener

BUY -s, -er, bought, -ing for, in, off [bribery], out, up

BY bystanders

CABINET -s key administrators

++ Calendar -s

CALL -s, -er, -ed, -ing

CALM -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, -er, -est -ness


CAMP -s, -er, -ed, -ing [military]

CAMPAIGN -s, -ed, -er, -ing [expedition][drive]

CAN could -s, -ned, -ning, -ner

CANCEL "cancellation" -s, -led, cancelling

CANCER Disease



-- [Capture] = take hold of, bag, take prisoner

CAR -s

CARD -s, -ed, -ing -carrying

CARE -s, -r, -d, -ing, -ful,-fulness, -less, -lessness, lack of

-- [Careful]

-- [Carriage] = railroad car, car, carrier

CARRY -ies, -ier Agent, -ied, -ing over, up

CASE -s, -ed, -ing, Lawsuit

CASH -es Payment -ier, -ed, -ing

++ Cast -s, -eer, -ing {about, forth, down, in, off, out, up}

CAT -s, -ted, -ting, -call, tails,

CATCH -es, -er, -ing, caught {up [implication] {on, over, up, with} = trap

CAUSE -s, -d, -ing, Attribution

CELEBRATE -s, -ed, -ing "Celebration" Rite

++ Cell -s stem -, - phone

CENTER -s, -ed, -edness, -ing; -ral, -ly, = focus


CEREMONY -ies -ial, ially

CERTAIN -ly, -ness "Certainty" = SURE

CHAIN -s, -ed, -ing, less Continuity = Series

CHAIR + MAN -woman -s, -ed, -ing,

++ Challenge Command -s, -r, -d, -ing, c. to fight Defiance

-- [Champion] = key prized one

CHANCE -s, -d, -ing Gambling

CHANGE -s, -d, -r,-ing,-able, Changeableness, Transientnes over

CHARGE -s, -er,-ed, -ing, -able Commission, Accusation, Command

-- [Chase] go after

++ Check -s Restraint -ed, -ing - point, -money order

CHEER -y, -ed, -er, -ing, -ful, Cheerfulness, -leader,(on, up, with}

CHEESE -s y Soft, white, yellow

CHEMICAL -s Inorganic Matter; Organic Matter

CHEMISTRY = Study of chemical action

CHEST -s, -nut, full c.= breast Convexity

CHIEF -s, -ly Authority

CHILD children, Youth -like

CHOOSE -s, -y chose, chosen -s, -ing, "Choice"

CHURCH -s, -ed, -ing

CIRCLE -s, -ing, -d, -ular, "Circularity"

CITIZEN -s Inhabitant upstanding person

CITY -ies Abode

-- [Civilian] non-military

CLAIM -s, -er, -ed, -ing

-- [Clash] = fight

CLEAN -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing, Cleanness lack of Impurity {out, up}

CLEAR -s, -er, -est, -ing -ness

CLIMATE -s "climatic"

CLIMB -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able {in, on, out, over, up, with}

CLOCK -s, -ed, -er, -ing

CLOSE -s, -d, -ing Closure, Act of enlosing Enclosure

CLOTH -s, -es, -ed. -er Clothing the cloth = Clergy

CLOUD y Cloudiness -ed, -ing Opacity

COAL -s Fuel

COAST -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -al Coast Guard

COAT -s, -ed, -ing Covering [hair]


COLD -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness

COLLAR -s, -ed, -ing

COLLECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing -able "collection"

COLLEGE -s, -ial, ially

COLONY ies, -ial, ially

COLOR -s, -ed, -ing {on, up} different c. Variegation

COMBINE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Combination" = combo

COME -s, -er, -ing, came, {after Sequence, back, by, for, in, into

off, on, out, over, together [merge], up to Approach [imminence]

COMFORT -s Content -ed, -ing, -er, -able, ably

COMMAND -s, -ed, -ing "commandment"

COMMENT -s, -ed, -ing, -able


COMMON -s-er, -est, -ly, -ness Mediocrity -al [commonality]

COMMUNICATE -s, -d, -ing, -er, "Communication"-s


COMPANY -ies [Association] Accompaniment [group] = fellow

COMPARE -s, -d, -r, -ing, -able "Comparison"

COMPETE -s, -d, -ing "competition"

COMPLETE -s, -ly, -ness "Completion" lack of -ed,-ing, lack of c. Incompleteness, = finish

COMPLEX -ed, -ing "complexity"

COMPROMISE -s, -d, -r, -ing

COMPUTE -s Computers -ed, -ing

CONCERN -s, -ed, -ing = anxiety

CONDEMN -s, -ed, -ing "Condemnation" Disappropriation

CONDITION -s, Circumstance, -ing, -ed, -er, Qualification -al,-ally, lack of

++ Conduct -or, -ed, -ing lack of Wrong

CONFERENCE -s, -ed, -ing

++ Confess -s, -ed, -or, -ing, Disclosure "confession"

CONFIRM -s, -ed, -ing, "confirmation"

CONGRATULATE -s, -d, r, -ing, "Congratulation"

-- [Congress] [shifted to appendix] national law-making body

CONNECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Connection"

++ Conserve -s, -d, -r, -ing "conservation"


CONSIDER -s, -ed, -ing "consideration" regard

++ Consume -s, -d, -r, -ing, -able, take up "consumption"

CONTAIN -s, -er, -ers Receptacle -ed, -ing, fact of being c Inclusion

++ Content -s -ed, self-c. not Discontent


CONTINUE -s, -ed, -ing, not Discontinuance, -ual, c. living = survive

++ Contract -s, -or, -ed, -ing "Contraction," Promise = shrink

CONTROL -s, Restraint, self- Aceticism, -ling, -ler, -ed, Moderation

CONVENTION -s, "form or correctness;" "formal gathering"

COOK -s, -er, -ed, -ing {for, on, to, up, upon, with} out

COOL -s, -ing,-ed, -ness Indifference,-er [Refrigeration] {down, off}

COOPERATE -s, -d, -ing "Cooperation"

COPY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing {after Imitation, out} copyright

-- [Cork] = stopper

CORN -s -y = Food, grain

CORRECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, able "Correction" Penitence

COST -s, -ing, costly = high - Dearness

COTTON -s, -ed, -ing type of fiber

COUNT -s, -ed, -er, -ing Numeration -less, lessly {for, in, off, on = depend, out, over, through, up}

++ Counter -s, -ed, -ing - blow Retaliation -ed, -ing, - group, -action Opposition, -act, balance, order, service, -step,

COUNTRY -ies the country music, -side,

COURT -s Council -ed, -ing, -ly, -liness [dignity]

COVER -s, -ed, Covering {off, on, over, up} -alls

COW -s, -ed, -ing [bully]

++ Crack -s -er, -ers, -ed, -ing Interval

++ Craft -s, -ed, -ing y Cunning

CRASH -s, -ed, -er, -ing

CREATE -s, -or, -d, -ing Cause "creation" Sculpture


CREDIT -s, Attribution -or, -s, -ed, -ing, -able

-- [Crew] = working team, group

CRIME -s Illegality, vice criminal

-- [Criminal]

CRISIS crises

CRITIC -s, "criticize"

++ Cross -s, -ed, Crossing, purposes

CRUSH -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

CRY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing Lamentation {in, out [stridor], over}

CULTURE -s, -d, -ing Taste -d, -al

CUP -s, -ped, -ping full Destiny

CURE -s, -d, -er, -ing Remedy -all, -less

CURRENT -s, -ly = events

++ Curse -s, -ed, -ing Imprecation

CURTAIN -ed window dressing

CUSTOM =s, -ed Habit -ual, ually, break h.

CUT -s, -ter = scissors, -ting [notch][snub] {down Disappropriation,

in, off, on, out, over, through, to, up = comic}

DAMAGE -s, -d, -ing complete d- Destruction

DANCE -s, -d, -r, -ing


DARK -ly, -er, -est, Darkness

DATE -s, -ed, -ing


DAY -s, -ily, -dream

DEAD -ly "Death"

-- [Deaf] without hearing

DEAL -s, -t, -er, -ing -out, - with, = bargain

DEAR -er, -est, -ly, Dearness = Costly

DEBATE -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able

DEBT -s, -ed, -or, -ing

DECIDE -s, -d, -er, -ing, "decision"

DECLARE -s, -d, -r, -ing, "declaration"

DECREASE -s, -d, -ing

++ Deed -s, -ed, -ing Action - over

DEEP -er, -est, -ly, -ness Depth

DEFEAT -s, -ed, -ing = conquer,

DEFEND -s, -ed, -or, -ing "defensive," "Defense"


DEFINE -s, -d, -r, -ing "definition"

DEGREE -s, -d -ing

-- [delay] put off


++ Deliver -s, -ed, -ing, -y person

DEMAND -s, -ed, -ing Business


DEMONSTRATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Demonstration"

-- [Denounce] = speak against

DENY -ies, ied, -ing,-ial Rejection, Refusal, Prohibition, Moderation

lack of Intemperance

DEPEND -s, -ed, -ing "Dependent" -ly, -ness not

-- [Deploy] station military, spread out

DEPRESS -s, -ed, -ing, "Depression"

DESCRIBE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Description"

DESERT -s, -ed, -ing = drylands, = abandon

DESIGN -s Intention, Representation, -er, -ed, -ing

++ Designate -s, -ed, -ing "designation" Indication

DESIRE -s, -d, -ing; -ableness Expedience, strongly [eagerness]

DESTROY -s, -ed, -er, -ing act of Destruction

DETAIL -s, -ed, -ing Circumstance

DEVELOP -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Development"


++ Devote -s, -ed, -ing, -edness Piety, lack of Impiety "devotion"

DICTATOR -s, -ial = arbitrary, absolute ruler

DIE -s, -d, -ying

DIET -s, -ed, -er, -ing

DIFFERENT -ly, -ness "Difference" = vary

DIG -s, -ger, dug, -ging strip = Ditch

++ Dim -s, -med, ming, -mer, -mest, -ly, Dimness


DIPLOMAT -s, "diplomatic"

DIRECT -s, -ed, -ing Director, -ly; in + indirectness Circuity

DIRECTION -s, -al, [Management]

DIRT Dirty Uncleanness

DISAPPEAR -s, -ed, -ing "Disappearance"

-- [Disarm] = Take away arms

++ Discipline -s, Punishment -d, -ing spiritual

DISCOVER -s, -ed, -er, -ing "discovery" Disclosure

-- [Discuss] = talk, talk over, talk through

DISEASE -s, -d


-- [Dismiss] = send away

++ Dispose -s, -d, -ing, -al Use Arrangement

-- [Dispute] = fight with words

-- [Dissident] = opposing person

DISTANCE -s, -d, -ing between Interval

DIVIDE -s, -d, -r, -ing Apportionment "division"

DO -es, -er -ing, did, done

DOCTOR -s, -ed, -ing [therapy]

DOCUMENT -s, -ed, -ing papers

DOG -s, -ged, -ging Sequence

-- [Dollar] shifted to American Money

DOOR -s frame, Opening, stop, way

++ Double -s, -ing,-ed, Interchange, meaning [ambiguity]

DOUBT -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -less Incredulity

DOWN -s, -er, -ing, -ed -side, -ward, -cast Depression

DRAIN [consumption][big demand] -ed, -ing

++ Draw -s, -er, drew, drawn, -ing; Traction, Attraction {back

Inexpedience, out, off, up} Withdraw

DREAM -s, -ed, -ing, -er Imagination

DRESS -es, -er, -ed, -ing {down, up}

DRINK -s, -er, drank, drunk [intoxication] Drinking, -able {in, up}

DRIVE -s, -r, drove, driven, -ing,-able, {back Repulsion, in, out, through}

DROP -s, -per,-ped,-ping {by, in, off Decrease out, over, to}

DRUG Drugs -superabundance -ged =addict, -ging, -store

DRY -ies, -ied, -ier, -est, -ly, Dryness, -land = desert

++ Due -s, -ly -ness Rightness lack of

++ Dull -s, -ed, -ing,-er,-est, -ness bluntness, Ignorance


DUST [soil] y -ed, -er, -ing

DUTY -ies, -ful, less Liability

EACH one, place, time

EAR -s, ear ring, earmark

EARLY Earliness bird

EARN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

EARTH -s, -ly, liness

EASE - -s. Facility,-y, -ed, -ing Relief, -iness [informality]

EAST Direction bound, side, ward, wind

-- [Easy] ease + y

EAT -s, ate eaten -ing

ECOLOGY -ical, ically, -ist Environment study

ECONOMY -ies, "Economic"

EDGE -s, -r, extreme border, sharp e. Pungency -d, -ing

EDUCATION -s "learning"

EFFECT -s, -ed, -ing, effectual, -lly

EFFORT -s Exertion

EGG -s, -ed, -ing Food

EIGHT -th # eighteen = eight + teen #

++ eighty #


ELASTIC Elasticity lack of Inelasticity

++ Elect -s, -or, -ed, -ing, -able [elite] "election"


++ Electric -ly Electricity heater, service, system,

++ Electronic Electronics -ly "email"

++ Element -s, -al Composition, constitution]




EMERGENCY [timeliness]

++ Emit -s, -ted, -ter, -ting, -able "emission"

EMOTION -s,-al, -ally

EMPLOY -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able

EMPTY -ies, -ier, iest, -ness [ejection]

END -s, -ed, -ing, -less, lessness Perpetuity, -game,

point, run

ENEMY -ies = hostile

ENERGY -s Vigor

-- [Enforce] = regulate, police

ENGINE -s, search - -ering

ENGINEER -s, -ing, -ed

ENJOY -s, -ed, -ing "Enjoyment"

ENOUGH Sufficiency not e. Insufficiency cf wanting]

ENTER Ingress -s, -ed, -er, -ing

ENVIRONMENT -s, al, -ally

++ Envy -ies, -ied, -ing Jealousy

EQUAL -s, -ed, -ing, Equality, -ly, ness, lack of Inequality


-- [Escape] = get away


++ Essence -s, -tial, tially

ESTABLISH -s, -ed, -er, -ing "establishment"

ESTIMATE -s, -d, -r, -ing "estimation"


EVAPORATE -s, -ed, -ing "evaporation" = Disappearance

EVEN -s even-ing -ed,-ly,-ness Uniformity lack of

EVENT -s, Occasion -ual, ually

EVER -lasting = timeless -ness

EVERY -body, one, place, time, way, where,


EVIL -s, Evildoer, -doing, spirit Demon

++ Evolve -s, -ed, -ing "evolution"

EXAMINE -s, -ed, -er, -ing "examination"

EXAMPLE -s -ar

-- [Excellent] = highest quality

EXCEPT -ed, -ing "exception"

EXCHANGE -s, -er, -ed, -ing "switch" Barter, Substitution


EXCUSE -s, -d, -ing Vindication

-- [Execute] Put into effect "execution

EXERCISE s, -d, -r, -ing

EXILE -s, -d, -r, -ing Displacement

EXIST -s, -ed, -ing Existence state of being, lack of Nonexistence Presence, [life]

-- [Expand] "Expansion" = spread out over

-- [Expect] "Expectation" long for, look for, wait for

EXPERIENCE -s, Sensibility, Knowledge, -d person, -ing

EXPERIMENT -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -al, -ally = Trial


EXPLAIN -s, -ed, -er, -ing "explanation"

EXPLODE -s, -d, -ing "explosion"

EXPLORE -s, -d, -r, -ing "exploration"

EXPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "exportation"

EXPRESS -s, -ed, -ing "expression"

-- [Extend] = spread over

EXTRA -s, -ordinary, price, value Addition, adj. = spare


EYE -s, -d,-ing, doctor, glasses, medicine, trouble Optical Instrument

FACE -s, -d, -ing -lift {in, off, on, out, up}

FACT -s, -ual, -ually, -finding


++ Fade s, -d Colorlessness, -ing {out Invisibility, through}

FAIL -s, -ed, -ing Failure Neglect

FAIR -s, -ly, -ness [justice] Moderation

++ Faith -s, -ful, -fully, -fulness, -less, -lessly,-lessness Credulity

FALL s, fell, -ing {at, back [relapse] by, down

Descent, in, off, -ing out Discord, over, under, with}

FALSE -ly, -ness ; Falsehood, false coloring -hood, lack of Improbity

false show Affectation

FAMILY -ies Posterity

-- [Famous] = notable

++ Fancy -ies, -ier,-iest,-iness; passing f.[caprice]; fancywork

FAR -ther, thest Distance off, out -[sight]

FAST -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -est, -ness "Fasten"

FAT -s, -ty -ted, -ter, -test

FATHER -s -ly, -liness -hood Ancestry

++ Fault -s, -ed, -ing, y vision, -ful,-less Perfection, [cleft]

FEAR -s, -d, -ing, -ful = anxiety -less weakhearted]

FEATHER -s, -ed, -ing

FEED -s, fed, -ing, -er

FEEL -s, Feeling = sensation, felt, {up, with} -ing Intuition

[emotion], lack of Sensibility

++ Fellow -s, confederate; good; -ship - traveler


++ Fence -s, Enclosure -r, -d, -ing, less


FEW -er, -est, ness - words [uncommunicativeness]

++ Fiber -s, -ed types = natural, synthetic Filament

FIELD Arena -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Fierce] = very mean

-- [Fifteen] = five + teen #

-- [Fifth] cf. five


FIGHT Contention -s, -er Combatant, -fought, -ing [disaccord]

++ File -s, -ing Continuity

FILL -s, -ed, -er, -ing [satiety]

-- [Film] = moving picture, movie

-- [Final] = last

FINANCE -s, -d, -ing, -er, -ial, ially,

FIND -s, -er, found, -ing [discovery] [solution] {out}

FINE -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness = delicate

FINGER -s, -ed, -ing -pointing Attribution

-- [finish] = complete

FIRE -s, -d, -ing, engine, man, station, proof Incombustibility

FIRM -s, -ing, -ed, -er, -est, -ly, firmness Resolution,

FIRST -s, Beginning, -ly, Priority, first in order Precedence

FISH -es, -y -ness Improbability -ed,-ing, -er, -erman, -erperson, -able

FIST -s, -ed, tight - = clenched hand

FIT -s, -ting,-ted,-ful,-ness Irregularity

Expedience, lack of Inexpedience {at, by, in, to}

FIVE -s, -th # fifteen = five + teen #

FIX -es, Arrangement-ed -ed Stability, Permanence -er,-ing,-able {over, up Restoration, with}

FLAG -s, [insignia] -ged, -ger, -ging

++ Flash -s, -ed, -er, -ing Instant

FLAT -s -ly, -er, -est, -ness

FLOAT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able [buoy]

++ Flood -s, -ed, -ing, -plain

FLOOR -s, -er, -ed, -ing

FLOW -s, Diffuseness -ed, -ing small flow "stream"

FLOWER y -ed, -ing

-- [Fluid] = Liquid

FLY -ies -ier,-ing [aeronautics] flew, flown, {from, in, off Excitability

out, to, up, with} science of flying Aviation

FOG -s, -gy -ier, -est, -ged, -ging, fogginess [opaqueness]

++ Fold -s, -er, -ed, -ing {in, out, over, up, with}

FOLLOW -s,-er,-ed,-ing {on, up Pursuit} Sequence

FOOD See American Foods

-- [Fool] = foolish person

FOOLISH -ness Folly, person [fool] [dupe]

FOOT feet, -ed, -ing, body part, -note

FOR -ward

FORBID -s forbad, forbidden, [strictness]; -ding = prohibition

FORCE -d, -r, -ing, ful not - [uninfluentiality]

++ Fore -arm, bear, -cast Prediction, finger, -gone

predetermination], head, runner, [precursor], -see, -shadow. sight

FOREIGN -er stranger

FOREST -s, -ed, -er, -ing = woodlands

FORGET -s, -got, gotten, -ing, -ful, fulness

FORGIVE -s, -er, gave, given, -ing, Forgiveness, Acquittal = pardon

FORM -s, -al [formality] -ed,-ing,-er,-erly,-less,-lessness; Formlessness

-- [Former] = one before

FORTY -s #

-- [Forward] = for + ward

FOUR -s, -th # -fold fourteen = Four + teen #

FRAME -s, -r, -d, -ing of mind [mental attitude] {up}

FREE -es, -er,-est,-d,-ing, -ly, -ness [gratuitousness]

time, act of freeing Liberation


FREEZE -s, froze, frozen, -er, able

FRESH -er,-est, -ness, -ly {up Refreshment}

FRIEND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, liness -ship

FRIGHTEN -s, -ed, -ing , -er


FRONT -s, -ed, -ing, line, page {at, up to, upon]

++ Frost -s, y -ed, -ing [semitransparency]

FRUIT -s, -ed, -ful, not f- [unproductiveness],-less; -y, -iness

FUEL -s, -ed, -ing,

FULL Sufficiency, -ly, -ness Resonance, Loudness

fulfill = satisfy

FUN -s, Amusement -ny , funniness

++ Furnish -es, -ed, -ing Furniture

++ Furrow -s -ed, -ing trench, wrinkle

FUTURE -s Futurity Posterity

GAIN -s, -ed, -ing, -er Acquisition = achieve

GAME -s, -d, -ing of chance Gambling

GARDEN -s, -ed, -ing

GAS -es, -sed, -sing Vapor

++ Gate -s, -ed, -ing, [receipts] -way = entrance

GATHER Assemblage -s, -er, -ed, -ing "harvest" Council

++ Gear -s, -ed, -ing Provision

GENERAL -s, -ly, -ness Generality

GET -s, got, gotten, -ing {away Escape, by, back, even, hold Acquisition

in, off, on, out, over, up, with} away, Haste, obtain,

get out of order [disarrangement]

GIFT -s, -ed, -ing

GIRL -s, -like, = young woman

GIVE Giving, -s, gave, -en {back [restitution] in, off, out, over, up

giving up Relinquishment}

GLASS y -es Optical Instrument -ed, -ing

++ Globe -s, -al

GO -es, -er, went, gone,-ing {away Disappearance, before [precedence],

between [mediation], in Insertion, off, on [continue], out,

Egress over, through, to, up, with}


GOD Deity -ly Piety -like All Holy gods Mythical Dieties

GOLD Color, metal

GOOD -s [merchandise] -ly, -liness, Goodness, name Repute

times Prosperity, taste Elegance (better, best); [make good]

GOVERN -s, -ed, -ing, governor, "government," governed

-- [Government] -al, -ally

++ Grace -s, -ed,-ing,-less,-ly,-ful,-ly,[discrimination][excellence]

++ Grain y -s, -ed, -ing Texture

++ Grant -s, -ed, -ing Qualification = award

GRASS y -es, -ed plants

++ Grave -s, -ed Gravity -ly -stone, very grave Severity v. Engraving

GRAY -ness Color

GREAT -s, Greatness -ly Repute = grand

GREEN -s, -ed, -ing -ness Color power

GROUND Cause -s, -ed, -ing, -less, level, water,

GROUP -s, -ed, -ing together Assemblage, Council

GROW Increase, -s, grew, grown,-up = adult, -ing {out, up, with} worse

Deterioration, "Growth" natural - [evolution]

GUARANTEE -s, -d, -ing guarantor

GUARD -s, -ed, -ing [safeguard]

GUIDE -s, -d, -ing -post

GUILT -s, y -iness, -less, clearing of g. Vindication

GUN -s, -ner, -ned, -ning

HAIR y -s, -ed, -less = bald, - brush, oil,

HALF -ves, -ved, -ving, -baked, blood, breed, measures, past, truth

-- [Halt] = stop

HAND -s, -ed, -ing Clap -hold, -some {down, over, up} [upper hand]

HANG -s,-er, -ed, -ing Pendency, h.back = lack of Resolution

HAPPEN -s, -ed, -ing Effect, Occurrence, happening = incident

HAPPY -er,-est,-ly -ness [cheerfulness] -New Year's, -birthday

HARD -er, -est, -ly = dissimilarity, Hardness, -ship Adversity, Difficulty

to please [fastidiousness] {up} hardly ever

++ Harm -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -fully, -less, -lessly [hurt]

HARMONY -s Symmetry [harmonics]

HAT -s, -ted, -ting

HATE -s, -d, -ing, -r -ful, -fully

HAVE has, had, -ing, -r

HE his, him -self

HEAD -s, -ed,-ing,-less, -way Improvement -strong, strongness Obstinacy

{back, off, on, over, up}

-- [headquarters] = head + quarters = main office

HEAL -s, -ed, -ing, -er

HEALTH y -ier, -iest

-- [Healthy] cf. health

HEAR -s, heard, -er, Hearing

HEART -s, -felt,

HEAT -s, -ed, -er, -ing

++ Heaven -s -ly

HEAVY -ier, -iest


++ Hell -s, -fire, -like

HELP -s, Aid -er Auxiliary, -ful, -less

-- [her] cf. She

++ Herb -s, -al, alist

HERE -in, on, -ness Presence, to, with

-- [hers] cf. She

HIDE -s, -hid, hidden Latency, -er, Concealment

HIGH -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness Height -chair, -land, -light, -place,-

point, -way

-- [Hijack] = take by force

HILL y -s, -ed, -ing -iness {in, over, under}

-- [him] cf. He

-- [his] cf. He

HISTORY -ies, -ical, ically, Description

HIT -s

HOLD -s, -er, held,-ing back Restraint [possession] {back = Hindrance out,

to Tenacity, up}= grip

HOLE -s,

HOLIDAY -s = Vacation

HOLLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -ness [resonance]; bowl -er, -ed, -ing

HOLY -ies, Diety godly, lack of - table = altar, - walkway = aisle

- person = saint, - place = shrine

HOME Abode -s, -d, -ing, -ly Simpleness {in} place, -ward


HONOR -s, Celebration, special event] -ed, -ing- able

++ Hook -s, Deception, Curvature[lure] -er, -ed, -ing

HOPE -s, -d, -ing, -ful, -fulness, -less, hopelessness

-- [Horrible] = very bad

HORSE -s, -back -drawn, fly, hair, -less, -like, -man, power, shoe

v. around


-- [Hostage] = prisoner held for price

-- [Hostile] = enemy

HOT -s [heat] -ter, -test, -ly, -ness -bed


HOUR -s, -ly, glass, worker

HOUSE -s, Abode -ing, -ed -cleaning, -hold, -wife

HOW -ever, -soever

-- [However] how + ever

++ Hug -s, Endearment -ger, -ged, -ging -able

-- [Huge] = very large

HUMAN -s Humanity

HUMOR -s, -ed, -ing, -er good h- Cheerfulness Wit


HUNGER -s, -ed, -ing "hungry"

HUNT -s, -er, -ed, -ing

HURRY -ies, -ied, -ier, -ing hurriedness -up Haste

HURT Pain, -s, -ing, -ful, fully


I me, mine, my

ICE -s, -r, -d, -ing Icy -filled, condition

IDEA -s, ideal, -ly

-- [Identify] "indentification" = point out, finger

IF -s, -fy

ILL -s, -ness, -legal, -made, -nature, -service, -shaped, -use [misuse]

ill will Malevolence

-- [Illegal] = Ill + legal

IMAGINE -s, -d, -ing "Imagination"


IMPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "importation"

IMPORTANT -ly Importance, Intrinsic, lack of Unimportance

IMPROVE -s, -ed, -ing "Improvement"

++ Impulse -s

IN to, -ner, -let [gulf] -side Interior, -side out Inversion, -

coming Arrival -doors, inward, in-law [affinity]

-- [Incident] = happening

INCLUDE -s, -ed, -ing "Inclusion"

INCREASE -s, Addition, Expansion -d, -ing,

-ingly bad worse, irritate, upset swell



INDUSTRY - ies, -ial, -ially

INFECT -s, -ed, -ing "infection"

INFLATE -s, -ed, -ing "inflation"

INFLUENCE -s,-d, -ing, -ial, -ially = affect

INFORM -s, -ed, -ing "Information" Curiosity -al, -ally [give notice]

-- [Information] Cf. inform

-- [Inject] = cast into = shoot

-- [injure] cf hurt

++ Ink -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Innocent] faultless, blameless

-- [insane] = out of mind, mindless

++ insect -s, winged, biting,

INSPECT -s, -ed, -ing, -or "inspection" = look into

-- [Instead] = in place of

++ Institution -s, -al

INSTRUMENT -s, -al, ally music - banjo, flute, horn, piano, violin

INSULT -s, -ed, -ing, -ingly = offensive

INSURANCE -s Security

++ Intellect -s, -ual,-ly "Intelligence" -er, - test = bright

-- [Intelligence] cf Intellect

-- [Intense] very strong, violent

INTEREST -s, -ed, -ing, take i. Curiosity, lack i. Indifference

-- [Interfere] mix into


-- [Into] in + to

INVADE -s, -ed, -er, -ing "invasion"

INVENT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "invention" Imagination, Fiction = make believe

INVEST -s, -ed, -ing, -or, "investment"

INVESTIGATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Investigation" "FBI"

INVITE -s, -d, -ing "invitation"

INVOLVE -s, -ed, -ing "involvement"

IRON -s, -ed, -ing iron nerves [unnervousness]; will

++ Irritate -s, -ed, -ing "irritation"

ISLAND -s, -er, [seclusion]

ISSUE -s, -d, -ing

IT its

-- [its]

JACKET -s, -ed, -ing, over,

JAIL -s, -ed, -ing, -er [confinement]

JEWEL -s, -ed

Job -s, -ber = work

JOIN -s, -ed, -ing Junction, = Band -ed, -ing {together}

JOINT -s, -ly correlation, mutual

JOKE -s, -d, -r, -ing

++ Joy -s, -ful, -less give Rejoicing

JUDGE -s, -d, -ing Judgment [fore-J], false or poor Misjudgment

JUMP Leap -s, -er, -ed, -ing {at [eagerness] for, in, off, on, out, over, through, to, under, up}

JURY -s - duty

JUST -ly, -ness

++ Justice, -s, lack of Injustice

KEEP Retention -s, -er,-ing lack of -in line

Conformity, cool [inexcitability]

KEY -s, -ed, -ing = chief, principal

KICK -s, -ed, -ing Excitement Oust = kick out, kick = chuckle

KILL -s, -er, -ed, Killing

KIND -er, -est, -ly, kindness Benevolence, lack of

KISS -es Touch -er -ed, -ing {off}

-- [Kit] package,

++ Knee -s, -d -ing [angle]

KNIFE -ves, -d, -ing

++ Knock -s, -ed, -er, -ing {on, out, over} [bang]

++ Knot -s, -ty -ed, -ing; Distortion

KNOW -s, knew, known, -ing, -er

KNOWLEDGE lack of-

LABOR -s, -er, -ing, union


LACK -s, -ed, -ing [incompleteness];

Absence, of hearing Deafness


LAKE -s Water

LAND -s, -ed, -ing, -less


LARGE -er, -est, -ly, -ness; l. heart [generosity] l.number Multitude

LAST -ed, -ing, -ingness Durability

LATE -r, -st, Lateness

LAUGH -s, -ed, -ing, -able {at Ridicule, off, over, with} -ing stock

LAW -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -fulness -less, lessness , -making body

[legislature, congress] person [lawyer], Lawsuit

++ Lay -s, Layer laid, lain, -ing, {away, in, off, out, with} -over

-man, -woman, -person Laity

LEAD -s, -er, -ing, led [preceding] {in, off, on, out, over, through, to}

++ Leaf -ves, -ved, -ving [sheet] {out, through}

LEAK -s, -ed, -ing

++ Lean -s, -ed, -ing [obliquity], Tendency -er, -est = muscle

LEARN -s, -er [student], -ed person Intellect, Learning

LEAVE -s, left, -ing Departure, [abandonment]

{back, in, off, on, out = omit Exclusion, through, with}

LEFT -handed, side -over Remainder, surplus

LEG -s, -ging, -ed -room

LEGAL -ly, -ness Legality authority [jurisdiction] lack of-


LEND -s, lent, -ing, -er

LESS Deduction

++ Let -s, -ting, {out Ejection go Discontinuity, Relinquishment} rent

LETTER -s, -ed, -ing

LEVEL -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing = equalize, cf flat


LIE -s, liar, lied, lying,

LIFE -ves, -er. -giving. -saving, -time

LIFT -s, -ing,-ed Elevation elevator

LIGHT -s, -ly, -er, -est, -ness in weight Levity, -ed, -ing

- house, - year

LIKE -s, -d, -ing,-able, -ly, -lihood [probable], lack of Improbability

-ness; [comparison] not l. Dislike

LIMIT -s, -ing Qualification, -ed, -less Infinite, "limitation" Circumscription

LINE -s, -ing, -d, -r, -sman, {up Continuity}, of work Job

LINK -ed, -ing, {on. up, with} = connection, tie

LIP -s service [Sanctimony]

LIQUID -s Fluidity; make liquid or melt Liquification

LIST -s, -ed, -ing, -er

LISTEN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

LITTLE less, least, Littleness, Unimportance

LIVE -s, -r, -d, -ing place Abode science [Botany]

LOAD Hindrance, burden -s, -er, -ed, -ing

LOAN -s, -ed, -ing [lending]

LOCAL -s, -al, ally "locality" Location

LOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing {out, up [confinement]}

++ Log -s, -ged, -ger, -ging in, out

LONG -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing "Length"] {for}

LOOK -s, -er, -ed, -ing, bad-l. Ugliness -out, -ing glass

LOOSE -s, -ly, -ness [incoherence] [laxness] - leaf

LOSE -s, -ing, lost -footing = slip

++ Loss -es

++ Lot [predicament] -s

LOUD -er, -est, -ly, Loudness

LOVE -s, r, -d, -ing, -ly, liness, l. making

LOW -s, -er,-est,-ly, Lowness Humility, Faintness -ing,-ed, -land,

-man, -point,


LUCK y luckiness, -less

++ Lung body part

MACHINE -s, -d, -ing [mechanics]


++ Magic Sorcery -al, -ally

MAIL -s, -er, -ed, -ing Correspondence

MAIN -ly

MAJORITY -ies Superiority

MAKE -s, made,-ing {off, over, up Composition, up for Compensation with}

use of Borrowing

MALE -s, -ness

MAN men, -ned, -ning -kind, -hater [misanthropy] -made = synthetic

MANUFACTURE -s,-ed, -er, -ing

++ Manner -s Courtesy, -ly, -liness, lack of Discourtesy = way

MANY more, most -ness numerousness -sided, -ness

MAP -s, -per, ped, ping

MARCH -es, -ed, -ing, -er; month

MARK -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -able, {down [discount], off- [circumscription] on, out, over, up engraving}

MARKET -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able, open - cf. business

MARRY -ies, -ied, -ing Marriage -ied relationship [in-law]

++ Mass -es, Rite -ing, -ed [plurality]

MATCH -es, Contention -er, -ed, -ing, -less

-- [Material]

MATTER -s, -ed, -ing, -ial Materials

MAY be able, month

MAYOR -s,-ial

MEAL -s, -time

MEAN -s, -t,-ing Interpretation, -lessness, Means -ness

MEASURE -s,-r,-d,-ing,-able [measurement]

MEAT y -s, Intrinsic, essence, -less

MEDIA printed Publication electronic

MEDICINE -s Remedy -ical

MEET -s, -ing, met, Convergence {at, in, on, over, to, up, with}

MEMBER -s, -ed,- ship

MEMORY -ies Memorial

MENTAL -ly, soundness Sanity lack Insanity, picture Imagination,

MERCY -ies, -ful, -fulness Leniency fully, less, lessness

MESSAGE -s, -d, -ing, "messenger"


Method -s, = Order, plan, way

MIDDLE -ing - ground [neutrality]

MIGHT y -s Power, Strength -ily, iness lack of Impotence

MILITARY -ies Defense

MILK y -s, -ed, -ing; milkiness


MIND -s, -ing, ful Intellect,less Unintelligence

MINE -s, -ing, -er, -ed, -able -field, - camp

MINISTER -s, -ed, -ing, -ical

MINOR -s, -ed, -ing "minority"

MINUTE -s, -ly measure

MISS -es, -ed, -ing

MIST -y -s, -ed, -ing

MISTAKE Error -s, mistook, mistaken -ing

MIX -es. -ed, -er,-ing Mixture into = meddle, interfere

MOB s, -bed, bing

MODEL -s, -ed, -ing, -er

MODERATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Moderation"


MONEY -ies, -ied, less; m- matters [finance] -making Acquisition

MONTH -s, -ly

MOON -s, -ing, -ed [luminary]

MORAL -s, = ethical, righteous, virtuous

MORNING -s, -light, star

MOTHER -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, liness, -less -hood [cf father]

++ Motion -s, -ed, -ing, -less, -lessness - forward Motion Pictures

++ Motor -s, -ed, -ing -home

MOUNTAIN -s side, -top

MOUTH -s, -ed, -ing, -ful - wash

MOVE -s, -r, -d, -ing,{down Descent, in, off, on, over, through, to, up = advance} [motion]

MOVIE -s, Motion Picture

MUCH comparative = more, superlative = most

-- [More]

-- [Most]

-- [Murder] = willful killing

MUSCLE -s, -ed, -ing Strength

MUSIC -ian, -ly, -maker cf horn


-- [My] cf. I

MYSTERY -ies Unintelligibility, [occultism]

NAIL -s, -ed, -ing

NAME -s, -ly, -ed, -ing Nomenclature, lack of [anonymity]

NARROW -s, -er, -est, -ly, Narrowness mindedness = thin

NATION -s, -al,-ally United Nations


++ Nature -s, -d, -al, -ally Intrinsic

-- [natural] cf. nature

NAVY -ies "military service" Navigation

NEAR -er, -est, -ly, Nearness -ing Approach


NECK -s, -ed, -ing of land = peninsula

++ Need -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -less -s [Necessity]

++ Negative -s Negation Nullification

++ Neighbor -ing, -ly, liness -hood


NERVE -s, Insolence, -ed, -ing, -s; nervousness

++ Nest -s, Abode -ed, -ing


-- [Never] = not ever

NEW -ly, -er, -est Newness

NEWS -y, -iness , -ly


NICE -er, -est, -ly, -ness

NIGHT -s, -ly

NINE -th # nineteen = nine + teen #

++ ninety #

-- [Ninth] = nine + th

NO -s, Dissent body, one, place,

-- [nothing] [non-existence], time = no + thing

-- [nowhere] = no + where

NOISE -s, Discord y -ily, noisiness

-- Nominate "nomination" = choose, pick

NOON -day, -time After-

NORMAL - "Normalit" = usual

NORTH Direction -erly -west, -east, bound, land, side, -ward

NOSE -s, y Curiosity -d, -ing count

NOT also Non- existence, payument

NOTE -s, Attention -d, -ing, -able = famous -worthy

++ Notice -ed, -ing Warning, Information



NUMBER -s, -ed, -ing Numeration thirty-two "#" and zero, cf. teen

OBEY -s. "Obedience" [conformity] Submission, lack of Disobedience


OBJECT -s, -or, -ed, -ing "objection"

OBSERVE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Observation"

OCCUPY -ies, -ied, -ier, Inhabitant -ing "Occupation"


++ Odd -s, -ly, -ness [eccentricity]


OFF -s, guard, -hand, -set, -spring

-- [Offensive] attacking, insulting

OFFER -s, -er, -ed, -ing

OFFICE -s, -ial, -ially Commission -er

-- [Officer] cf. office

-- [Official] cf. office

OFTEN Frequency; not

OIL -s, -ed, -ing oily

OLD -er, -est Oldness

ON -going -looking, -set, -ward


ONE -s, -ness Unity #

-- [Only] one + -ly

OPEN -s, -ly, -ness, Opening -ed, -er {in, up} -ended, case,

OPERATE -s, -d, -ing, "Operation" -al, -ally

OPINION -s, [mental attitude] Advice

++ Opportunity timeliness

OPPOSITE -s, "Opposition"

-- [Oppress] "oppression" = stamp on, keep down


ORANGE -s -ness Color -fruit-

ORDER -s, -ed,-ing,-ly, -liness Regularity, lack of Disorder [command]

++ Organic -ly Organic Matter

ORGANIZE -s, "Organization" Composition Class -al, -ally

++ Ornament Other -s,-side [contrariety]-wise

OTHER -s -wise

-- [Our] cf we

-- [Ours] cf we

-- [Oust] = fire, throw out, dismiss

OUT -s, -er,-ing = picnic,-bounds,-come = product, -do, -doors, -fit, going

departure, lay [expenditure], lying, line [compendium]

put -side of Exterior, [extraneous], -ward;

out of line Unconformity

OVER -amount [excess], cast, coat, come, do, power, Overrunning, see,

stay, statement Exaggeration, take, throw [revolution] -eating Gluttony,

OWE -s, -d, -ing, r

OWN -s, -er [possessor],-ed,-ing [possession] -s [property] {with,

up = confess}

++ Package -s, -d, -r, -ing

PAGE -s, -r, -ed, -ing [summon]

PAIN -s, -ed, -ing, ful, -less withdraw from Cowardice

PAINT -s, -er , Painting {on, over, up}

PAN -s, -ned, -ning pan out = succeed


PAPER y -s, -er, -ed,-ing [treatise]

PARADE -s, -d, -ing

PARALLEL -s, -led, ling Horizonal

-- [Parcel]

PARENT -s, -ed,-ing, -ial, -ially

-- [Parliament]

PART -s, -ly, -ing, -ed

++ Partner -s, confederate, associate -ed, -ing

PARTY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ying political -, Celebration

PASS -es, -ed, -ing Passage, {away transience, off = Transfer, on, out = faint, -over, through, under}


PAST -s, the - passport, -time

-- Passport = pass + port

PASTE y -s,-d, -ing

PATH -s, -ed, -way closed continuous path Circuit

PATIENT -s,-ly, patience Inexcitability, lack of = forbearance, fortitude

PAY -s, paid, -ing, -able not paying Nonpayment

pay for = afford "Payment" Compensation

PEACE -s, -ful, -fully make Pacif ication

PEN -s, -ned, ning Writing -al

-- [Pencil] = hand writing device

PEOPLE -s, -ed, -ing common people Populace


PERFECT -s, -ed, -ing, -ly "Perfection"

PERFORM -s, -ed, -ing, -er "performance"

PERIOD = recurrence [spell]

-- [Permanent] = lasting

PERMIT -s, -ed, -ing; act of Permission, Exemption, lack of = allow

PERSON -s, -al, ally Repute

++ Philosophy -s, -er, ical, ically

++ Photograph -s, Photography -er, -ed, -ing

PHYSICAL physics

++ Pick -s,-ed, -ing { off, on, over, through, up, with} [choice]

PICTURE -s, -ed,-ing

PIECE -s, -d, -ing = bit

PIG -s

++ Pile -s, -r, -d, -ing {up Exaggeration}

PILOT -s, -ed, -ing, - house, -light

PIPE -s, -r, -d, -ing

++ Pity -ies, -ied, -ing -ful, fully, less, lessness compassion

PLACE Location -s, -r, -d, -ing, -able {in, on, over, together}

in place Presence

PLAN -s, -ed, -ner, -ning

PLANT -s, -er, -ing, -ed


PLATE -s, -d, -ing

PLAY -s, Drama, -er [actor], -ed, -ing

PLEASE -s, -ing -d, -r "Pleasure"

-- [Plenty] = enough, many

++ Plunge -s, -d, -r, -ing

POCKET -s, -ed, -ing -book

POINT -s, -er,-ed [concise],-ing {at, out,

POISON -s, -er, -ing, -ed [bane], -ous [insalubrity]

++ Pole -s -ar, -d, -ing

POLICE -s, -ed, -ing,- beat, car, force, -man, power, station = enforce

POLICY -ies, -maker

POLITICS -al "politician"

POLLUTE -s, -d, -r, -ing "pollution

POOR Insufficiency -ly, -ness Poverty



PORT -s, -ly, -er, -al, air-, sea-

POSITION -s, -ed, -ere, -ing state; political stand, Principle

Positive -ly Affirmation

POSSESS -es, -ed, -or, -ing "Possession"

POSSIBLE -ly, "Possibility" lack of p. Impossibility

-- [Postpone] = put off

POTATO -es food, root vegetable

POUR -es, -ed, -ing, -er in, out

POWDER -es, -ed, -ing, -y, Powderiness

POWER -s, -ed, -ing,-ful,-fulness, Strength -fully, -less, -lessness,

lack of p. Impotence

++ Practice -s, -d,-itioner, -ing

PRAISE -s, -d, -r, -ing Approbation overly; - to the skies Flattery

PRAY -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -ers Request -erful, -ly,

-- [Pregnant] = with child, come to term

++ Prepare -s, -d, -r, -ing "Preparation" lack of Unpreparedness

PRESENT -s, -ed, -ing, the present, -ly, -able "Presence"

-- [President] see Appendix leader, chair

PRESS -es, -ed, -ing, Influence, Compulsion

PRESSURE -s, -d, -ing

PREVENT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "prevention"

PRICE y -s, -d, -ing low price Cheapness

++ Pride -s, -ful, great p. Vanity, [arrogance] lack of- Humility

++ Principle -s, -d Probity

PRINT -s, -er, -ed, Printing, -able

PRISON -s, -er, -ers

PRIVATE -s. -ly, -ness

PRIZE -s, -d

PROBABLE -ly lack of


PROCESS -es, -or, -ed, -ing "procession"

PRODUCE -s, "Product" -r, -d, -ing, "Production"

PROFESS -es, -ed, -or, -ing "profession"

PROFIT -s, -ed, -ing, profitable

PROGRAM -s, -ed, -er, -ing

PROGRESS -s, -ed, -ing, "Progression"

PROJECT -s, -ed, -ing, -or, "projection"

++ Promise -s, -d, -ing,

++ Proper -s, -ly

PROPERTY -ies, -ied, owning, holding, -ly

PROPOSE -s, -d, -ing, -r "proposition"

PROTECT -s, -ed, -or, -ing "protection" safekeeping, guard, watch

-- [Protest] = Speak or act against

PROVE -s, -d, -ing, "Proof" Evidence, lack of, prove false Confutation

PROVIDE -s, -ed, -er, -ing, "Provision"

++ Pry -ies, -ied, -ing [intrusion] [leverage]

++ Psychology -ical, ically, -ist

PUBLIC -s, -ly, speaking [elocution], spirit

PUBLISH -es, -ed, -er, -ing, "Publication"

PULL -s, -ed, -er, -ing {in, off, on, over, through = recover, to, up}

traction strong -

++ Pump -s, -er, -ed, -ing, Extraction

PUNISH -es, -ed, -ing, -er Punishment

PURCHASE -s, -d, -r, -ing cf buy

PURE -ly "Purity"

++ Purple -ness Color

PURPOSE s Intention, -ful, fully, fulness, less

PUSH -es Propulsion -er, -ed, -ing, -y, iness {from, in, into, off, on,

out, over, through, to, up, with}

PUT -s, -ter, ting, {in, Insertion, off [pretext], on airs [affectation], out [dislocation], over, to, up}

QUALITY [excellence], [nobility] "Qualification"

++ Quarter -s = lodging, -ed, -ing

QUESTION -s, Inquiry -er, -ed, -ing, -able

QUICK -er, -est, -ly, -ness

QUIET -ly -s, -ness = Silence

-- [Quit] = stop

RACE y -s, [stream] -r, -d,-ing, ial, raciness



RADIO -s, -ed, -ing cf communication

-- [Raid] = strike, hit

RAIL -s, -ed, -ing Ridicule road

RAIN -s, y -ed, -ing fall, storm

RAISE -s, -d, -ing, act of- Elevation [promotion], r- money Borrowing

RARE -er, -est, -ly = Seldom, -ness Rarity "raw"

++ Rash -es, -ly Rashness

RATE -s, -ing over- [overestimation], under- Underestimation

RAY -s, -ed, -ing [radiation]

REACH -es, -ed, -ing in, out, over, through

REACT -s, -or, -ed, -ing "Reaction," Resistance

READ -s, -er, -ing, [version]

READY -ies, -ily, -iness [preparation], lack of

REAL -ly not - "fiction" "realist," -istic

-- [realistic] cf real

REASON -s, -ed, Reasoning -falsely [sophistry] [motivation] -able, -ably


RECEIVE -s, -able, -ed, -er, Receiving, "reception," "receipt"

-- [Recession] economic turndown

RECOGNIZE -s, -d, -r, -ing [detection] [acknowledgement]

RECORD -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able


++ Recreation -al

RED -ness -er, -est Color

-- [Reduce] decrease, lower

++ Reflect -s, -er, -er, -ing, "reflection"


REFUSE -s, -er, -ed, -ing, Refusal = boycott

REGRET -s, -ed, -ing, penance sorry, with sadness

++ Regular -ly "Regularity," Oscillation, Symmetry, lack of


-- [Reject] throw out Rejection

RELATION -s, -al lack of kinship

-- [Release] = free, let out

RELIGION -s [teaching] lack of Irreligion

REMAIN -s, -ed, -ing, "Remainder"

REMEMBER -s Memory -ed, -ing

REMOVE -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -al Extraction Deduction Displacement

REPAIR -s, -ed,-in, -er = Restitution, Return, Atonement

REPEAT -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Repetition"

REPORT -s, -er, -ed, -ing Publication

REPRESENT -s,-ed, -ing "Representation"

REQUEST -s, -er, -ed, -ing Command petition

REQUIRE -s, -d, -ing "requirement" = demand, exact

RESCUE -s, -d, -er, -ing

RESEARCH -es, -ed, -er, -ing -able

RESIGN -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Resignation"

RESIST -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Resistance" = oppose

RESOLVE -s, -ed, -ing "Resolution"

RESOURCE -s, Means -ing, -ful, -fully

RESPECT -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -fulness, -ly, lack of Disrespect

++ Response -s, -sible, -ly Answer Sensibility

-- "Responsible"

REST -s, Repose -ed,-ing,-ful,-fulness, -less, lessness {in, on, over} stop, restroom

Restrain -s, -ed, -ing "Restraint" hold back

RESULT -s, -er, -ing "product" = outcome

RETIRE -s, -d, -ing Modesty

++ Retreat -s, -ed, -ing Recession house, place

RETURN -s, Reversion -ed, -ing, return like for like Retaliation

++ Reveal -s, -ed, -er, -ing "revelation" Disclosure Appearance

++ Review -s, -ed, -er, -ing

REVOLT -s, -ed, -ing "Revolution"

REWARD -s, -ed, -ing, -able Repute

RICE Food, grain

RICH -es [wealth]; -ness [productiveness]

RIDE -s, -r, rode, ridden -ing Travel

RIGHT -s, -ly, Rightness, Probity, -ful, fully, -ed, -ing, -of-way

++ Ring -s, Resonance -er, -ing, -ed

-- [Riot] mob + situation

RISE -s, -r, -ing, rose, risen, "resurrection" {up Ascent, with}

RISK -s, -ed, -ing -taker

RIVER -s, bank, -side

ROAD -s, -less

-- [Rob] = steal from

ROCK y -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -filled {by and forth}


ROLL y -s, -er, -ing, -ed [rotation] {off, out, over, up}

ROOF -s, -er, -ing, -ed

ROOM -s, -er, -ing, -ed -like

ROOT -s Ancestry, -er, -ing -ed, -edness Stability,-less, -lessness

= Cheer

ROPE -s, -ed, -ing

ROUGH -s, -er, -est, -ly, Roughness

ROUND -s, -er, -est, -ly,-ness -ed Rotundity -ing, -ed -table [council]

{about Circuity],off, out, up}

++ Rub -s, y -bed, bing Friction


RUIN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

RULE -s, -r, -ed -ing,

RUN ny -s, -ner, ran, -ning {by, down [disparagement] on, off, over, up}

SABOTAGE -s, -ed, -ing

SACRIFICE -s, -d, -ing, -ial, -ially

SAD -ly, -ness Dejection

SAFE -ly -s, -ness Safety -keeping Preservation

SAIL -s, -or [mariner], -ed, -ing, ship {from, off, out, over, to, under}

SALT y -s, -ed, -ing

SAME Uniformity -ness Identity, [tedium], time Synchronism

SAND -s, -ed, -ing


-- [Satisfy] = Content, fulfill

SAVE -s, -ior, -d, -ing

SAY -s, -er, said, -ing Maxim

SCALE y -s, Size -d, -ing Degree

SCHOOL -s, -ed, -ing, day, time


++ Scratch -es, y [itchy][blemish] -ed, -ing

++ Screen -s, -ed, -ing [shade]

++ Screw Distortion -er, -ed, -ing = twist

SEA -s, -men

-- [Search] = hunt for

SEASON -s, -al, -ally, -ed, -ing = spice

SEAT -s, -ed, -ing, Abode

SECOND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly -thought [sequel]

SECRET -s, -ly, -ness [secrecy] keep s- Concealment

SECURITY -ies, Safety, Stability

SEE -s, -r holy s. prophet, saw, seen, -ing; able to s. Vision;

Visibility not able to s. Invisibility

++ Seed -s, -ed, -er, -ing Posterity = sow, sperm

SEEK -s, -er, sought = hunt, search

SEEM -s, -ed, -ing Appearance

SEIZE -s, -ed, -ing usurp Command

-- [Seldom] = rarely

SELF -ves, -centered Selfishness, Parsimony, -lessness Unselfishness

-denial [temperance] lack of Intemperance -love, -serve, lack of -worship [vanity] control, same

SELL -s, -er, sold, -ing "Sale"

-- [Senate] [shifted to American government]

SEND -s, [dispatch] -s, -er, sent, -ing

SENSE -s, -ed, -or, -ing -less Insensibility, -ual [sensuality]


SENTENCE -s, Condemnation, -ed, -ing

SEPARATE -s, -d, -or, -ing, Extrinsic "separation" Disjuction

-- Series = groupings, chain

SERIOUS -ness -ly, - condition

SERVE -s, -r, -ing, Servant -ed {on, out, up}

++ Service -s, -ed, -ing, man, military-, person, station, woman

-able [job]

SET -s, Coherence -ter, ting, {about, against, in, off, on, out

= depart, over, up} - sail, -straight [disillusionment]

SETTLE -s, -er, -ing "settlement" = colony

SEVEN -th # seven + teen #

++ Seventy #

-- [Several] = a number of

-- [Severe] = very grave

SEX y -es, -ed, -ual, -ually -iness

SHADE y Obscurity -s, -ed, -ing, -less, shadiness

SHAKE y, -s, -r,-ing, shook, shaken Agitation

SHALL also cf. should

++ Shallow -er, -est, Shallowness

SHAME -s, -d, -ing, -ful, -less, -ful, -less

SHAPE -s, -r, -ing, -d, Sharpness, -less, lessness [formlessness] {up}

SHARE -s, r, -d, -ing

SHARP y -er, -est, ness Pungency = razor

SHE her, her -self

SHELF -s, -ed, -ing -life

SHELL -s, -er, -ing, -ed -fish

SHELTER -s, -ed, -er, -ing = lodging

SHINE y -s, -er, -ing

SHIP -s, -per, -ped, -ping {by, in, off, out, over, through, to}

SHIRT -s, -ed under- s. less

SHOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing [collision]

SHOE -s, -ded, -ding, -maker

SHOOT -er, shot, -ing = inject

SHORT y -er, -est, -ly, Shortness, -coming Imperfection -hand

-- [Should] cf. shall

SHOUT -ing, out, over

SHOW y Ostentation, -er,-ing, shown,{off,through Transparency, up


-- [Shrink] contract, decrease in size

SHUT -s, -ter, -ing {away Seclusion, down [cessation]

SICK -ly, -ness [illness]

SIDE -es, -ing, -show, -ward

++ Sight -s, -ed, -ing, -less Blind, -seer

SIGN -s, Indication, -ed, -ing {in, off, on, over [deed], up, under}

SIGNAL -s, -led, -ing

SILENCE -s, -ed, -ing, Silent -ly, ness Taciturnity

SILK -s, = type of fiber

SILVER y coin, -ware s. tongue

SIMILAR same as Similarity

SIMPLE -ly, Simpleness


SING -s, Rejoice sang, sung, -ing

SINGLE -s, -ly, -ness Celibacy, Unity

SISTER -s, -ly,

SIT -s, -ter, sat, -ting, -out, up, with = accompany


SIX -th number # Six + teen #

++ Sixty #

SIZE -s, -d, -ing

-- [Skeleton] = bare bone structure

SKILL -s, -ed, -ful, -fulness, -less, lessness Unskillfulness

SKIN ny -s, -er, -ed, -ing =cheating, -less, and bones, tight

SKIRT -s, -ed, -ing outskirts

SKY -ies, blue, -high, -light, -ward

SLAVE -s, -er, -ed, -ing; -holder, master, quarters, ship Servility

SLEEP y -s, -er, -ing, slept, -less

SLIDE -s, slid, -ing

SLIP -s, -per, -ped, -ping

SLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -est, Slowness {down, up}

SMALL -er, -est, -ness Littleness Inferiority

SMASH -es, -ed, -er, -ing

SMELL y -s, -ed, -ing [pungency] bad = Odor, Malodorousness -less,

Odorlessness [-iness, sweet - [fragrance] bad

SMILE y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness

SMOKE y -s, -r, -d, -ing, -less, -filled, -iness [opaqueness]

Tobacco smoking material, "weed"

SMOOTH -s, -er, -est, -ly, Smoothness, Elegance {down, off, out, over}

SNAKE y -s, -iness, -like, -ed, -ing [deceiver] [coil] = Meander

SNEEZE -es, -d, -ing [sibilation]

SNOW y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness


SOAP y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness

++ Sober -s, -ing -ness -ly "sobriety"

SOCIAL -s, -ly, -able, "Sociality" [sociability] lack of


SOFT -er, -est, -ly, Softness soft drink

SOIL -s, -ed, -ing = make dirty

-- [Soldier] = army serviceperson

SOLID -s, -ly, -ness Density

SOLVE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Solution"

SOME body, how, one, place, thing, time, what, where

SON -s

++ Song -s, -bird, -form, -ster [poetry]

SOON shortly

++ Sorrow y -s, Regret, -ing Lamentation -ed, -ful lack of sorrow unregretfulness, condolence

SORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing { of, out, over, through, with}

SOUL -s, [psychology]

SOUND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, -ness, mind [sanity]

++ Sour -ed, -ing, Sourness = acid

SOUTH Direction, -east, -west, -bound, -ward, wind

SPACE y, -s, -r, -d, -ing, man travel Astronautics between Interval

SPEAK -s, -er, spoke, -en, act of [speech], not perfect

Stammering [diction], -ing with taste [elegance] lack of


SPECIAL -s, -ly character cf. earmark;-ness; special skill "Specialty,"

SPEECH es, simple, easy

SPEED y -s, Velocity -er, -ed, -ing {on, up}

++ Spell Sorcery -er, -ed, -ing

SPEND -s, -er, spent

SPIRIT -s, -ual,-ually,-filled [immateriality], good Angel

bad Demon [specter]

++ Spit -s, [secretion] -ing, spat [hiss]

SPORT Sports y -ed, -ing, -s, -sman [banter]

++ Spot -s, -ty Location, [variegation] -ed, -ing, -ter -less; -light, -market

SPREAD -s, -ing, -er {by, for, from, on, out, over

Expansion, through, to upon, with} Dispersion

SPRING y -s, Leap -iness Elasticity {back Recoil, in, off,out, over,


SPY -ies, -ied, -ing

SQUARE -s, -ly, ness, -d, -ing

++ Stage [period] [tier] Arena -s, -ed, -ing

++ Stamp -s, -ed, -ing, {in, on, out, over, through} [nature]

STAND -s. stood, -ing, -point, {against, for Resistance, in = substitute,

s. in Substitution, off, on, out, over, up, upright Obliquity with}

STAR -s, -ry -ing, -ed, board -filled

START -s, Beginning [advantage] -er, -ed, -ing {in, off, up}

STARVE -s, -ed, -ing

STATION -s, -ed, -ing, -break,- master


STAY -s, -er, -ed, -ing power [perseverance] Remainder = remain

among, in, on, out, over, through, up, with

STEAL -s, -er thief Stealing, stole, stolen,

STEAM y -s, -er,-ed, -ing Vapor


++ Stem -s, -med, -ming cell [shaft]

STEP -s, -ped, -ing out of Unconformity

STICK y -s, -er, -ing, stick to Tenacity, stick together Coherence stuck up

++ Stiff -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness [rigidity] -neck [obstinacy]

STILL Silence -ness [quiescence]

STOMACH -s, -ed, -ing

STONE y -s, -d, -ing, -iness

STOP -s, -per, -ped,-ping [cessation], -use Disuse, light, watch

STORE -s, -d, -r, -ing {in, up}

STORM y -s, -ed, -ing Attack; {about, off, out}

STORY -ies, Falsehood -ied

STRAIGHT -er, -est, Straightness

STRANGE -r, -est [foreigner]; [abnormality]

++ Stream -s, -ed, -er, -ing {down-, on-, up-}

STREET -s -light

STRETCH -es, -er,-ed,-ing, -able, ableness Elasticity

STRIKE -s, -r, struck, -ing {at [attack], back, out, with}

++ String y -s, -er, -ed, -ing, - Instrument

++ Strip -s, -per, -ing, -ped Divestment {off} = bare [vacancy]

STRONG -er, -est, -ly; "Strength" Vigor -hold [refuge]

STRUCTURE Form -s, -er, -ing, -al, ally, -ed, -ing

-- [Struggle] = fight

STUDY -ies, -ied, -ing

-- [Stupid] = very dull

++ Style Fashion -s, -d, -ing Lifestyle,

SUBJECT Thought -s, -ed, -ing "Subjection"

SUBSTANCE -s, -tial, -ly, lack of - Insubstantiality

SUBSTITUTE -s, -d, -ing "Substitution"

SUCCEED -s, -ed, -ing, "Success" -ful, fully; lack of


SUDDEN -ly, -ness

SUFFER -s, -ed, -er, -ing

SUGAR -s, -ed, -ing

SUGGEST -s, -ed, -ing, Latency, Advice "suggestion"

++ Suit -s, -able, Agreement -ably, -ing, -ed, -er

SUMMER -y -s, -time, wear

SUN -ny -s, -ned, -ning light, -shine, -spot

-- [Supervise] = oversee

SUPPLY -s, -ied, -ier, -ing Provision

SUPPORT -s, -er, -ing,-ed Aid

SUPPOSE -s, -ed, -ing "Supposition" Supposedly [imply]

-- [Suppress] = end, put down

SURE -ly, -ness Certainty, lack of -[uncertainty]

SURFACE -s, -ed, -ing Shallowness, Texture

SURPRISE -s, Expectation lack of inexpectation], -d, -ing not s. [unastonishment]

-- [Surrender] = give up

SURROUND -s, -ed, -ing = vicinity

-- [Survive] = continue living

SUSPECT -s, -ed. -ing

-- [Suspend] hang in

++ Sustain -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -able, ably [110 endure]

SWALLOW -s, -ed, -ing Drinking

SWEAR -s, -ing Imprecation, swore, sworn = curse, cuss

++ Sweep -s, -swept, -er, -ing {out, over, up}

SWEET -s, -er, -est, -ly, Sweetness

SWIM -s, -ing, swam, swum

SYMPATHY Pity -ies,

++ Symbol -s Figurative

SYSTEM -s, Order, Plan

TABLE -s, -ed, -ing -land

TAIL Rear -s, -or, -ing, -ed =follow {on, off, over, up, up with}

TAKE -s, -r,-ing, took, taken, {in [inclusion][reception],

(away Deduction)

TALK -s, -er,-ed,-ing, much Talkiveness {at, for, out Dissuasion,to, to

oneself, together, through [discussion] up, with Conversation}

TALL -er, -est, -ness [cf high]; [tall talk grandiloquence]

TARGET -s, -ed,-ing

TASTE -y -s, -r,-d,-ing, -ful, -less [insipidness] discrimination] -less,

bad t. Vulgarity, = flavor -ed, -ing, -ful, -less [savoriness]

lack of Indiscrimination

TAX -es, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

TEA -s drink

TEACH -s, -er, Teaching, taught, -able; bad -

TEAM -s, -ed, -ing = crew

TEAR y -s, -ing, tore, torn [sever], -ful



++ [Teen] -s, # 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

TELEPHONE -s, -ed, -ing "phone"

TELEVISION -s Communication

TELL -s, -er, told, -ing {off [reprove] with}

TEN -th #

TERM -s, -ed, -ing

-- [terrible] cf. terror

-- [territory] = land area


TEST -y -s, -er, -ing [experiment] = Temptation


THANK -ed, -ing, -s, Gratitude, lack of Ingratitude

THAT those


THEATER -s, Drama

-- [their] cf. they

-- [theirs] cf. they

-- [them] cf. they

THEN Sequence


THERE -after, -by, -fore, -with

-- [These] cf. this

THEY their, theirs, them

THICK -er, -est, -ly, -ness

THIN -er, -est, -ly, -ness


THINK -s, thought, -ing [philosophy] {out, over, up} -tank

THIRD -s third part

-- [Thirteen] = three + teen #


THIS these


THOUGHT -s, -less, lessness {out, over, through, up, with}

-ful, -fully, fulness

++ Thread -s, -ed, -ing [filament] -less


THREAT -EN -s, -ed, -ing

THREE # -fold; threefoldness

++ Throat -s body part


THROW -s, -threw, thrown,-ing,-er {at, away = trash, back [reversion], on, up}

++ Thunder -s, -ed, -ing

++ Ticket -s, -er, -ed, -ing

TIE -s, -er, -ed, -ying, {in = connected, on, over, up = congested, with}

TIGHT -er, -est,-ly,-ness Parsimony

TIME -s, -ly -r, -d, -ing, -less, -table Science of - Chronometry

-- [Tin] = can, metal container

TIRED -ly, -ness, -ing

++ Title -s, Nomenclature -ed, -ing

TO Today, tonight, toward

-- [Today] to + day

Toe -d, -ing

TOGETHER -ness [simultaneousness]


TONGUE -s, -d, -ing, language

-- [tonight] to + night


TOOL -s, -ing, -ed

TOOTH y teeth, -ed, -ing

TOP -s, -ped, -per, -ing, - man, side,

TORTURE -s, -d, -r, -ing

TOTAL -s, -led, -ing "totality"

TOUCH y -s, -ed, -ing, touchiness touch two things Contact

++ Tough -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness

-- [toward] to + ward

++ Tower -s, -ed, -ing, cell -, radio -, tv -, watch-, water -[structure]

TOWN -er, -ship

TRADE -s, Barter -r, -d, -ing, -mark

TRADITION -s, -al, -ally

TRAFFIC -ed, -ing TRAIN -er, -ed [tame], -ing Continuity

TRANSPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Transportation"

TRAVEL -s, -ler cf tourist, -ed, -ing, office, plans

on water Navigation

-- [Treason] denial of homeland, becoming a turncoat

TREASURE -s, -ed, -ing

TREAT -s, -ed, -ing, -able "treatment"

-- [Treatment] cf. treat


TREE -s, -d, -ing, -less See American


TRIBE -s, -al

TRICK y -s, -er [deceiver]-ed, -ing [Deception]

TRIP -ped, ping {on, over, up} = stumble

-- [Troop] military; group = band, company

TROUBLE -s, Difficulty Exertion -ed, -ing,-maker [evildoer]

TRUCK -s, -ed, -er, -ing -stop

TRUE -r, -est, saying Maxim "Truth" -ful, -less

TRUST y -s, -ing, -ed, -ful

TRY [endeavor], -ied, -ing, -ial

TUBE -s, -ing subway,

TURN -s, Rotation -ed,-ing [convolution]; downturn Recession

{back, in, off, on, -over, to, under, up} = curve Curvature

TWELVE -th #


-- [Twice] two times

++ Twist -s, Distortion Convulation -ed, -ing

TWO # -ness

++ Type -s, -d, -ing, -set, -writer

UNDER Inferiority, go,lay, take, Undertaking,-wear, world, -writer

UNDERSTAND -s, -stood, -ing Interpretation, [misinterpretation]

++ Unit -s, of measure Unity

UNITE -s, -d, -ing Combination, tie "Union" [concurrence] labor

UNIVERSE -s, -al, -ally




UP -s,-on,-per,-per most,- right, -ness Probity, upset = displeasure,

irritate, up-side down, up-and-down, Vertical -ward

-- [urge] = press

-- [urgent] = pressing

-- [Us] cf We

USE -s, -d, -r,-ing,-ful, -ly, less, Uselessness, -lessly,

[employment]; [consumption], -lessness, loosely

Indiscrimination, -ual

-- [Usual] Habit

++ Utility -ies

VALLEY Concavity -s -filled

VALUE -s, Interpretation -ing, -ed, -able, ableness


VEHICLE -s, vehicular

++ Verse -s, -d, -ing Poetry, not verse [prose]

-- [Version] = varied account


VETO -es, -ed, -ing

-- [Vicious] full of faults


VICTORY -s, = Success; [triumph]; win

++ VIEW -s, -ed, -ing Visibility -er [spectator], -point [opinion]


-- [Violate] = break rule, do wrong

VIOLENCE "violent" motion Agitation

++ Virtue -s, -al, -ually lack of

VISIT -s, -ed, -ing, -or

VOICE -s, -ed, -ing [utterance]

VOTE -s, -r, -d, -ing

WAGE -s, -d, -r, -ing

WAIT -s, Expectation -er, -ed, -ing {for, on, out, up}

WALK -s, -er, -ed, -ing way = path

WALL -s, -ed, -ing paper

WANT -s, -ed, -ing [shortcoming] Insufficiency

WAR -s, -red, -ing, Warfare, -like = aggression, - machine

++ Ward -s, Defense -ing, -ed {off Repulsion}

WARM -s, -er, -est, -ly, ness, -ed, -ing

WARN -s, -ed, Warning Caution [threat]

WASH -s, -er, -ed, -ing -ing machine

WASTE -s,-r, -d, -ing, ful,-ness [prodigality], Excretion

WATCH -s,-ed,-ing, -er -ful, -fully, -fulness out Caution

WATER y -s, -er, -ed, -ing -fall, -way

WAVE y -s, -r, -d, -ing, = swing Oscillation

WAY -s, -of putting, of speaking [figure of speech] Interpretation {down, out, over, up], -ward, -laid

WE our, ours, us

WEAK -er, -est, -ly, Weakness

WEALTH y -ier, iest

WEAPON s, -ed

WEAR -s, -er,-ing, wore, worn, {at, down, in, off, out, through}

foot, head, leg, neck, outer, play, summer, swim, under, winter -y Weariness

WEATHER -s, -ed, -ing bound

WEEK -s, -ly, end, long,

WEIGHT y -s, -ed, -lifting

WELCOME -s, -d, -r, -ing [hospitality] not w. [inhospitality]

WELL -ness -s, -being, -done, -placed, -put, -thought, -worked

WEST Direction, -erly, -bound, -side, wind

WET -s, -ter, -test, -ted, -ing -ness Moisture, -land [marsh]

WHAT -ever, -soever,

WHEAT grain, food, whole w.

WHEEL -y, -s, -er, -ing

WHEN -ever

WHERE -as, -ever, fore, in, upon

WHICH -ever

WHILE interim -ed, -ing

WHITE -s, -er, -est, -ness Color

WHO whose, whom, -ever, soever

WHOLE -ly, -ness -some, -someness [salubrity] lack of


WIDE -r, -est, -ly, -ness "width" Breadth widespread

WIFE -ves

WILD -s, -ly, -ness, -life

WILL -s, -ful, -ing, -ingness , lack of, power

WIN Success -s, -ner, -won, -ning - over, with

WIND y -s, -ing, -ed -iness Diffuseness


WINDOW -s, -less

WINE -s, -ed drink

WING -s, -ed, -ing, -less

WINTER y -s, -ed, -ing

++ Wipe -s, -er, -ed, -ing off, out, over

WIRE y -s, -ed, -ing, -less

WISE -ly man, "Wisdom" Intelligence

WISH -es, -ed, -ing, -ful, list

WITH -in, -out, -draw, -hold, -stand,

-- [Withdraw] -al with + draw

-- [without] with + out

WOMAN y -ly women

WONDER -s, -ful, -ing, -ed; great wonder = awe [dread][Reverence]

-- [wonderful] cf wonder

WOOD y -s, -ed, -heat, heater, -land

WOOL -s, type of fiber

WORD y -s, -less; -structure Grammar, false -iness Diffuseness

my word Promise

WORK -s,-er [employee] -ed, -ing -place {off, out = exercise,

over, together [co-operation], up, with}

WORLD -s, = Universe -ly,-liness Wide Web = Internet, -to come Destiny

WORRY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing, -filled

-- [worse] cf. bad

++ Worship -s, -er, -ing false Idolatry, House of w. Temple

WORTH y -less,

WOUND -s, -ed, -ing

WRECK -s, -ed, -er, -ing

WRITE -s, -er, wrote, written, Writing, Sacred Writings,

written structure Grammer

WRONG -s, -ly, -ness, -ful; -fulness; w.doing -


YEAR -s, -ly -after-year period

YELLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -ness Color

YES -es Affirmation, Assent



YOU your, -s, -self

-- [your] cf you

-- [yours] cf you

YOUNG -er, -est, -like Youth

ZERO -es


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