Saturday, July 10, 2010



ดับเบิ้ลคลิกคำศัพท์ จะมีคำแปลไทยปรากฏ

Here are some hints and tips to make you a better listener:
• 1. Listen carefully to what the speaker says. Pick out the key words in any information. It's easier to remember one or two important words than a whole sentence.
If you're taking a message for someone it's easier to write down key words to help you remember the message than it is to try to write everything out. You can add to your message after you've finished listening to the information.

• 2. Give each new stage in a set of instructions a number, it will help you remember them later.

• 3. Repeat the instructions or the information you've been given back to the person who gave them to you. If you've got anything wrong the person will correct you and the repetition will help you to remember.

• 4. Ask questions about anything that you are unsure of, or replay the recorded message.

• 5. Go through the complete sequence in your mind so that it is clear. If you're taking a message for someone else you might want to rewrite it using complete sentences so that it will make sense to the reader.

• 6. If you are with someone you need to do some extra things while you are listening, because you are part of a two-way process and you want to encourage the other person.
Look interested in what they are saying
Maintain eye contact
If the person is giving you directions, pay attention to the direction they are pointing. Gesture can be very important and can often make the speaker's meaning much clearer.

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