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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. I am an optimist by nature.
2. I have never drawn anything in my life.
3. I was born and raised in Tokyo.
4. I asked him many questions about ecology.
5. I inspired my students to work harder.
6. I'm not a student.
7. I have life insurance.
8. I love the taste of watermelon.
9. I am from Shuizuoka.
10. I agree with your opinion about taxes.
11. I paid $200 in taxes.
12. I am not what I used to be.
13. I'm not as healthy as I used to be.
14. I work for an oil company.
15. I bought a red sports car.
16. I like red roses.
17. I like white roses better than red ones.
18. I wanted red shoes.
19. I have a new red car.
20. I had the porter carry my suitcase.
21. I have no knife to cut with.
22. I have a large collection of stamps.
23. I need to get a stamp.
24. I have just been to the post-office to buy some stamps.
25. I've lost my ticket.
26. I don't care if it snows.
27. I am constantly forgetting people's names.
28. There's no way we're going to do that.
29. I make it a rule never to borrow money.
30. I will go on ahead.
31. I had my driver's license renewed last month.
32. I went to Los Angeles on vacation last month.
33. I changed my address last month.
34. I haven't seen her since last month.
35. I was in London last month.
36. I worked hard last month.
37. I didn't go to school last month.
38. I bought a new computer last month.
39. I caught cold last month.
40. I stayed with my uncle last week.
41. I went to the park last Saturday.
42. My boss made me work last Sunday.
43. I caught a bad cold last week.
44. I had a tooth pulled out last week.
45. I took a trip to Nikko last week.
46. I saw him last week.
47. I paid him the money last week.
48. I saw her last week.
49. I wasn't busy last week.
50. I am a teacher.
51. I am not a teacher.
52. I regret having said such a thing to my teacher.
53. I had my teacher correct my English composition.
54. I bought a dictionary the other day.
55. I saw your brother the other day.
56. I met Jane the other day.
57. I like astrology.
58. I enjoyed swimming in the river.
59. I walked along the river.
60. I am as strong as before.
61. I have already visited America.
62. I lost the watch I had bought the day before.
63. I met him the day before.
64. I met him quite unexpectedly.
66. I didn't study at all.
67. I can't think of everything.
68. I am not at all tired.
69. I was able to answer all the questions.
70. I love my grandmother very much.
71. I was brought up by my grandmother.
72. I have a dim memory of my grandmother.
73. I didn't want to get up early.
74. I got up early.
75. I do not get up early.
76. I had to get up early.
77. I make it a rule to get up early.
78. I want my mother to get well soon.
79. I am not used to getting up early.
80. I'm not used to getting up early.
81. I still have not learned to drive a car.
82. I looked out the window.
83. I like sitting by the window.
84. I like to run.
85. I am used to the noise.
86. I don't like artificial flowers.
87. I held my breath and waited.
88. I ran out of breath.
89. I am ashamed of my son's laziness.
90. I paid my son 5 dollars to wash my car.
91. I made my son see the doctor.
92. I got my son to repair the door.
93. I am disappointed in my son.
94. I had my son water the lawn.
95. I made his son a new suit.
96. I made my son a new suit.
97. I got my son to cook supper.
98. I'll buy a watch for my son.
99. I am convinced that my son is innocent.
100. I'm proud of my son.
101. I put my son through college.
102. I am going to send my son to college.
103. I broke my leg.
104. I have sore feet.
105. I can swim fast.
106. I tried to run fast.
107. I don't have enough credits to graduate.
108. I paid for the damage.
109. I had to make up for the loss.
110. I can't do anything else.
111. I had to study hard to keep up with the other students.
112. I can't imagine life on another planet.
113. I grow many kinds of roses.
114. I have known Taro for ten years.
115. I am healthy.
116. I washed myself.
117. I haven't lost any weight.
118. I have gained weight.
119. I want to lose weight.
120. I don't mind waiting.
121. I'm looking for a room for rent.
122. I bought an eight acre farm for my retirement.
123. I don't like visiting big cities.
124. I have to support a large family.
125. I majored in American literature at college.
126. I majored in European history at university.
127. I majored in chemistry at the university.
128. I was born in Osaka.
129. I have a round-trip ticket to Osaka.
130. I am going to Osaka station.
131. I stay in Osaka.
132. It's all right with me.
133. I called for help.
134. I almost laughed out loud.
135. I called his name loudly, but he didn't even look back.
136. I usually get up early in the morning.
137. I live in a big city.
138. I heard someone knock on the door.
139. I looked for someone to take her place.
140. I heard someone scream.
141. I heard someone come into the room.
142. I don't know who made the cake.
143. I know who lives in this house.
144. I don't know who wrote this letter.
145. I know who likes Sachiko.
146. I don't believe just anyone.
147. I don't know who to ask for advice.
148. I made sure that no one was watching.
149. I like short hair.
150. I like short poems.
151. I have been busy writing a short story.
152. I go to school by subway.
153. I am the happiest man on earth.
154. I'm afraid of earthquakes.
155. I like geography and history.
156. I prefer history to geography.
157. I am accustomed to staying up late.
158. I hurried to make up for the lost time.
159. I must study hard to make up for lost time.
160. I'm late, aren't I?
161. I arrived too late and missed the train.
162. I couldn't get in.
163. I'm not a junior high school student.
164. I can't afford to buy a used car, much less a new car.
165. I came to Japan from China.
166. I can speak Chinese, but I cannot read it.
167. I finished writing the letter by noon.
168. I think of her day and night.
169. I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.
170. I ate a hot dog for lunch.
171. I was invited to lunch.
172. I wrote the answers carefully.
173. I looked at his face carefully.
174. I must get a bad tooth pulled out.
175. I am hungry because I did not eat lunch.
176. I get up at six in the morning.
177. I don't shampoo my hair in the morning.
178. I like to spread honey on my toast in the morning.
179. I make it a rule to take a walk for an hour in the morning.
180. I bought a loaf of bread for breakfast.
181. I must get the breakfast ready.
182. I showered before breakfast.
183. I am in the habit of taking some exercise before breakfast.
184. I haven't eaten since breakfast and I'm very hungry.
185. I make it a rule to take a walk before breakfast.
186. I am in the habit of going for a walk before breakfast.
187. I make it a rule to jog early in the morning.
188. I got up early in the morning.
189. I make it a rule to get up early in the morning.
190. I make it a rule to take a walk early in the morning.
191. I wake up early.
192. I have an errand to do in town.
193. I am familiar with this part of town.
194. I have loved her for a long time.
195. I haven't smoked for ages.
196. I have wanted to be a painter for a long time.
197. I waited for her for a long time.
198. I have lived here for a long time.
199. I was made to wait for a long time.
200. I don't like to be kept waiting for a long time.
201. I haven't heard from her for a long time.
202. I don't like long drives.
203. I met Fred on the street.
204. I met his father on the street.
205. I met her on the street.
206. I walked across the street.
207. I suggested that we go fishing.
208. I am very interested in fishing.
209. I got there ahead of time.
210. I have three years left until retirement.
211. I planted roses in the garden.
212. I am looking for an effective method to get rid of all the weeds in my yard.
213. I helped my brother move his desk.
214. I am on good terms with my brother.
215. I gave my brother a dictionary.
216. I had my brother clean the room.
217. I promised to help my brother with his homework.
218. I made my brother go to the station.
219. I stayed up all night.
220. I am used to working all night.
221. I can't reach the ceiling.
222. I am immune to smallpox.
223. I am waiting for the store to open.
224. I met Tom in front of the store.
225. I am going to the store now.
226. I rode my bicycle to the store.
227. I was brought up in the country.
228. I went for a drive in the country.
229. I don't like living in the country.
230. I like to walk in the country.
231. I got on the train.
232. I ordered a pizza on the phone.
233. I spoke to him by telephone.
234. I talked on the telephone.
235. I hung up and called her back again.
236. I looked up his telephone number in a telephone directory.
237. I am interested in mountain climbing.
238. I was caught in a shower on the way.
239. I really like city life.
240. I've been here since Saturday.
241. I like winter.
242. I always catch a cold in the winter.
243. I like summer better than winter.
244. I have a few friends in Tokyo.
245. I live on the outskirts of Tokyo.
246. I am staying with my uncle in Tokyo.
247. I live at Akasaka in Tokyo.
248. I changed trains at Tokyo Station.
249. I'm from Tokyo.
250. I go to Tokyo University.
251. I have a deposit of a thousand dollars here.
252. I assumed that she was there.
253. I am staying at the hotel for the time being.
254. I arrived too late to hear his speech.
255. I tried to escape.
256. I felt like running away.
257. I have been down with a headache.
258. I like to work.
259. I don't like to see animals cruelly treated.
260. I bought a book about animals.
261. I am reading a book about animals.
262. I experimented on animals.
263. I went to the zoo.
264. I am the same age.
265. I love Hitomi.
266. Am I on the wrong road?
267. I don't want to go anywhere in particular.
268. I had a special ticket.
269. I walked alone.
270. I am going to work out the problem by myself.
271. I have lost my place.
272. I love reading books.
273. I am happiest when I am reading.
274. I am tired of reading.
275. I have no time to read.
276. I've visited Nara.
277. I had difficulty working out the problem.
278. I had no difficulty in persuading my father to let me study abroad.
279. I left out two sentences.
280. I have two books.
281. I have been here for two hours.
282. I expect to be back by the 20th.
283. I am going to stay here for a couple of days.
284. I bought a camera two days ago.
285. I missed the train by two minutes.
286. I prefer fish to meat.
287. I like my meat well done.
288. I've given up eating meat.
289. I don't care for meat.
290. I'm getting better every day.
291. I'm standing in the shade.
292. I'm paid by the day.
293. I don't want to get a suntan.
294. I got a letter from a friend of mine in Japan.
295. I live in Japan.
296. I returned to Japan.
297. I have been in Japan for two months.
298. I don't know anything about Japan.
299. I am a Japanese high school girl.
300. I am interested in Japanese history.
301. I think that Japan is a very safe country.
302. I have made up my mind to leave Japan.
303. I am leaving Japan tomorrow morning.
304. I was traveling in Japan.
305. I have to complete a paper on the Japanese economy.
306. I speak Japanese, English, and French.
307. I do not have to study Japanese.
308. I have to study Japanese.
309. I couldn't speak Japanese.
310. I study Japanese history.
311. I like Japanese food.
312. I used to play tennis with him on Sunday.
313. I am not always free on Sundays.
314. I am always at home on Sundays.
315. I'm not always at home on Sundays.
316. I am not always at home on Sundays.
317. I am in the habit of going for a drive on Sundays.
318. I am not going anywhere on Sunday.
319. I often go downtown on Sunday.
320. I don't go to school on Sunday.
321. I go to church on Sundays.
322. I am never at home on Sundays.
323. I go to church on Sunday.
324. I play tennis in the park on Sunday.
325. I'm leaving on Sunday.
326. I work every day except Sunday.
327. I usually wear jeans on Sunday.
328. I'm not always free on Sundays.
329. I must visit my friend in the hospital.
330. I saw a cat running after the dog.
331. I like dogs more than cats.
332. I let the cat out of the house.
333. I do not have a cat.
334. I keep thirteen cats.
335. I let the cat into my room.
336. I burned my fingers on a hot iron.
337. I rode in a hot air balloon.
338. I get a physical examination once a year.
339. I go to my father's place twice a year.
340. I may be too old.
341. I like dark red better.
342. I worked on a farm.
343. I am trying to sell my farm but I haven't had any offers so far.
344. I saw a horse pulling a cart.
345. I can ride a horse.
346. I am training a horse for the race.
347. I have a bad pain in my back.
348. I don't like being asked to go shopping.
349. I like red wine better than white.
350. I prefer red wine to white.
351. I opened the box and looked inside.
352. I carried the box on my shoulder.
353. I don't have a box.
354. I'm a salesperson.
355. I must have the wrong number.
356. I saw him coming upstairs.
357. I don't know for certain when he will come.
358. I don't know when he will come.
359. I envy him.
360. I heard him sing at the concert.
361. I know he likes jazz music.
362. I saw him jump.
363. I expect him to come soon.
364. I demanded that he pay the bill immediately.
365. I don't know the reason why he went there.
366. I saw him tear up the letter.
367. I think he did it.
368. I think he has done it.
369. I don't know if he knows it.
370. I don't know what has happened to him.
371. I know where he lives.
372. I know where he comes from.
373. I like him very much.
374. I think he is a very kind man.
375. I don't care what he says.
376. I heard him play the piano once.
377. I heard him mumble to himself.
378. I thought he would come soon.
379. I learned a lot from him.
380. I hear from him once a month.
381. I owe him 100 yen.
382. I am looking forward to hearing from him.
383. I know that he went to London.
384. I don't know if he is a doctor.
385. I saw him walking alone in the park.
386. I saw him swim across the river.
387. I have never heard him speak English.
388. I didn't know that he could speak English.
389. I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.
390. I couldn't figure out what he meant.
391. I don't know for certain who he is.
392. I saw him enter the house.
393. I don't know why he quit the company.
394. I convinced him that he was wrong.
395. I helped him carry his desk.
396. I worry about him.
397. I don't care for him.
398. I don't know the reason why he was absent.
399. I believed every word he said.
400. I don't like what he said.
401. I can't understand what he wants me to do.
402. I noticed he was wearing my slippers.
403. I don't like him coming to my house so often.
404. I expect him to take care of my younger brother.
405. I expect he'll pass the examination.
406. I caught him stealing the camera.
407. I saw him go out.
408. I didn't notice him go out.
409. I arrived on the night he left.
410. I expect him to help me.
411. I have never heard him speak ill of others.
412. I am sure that he will succeed.
413. I am sure of his success.
414. I think he will succeed.
415. I don't think that he is right.
416. I think he is right.
417. I like him because he is honest.
418. I don't consider him honest.
419. I think that he is honest.
420. I believe that he is honest.
421. I am sure that he is an honest man.
422. I know the house where he was born.
423. I have known him since he was a baby.
424. I don't know who he is.
425. I know who he is.
426. I asked who he was.
427. I was angry because he was late.
428. I don't know why he was late.
429. I watched him cross the street.
430. I saw him cross the street.
431. I helped him walk across the street.
432. I saw him crossing the street.
433. I saw him running away.
434. I saw him cross the road.
435. I met him while he was in Japan.
436. I didn't know that he was Japanese.
437. I caught him trying to sneak out.
438. I saw him pat her on the shoulder.
439. I thought he was sick.
440. I saw him enter the room.
441. I saw him playing baseball.
442. I saw him play baseball.
443. I believed that he would keep his promise.
444. I am confident he will keep his promise.
445. I know that he is a famous musician.
446. I expected him to come.
447. I thought he might come.
448. I thought he would come.
449. I am sure he will come.
450. I don't know whether he will come by train or by car.
451. I am to meet him at six.
452. I made an appointment to see him at seven o'clock.
453. I accompanied him on the trip.
454. I am to meet him there.
455. I have to talk with him about the new plan.
456. I had a tennis match with him.
457. I enjoyed talking with him at the party.
458. I got acquainted with him in France.
459. I go to school with him.
460. I had a chance to see him.
461. I had a race with him.
462. I intended to go with him.
463. I work with him.
464. I made friends with him.
465. I have been honest with him.
466. I don't mind sharing the room with him.
467. I've got as much money as he has.
468. I got in touch with him.
469. I want to get in touch with him.
470. I enjoyed talking with him.
471. I can't get by without him.
472. I congratulated him on the birth of his son.
473. I got him to wash my car for a hundred dollars.
474. I took him a cup of coffee.
475. I have written to him once a month for almost twenty years.
476. I asked him to come at eight but he turned up at nine.
477. I lent him a CD.
478. I know that I should not tell him a lie.
479. I had to lend to him money.
480. I left the money with him.
481. I asked him to lend me some money.
482. I asked him to make tea.
483. I remember seeing him once.
484. I want him to play the guitar.
485. I asked him to wait here.
486. I asked him to be here by six.
487. I borrowed this book from him.
488. I don't want him to touch me.
489. I had him take my suitcase to the room.
490. I made him carry the suitcase.
491. I asked him if he would return soon.
492. I advised him to come back at once.
493. I found him a nice apartment.
494. I made him do so.
495. I paid him the money.
496. I regret having said that to him.
497. I promised him to keep it secret.
498. I couldn't make him understand it.
499. I asked him not to drive so fast.
500. I advised him to give up smoking.
501. I don't know anything about him at all.
502. I asked him to open the door, but he would not do so.
503. I asked him where he was going.
504. I asked him where I should park my car.
505. I remember that I met him somewhere.
506. I bought him a tie.
507. I'll give him a pen.
508. I handed the mike to him.
509. I am disgusted with him.
510. I remember seeing him somewhere before.
511. I advised him not to drive.
512. I met him at the station.
513. I made him paint the house.
514. I had him carry my luggage to the platform.
515. I must go and see him.
516. I can't forget the day when I met him.
517. I have tried to discourage him from going abroad.
518. I got him to paint the fence.
519. I advised him to give up smoking, but he would not listen to me.
520. I got him to stop smoking.
521. I gave him a gold watch.
522. I asked him to mend my shoes.
523. I got him to polish my shoes.
524. I made him open the door.
525. I paid him five dollars.
526. I owe him 50,000 yen.
527. I told him that I would do my best.
528. I lent him a magazine.
529. I bought him a magazine.
530. I agree with him.
531. I found him a job.
532. I paid him four dollars.
533. I challenged him to a game.
534. I got him to fix my bicycle.
535. I regret having been rude to him.
536. I asked him a question.
537. I asked him to drive me home.
538. I got him to repair my car.
539. I had him wash the car.
540. I put handcuffs on him.
541. I gave him my address.
542. I had him do my homework.
543. I asked him if he would help me.
544. I asked him to help me.
545. I made him sweep the floor.
546. I gave some books to him.
547. I explained it to him.
548. I don't want to see him at all.
549. I answered for him.
550. I gave him some advice.
551. I met him on the street.
552. I forget to give him the message.
553. I called him, but the line was busy.
554. I told him not to be late again.
555. I asked him about his new book.
556. I owe him $100.
557. I gave my cold to him.
558. I gave him a book.
559. I gave him a few books.
560. I asked him what his name was.
561. I asked him to go there tomorrow.
562. I called him a coward to his face.
563. I told him to come.
564. I could not speak to him.
565. I can't forgive him for behaving like that.
566. I held him by the collar.
567. I saw his mother scold him.
568. I know him like a book.
569. I can't forgive him for what he did.
570. I don't like the way he speaks.
571. I couldn't catch on to the joke he told us.
572. I held his sleeve.
573. I often visited his house.
574. I interpreted what he said in French into Japanese.
575. I listened to some of his records.
576. I'm looking over his report.
577. I like his music.
578. I am familiar with his music.
579. I found his house easily.
580. I know his family.
581. I forgave his mistake.
582. Did I hurt his feelings?
583. I think his job resume is questionable.
584. I agree to his plan.
585. I don't approve of his decision.
586. I am very concerned about his health.
587. I could hardly understand him.
588. I can understand him perfectly.
589. I believe what he says.
590. I believe whatever he says.
591. I tried to listen to him carefully.
592. I did it the way he told me to.
593. I didn't catch what he said.
594. I could not understand anything he said.
595. I can hardly understand what he says.
596. I followed him into his room.
597. I followed him.
598. I do not like the way he talks.
599. I am pleased with his work.
600. I don't support his ideas.
601. I didn't know how to answer his question.
602. I am familiar with the way he asks questions.
603. I anticipated his question.
604. I'm working on his car.
605. I do not want to reply to his letter.
606. I know his address.
607. I was able to find out his address.
608. I forgot his address.
609. I helped him with his homework.
610. I asked for his help.
611. I am sure of his victory.
612. I haven't read all of his novels.
613. I accepted his invitation.
614. I don't like his taste in color.
615. I do not like the way he treats others.
616. I am doubtful of his success.
617. I attended his funeral.
618. I attended the meeting in place of him.
619. I acted on his advice.
620. I wrote down his phone number.
621. I don't have much faith in his ability.
622. I learned a lot from his books.
623. I had a dream about him.
624. I don't know how to pronounce his name.
625. I know him by name but I have never actually spoken to him.
626. I don't remember his name.
627. I don't know his name.
628. I declined his invitation to dinner.
629. I don't like the way he talks.
630. I doubt his story.
631. I don't trust his story.
632. I don't think he is fit for the job.
633. I don't have as much money as he does.
634. I asked him if he would go too.
635. I am younger than he is.
636. I am older than him.
637. I charged them too much money for their room.
638. I saw them enter the bank.
639. I saw them play baseball.
640. I congratulated them on the birth of their daughter.
641. I explained the rules of the game to them.
642. I gave them clothing and some food.
643. I couldn't run fast enough to keep up with them.
644. I ordered them to leave the room.
645. I know neither of them.
646. I gave three pencils to each of them.
647. I like their pictures.
648. I believe in what they said.
649. I asked for their approval.
650. I know all of them.
651. I know none of them.
652. I must prepare their breakfast.
653. I don't know either of them.
654. I suppose they are coming.
655. I do not know any of them.
656. I dropped them off at Kanda.
657. I know them.
658. I know both of them.
659. I want to surprise him.
660. I will make him go.
661. I felt bad about picking on him.
662. I made him go there at once.
663. I don't blame you for hitting him.
664. I couldn't help admiring him.
665. I know him very well.
666. I call him Mike.
667. I don't know him at all.
668. I pointed at him.
669. I can't help feeling sorry for him.
670. I invited him to my house.
671. I help him.
672. I went to the airport to meet him.
673. I believe in him.
674. I think of him as one of my good friends.
675. I persuaded him to go to the party.
676. I persuaded him to give himself up to the police.
677. I have absolute trust in him.
678. I am waiting for him.
679. I feel very sorry for him.
680. I have made him angry.
681. I met him at Tokyo Station.
682. I made him go.
683. I suggested that she go alone.
684. I don't know when she got married.
685. I do not know when she can come.
686. I know that she is cute.
687. I know that she is Spanish.
689. I saw her enter the room.
690. I gave her just what she needed.
691. I asked where she lived.
692. I can't bear to see her cry.
693. I allowed her to go to the party.
694. I can't picture her playing the piano.
695. I asked her if she had been to Mexico.
696. I got a letter from her.
697. I received a letter from her.
698. She gave me several books.
699. I saw her swim.
700. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about.
701. I have no idea where she lives.
702. I heard her sing a song.
703. I have never heard her sing.
704. I heard her singing a song.
705. I don't like her.
706. I helped her wash dishes.
707. I have known her since she was a child.
708. I objected to her treating me like a child.
709. I made a bet that she would win the game.
710. I heard her singing in her room.
711. I noticed that she was wearing new glasses.
712. I noticed she was wearing a new hat.
713. I think she is kind.
714. I have known her since she was a baby.
715. I saw her crossing the street.
716. I know that she is beautiful.
717. I have never seen her help her father.
718. I didn't notice her going out of the room.
719. I saw her clean the room.
720. I helped her hang the picture on the wall.
721. I know that she has been busy.
722. I wait here until she comes.
723. I waited for her to speak.
724. I talked to her for an hour.
725. I accompanied her on a walk.
726. I'd like to go skiing with her.
727. I have to talk with her about the new plan.
728. I met her the year that my uncle William died.
729. I'll never forget going to Hawaii with her.
730. I didn't get along with her.
731. I've known her for a long time.
732. I shook hands with her.
733. I agreed with her.
734. I talked with her for an hour.
735. I had a nice chat with her.
736. I hope to marry her.
737. I made up my mind to marry her.
738. I have known her for five years.
739. I am engaged to her.
740. I exchange letters with her.
741. I talked to her on the telephone.
742. I am friends with her.
743. I made friends with her.
744. I owe her 100,000 yen.
745. I met her three days ago.
746. I asked her to pick me up around four.
747. I advised her to come by 9:00.
748. I remember seeing her.
749. I offered to lend money to her.
750. I got these old coins from her.
751. I did that which she asked me to do.
752. I asked her if she could go to the party.
753. I promised her not to do it again.
754. I made her a dress.
755. I have made up my mind to propose to her.
756. I'll give her some flowers.
757. I'd like to see her.
758. I hope that I'll see her.
759. I recognized her as soon as I saw her.
760. I am going to let her do as she likes.
761. I asked her if I could read the book.
762. I lent her my camera.
763. I showed her my room.
764. I was disappointed in her.
765. I remember writing to her.
766. I have no time to write to her.
767. I can't afford to buy her a new dress.
768. I made her a doll.
769. He presented her with a doll.
770. I bought her a nice Christmas present.
771. I ran as fast as I could to catch up with her.
772. I meant to call her, but I forget to.
773. I called her up.
774. I gave her a comic book to read.
775. I asked her a difficult question.
776. I asked her if she knew his address.
777. I followed her into the room.
778. I got her to clean my room.
779. I love her.
780. I have three times as many books as she has.
781. I don't know the reason for her absence.
782. I am sick of her excuses.
783. I can hardly understand what she says.
784. I like her dark eyes.
785. I helped her with her work.
786. I called her office, but no one answered.
787. I noticed her hands shaking.
788. I believe what is written in her letter.
789. I must answer her letter.
790. I can't remember her address.
791. I don't know his address.
792. I spent several days sorting through her papers.
793. I can't do without her help.
794. I am tired of her complaints.
795. I like her novel.
796. I accepted her invitation.
797. I don't like the way she laughs.
798. I had to take care of her baby.
799. I sat beside her.
800. I don't like her manner.
801. I wrote down her phone number.
802. I dislike her unfriendly attitude.
803. I am sick of listening to her complaints.
804. I can't remember how to spell her name.
805. I don't like the way she speaks.
806. I listened to her story.
807. I believe her story.
808. I think she is sick.
809. I love you more than her.
810. I have known her for two years.
811. I hugged her tightly.
812. I asked her for a date.
813. I know her very well.
814. I wanted to surprise her.
815. I know her well.
816. I don't love her.
817. I can comfort her.
818. I sent her home.
819. I was looking at her.
820. I never see her without thinking of her mother.
821. I will make her happy.
822. I treated her as my own daughter.
823. I don't know her and I don't think I want to.
824. I met her at Tokyo Station.
825. I made her my secretary.
826. I don't like sad movies.
827. I like stories that have sad endings.
828. I do not feel sad.
829. I was tired.
830. I was tired, but I couldn't sleep.
831. I was tired, so I didn't go.
832. I am tired, and I want to go to bed.
833. I was too tired to go on working.
834. I have a very old stamp.
835. I was very tired.
836. I'm really unhappy about this.
837. I am so busy that I have no time to read.
838. I can jump.
839. I don't like traveling by air.
840. I caught a beautiful butterfly.
841. I saw a beautiful bird.
842. I will lose weight.
843. I ran for my life.
844. I work for a hospital.
845. I couldn't go to work because I was sick.
846. I stayed at home because I was sick.
847. I'm poor.
848. I am not satisfied.
849. I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.
850. I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.
851. I've climbed Mt. Fuji.
852. I've never climbed Mt. Fuji.
853. I climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji.
854. I have seen Mt. Fuji.
855. I usually have breakfast at seven.
856. I usually get home by six o'clock.
857. I normally get up at 6 o'clock.
858. I usually have a light breakfast.
859. I want my father to see the movie.
860. I helped my father with the work.
861. My father gave me a game.
862. I helped my father wash his car.
863. I often went to the movies with my father.
864. I don't see eye to eye with my father.
865. I like to go fishing with my father.
866. I am as tall as my father.
867. I asked my father to buy this toy.
868. I gave my father a silk tie.
869. I had my photograph taken by my father.
870. I took over my father's job.
871. I asked for my father's help.
872. I have to go there for my father.
873. I visited my father's grave.
874. I am tired of hearing Father's stories.
875. I am proud of my father.
876. I introduced my father to the teacher.
877. I am very proud of my father.
878. I borrowed money from my father.
879. I like grape jelly best.
880. I sleep in my room.
881. I like to have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.
882. I don't have to clean my room.
883. I am busy looking for an apartment.
884. I ripped the envelope open.
885. I caught a cold.
886. I caught a cold. That is why I could not attend the meeting yesterday.
887. I have been down with a cold.
888. I think I'm getting a cold.
889. I have a slight cold.
890. I have all my suits made to order.
891. I can't see well.
892. I prefer reading to writing.
893. I am tired of hearing that.
894. I live in Hyogo.
895. I am a senior at Hyogo University.
896. I hung a picture on the wall.
897. I don't like studying.
898. I am studying.
899. I failed the exam because I didn't study.
900. Do I have to study?
901. I have to study.
902. I went to America to study.
903. I am going to study.
904. I am going to my room, where I can study.
905. I was tired from studying.
906. I'm tired of studying.
907. I go to bed after I study.
908. I decided to be a lawyer.
909. I was captured.
910. I had to walk home.
911. I have to walk to school.
912. I go to school on foot.
913. I will go on foot.
914. I saw my mother hide the cake.
915. I hear from my mother every month.
916. I helped my mother wash the dishes.
917. I helped my mother clean the kitchen.
918. I went to Disneyland with my mother.
919. I ran to my mother.
920. I resemble my mother.
921. I asked my mother if breakfast was ready.
922. I don't get up as early as my mother.
923. I cannot cook as well as my mother does.
924. I followed my mother's example.
925. I am waiting for my mother.
926. I love my mother very much.
927. I've finished typing the report.
928. I am going to play soccer after school.
929. I often play soccer after school.
930. I played tennis after school.
931. I play the guitar after school.
932. I don't study after school.
933. I intend to become a lawyer.
934. I have lost my cap.
935. I am busy.
936. I can't help you because I am busy.
937. I cannot afford the time for a vacation.
938. I am not busy.
939. I want a book.
940. I spent ten dollars on books.
941. I paid five dollars for the book.
942. I ordered some books from London.
943. I do not read books.
944. I like reading books.
945. I was reading a book.
946. While I was reading, I fell asleep.
947. I'll be reading a book.
948. I sold a book.
949. I meant what I said.
950. I haven't read all the books on the shelves.
951. I really enjoyed it.
952. I actually saw a ghost.
953. I don't really look at it that way.
954. I do not have a sister.
955. I let my sister use my new computer.
956. I gave my sister a dictionary.
957. I bought my sister a new hat.
958. I spend less money on clothes than my sister does.
959. I left earlier than my sister.
960. I get a haircut every month.
961. I play tennis every Sunday.
962. I go to church every Sunday.
963. I jog before breakfast every morning.
964. I make it a rule to take a walk for half an hour every morning.
965. I get up at six every morning.
966. I make it a rule to get up at six every morning.
967. I jog through Central Park every morning at 6 a.m.
968. I leave for school at eight every morning.
969. I make it a rule to jog every morning.
970. I keep fit by jogging every morning.
971. I go by that shop every morning on my way to school.
972. I get on the subway every morning at Ginza.
973. I take a walk every morning.
975. I have breakfast every morning.
976. I run before breakfast every morning.
977. I go to bed at ten every day.
978. I study for 3 hours every day.
979. I leave home before eight o'clock every morning.
980. I work from nine to five every day.
981. I go by that church every day.
982. I use it every day.
983. I swim every day.
984. I study English every day.
985. I study English half an hour every day.
986. I go to work every day.
987. I am in the habit of taking a walk every day.
988. I have breakfast at seven every morning.
989. I go to work by car every day.
990. I make it a rule to study math every day.
991. I wash clothes every day.
992. I go home early every day.
993. I run every day.
994. I have a boiled egg for breakfast every day.
995. I go to Tokyo every day.
996. I call her up every day.
997. I decided to study every day.
998. I walk every day.
999. I go to work every day by train.
1000. I go to bed at eleven every night.

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