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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. It's impolite to stare at people.
2. We'd better send for help.
3. Never trust a stranger.
4. Don't point at others.
5. Don't judge a man by his clothes.
6. Humans can't live on Mars.
7. I believe men are basically good.
8. Is it popular?
9. The hostages will be released.
10. All the hostages were released unharmed.
11. The men cried for help.
12. People laughed at the boy.
13. People must love one another.
14. People love freedom.
15. People were eager for peace.
16. I get a kick out of life.
17. Life is very short.
18. Life is sweet.
19. Life is like a journey.
20. I don't like to sing in public.
21. I have kidney trouble.
22. Do you ever study in the library?
23. They were alone in the library.
24. The library is on the second floor.
25. Where is the library?
26. I got lost trying to find the library.
27. The library is on the 4th floor.
28. That's it.
29. There is no water.
30. I want some water.
31. I'd like some more water.
32. Water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade.
33. Water boils at 100 degrees.
34. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
35. There is little water left.
36. Water is essential to life.
37. The water turned to ice.
38. Water is heavier than oil.
39. I'd like a glass of water, please.
40. Some water, please.
41. A glass of water, please.
42. We've run out of water.
43. Don't leave the water running.
44. I like swimming and playing basketball.
45. Swimming is good exercise.
46. Swimming develops our muscles.
47. Swimming is good for your health.
48. Swimming is my hobby.
49. Swimming makes your legs strong.
50. I'd like whiskey and water.
51. Another Scotch and water, please.
52. Buffaloes have big horns.
53. Can you swim underwater?
54. The water pipe burst.
55. The sailors saw land.
56. You should drink a lot of liquid.
57. Do you get enough sleep?
58. Sleep is better than medicine.
59. I wish I had enough time to sleep.
60. A drunk man fell down the stairs.
61. He was arrested for drunken driving.
62. A drunken man was sleeping on the bench.
63. I like math best.
64. I am good at math.
65. How was the math test?
66. Mathematics is Albert's favorite subject.
67. Mathematics is difficult for me.
68. Mathematics is a difficult subject.
69. Mathematics is his strongest subject.
70. Mathematics is her weak point.
71. Mathematics is my favorite subject.
72. Mathematics is an interesting subject.
73. Please add up the numbers.
74. Some girls were playing tennis.
75. I think we should get away from here for a few days.
76. I am leaving town for a few days.
77. I lived in Tokyo a few years ago, but now I live in Kyoto.
78. It's a small world.
79. The world is changing every minute.
80. The world is running out of oil.
81. I want to travel around the world.
82. A lot of students around the world are studying English.
83. Don't kid yourself.
84. I've got to see it.
85. Do come to the party.
86. The political situation has changed.
87. The government has imposed a new tax on wine.
88. The government was overthrown.
89. The stars are bright.
90. The stars came out.
91. I think it will be sunny.
92. It was sunny and warm.
93. It's going to clear up.
94. It is clearing up.
95. Do whatever you think is right.
96. Nothing is ever right.
97. Cross out the incorrect words.
98. That's what I thought.
99. Please circle the right answer.
100. Are you losing your mind?
101. I'll call you at noon.
102. I'll come at noon to pick you up.
103. I have lunch at noon with my friends.
104. It is impossible get there by noon.
105. Can you finish it by noon?
106. Please wait till noon.
107. Masako usually walks to school.
108. I have to dress up.
109. An honest man never steals money.
110. Honesty is the best policy.
111. A square has four sides.
112. The front door remained locked.
113. Live and learn.
114. This is life!
115. The baby was named Richard after his grandfather.
116. I want some fresh eggs.
117. I feel alive.
118. Nobody likes a wise guy.
119. I have to tighten my belt.
120. Living standards should be higher.
121. Living costs are getting higher.
122. We cut our living costs.
123. As soon as the new teacher entered the classroom, the students began to applaud.
124. The students answered in order.
125. All the students have gone home.
126. I was born on February 14, 1960.
127. According to the Bible, God made the world in six days.
128. Read it aloud.
129. Read the book aloud.
130. I recognized Jane at once by her voice.
131. Seiko accepted his dinner invitation.
132. Adolescents often quarrel with their parents.
133. A group of young men are playing handball in the playground.
134. It was a quiet night.
135. Be quiet. Don't talk in class.
136. Be quiet and listen to me.
137. You must keep quiet.
138. Keep quiet.
139. Let's keep quiet.
140. Quiet down, please.
141. Why don't you be quiet?
142. Please close the door quietly.
143. Keep quiet!
144. Please fill out the Customs Declaration Form.
145. Taxation is based on income.
146. All the seats are occupied.
147. Can you make room for me?
148. All you have to do to secure a seat is to wait in line.
149. I used to go to church on Sunday.
150. I remember singing that song long ago.
151. There used to be a large park here.
152. I used to swim in this river.
153. She used to be a very shy girl.
154. I used to drink beer.
155. I used to go to church on Sundays.
156. I really miss the old days.
158. The soap hurt my eyes.
159. Wash your hands with soap.
160. I need some soap.
161. Don't throw stones.
162. Look before you leap.
163. There's no soap.
164. Coal is not always black.
165. Can I speak to the person in charge?
166. Don't write in red ink.
167. The baby tore up a ten-dollar bill.
168. The baby started to cry.
169. The baby is fast asleep.
170. The baby kept quiet.
171. Why is the baby crying?
172. The baby can't walk yet.
173. The baby is still sleeping.
174. The baby cried herself to sleep.
175. Babies are interesting to watch.
176. The baby is sleeping.
177. Has the baby woken up?
178. Bringing up a baby is hard work.
179. Red wine goes well with meat.
180. The baby is crying.
181. The baby smiled at me.
182. Babies cry when they are hungry.
183. The baby went to sleep at once.
184. The baby screamed all night.
185. The baby stopped crying.
186. The baby opened his mouth.
187. A baby has a delicate skin.
188. The baby has fallen asleep.
189. Babies crawl before they walk.
190. The baby wants its mother.
191. A baby craves its mother's milk.
192. The baby is sleeping in the cradle.
193. I have to put the baby to bed.
194. Put the baby to sleep.
195. The light changed from red to green.
196. Don't hang up!
197. Sign across the stamp.
198. Where can I buy stamps?
199. Where do I get stamps?
200. I lost interest in collecting stamps.
201. All the tickets are sold out.
202. I think I've lost my ticket.
203. Please get me a ticket.
204. May I have a look at your ticket?
205. Get me a ticket, please.
206. Ticket, please.
207. I lost my ticket. What should I do?
208. Where's the ticket booth?
209. Where is the ticket office?
210. We tried to persuade him.
211. Please explain it.
212. Would you like me to explain it?
213. It snowed for ten consecutive days.
214. The snow is falling fast.
215. It looks like snow.
216. It was beginning to snow.
217. It began to snow.
218. It may snow.
219. Who built the snowman?
220. It looks like snow, doesn't it?
221. It is white as snow.
222. The snow lasted four days.
223. It kept snowing all day.
224. The snow will soon disappear.
225. Has the snow stopped yet?
226. The snow is melted.
227. The snow has melted away.
228. The snow has disappeared.
229. The snow was knee deep.
230. A snowslide obstructed the road.
231. I'm absolutely sure!
232. I'm not absolutely sure.
233. Don't lose your cool.
234. Never play on the road.
235. There is no doubt.
236. Put out your tongue, please.
237. Let me see your tongue.
238. I don't mind if you go to bed before I get home.
239. I had the flu last month.
240. A burglar broke into the convenience store last month, but I heard the police caught him yesterday.
241. I heard from him last month.
242. I forgot that I met her last month.
243. I had a bladder infection last month.
244. I saw Michel last week. He'd been sick for a week.
245. A terrible thing happened last week.
246. I read a few books last week.
247. I bought it last week.
248. I saw an exciting baseball game last Saturday.
249. I went shopping last Saturday.
250. We saw a funny movie last Sunday.
251. I ran into Mary at a party last week.
252. I was very busy last week.
253. We visited the museum last week.
254. I had him paint the gate last week.
255. I met his sister last week.
256. I still owe my brother the ten dollars that he lent me last week.
257. He was sick last week.
258. Thank you very much, doctor.
259. I have a stomach-ache, doctor.
260. Doctor cure me.
261. Here comes our teacher.
262. I saw the teacher walk across the street.
263. There comes our teacher.
264. Can I speak to the doctor?
265. After I talked with my teacher, I decided to work hard.
266. Tell the teacher your name.
267. Let's ask the teacher.
268. I wish I could speak English the way my teacher does.
269. Our teacher made us clean the room.
270. I guess our teacher is over fifty years old.
271. Our teacher lives close by.
272. The teacher got well again.
273. Our teacher seemed surprised.
274. Our teacher told us what to read.
275. The teacher gave us homework.
276. The teacher told us to be quiet.
277. The teacher told me to stand up.
278. My teacher drove me home.
279. The teacher called the roll.
280. The teacher let the boy go home.
281. Our teacher likes his new car.
282. Our teacher seemed angry.
283. The teacher collected the papers.
284. The teacher approved his plan.
285. He visited her house the other day.
286. She came to see me the other day.
287. I bought a camera the other day.
288. I met an old friend of mine the other day.
289. I met him on the street the other day.
290. I met my teacher on the street the other day.
291. I received her letter the other day.
292. The river is running dry.
293. Let's go and swim in the river.
294. The river is very low.
295. The river is deep here.
296. I attempted to swim across the river.
297. The fight is over.
298. There's a possibility of war.
299. The war ended in 1945.
300. The war lasted nearly ten years.
301. War doesn't make anybody happy.
302. Nothing is worse than war.
303. I want the fan.
304. Mt. Asama is now dormant.
305. Is my laundry ready?
306. Please bring in the washing.
307. Bring the laundry in.
308. Would you like it washed?
309. The towels are dirty.
310. Mr Masuzoe always has lots of books with him.
311. The ship is sinking.
312. I'd like to sail around the world.
313. Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.
314. The ship had three decks.
315. The ship dropped anchor.
316. The boat passed under the bridge.
317. The ships reached port.
318. The ship changed its course.
319. Abandon ship!
320. All the skill of the sailors gave way to the violence of the storm.
321. All the players did their best.
322. All the players were in position.
323. I have met her before.
324. Move along, please.
325. I apologize for not writing to you before.
326. I remember seeing him before.
327. I didn't have a good time last Sunday.
328. You must pay in advance.
329. I'll let you know beforehand.
330. Thanks in advance.
331. That's really great!
332. You look much better.
333. Can you pay me in advance?
334. My front tooth fell out.
335. Do you want me to pay in advance?
336. Can you read that sign ahead of us?
337. A good citizen obeys the laws.
338. You're quite right.
339. It's beautiful weather, isn't it?
340. I couldn't agree with you more.
341. We sat in total silence.
342. Is everything okay?
343. Everything went smoothly.
344. Please answer all the questions.
345. All the students are present.
346. All big cities have traffic problems.
347. I like none of them.
348. All are present.
349. Be quiet, all of you.
350. The whole nation wants peace.
351. My whole body is sore.
352. It's no trouble at all.
353. I have no idea.
354. I never did like it anyway.
355. I like him best of all the teachers.
356. Put everything in my basket.
357. What matters is whether you do your best or not.
358. We named him Thomas after his grandfather.
359. My grandfather died five years ago.
360. My grandfather is in his nineties.
361. My grandfather comes from Osaka.
362. My grandfather is very healthy.
363. My grandmother can't see very well.
364. My grandmother speaks slowly.
365. My grandmother made me a new dress.
366. I hope you'll have a great year.
367. Frankly speaking, he is untrustworthy.
368. I found a nice cup.
369. That's a nice tie you're wearing.
370. Have a nice holiday.
371. A nice room, isn't it?
372. When is the pep rally?
373. I used my imagination.
374. I found what I was looking for.
375. You are early.
376. I hope you get well soon.
377. I hope you'll get well soon.
378. Come here soon.
379. Come home early.
380. Go home quickly.
381. I hope you'll make up your mind quickly.
382. I hope you'll recover quickly.
383. You've arrived too early.
384. Get ready quickly.
385. Don't jump to conclusions.
386. May I share this table with you?
387. You never change, do you?
388. I'm as busy as ever.
389. A face appeared at the window.
390. I saw a man's face in the window.
391. The noise outside his window prevented him from sleeping.
392. Look out of the window.
393. Both of the windows were broken.
394. Don't leave the window open.
395. Can I open the window?
396. Do you mind if I open the window?
397. Would you close the window?
398. Would you please shut the window?
399. Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?
400. Was it Jack that broke the window?
401. Please keep the windows open.
402. Please open the window.
403. Don't open the window.
404. Open the window, will you?
405. Let's open the window.
406. Who broke the window?
407. After I cleaned the window, I could see through it clearly.
408. Close the window.
409. Keep the window closed.
410. Would you mind closing the window?
411. Close the window, will you?
412. Please close the window.
413. I'd like a table by the window.
414. I'd like a window seat.
415. I'd like a window seat, please.
416. The Prime Minister has resigned.
417. What do you call a man who takes care of sheep in the field?
418. Running is good exercise.
419. The noise disturbed his sleep.
420. The noise bothers me.
421. I couldn't make myself heard above the noise.
422. Masuo can bend spoons.
423. Thank you for the present.
424. Take a breath and hold it.
425. Take a deep breath, please.
426. My son came to my room.
427. She scolded her son for being lazy.
428. Give my thanks to your son.
429. What does your son do?
430. Your son must be quite tall by now.
431. I was disappointed in my son.
432. I asked my son what he really wanted.
433. I built my son a new house.
434. I must buy a new suit for my son.
435. My son is my biggest headache.
436. I'd like to see my son.
437. I am to blame for my son's failure.
438. My son is tired of hamburgers.
439. My son is not old enough for school.
440. My son can't count yet.
441. My son is now as tall as I am.
442. My son is playing in the rain.
443. My son is ashamed of his behavior.
444. My son is small for his age.
445. I went for a walk with my son.
446. I tripped and nearly fell.
447. Your feet are dirty.
448. My feet get cold.
449. I have a pain in my little toe.
450. Wash your feet.
451. I didn't mean to step on your foot.
452. Watch your step.
453. Can you make it special delivery?
454. Speeding causes accidents.
455. Burglars broke into his house.
456. The graduation ceremony will take place on March 20th.
457. The loss amounted to $2,000,000.
458. All the villagers went out into the hills to look for a missing cat.
459. Everybody in the village knew him.
460. Did you want anything else?
461. Do you have any other questions?
462. What else do you want?
463. This is the only alternative.
464. I had no other choice.
465. May I recommend another hotel?
466. Could you recommend another hotel?
467. The other children laughed.
468. The other boys smiled.
469. Where are all the others?
470. I can't think of anybody else.
471. I have to study hard to keep up with the other students.
472. Tell him to mind his own business.
473. Don't worry about others.
474. Don't get in people's way.
475. Don't make fun of others.
476. Don't look down on others.
477. It's not polite to point at others.
478. Many foreigners speak good Japanese.
479. Many cars passed by.
480. Many small companies went bankrupt.
481. We had a large audience.
482. Many promises had been made.
483. The more, the better.
484. There may be some scars.
485. Scores of people visited Japan.
486. Maybe Jane will come.
487. Perhaps I'll like this book.
488. He probably won't come.
489. Maybe she is coming.
490. Are you watching your weight?
491. I hear the drum.
492. Osamu Dazai killed himself.
493. Let's talk about solar energy.
494. The sun is going down.
495. The sun is rising now.
496. The sun is about to rise.
497. The sun came out.
498. The sun is coming up.
499. The sun melted the snow.
500. The sun doesn't always shine.
501. The sun is larger than the moon.
502. The sun always rises in the east.
503. The sun rose over the horizon.
504. The sun was shining brightly.
505. Taro, dinner's ready!
506. Taro is not always here.
507. Taro and Hanako are going to get married next spring.
508. Please call me Taro.
509. Taro died two years ago.
510. Taro is studying hard.
511. Taro speaks English, doesn't he?
512. Taro bought a used car last week.
513. I have a bruise.
514. I feel feverish.
515. It's not healthy for you.
516. My joints ache.
517. Big men are not always strong.
518. Let me take your temperature.
519. I'm losing weight.
520. I'm gaining weight.
521. You've put on weight, haven't you?
522. I watch my weight very carefully.
523. Have you lost weight?
524. My body itches all over.
525. I have aches and pains all over my body.
526. I am exhausted.
527. Save your strength.
528. I am glad it was someone else who got it.
529. I can't stand it.
530. I get annoyed when I am kept waiting.
531. Sorry to have kept you waiting.
532. I am sorry to have kept you waiting.
533. There's no point in waiting.
534. How long will it be?
535. A watched pot never boils.
536. Did you enjoy your visit?
537. What is the purpose of your visit?
538. I bought a small lot on the hillside in Southern France where I plan to build a retirement home.
539. Algebra is a branch of mathematics.
540. Algebra is my favorite subject.
541. I helped my mother in the kitchen.
542. I smell something burning in the kitchen.
543. It is in a kitchen.
544. They are in the kitchen.
545. Is there any coffee in the kitchen?
546. There is a cat in the kitchen.
547. Clean up the kitchen.
548. Typhoon No.9 is approaching Shikoku.
549. The typhoon hit Tokyo.
550. A typhoon is approaching Japan.
551. The typhoon caused the river to flood.
552. Turn it up.
553. How you've grown!
554. I am going to return this sweater because it's too big.
555. It's too loud.
556. We have a big supermarket.
557. Snow fell in large flakes.
558. A big typhoon is approaching.
559. There were lots of people.
560. A captain is above a sergeant.
561. What do you plan to major in in college?
562. Where is the registrar's office?
563. I am a university student.
564. Are you a college student?
565. The atmosphere is being polluted.
567. They're my favorite.
568. How far is it from Osaka to Kyoto?
569. It snowed in Osaka.
570. He lives in Osaka.
571. I need it ASAP.
572. You can do it.
573. You can rely on me.
574. Are you all right?
575. Older people often fear change.
577. A number of passengers were injured.
578. A number of people were drowned.
579. You must not speak loudly.
580. Stop talking loudly.
581. We flew across the Atlantic.
582. A majority voted against the bill.
583. That is almost correct.
584. I dislike big cities.
585. The president abolished slavery.
586. I got a big pay raise.
587. Write your name in capital letters.
588. It was very hot.
589. Thank you ever so much.
590. It's really good.
591. I am sorry to trouble you so much.
592. It has become very cold.
593. I'm very sorry.
594. Let's begin with Lesson 3.
595. Let's read Lesson 3.
596. Let's review Lesson 5.
597. First impressions are important.
598. Flying kites can be dangerous.
599. Let's fly kites.
600. Can you reach the top shelf?
601. Who discovered America?
602. Who telephoned Ann?
603. Is anybody here?
604. Is somebody there?
605. Who helps your mother?
606. We heard someone go upstairs.
607. Somebody has broken this dish.
608. Someone knocked on the door.
609. I heard someone knocking.
610. I heard someone call my name.
611. Who invented karaoke?
612. Someone has brought us some grapes.
613. Someone must have stolen your watch.
614. I heard someone whistle.
615. Somebody left his umbrella behind.
616. Somebody touched me.
617. Somebody has stolen my suitcase.
618. Someone tapped me on the shoulder.
619. Someone was calling my name.
620. I heard someone calling my name.
621. Someone is shouting for help.
622. Someone left the water running.
623. Someone is calling for help.
624. I heard someone tell my mother the news.
625. Somebody has left his hat.
626. Someone has walked off with my pencil.
627. I need somebody.
628. Who made this cake?
629. Who made this pie?
630. Who broke this pen?
631. I don't know who painted this picture.
632. Who painted this picture?
633. I don't know who named this dog Pochi.
634. Who can do this work?
635. Who wrote this letter?
636. Who will take care of the baby?
637. Who broke this window?
638. Who made this box?
639. Who painted this beautiful picture?
640. Who is in this room?
641. Who did it?
642. I wonder who.
643. I forget who said it.
644. Who thinks so?
645. Who doesn't think so?
646. Who planted the tree?
647. I wonder who invented it?
648. I wonder who invented it.
650. Who likes Tony?
651. I felt like talking to someone.
652. Somebody's elbow touched my back.
653. Who is playing the piano?
654. Who hit the home run?
655. I want somebody else.
656. Did anyone call me up?
657. Who discovered radium?
658. Who stole the apple?
659. Are you waiting for anybody?
660. Are you looking for someone?
661. Who'll get there the quickest?
662. Who can speak English?
663. Is anybody home?
664. I need someone to help me with housework.
665. Who attended the meeting?
666. Does anyone feel sick?
667. Who will be elected chairman?
668. Who told you the story?
669. Who told you the news?
670. Who made you come here?
671. Someone is watching you.
672. Who built it?
673. Who likes Sachiko?
674. Has anyone asked for me?
675. Can anyone answer my question?
676. Who found my missing book?
677. Who will help me?
678. Can anyone tell me the time?
679. Can someone take our picture?
680. Is there someone who could help me?
681. Anybody want a lift?
682. Who do you think broke the window?
683. Can anybody else answer?
684. I do not like wearing anybody else's clothes.
685. Who will act as spokesman?
686. Who knows that?
687. Who knows?
688. Can someone answer the telephone.
689. Who taught them table manners?
690. Does anybody know him?
691. Who helps her?
692. Who painted it?
693. Anybody will do.
694. Everybody had a good time.
695. Anybody can solve that problem.
696. Anybody can read it.
697. Anyone can make mistakes.
698. Everybody desires happiness.
699. Invite whoever you like.
700. Everybody had a hard time.
701. Everybody knows that he is honest.
702. Everybody knows his name.
703. I don't feel like talking with anyone.
704. Who will you go with?
705. Everyone has faults.
706. Don't let anybody see you.
707. I did not meet anyone.
708. This is strictly between us.
709. No one can tell.
710. Who was radium discovered by?
711. It makes no difference who I meet.
712. I don't know who to turn to.
713. Who are you referring to?
714. Anybody is better than nobody.
715. Nobody can stop me!
716. Everyone knew the song.
717. Everyone's saying it.
718. Everyone said that I was wrong.
719. Everybody says I look like my father.
720. I didn't think anyone could fix this watch.
721. Nobody can solve this problem.
722. Nobody has solved the problem.
723. No one thinks so.
724. Nobody knows about the plan.
725. No one knows the fact.
726. Nobody can understand it.
727. Nobody came to the party.
728. Nobody taught me.
729. Nobody can ever help me.
730. Nobody answered the door.
731. Nobody answered my question.
732. Nobody listened to me.
733. No one helped me.
734. Nobody came to my rescue.
735. Nobody came to help me.
736. Nobody can exist without food.
737. None of them is alive.
738. Nobody answered the telephone.
739. Nobody bowed to him.
740. Nobody can break his record.
741. No one knows his name.
742. No one believed his story.
743. Nobody came to help him.
744. Don't let anyone enter the room.
745. Who are you laughing at?
746. Not a single person arrived late.
747. Nobody would listen to me.
748. I might flunk the course.
749. I found a rare book I had been looking for.
750. I heard the news that there had been a big earthquake in Awaji.
751. I must have it shortened.
752. Armed only with a short sword, he drove off all five of his attackers.
753. I don't like warm winters.
754. It was a warm day.
755. Wear warm clothes.
756. We can buy hot lunches.
757. You should keep yourself warm.
758. I think it's getting warmer.
759. The heater is broken.
760. The clock is above the fireplace.
761. I saw a man enter the room.
762. Boys will be boys.
763. I saw a boy swimming across the river.
764. The boys were quiet.
765. Is it a boy or a girl?
766. Boys can be trained to behave.
767. Boys often imitate their sports heroes.
768. All boys like to play baseball.
769. All the boys fell in love with Julia.
770. The boy kept quiet.
771. The man confessed that he had robbed the old woman.
772. The man aimed a gun at the detectives.
773. The men have mustaches.
774. The men are smiling on cue.
775. The men are wearing short sleeves.
776. Men like to look masculine.
777. It's too expensive.
778. Can you guess the price?
779. Did you ask the price?
780. Don't pretend you don't know.
781. Who doesn't know?
782. I want to get there by subway.
783. Let's take the subway.
784. The earth is round.
785. A couple of flights were delayed on account of the earthquake.
786. Will you show me on this map, please?
787. I located the town on a map.
788. I saw the moon above the horizon.
789. The ground seems wet.
790. How embarrassing!
791. Shame on you!
792. The pond has dried up.
793. The pond has frozen over.
794. The pond froze over.
795. Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda talked to Ken's teacher.
796. I'm sorry I'm so late.
797. You had better not stay up late.
798. Please pardon me for coming late.
799. I must apologize for the delay.
800. Pardon me for coming late.
801. I'm sorry I'm late.
802. Please excuse my being late.
803. Forgive me for being late.
804. I'm awfully sorry that I was late.
805. We must not be late.
806. Don't be late.
807. I'll be late for school!
808. Please forgive me for being late.
809. You are late.
810. Excuse me for being late.
811. I assure you that I won't be late.
812. I was afraid I might be late.
813. Can you explain why you were late?
814. I'd prefer a brown one.
815. Who is the woman in the brown coat?
816. I escaped from the fire with nothing but the clothes on my back.
817. I don't have a thing to wear.
818. I went home to change my clothes.
819. I only wear a kimono about once a year.
820. Some of them seem to be too difficult.
821. Let me in.
822. I had never seen a panda until I went to China.
823. China is much larger than Japan.
824. Can you count to ten in Chinese?
825. I have a small vegetable garden on my patio.
826. In addition to English, Mr. Nakajima can speak German fluently.
827. Join us, won't you?
828. The days are growing longer.
829. How about going out for lunch?
830. I have an appointment with him at noon.
831. Let's have lunch!
832. A friend of mine came to see me during the day.
833. I don't want lunch.
834. Where are you going to eat lunch?
835. Lunch will be ready soon.
836. After she had lunch, she got ready to go out.
837. Are you eating lunch?
838. Let's eat lunch.
839. Answer my question carefully.
840. Careful driving prevents accidents.
841. Please listen carefully.
842. I'll give you a shot.
843. Confirm the order.
844. I had a feeling this might happen.
845. I don't have any cavities.
846. Is there a parking lot?
847. It's just what I wanted.
848. Stop talking.
849. She speaks Spanish well.
850. I put up a notice.
851. Bob cooks breakfast in the morning.
852. I am in the habit of taking my dog for a walk in the morning.
853. It's been raining since morning.
854. What would you like for breakfast?
855. May I take a shower in the morning?
856. I am not a morning person.
857. It's 7:50 in the morning.
858. Breakfast is ready.
859. I like coffee and toast for breakfast.
860. Please wake me for breakfast.
861. I like eggs for breakfast, but my sister prefers oatmeal.
862. What do you want for breakfast?
863. What did you have for breakfast?
864. I went for a walk after breakfast.
865. Is breakfast ready?
866. She's getting breakfast ready.
867. Are you through with your breakfast?
868. I always have coffee and toast for breakfast.
869. What time will you have breakfast?
870. Have you eaten breakfast yet?
871. I skipped my breakfast.
872. Birds sing early in the morning.
873. I'm accustomed to getting up early.
874. The tide is rising fast.
875. The tide is coming in.
876. Many of the city's leading restaurants close down for the whole of August.
877. I'd like a room with a good view.
878. The audience was mostly businessmen.
879. The audience roared with laughter.
880. The audience was very large.
881. The audience were mostly adolescents.
882. The audience were all foreigners.
883. The audience applauded the performer.
884. The audience was deeply affected.
885. The audience exploded with laughter.
886. How's it going?
887. Don't push your luck.
888. Don't get so carried away.
889. I am sorry I have kept you waiting so long.
890. Let's enjoy the long vacation.
891. I feel hungry after a long walk.
892. I saw a girl with long hair.
893. I hope you won't expect results immediately.
894. After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.
895. Are you going to stay long?
896. Will it be much longer?
897. I can wait four days at the longest.
898. I felt hungry after the long walk.
899. Will it take long to recover?
900. I am not accustomed to walking long distances.
901. Mold grew on the boots.
902. Old habits die hard.
903. Can you see the snow-topped mountain?
904. I found the cage empty.
905. The birds sang.
906. The birds are flying around.
907. The birds are singing.
908. Birds are flying in the air.
909. Birds are flying above the trees.
910. The bird flapped its wings.
911. Birds sing.
912. Feed the bird!
913. Birds always return to their nests.
914. Birds have sharp eyes.
915. Birds fly in the sky.
916. Birds are natural enemies of insects.
917. Birds build nests.
918. Birds fly south in winter.
919. Birds fly.
920. Birds learn to fly by instinct.
921. Birds make their nests in trees.
922. Birds lay eggs.
923. Let the bird fly away.
924. I'd like three pounds of chicken.
925. Naoko swims.
926. Naoko is a swimmer.
927. Naoko is good at swimming.
928. Naoko is a fast runner.
929. Naoko can run fast.
930. Naoko came back to Japan.
931. Can I call directly?
932. Draw a straight line.
933. Naomi has just finished her work.
934. We are not amused.
935. Look at the setting sun.
936. That's unusual.
937. I have to take the test again.
938. Did I hurt you?
939. I can't bear the pain.
940. He could no longer stand the pain.
941. Please be gentle.
942. The pain has gone.
943. The pain is getting worse.
944. I can't stand this pain.
945. You must endure the pain.
946. Do you have any pain?
947. It's not worth the pain.
948. Please give me a painkiller.
949. It is dangerous to play in the street.
950. The street was crowded with people.
951. Don't run across the street.
952. It's across the street.
953. I'd like an aisle seat, please.
954. Should I cancel the call?
955. I got up early this morning to go fishing.
956. I went fishing.
957. They're 30 minutes behind schedule.
958. Are we arriving on time?
959. I see your cat in the garden.
960. What is in the garden?
961. There was nobody in the garden.
962. We have planted the garden.
963. I'd like a room facing the garden.
964. The gardener planted a rose tree in the middle of the garden.
965. My brother did.
966. Leave him alone.
967. It's my brother's.
968. My brother's room is always a mess.
969. My kid brother is twelve.
970. My brother watches television.
971. My brother is still sleeping.
972. My brother polished the silver.
973. My brother is living in San Diego.
974. My brother is small but strong.
975. My brother named his cat "Hanako".
976. I have a suggestion.
977. Sadako wanted to forget about it.
978. Sadako smiled at them.
979. Give it up.
980. Don't give up!
981. The nail tore his jacket.
982. I have no intention of getting wet.
983. A burglar broke into the house.
984. We caught the thief.
985. The enemy occupied the fort.
986. The enemy attacked us at night.
987. I worked all night.
988. Iron is harder than gold.
989. I saw a fly on the ceiling.
990. Can you reach the ceiling?
991. I hope the weather stays this way.
992. The weather turned bad.
993. The weather has improved.
994. The weather changed suddenly.
995. I will come, weather permitting.
996. The weather stayed bad.
997. It's stormy.
998. It's a sunny day.
999. I guess it depends on the weather.
1000. The weather forecast was right.

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