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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. It tasted sweet.
2. It came apart.
3. It serves our purpose.
4. What is the story?
5. Isn't that an English book?
6. That's an incredible story.
7. I'll be able to finish in a day or two.
8. It was a nightmare.
9. I made it myself.
10. It's against the rules.
11. It looks like an apple.
12. That's an old trick.
13. It smells delicious.
14. I can't help it.
15. It's worth a try.
16. I think it's worth a try.
17. It's already out of fashion.
18. That's quite meaningless.
19. It's all up to you.
20. It has nothing to do with you.
21. It's entirely up to you.
22. It makes little difference.
23. It is next to impossible.
24. It's almost over.
25. It's a sunflower.
26. That's terrible.
27. That's very naughty of you.
28. What animal is it?
29. How long ago was that?
30. This sounds very interesting.
31. That was no ordinary storm.
32. It's beyond me.
33. You can put it anywhere.
34. Where is it hidden?
35. It's a TV.
36. It happened quite recently.
37. You're carrying this too far.
38. It's sort of strange.
39. That's exactly what I want.
40. That's quite a story.
41. That's a splendid idea.
42. They were all sold out.
43. It all depends on the weather.
44. That's a brilliant idea.
45. That's a great idea.
46. You'd better not do it.
47. That pool really looks inviting.
48. It's just another story.
49. It's junk. Throw it away.
50. When does it begin?
51. I have no idea how much it costs.
52. I think it's a good idea.
53. You made a good decision.
54. Is that a common name?
55. It's not worth much.
56. That's really sad.
57. That is not your knife.
58. It begins at six-thirty.
59. It is four centimeters thick.
60. I calculated that it would cost 300 dollars.
61. It was about twenty dollars.
62. It will cost around 10000 yen.
63. It can be done in a day.
64. There is one big difference.
65. Does that price include tax?
66. I meant it as a joke.
67. It's my favorite food.
68. I don't remember agreeing to that.
69. Count me in.
70. Is there a service charge for that?
71. I didn't notice it.
72. I have some doubts about it.
73. Let's talk about it after school.
74. I don't understand much about it.
75. I paid 10 dollars for it.
76. You've done more than enough.
77. That would be fine.
78. Well, I must be going.
79. That will save me a lot of trouble.
80. You've got your priorities backwards.
81. People don't say that anymore.
82. Each player did his best.
83. I know that much myself.
84. I do not know whether it is good or not.
85. I don't know if it is good.
86. That's all.
87. It's my favorite song.
88. That is all I have.
89. That's the way it is.
90. That is your major problem.
91. That's an overly optimistic view.
92. What did you do then?
93. That's exactly what he said.
94. I have no idea of what it is like.
95. I do not know where it is.
96. Is this Canadian money?
97. I don't care how much it costs. I'm going to buy it anyway.
98. What does it mean?
99. Let me try it.
100. Here's the bus.
101. It's on the sofa.
102. Tell me the story.
103. The story reminded me of my father.
104. A friend told me that story.
105. The story was amusing.
106. The story sounds true.
107. The story didn't sound true.
108. The story was true.
109. I have heard the story.
110. The story was very interesting.
111. Both stories are true.
112. I don't know whether the story is true or not.
113. The old man looks sad.
114. The old man sat down.
115. The old man looked wise.
116. The old man said something.
117. The train arrived on schedule.
118. The train arrived on time.
119. There is the train at 10 o'clock.
120. The train has already left.
121. You will miss the train.
122. Please show me the green shirt.
123. The barber gave him a haircut.
124. Can the matter wait till tomorrow?
125. The medicine made me very sleepy.
126. The medicine decreased his pain.
127. The medicine didn't do me any good.
128. The medicine saved her life.
129. The medicine gave instant relief.
130. The medicine made me sleepy.
131. I haven't yet had time to see about a hotel for the night.
132. I met her late in the evening.
133. It was cloudy that night.
134. You should consider the problem.
135. I'll reconsider the matter.
136. I solved the problem easily.
137. I found it difficult to solve the problem.
138. Tell me how to solve the problem.
139. The problem remains unsolved.
140. That question is under discussion.
141. The question doesn't concern me.
142. This problem is difficult to solve.
143. I found it easy to answer the question.
144. The problem was very difficult.
145. The matter is all settled.
146. The problem is being discussed now.
147. That gives me a headache!
148. Let's discuss the problem.
149. Please think about the problem.
150. They are discussing the problem.
151. The blind men walked slowly.
152. Don't cut down those trees.
153. The tree was blown down.
154. The tree grew very tall.
155. I cut a branch from the tree.
156. Can you climb the tree?
157. I don't believe I've heard that name.
158. Both girls have blue eyes.
159. The bookshelf is built in.
160. I must get the book back from him.
161. I remember reading the book.
162. I've finished reading the book.
163. Please read that book.
164. Didn't you read the book?
165. Hand me that book, please.
166. Did you order the book?
167. Put the book back on the shelf.
168. I remember returning the book to the library.
169. You may take the book.
170. Put the book back where it was.
171. Put the book where you found it.
172. Have you finished reading the book?
173. Give me the book.
174. Please put the book on the shelf.
175. Did you find the book interesting?
176. I found the book very interesting.
177. Are you through with the book?
178. I have already read the book.
179. Where is the book?
180. I found the book interesting.
181. Was the book interesting?
182. Put the book on the top shelf.
183. Put the book on the bottom shelf.
184. I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.
185. Whoever wants the book may have it.
186. The hat fits her perfectly.
187. That hat cost around fifty dollars.
188. The law will be effective from the 1st of April.
189. The package was delivered yesterday.
190. I don't know about things like that.
191. Where did you find that strange thing?
192. Tom will paint the fence tomorrow.
193. The wall is thirty yards long.
194. Don't lean against the wall.
195. The soldier gave his name.
196. The story ends happily.
197. How long is that story?
198. The room is warming up.
199. My brother and I shared the room.
200. I found the room empty.
201. The room is at the end of the hall.
202. There wasn't anyone in the room.
203. The room has two windows.
204. The lady remained silent.
205. The lady is over eighty.
206. Fill the bottle with water.
207. The hospital opened last month.
208. The ice is very thick.
209. Words cannot describe the beauty.
210. The beauty is beyond description.
211. The beautiful woman is kind.
212. The plane made a perfect landing.
213. I had no choice but to take the plane.
214. Keep the secret to yourself.
215. The door is opening now.
216. The door is open now.
217. The girl is lonely.
218. I can't stand the noise.
219. The board is about two meters long.
220. How thick is the board?
221. That discovery was quite accidental.
222. Take that box away!
223. Don't look into the box.
224. The box is too heavy to carry.
225. The box was too heavy.
226. The box is almost empty.
227. The box was almost full.
228. There are a lot of eggs in the box.
229. What's in the box?
230. That museum is worth visiting.
231. Is the museum open today?
232. The museum is closed now.
233. The museum is worth visiting.
234. The horse stopped and wouldn't move.
235. The cat is very cute.
236. I rode fifty miles that day.
237. It was chilly that day.
238. That's a bad day for me.
239. The meat is frozen.
240. The meat tastes bad.
241. All the meat was bad.
242. The two young girls smiled happily.
243. I don't like either of them.
244. I can't figure out how to solve the puzzle.
245. The road is under repair.
246. The road is too narrow for cars.
247. The road turns left there.
248. The animal died from hunger.
249. The answer misses the point.
250. The answer was marked wrong.
251. The answer is completely wrong.
252. Isn't the answer easy?
253. The answers are both incorrect.
254. All the roads leading into the city are full of cars.
255. The train was crowded.
256. As I missed the train, I had to wait for the next one for about an hour.
257. I can not get the message through to her.
258. I hear the store is in the center of the city.
259. The shop is closed today.
260. The shop carried leather goods.
261. The store closes at seven.
262. The store closes at eleven.
263. The exhibition is now open.
264. The thief ran fast.
265. The thief admitted his guilt.
266. The garden was filled with flowers.
267. That street is very noisy.
268. The street is very narrow.
269. The street is paved with asphalt.
270. The bird spread its wings.
271. The bird's wing was broken.
272. Can you measure the length?
273. Keep it up!
274. That's the way.
275. Keep it up.
276. The investigation is under way.
277. I was interested in seeing the city.
278. The city was destroyed by fire.
279. The bug is still alive.
280. The pond is very deep.
281. There is little water in the pond.
282. The earthquake caused widespread damage.
283. The earthquake shook the houses.
284. The news made her sad.
285. I was very happy to hear the news.
286. I felt like crying when I heard the news.
287. I am very pleased to hear the news.
288. The news can't be true.
289. I heard the news through the grapevine.
290. The news broke his heart.
291. The news made him happy.
292. The news confirmed my suspicions.
293. Does that include everything?
294. The price includes tax.
295. The price is reasonable.
296. The man stood up.
297. The man shoved her aside.
298. The man connected two wires.
299. The man must be insane.
300. The man ran away.
301. The man blushed.
302. The man took my arm.
303. The man committed murder.
304. The man was held in police custody.
305. The man groaned in pain.
306. The man kept talking for an hour.
307. The man went begging from door to door.
308. The man finally confessed.
309. The man lost all hope.
310. That man has one box.
311. The man lost his way in the woods.
312. The man looked at me.
313. The boy is over there.
314. The boy caught the dog by the tail.
315. The boy began to cry.
316. The boy feared the dark.
317. The boy narrowly escaped drowning.
318. Everybody laughed at the boy.
319. All the men are hardworking.
320. The man robbed Susan of all her money.
321. I looked the word up in the dictionary.
322. I am not sure how to pronounce the word.
323. Who organized that meeting?
324. Is it large enough?
325. The typhoon destroyed many houses.
326. Let's play cards instead.
327. Will there be anything else?
328. His son was expelled from school.
329. I can't put up with the noise.
330. Please don't open the window.
331. The twins look exactly alike.
332. The twins looked after the baby.
333. Can you tell the twins apart?
334. The ship is at sea.
335. They unloaded the ship.
336. The war lasted two years.
337. The war ended in 1954.
338. Many people were killed in the war.
339. The river is wide.
340. The river has dried up.
341. The river is dangerous.
342. Don't swim in the river.
343. The teacher told us a funny story.
344. His explanation was not satisfactory.
345. The cut will heal up in a few days.
346. The baby fell asleep in the cradle.
347. The baby is asleep.
348. The baby cried for milk.
349. The baby is crawling.
350. The baby was fast asleep.
351. I did the washing while the baby was sleeping.
352. The baby fell asleep.
353. The baby began to crawl.
354. The baby is called Tom.
355. The baby is playing with some toys.
356. The voice reminded me of my mother.
357. The student's progress is satisfactory.
358. All the students clapped their hands.
359. The drunken man couldn't walk straight.
360. The library has many books.
361. The man was dying.
362. The man died of cancer.
363. I met him once when I was a student.
364. They are having a chat.
365. I rejected the offer.
366. I had no choice but to accept the offer.
367. The offer is too good to turn down.
368. Are you through with the newspaper?
369. The new car is hers.
370. The new building is enormous.
371. The meal satisfied his hunger.
372. The information was quite useless.
373. The castle was in disrepair.
374. The castle is worth visiting.
375. When was the castle built?
376. That joke isn't funny.
377. I didn't get the joke.
378. The ice is thick enough to walk on.
379. I hear he traveled by bicycle from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
380. The boy drew a picture on the wall.
381. The boy ran away.
382. The boy came running.
383. The boy is kind.
384. The boy lost his way in the forest.
385. The boy screamed for help.
386. The boy doesn't know how to behave.
387. The boy became happy.
388. The boy has good reflexes.
389. The boy put his hand in his pocket.
390. The boy has an apple in his pocket.
391. The boy is very honest.
392. The boy got scolded.
393. The boy was almost drowned.
394. All the boys are honest.
395. The girl is small for her age.
396. The girl smiled at me.
397. The girl did not say anything.
398. The girl resembles her mother.
399. The girl has no mother.
400. The girls began to laugh.
401. The girl broke the window.
402. That novel isn't for children.
403. The actress was dressed beautifully.
404. The women are very supportive.
405. She'll diagnose each person carefully.
406. The woman is taking notes.
407. It was Tom that saved the girl.
408. The girl resembled her mother.
409. The girl entered the room.
410. We checked the document again.
411. The paper wasn't important.
412. Look over the papers, please.
413. The custom originated in China.
414. The prisoner was released.
415. Did you receive the letter?
416. I do not remember seeing the letter, but perhaps I read it.
417. The letter made her sad.
418. Who wrote the letter?
419. The letter is for me.
420. The letter was wrongly addressed.
421. Bill wrote the letter.
422. The letter is dated April 1, 1987.
423. The letter was correctly addressed.
424. What is the letter about?
425. I wish I had enough money to buy the car.
426. He didn't stop the car.
427. The young man driving the car was drunk.
428. The car didn't move.
429. The car is very fast.
430. The car is ready.
431. The car isn't worth repairing.
432. The car didn't stop.
433. The car broke down.
434. Did the car look old?
435. That car is quite new.
436. The car doesn't run fast.
437. Let me have a look at those photos.
438. The grass needs cutting.
439. I found the field trip very educational.
440. That experiment was a failure.
441. The experiment confirmed his theory.
442. Let's begin with that question.
443. Will you take part in the ceremony?
444. You should consult the dictionary.
445. That bicycle is too small for you.
446. He died the next day.
447. He was leaving then.
448. I was at home then.
449. The clock is wrong.
450. I didn't know what to do, then.
451. See you then.
452. Were you at school at that time?
453. What were you doing then?
454. Then the motor suddenly died.
455. Describe that accident in detail.
456. The accident occurred at dawn.
457. The accident occurred yesterday morning.
458. The accident occurred on Friday.
459. When did the accident happen?
460. When did the accident take place?
461. He is responsible for the accident.
462. I explained the accident to him.
463. I asked him about the accident.
464. Almost all of the passenger in the bus were asleep when the accident happened.
465. Put that in writing.
466. Are you quite certain about it?
467. I don't particularly want to see the game.
468. The game was called off.
469. What time does the game start?
470. The game was very exciting.
471. He seems to be asleep.
472. The young boy pulled on his mother's coat.
473. The child followed me to the park.
474. The child grabbed the candy.
475. He gathered his toys together.
476. That child soon fell asleep.
477. Those children are cheerful.
478. The boy remained silent.
479. The boy adjusted his cap.
480. That child resembles his father.
481. The boy caught the cat by the tail.
482. He is in poor health.
483. The child was named Sophia after her grandmother.
484. He screamed for help.
485. The child was almost drowned.
486. The kid got hurt.
487. That child has few friends.
488. He goes to bed at eight o'clock.
489. The sisters are both blondes.
490. The sisters are quite alike.
491. Both sisters are pretty.
492. Can you take on the job?
493. I think he's making a big mistake by turning down the job.
494. Let's do the work.
495. Let's not do the work.
496. He couldn't get the job.
497. Are you through with the work?
498. He has the ability to do the work.
499. It won't take long to do the job.
500. I finished the work in less than an hour.
501. The work is done.
502. I finished the work yesterday.
503. That job is pretty much finished.
504. The work was very difficult.
505. I don't remember getting paid for the work.
506. How high is the mountain?
507. The mountain has a beautiful shape.
508. I met some hikers on the mountain.
509. I decided to subscribe to the magazine.
510. The magazines were sold out.
511. The murder remains a mystery.
512. The property is mine.
513. That country has natural resources.
514. That mine has shut down.
515. I regret missing the speech.
516. The idea is not bad.
517. I don't like that idea much.
518. I don't like the idea much.
519. Didn't you visit the park?
520. What does this word mean?
521. The word has several meanings.
522. After that, he went home.
523. How deep is that lake?
524. I don't know how deep the lake is.
525. The door wouldn't shut.
526. That word describes it perfectly.
527. Don't play with that key!
528. Let's call the dog Skipper.
529. The dog went away.
530. The dog sniffed the ground.
531. The dog began to run.
532. The dog saved the girl's life.
533. The dog was dead.
534. The dog is dying.
535. The dog was dying.
536. The dog barked at the stranger.
537. The dog must be hungry.
538. This dog is almost human.
539. The dog looks hungry.
540. The dog's name is Ken.
541. Don't go near the dog.
542. Don't feed the dog.
543. I like the dog.
544. The building is seven stories high.
545. The architect achieved worldwide fame.
546. The architect designed that building.
547. Let's put that on hold.
548. Let's plug up the hole.
549. The decision is not final.
550. The show is over.
551. The play was based on a true story.
552. The policeman was off duty.
553. The policeman arrested him for drunken driving.
554. The policeman chased the thief.
555. I have decided not to support the plan.
556. I'm thinking of the plan.
557. I suggested that the plan be postponed.
558. The project was a complete failure.
559. The plan is worth considering.
560. Both brothers are musicians.
561. The brothers hate each other.
562. The bear ran after me.
563. These shoes are too expensive.
564. Where is the bank?
565. I've spent all the money.
566. We divided the money between us.
567. The bridge is under construction.
568. How long is the bridge?
569. The teacher aroused our interest.
570. The robber escaped being punished.
571. The milk tastes sour.
572. Read through the article.
573. The rule should be revised.
574. The rules were recently relaxed.
575. I figured out why the machine wouldn't work.
576. The desk has three drawers.
577. The attempt ended in failure.
578. How much were the glasses?
579. The nurse attended the patient.
580. The student majors in philosophy.
581. The student insulted the teacher.
582. All the students study English.
583. This school was founded in 1970.
584. The school needed a new teacher.
585. Turn left at the corner.
586. There is a very old temple in the town.
587. The cliff is almost vertical.
588. Can you see the picture?
589. The ghost story was terrifying.
590. The broken doll is mine.
591. The company went bankrupt.
592. The company suffered big losses.
593. The meeting is all over.
594. The meeting was called off.
595. The conference takes place annually.
596. The party ended at ten o'clock.
597. The painter died young.
598. The artist always painted alone.
599. I explained the process to him.
600. We will discuss that later.
601. The fire was soon extinguished.
602. Let's sing the song in English.
603. The fruit went bad.
604. The fruit smells delicious.
605. The family ate dinner together.
606. The furniture belongs to my mother.
607. The house is painted white.
608. The house has been sold.
609. The house has been bought.
610. You'll find the house empty.
611. The house has burnt down.
612. The house is under repairs.
613. That house looks nice.
614. That house needs repainting.
615. The house caught fire.
616. The noise frightened the baby.
617. The noise disturbed my sleep.
618. I'll take the yellow one.
619. I have had no chance to see the movie.
620. I remember seeing the movie.
621. The movie was good.
622. The movie was interesting.
623. I remember seeing the movie before.
624. This movie is worth seeing.
625. That movie is exciting.
626. The movie received mixed reviews.
627. The rumor isn't true.
628. The rumor may be true.
629. That rumor soon spread.
630. The gossip hurt his reputation.
631. The crow flew away.
632. The doctor performed the operation.
633. The ruins are worth visiting.
634. Can you see the difference?
635. The committee adopted the plan.
636. I can't approve the plan.
637. The proposal went through.
638. The bad smell disgusted us.
639. You must be careful with the wine glass.
640. That apple is bruised.
641. Don't look at me that way.
642. That is how it happened.
643. Such trouble stems from carelessness.
644. I don't care for that sort of thing.
645. Can such a thing happen again?
646. The hen hatched five eggs.
647. The milk tasted bad.
648. The milk tasted sour.
649. Please hold on.
650. The bottle is filled with water.
651. Do you know that hotel?
652. The hotel stands on a hill.
653. The hotel is down there.
654. Please don't sit on that bench.
655. The bell rings at eight.
656. The fence was painted by my father.
657. The fence is painted green.
658. The building is under construction.
659. The building was completely destroyed.
660. The string is very weak.
661. I managed to find a parking place right in front of the building.
662. The pianist played two encores.
663. I found it difficult to solve the puzzle.
664. The bus was crowded.
665. The scissors are not sharp.
666. The violinist has excellent technique.
667. The violinist's technique was excellent.
668. I didn't enjoy the party at all.
669. I borrowed the screwdriver from a friend of mine.
670. That tie goes well with your shirt.
671. The news made her happy.
672. I heard the news on the radio.
673. The news made me happy.
674. The news broke her heart.
675. The mystery still remains unsolved.
676. How much did you pay for the dress?
677. I felt like talking to somebody then.
678. Was the baby crying then?
679. I met him then for the first time.
680. I was eighteen then.
681. I was happy then.
682. The door is sometimes open.
683. I found it hard to close the door.
684. I bought the TV from her.
685. I found the test difficult.
686. Let's listen to the tape.
687. Will you play the tape?
688. The data was completely useless.
689. I didn't mean that.
690. How much is the tour?
691. Who coaches the team?
692. I have enough time for that.
693. Hand me the wrench.
694. The spy burned the papers.
695. The steak is well done.
696. The soup needs more salt.
697. That white dress looks good on you.
698. The computer is new.
699. The computer's color is red.
700. The concert was broadcast live.
701. I wish I had bought a ticket for the concert.
702. Tell me about it.
703. Keep it in mind.
704. I don't want to make an issue of it.
705. I'll leave that to you.
706. I'm quite sure of that.
707. There's no mistake about it.
708. I've heard all about it.
709. Let's discuss the matter later.
710. Tell me everything about it.
711. Take my word for it.
712. That reminds me of my father.
713. I want to talk to him about it.
714. You don't need to worry about it.
715. You are mistaken about that.
716. Don't drop that cup.
717. The coffee was so hot that I couldn't drink it.
718. That coffee smells good.
719. The coat is not mine.
720. I found the game easy.
721. I wish we had won the game.
722. I want some cake.
723. I found the glass empty.
724. The glass is full of wine.
725. The camera will cost at least $500.
726. Carry the bags upstairs.
727. The cup is nice.
728. The basket was full of apples.
729. I regret eating those oysters.
730. None of the money is yours.
731. The policeman is on duty.
732. Something is wrong with the engine.
733. Some of the essays are very interesting.
734. The rumor must be true.
735. I think the rumor is true.
736. The rumor can't be true.
737. The pain was almost unbearable.
738. The two men shook hands.
739. You can't have both books.
740. Take off your socks.
741. Is it hot over there?
742. How is the weather there?
743. We will accept your conditions.
744. I hope you can do something to help me out.
745. Will you take me there?
746. How long will it take to get there?
747. You should not go there.
748. Will you please go there?
749. I don't know how to get there.
750. It will take an hour to get there.
751. I intend to go there.
752. I went there by bus and train.
753. Could you tell me how to get there?
754. I think you're sitting in my seat.
755. It hardly ever rains there.
756. Nobody there knew him well.
757. It's at the corner.
758. There's always somebody there.
759. Who is standing there?
760. I arrived there too early.
761. I have been warned against going there.
762. I made up my mind to go there.
763. Every time I go there, I meet her.
764. There was nobody there.
765. I've been there already.
766. There were some flowers there.
767. I've never been there before.
768. Move! You're in my way.
769. Who's there?
770. I don't know because I wasn't there.
771. There you are.
772. I met a friend there.
773. Who did you meet there?
774. Did you see anybody there?
775. Just wait for me there.
776. What did you do there?
777. What happened here?
778. Please describe what occurred there.
779. I hear the sky is very beautiful there.
780. I didn't meet anyone there.
781. I had no chance to relax there.
782. That's where you're mistaken.
783. Do not be so critical.
784. It doesn't take very long.
785. Don't take it so hard!
786. Don't you think so?
787. Few people think so.
788. Do you think so?
789. I suppose so.
790. That's no excuse.
791. I don't agree.
792. I suppose you could say that.
793. I hope not.
794. I hope so.
795. That a boy.
796. I don't think we should do that.
797. That's not my favorite topic.
798. That's not the problem.
799. Whoever says so is liar.
800. That is why he was late for school.
801. That's why I was late.
802. Which way is Central Park?
803. I'm not at all tired.
804. This chair is ugly.
805. Do come by all means.
806. You should have visited Kyoto.
807. I do hope you will come again.
808. Do it by all means.
809. Do come and visit us.
810. I have a chest cold.
811. Do you have cough drops?
812. I have a cough.
813. I can't stop coughing.
814. Salesmen are usually fast talkers.
815. The Seine flows through Paris.
816. I caught my sweater on that nail.
817. I'm looking for a sweater.
818. Seiko has no sisters.
819. It is up to you decide what to do.
820. Beware of pickpockets.
821. Please put on your slippers.
822. Smog causes plants to die.
823. Please answer the phone.
824. Excuse me, but where is the library?
825. I beg your pardon, but would you repeat what you said?
826. Mrs. Smith is our English teacher.
827. Is Miss Smith an English teacher?
828. The Smiths moved to Ohio.
829. The Smiths are our neighbors.
830. Mr. Smith doesn't speak English, does he?
831. The Smiths live in my neighborhood.
832. I would like to see Mr Smith.
833. How long have you known Miss Smith?
834. Did Spot go, too?
835. Do you like playing sports?
836. I maintain that sports are a waste of time.
837. Could you spell it please?
838. Everything is on schedule.
839. Everything happened all at once.
840. Everything went according to plan.
841. I owe it all to you.
842. All the signs are that she is getting better.
843. Everything is over.
844. Everything depends upon your decision.
845. It all started in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955.
846. Not all birds can fly.
847. Not every bird can sing.
848. All men have equal rights.
849. All men are created equal.
850. All men are equal before God.
851. Not everyone likes that book.
852. All the boys ran away.
853. All the students are studying English.
854. Everything looked nice.
855. All the buses are full.
856. Please leave everything to me.
857. All the dogs are alive.
858. I am satisfied with everything.
859. Everything is going very well.
860. Everything is OK.
861. How about some Spanish food?
862. I know a little Spanish.
863. A little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way toward making your trip to Mexico enjoyable.
864. I wish I could have spoken Spanish.
865. Spanish is her native language.
866. Could we have a spoon?
867. There is a spoon missing.
868. Driving too fast is dangerous.
869. Speeding often causes car accidents.
870. You're driving too fast.
871. How did your speech go?
872. The speech contest took place on the ninth of November.
873. It's a nice day, isn't it?
874. Beautiful day, isn't it?
875. A bright idea occurred to me.
876. We had a wonderful holiday.
877. Where can I buy snacks?
878. I'm feeling stressed.
879. I had to cancel my trip on account of the strike.
880. Turn down the stereo.
881. A considerable amount of time and effort have been spent already.
882. A nice boy talked to Kate.
883. What a beautiful sweater!
884. That's a nice T-shirt.
885. I like my steak medium.
886. Steak is my favorite dish.
887. I like my steak rare.
888. How would you like your steak?
889. Steve did not come home.
890. Steve looked very happy.
891. Steve is getting on the bus.
892. Steve goes to school with Kate.
893. Steve will get married to Nancy next week.
894. Did you sleep well last night, Steve?
895. Steve received a letter from Jane.
896. We've been having good weather.
897. It has become much warmer.
898. It's been hot and humid.
899. I've been thinking about it.
900. What have you been doing?
901. I haven't quite finished eating.
902. Scotland can be very warm in September.
903. I suppose I felt a little jealous.
904. I am terribly hungry.
905. Does it hurt a lot?
906. I feel very sick.
907. It's freezing.
908. That's a lot!
909. These fireworks are spectacular!
910. That's too much!
911. Great! Let's get together sometime.
912. Don't forget your ice skates.
913. I like skating better.
914. I'll be back in a few minutes.
915. Will it clear up soon?
916. We'll begin work soon.
917. I'm coming.
918. There is a post office close by.
919. Call the doctor right away.
920. You can't miss it.
921. Could I have a screwdriver?
922. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
923. I hope to hear from you soon.
924. Come at once.
925. Come back soon.
926. Please write back soon.
927. She will get well soon.
928. Write to him right away.
929. It will be ready soon.
930. Let's start right away.
931. Get out of here immediately!
932. Can you reissue them right away?
933. You had better go at once.
934. I must go right away.
935. You must not jump to conclusions.
936. I will write to you soon.
937. You'd better go home at once.
938. Please come back at once.
939. Come home at once.
940. It's in plain sight.
941. I hope he'll get better soon.
942. You will be better soon.
943. Call up Tom right away.
944. Stop speaking right now.
945. Take this box away soon.
946. Send me somebody right away.
947. I'll call you back soon.
948. Call the doctor in immediately.
949. I recognized your voice right away.
950. Do I have to do it right away?
951. It's just around the corner.
952. I missed the school bus!
953. Have you ever tried scuba diving?
954. Skiing is my favorite sport.
955. I think I'll go skiing.
956. I'd like to go skiing.
957. I can ski.
958. I'd like to play a game of squash.
959. Would you please show me that skirt?
960. I think the soup needs a bit of salt.
961. Add more salt to the soup.
962. Sue is the best tennis player in our school.
963. Sue checked in at the Royal Hotel.
964. Sue is an American student.
965. Change into your suit.
966. I think my suitcase was stolen.
967. One of my suitcases is missing.
968. I wish I could play the piano as well as Susie.
969. Susie loves Japanese music.
970. Susie doesn't speak Japanese, and Tom doesn't either.
971. Susie sometimes visits her father's office.
972. Susie was unable to take part in the game because she wasn't feeling well.
973. Susie has a nice smile.
974. Suzy hopes that Tom will ask her out.
975. Susie's hair is very long.
976. Susan is a good cook.
977. Susan may not come, but Betty certainly will.
978. Susan enjoys listening to music.
979. Susan shined her father's shoes.
980. Susan spent the summer vacation at her grandmother's.
981. Susan was not playing the piano then.
982. Susan was terrified.
983. Susan greeted her guests at the door.
984. Susan is majoring in American history.
985. It was very dark in Susan's room.
986. Susan left an hour ago.
987. I'm Susan Greene.
988. Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?
989. Sorry, I'm a stranger here.
990. You've grown so tall.
991. The switch is off.
992. Switzerland is a beautiful country.
993. Switzerland is a neutral country.
994. In Switzerland, spring comes in May.
995. Have you bought a watermelon?
996. Watermelons are in season now.
997. I have hives.
998. I'd like to reserve a single room.
999. How did you like Singapore?
1000. English is spoken in Singapore.

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