Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
a art. I saw a car. a single but unspecified person or thing
art. I want a car. any
prep. It costs fifty cents a pound. in every; to or for each; per
an art. I ate an egg. a single; used before words beginning with a vowel
abandon verb Do not abandon your house. to give up by leaving or inhabiting
abbreviation noun OR is an abbreviation for Oregon. shortened form of the word
abide verb He will abide by your decision. to continue to be sure or firm; endure
ability noun She has a lot of ability. a natural or acquired skill or talent
able adj. He is an able leader. having sufficient ability or resources
abnormal adj. It is not abnormal to cry. not typical, usual or regular; not normal; deviant
aboard adv. The Captain of the ship went aboard. on or onto a train, ship or plane
prep. He was aboard the ship. on or in
abolish verb They will abolish the iron rice bowl. to do away with; annul
about adv. It lasted about one hour. approximately; nearly
adv. He is about finished. almost
adv. He has turned about. to reverse direction or position
adv. He wandered about town. all around; on every side
prep. There are trees about the house. on all sides of; surrounding
prep. They are about to sing. in the act or process of
abroad adj. He is abroad in France. out of one's own country
adj. Change is abroad in China. covering a large area; widely
absence noun Her absence has been noticed. to state of being away
absent adj. They were absent from the lecture. not present, missing
absolute adj. His control was absolute. not limited by restrictions or exceptions
absorb verb Cloth will absorb water. to take in through pores
verb She was absorbed in her studies. to occupy the full attention, or time of; engross

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