Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
abstract adj. It is a rather abstract concept. difficult to understand; abstruse
noun You must write an abstract. a statement summarizing the important points
absurd adj. It was an absurd idea. ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable
abundant adj. China has an abundant supply of coal. ample; plentiful
abuse verb He abused his bicycle. to use wrongly or improperly; misused
noun The car showed abuse. improper use or handling; misuse
academic adj. It was an academic institution. of, relating to of a school, especially college
accelerate verb The car can accelerate very fast. to increase speed of; speed up
accent noun He had an English accent. a characteristic pronunciation of a different region
noun The accent is on the first syllable. vocal intensity given to a syllable or word
accept verb We will accept the money. to agree to take
access noun There is an easy access to the hotel. a means of approaching, entering or exiting
noun He has access to that material. the right to make use of
accident noun He had an auto accident. an unexpected, undesirable event
noun He was rich by accident of birth. lack of intention; chance
accommodation noun We can provide his accommodation. room and board; lodgings
accompany verb I will accompany her on the trip. to be or go with as a companion
accomplish verb We will accomplish this next year. to succeed in doing; bring to pass
accordingly adv. Accordingly, I gave it to them. consequently; thus
account noun Put this on my account. a precise list of financial transactions; bill
verb Please account for your time. a narrative or record of events; justify
accumulate verb If you accumulate $100, then buy it. to gather or pile up; accrue; amass
accurate adj. I want to have an accurate count. conforming exactly to fact; errorless
accuse verb I accuse you of a crime. to charge with a shortcoming or an error
accustomed adj. I am accustomed to eat each day. being in the habit of; or experienced
ache verb My leg will ache after a long walk. to suffer a dull, sustained pain

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