Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bread noun They ate only bread for dinner. baked pastry
breadth noun They walked the breadth of the land. width
break verb Do not break my pencil. separate
verb He will break my glasses. shatter
verb He may break under stress. give up
verb We will break their code. decipher
noun Take a break for lunch. pause
noun Her arm has a break in it. crack
breakfast noun We will eat eggs for breakfast. morning meal
verb We will breakfast together. eat morning meal
breast noun She held the child to her breast. bosom
breath noun He took a breath of clean air. intake of air
breathe verb Breathe deep and slowly to relax. suck in air
breed verb His business is to breed cattle. propagate
noun That is a good breed of cattle. variety
breeze noun The breeze was cooling and pleasant. light wind
bribe verb It is illegal to bribe an official. money offer
noun The policeman took a bribe. money for favor
brick noun Many buildings are built of brick. baked clay blocks
bride noun The young woman was a lovely bride. wife to be
bridegroom noun The bridegroom wore a black suit. husband to be
bridge noun The bridge went across the river. span over
verb We will bridge that problem soon. come across
bridle noun He put a bridle on the horse. harness
verb Try to bridle your anger. control

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