Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bourgeois adj. I am a member of the bourgeois. capitalist
adj. His behavior was bourgeois. low class
bow noun The waves crashed over the bow of the ship. tied ribbon
noun He gave a bow to the Queen. curtsy
verb The Japanese bow when they meet. bend at waist
noun There was a bow in the pipe. bend
verb I will bow to your demands. submit
bowl noun He had a bowl of rice for dinner. curved dish
box noun She received candy in a box. container
noun He was in a box about that idea. dilemma
verb Please box my purchase. put in container
verb He boxed the boy's ears. hit
boy noun The young boy played with his toys. young male
boycott verb We will boycott that product. abstain from using
brain noun She has a keen brain. mind
noun She is a brain at languages. intelligent
brake noun Push on the brake to stop the car. stopping device
verb Brake the car to a complete stop. halt
branch noun One branch of the tree broke. limb
noun I belong to a branch of her family. division
brand noun IBM is a good brand of computers. trademark
verb He was branded as a coward. marked
brandy noun They drank brandy after dinner. alcohol drink
brass noun The lamp was made of brass. copper alloy
brave adj. She was a brave woman. courageous

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