Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
agreeable adj. He was an agreeable, pleasant person. to one's liking; pleasing
agreement noun We will sign the agreement tomorrow. an arrangement between parties; a covenant
agriculture noun Many Chinese work in agriculture. the science, art and business of cultivation the soil; farming
ahead adv. You must work hard to get ahead. in or into a more advantageous position
aid verb I can aid any student who needs help. assist
noun Aid is needed during a famine. to furnish with help, support, or relief
aim verb When you start out in life, aim high. to determine a course
verb It is my aim to help people. to propose to do something; goal
air noun You need good air to breathe. nitrogen and oxygen
verb Air your ideas to let others know. to give vent to publicly; tell others
aircraft noun The aircraft flew from the airport. an airplane, helicopter, a glider
airplane noun My airplane has only one engine. powered flying machine
airport noun Chicago is the busiest airport. a tract of leveled land for aircraft to take off; air field
alarm verb Loud noises will alarm most people. to fill with fright; scare
noun The alarm made the robber go away. a warning of existing or approaching danger
alas intj. Alas, he would not believe me. to his sorrow
album noun The photos were in an album. a book of blank pages for insertion of collections
alcohol noun Beer has 6% alcohol in it. intoxicant
alert adj. An alert guard can stop crime. vigilantly attentive; watchful
alike adj. Some good books are alike. having a close resemblance; similar
adv. They both look alike. in the same manner or to the same degree
alive adj. The audience was alive. full of activity or animation
all adj. Treat all men equally. each one
pron. All were drowned in the shipwreck. everybody
adv. She is all wrong. completely

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