Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
affair noun It is none of your affair. a matter of personal concern; business
affect verb The medicine had no affect on him. to have influence on or effect a change in
affection noun I have affection for my wife. a tender feeling towards another; fondness
afford verb The price is high, can you afford it? to the financial means for
afraid adj. I am afraid of him. filled with fear
adj. I am afraid you are wrong. filled with regret or concern
Africa noun The continent of Africa is large. the second largest continent
African adj. The African continent is undeveloped. of or relating to Africa
noun The African was a student in China. a native or inhabitant of Africa
after prep. After dinner we will go to the movie. when it is over
adv. I saw her after I arrived. later in time
afternoon noun Chinese take a nap in the afternoon. after 12:00
afterwards adv. I ate lunch, and afterwards we talked. later
again adv. He went away but came back again. once more
against prep. He rowed against the river's current. in a direction or course opposite to
prep. She leaned against the tree. so as to come into contact with
age noun She was ten years of age. the length of time that one has existed
noun It is the age of change. time
verb Good wine will age well. to cause to mature or ripen; mellow
agency noun You buy tickets at a travel agency. a business or service authorized to act for others
agent noun The company agent will talk to you. one empowered to act for for another; representative
aggressive adj. The aggressive man wanted his way. inclines to behave in a hostile fashion; forceful
ago adv. It was a year ago that I was there. gone by; past
agony noun He was in agony after being shot. the suffering of intense pain
agree verb If you agree, sign the contract. to be of one opinion; concur

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