Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
amaze verb He will amaze you with his tricks. surprise
ambassador noun The Ambassador is in Beijing. representative
ambiguous adj. It was an ambiguous statement. vague
ambition noun Ambition can be helpful in business. striving
ambulance noun The ambulance carried the hurt man. emergency car
America noun America is an industrial nation. the U.S.A.
American adj. It was an American car. made in U.S.A.
noun The American was teaching in China. person from U.S.
among prep. He was standing among the crowd. in the middle
prep. Distribute this among you. share
amount noun Is this the right amount? number
verb He will never amount to anything. add up
amuse verb The toy will amuse the child. entertain
analysis noun The analysis is that you have cancer. diagnosis
analyze verb Please analyze the results for me. classify
ancestor noun My ancestors came from Germany. forefathers
anchor noun The ship threw out the anchor. naval device
verb Anchor the fence with a rope. keep in place
ancient adj. Ancient man had no fire to cook food. early
and conj. My sister and I went to town. in addition to
angel noun The child was a little angel. very good
anger noun His face showed anger. wrath
verb She angers too quickly. gets enraged
angle noun The corner was at a sharp angle. bend
noun From any angle it is a good building. direction

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