Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
angry adj. It was an angry dog that bit me. full of rage
animal noun We saw a large animal in the forest. mammal
ankle noun He sprained his ankle. foot joint
anniversary noun It was their wedding anniversary. annual date
announce verb When will they announce the grades? report
announcer noun The announcer asked the crowd to go. one who tells
annoy verb Your noise will annoy your friends. bother
annual adj. Your annual medical checkup is due. yearly
another adj. It was another person, not me. someone else
pron. Give it to another. someone else
answer noun His answer was not correct. reply
verb Answer the question that I asked you. respond to
ant noun The ant wanted some sugar to eat. tiny insect
Antarctica adj. The Antarctic region is very cold. continent
noun We explored in the Antarctic. continent
anticipate verb We will anticipate his every move. expect
anxiety noun Anxiety will cause stress. concern
anxious adj. We are anxious to see our daughter. eager
adj. I am anxious about the meeting. worried
any adj. Take any book. one, your choice
adj. Any profit will be given away. all
adj. Are there any messages? one or all
adv. I did not feel any better. none
anybody pron. Is anybody there? person
anyhow adv. Anyhow, do it now. in any case

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