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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. He made a killing by investing in the stock market.
2. He is far from perfect.
3. He was covered with sweat.
4. He likes anything sweet.
5. He is afraid of making mistakes.
6. He made a mistake.
7. He must have taken a wrong train.
8. He took the wrong bus by mistake.
9. He hit me by mistake.
10. He is wearing glasses.
11. He took off his glasses.
12. He is good-looking and smart.
13. He narrowly escaped being killed.
14. He was almost drowned.
15. He saved me from danger.
16. He was exposed to danger.
17. He exposed himself to danger.
18. He was in critical condition.
19. He gladly accepted our offer.
20. He was willing to help others.
21. He is good at gymnastics.
22. He is at his desk.
23. He is hard to please.
24. He picked me up on his way home.
25. He had an accident on his way home.
26. He has gone mad.
27. He is interested in many things.
28. He has a bad temper.
29. He is young at heart.
30. He was hard to please.
31. He got on the train.
32. He got off the train.
33. He lost his memory.
34. He is going to be an engineer.
35. He writes scripts.
36. He went down the hill.
37. He needed to rest.
38. He is away on holiday.
39. He got into his car in a hurry.
40. He burst into tears.
41. He burst into laughter.
42. He felt a sudden pain.
43. He suddenly fell ill.
44. He began to cry.
45. He has ten cows.
46. He stopped smoking last year.
47. He has not written to us since last February.
48. He dozed off.
49. He doesn't like fish.
50. He caught three fish.
51. He doesn't eat raw fish.
52. I think he makes money by selling fish.
53. He lives in Kyoto.
54. He bought a small house in Kyoto.
55. He may have left for Kyoto.
56. He is studying at Kyoto University.
57. He began to shout.
58. He heard a shout.
59. He's strong.
60. He has a strong mind.
61. He has a strong body.
62. He looks strong.
63. He was paralyzed with terror.
64. He was seized with fear.
65. He was paralyzed by fear.
66. He is a teacher.
67. He earned his living as a teacher.
68. He has decided to become a teacher.
69. He ran into the classroom.
70. He fell backward.
71. I hear he is looking for work.
72. He majors in modern literature.
73. He took a short cut.
74. He asked for the money.
75. He married for money.
76. He'll do anything for money.
77. He asked for some money.
78. He said that he had a lot of money.
79. He invested his money in stocks.
80. He wanted to be rich.
81. He married a rich girl.
82. He is careless about money.
83. He deals in hardware.
84. He has plenty of money in the bank.
85. He had a lot of money in the bank.
86. He went into the bank.
87. He is a bank clerk.
88. He had a bitter experience.
89. He seems to be sick.
90. He pretended to be a stupid man.
91. He runs a shoe shop.
92. He had his socks on inside out.
93. He'll do whatever you ask him to.
94. He runs as fast as you.
95. He wants you to stay here.
96. Did he tell you what to do?
97. He'll be glad to see you.
98. He was scared you would shoot him.
99. He's very angry with you.
100. He is angry with you.
101. He'll lend you his book.
102. He asked after you.
103. He's much taller than you.
104. He's stronger than you.
105. He's a little taller than you are.
106. He may have misunderstood you.
107. I thought he loved you, but as it is, he loved another girl.
108. He was sentenced to death.
109. He is a detective.
110. He was put in prison.
111. He was sent to prison.
112. He ran faster than his brother did.
113. Does he have any brothers?
114. As soon as he graduated from Keio University, he took over his family's business.
115. He has just arrived here.
116. He lacks experience.
117. He is an experienced teacher.
118. He became financially independent.
119. He is good at arithmetic.
120. I heard that he gave himself up to the police.
121. He is not interested in art at all.
122. He was trembling with rage.
123. He never tells a lie.
124. He never lies.
125. He never looks down on poor people.
126. I am of the opinion that he will never come back.
127. He never goes out late at night.
128. He changed his mind.
129. He can't make a decision.
130. He dug a hole.
131. He didn't pass after all.
132. He is married with two children.
133. He is unmarried.
134. He was happily married.
135. He plays golf two or three times a month.
136. He gets a haircut three times a month.
137. He goes to London once a month.
138. He works from Monday to Friday.
139. He went to New York on Monday.
140. He looks healthy.
141. He heard the dog barking.
142. I like dogs better than cats.
143. He has two dogs.
144. Does he have a dog?
145. He let the dog loose in the garden.
146. He is afraid of dogs.
147. He carried a rifle on his shoulder.
148. He was wounded in the shoulder.
149. They walked side by side.
150. He has broad shoulders.
151. He isn't as stupid as he looks.
152. He is not as young as he looks.
153. He is much older than he looks.
154. I have been to the station to see him off.
155. He's too smart to do something that stupid.
156. He looked for the key.
157. He looks well.
158. He looked well.
159. He saw a dog near the door.
160. He begun to make excuses.
161. He failed to do what he said he would do.
162. He chose his words carefully.
163. He has a strong personality.
164. He likes collecting old coins.
165. He had trouble breathing.
166. He hid himself behind the door.
167. He painted the door over white.
168. He deliberately broke the glass.
169. He dreamed about his home.
170. He went to Paris at the end of May.
171. He came at three in the afternoon.
172. He will come this afternoon.
173. He kept me waiting all morning.
174. He will join us later.
175. He looked back.
176. He grows a mustache.
177. He made up an excuse.
178. He whistled for his dog.
179. He took an oral examination.
180. He works in a factory.
181. He is happy.
182. He may not be happy.
183. He seems to be happy.
184. He works for an advertising agency.
185. He studied for ten years.
186. He set fire to the school building.
187. He has just become a principal.
188. He ordered a cup of tea.
189. He is unrealistic.
190. He was unwilling to go.
191. He behaved badly.
192. He gave in.
193. He gets a good salary.
194. He has a long nose.
195. He gets a high salary.
196. He is not a high school student.
197. He traveled throughout the country.
198. He traveled around the country.
199. He became a national hero.
200. He deals in grain.
201. He caught a terrible cold.
202. He is wearing sunglasses.
203. He was dressed in black.
204. He wore a dark sweater.
205. Is he studying now?
206. He's out now.
207. He has a cold now.
208. He hasn't been here long.
209. He is watching TV now.
210. He'll be here any moment.
211. He's beginning to cry.
212. He doesn't live there anymore.
213. He doesn't live here anymore.
214. What is he doing now?
215. He is in trouble now.
216. He is in London on business now.
217. He has been very busy this week.
218. He is busy with his homework now.
219. He is leaving home now.
220. He is having lunch now.
221. He is studying in the library now.
222. He is running now.
223. He is very busy now.
224. He shot himself this morning.
225. He is not available.
226. He's now on the phone.
227. He will play golf next Sunday.
228. He is living in Tokyo.
229. He brought his lunch today.
230. He is supposed to be at home today.
231. He is off today.
232. He will not come today.
233. He is at home today.
234. I doubt if he'll come to school today.
235. He is absent from school today.
236. He may come today.
237. He will reach Hakodate tonight.
238. He looks tired this evening.
239. I wonder if he'll come tonight?
240. He is having lunch.
241. He is reading a book.
242. Will he come this evening?
243. He may come and see us tonight.
244. He got over his difficulties.
245. He looked around.
246. He hurt his left hand.
247. He broke his left arm.
248. He likes coffee without sugar.
249. He rose from his seat.
250. He made up his mind to try again.
251. He ended up in jail.
252. He missed the last train.
253. At first, he sounded very sincere.
254. He did his best.
255. He seldom gives his wife presents.
256. I do not think he will ever get over the loss of his wife.
257. He grows tomatoes in his garden.
258. He confessed his guilt.
259. He had his wallet stolen.
260. He writes books.
261. He worked all day yesterday.
262. He was late for school yesterday.
263. He read this book yesterday.
264. He attended the party yesterday.
265. He played tennis yesterday.
266. He was watching TV last night.
267. He slept well last night.
268. He got to London yesterday.
269. He left for London yesterday.
270. Did he study English yesterday?
271. He did not eat anything yesterday.
272. He returned from abroad yesterday.
273. He was absent from school yesterday.
274. He died yesterday.
275. He took me to the park yesterday.
276. He visited his uncle yesterday.
277. He came from Tokyo yesterday.
278. He went to Tokyo yesterday.
279. He got into this school in September last year.
280. He visited Kyoto last year.
281. He had a new house built last year.
282. He changed school last year.
283. He has been sick since last night.
284. He had his car stolen last night.
285. He was framed for murder.
286. He was hanged for murder.
287. He was accused of murder.
288. He is guilty of murder.
289. He was arrested for murder.
290. He was guilty of murder.
291. He witnessed the murder.
292. He was tried for murder.
293. He was convicted of murder.
294. He has been to London three times.
295. He won the third prize.
296. He left three days ago.
297. He used his umbrella as a weapon.
298. He came from a tiny mountain town.
299. He is taking a walk.
300. He went there on business.
301. He succeeded in business.
302. He went to Nagoya on business.
303. He stuck to his job.
304. He changed his job.
305. He had an accident at work.
306. He isn't a history major.
307. He watched the boys swimming.
308. He made the children laugh.
309. He was elected mayor again.
310. He was elected mayor.
311. He is a considerate father.
312. He expressed himself clearly.
313. He blew on his fingertips.
314. He calculated the expenses.
315. He signaled them to stop.
316. Will he die?
317. He is afraid of death.
318. He thanked me for coming.
319. He stole my watch.
320. He is the last man I want to see.
321. He objected to my smoking.
322. He believes whatever I say.
323. He did it the way I told him to.
324. He wouldn't allow me to drive his car.
325. He is about my size.
326. I insist that he should go with us.
327. He lives across the street from us.
328. He told us an interesting story.
329. He gave us quite a lot of trouble.
330. He ordered us steaks.
331. He tried to speak French to us.
332. He wants to see us again.
333. He got us nice seats.
334. He teaches us English.
335. He gave us the signal to begin.
336. He tried speaking French to us.
337. He showed us how to ride a horse.
338. He brought us sad news.
339. He got angry with us.
340. He bought us nice books.
341. I think he will come to our party.
342. He is a teacher at our school.
343. I think he will object to our plan.
344. He rejected our offer.
345. He turned down our proposal.
346. He knows us very well.
347. He seems to know us.
348. He shook hands with me.
349. He was my business associate.
350. He asked me if I knew his father.
351. He gave me 10,000 yen.
352. He told me that he would go to France in June.
353. He asked me to wake him at six.
354. He told me not to drive too fast.
355. He sent me some American magazines.
356. He showed me his album.
357. He found me a good seat.
358. He gave me some money.
359. He told me an interesting story.
360. He showed me how to make a cake.
361. He gave me this book.
362. He gave it to me.
363. He found me a taxi.
364. He called me a cab.
365. He has been like a father to me.
366. He gave me a hint.
367. He gave me a present.
368. He sent me a present.
369. He slipped me a note.
370. He told me to speak more slowly.
371. He gave me a good piece of advice.
372. He gave me a record.
373. He lied to me.
374. He gave me the salt.
375. He whispered something to me.
376. He came to see me.
377. He asked for my pardon.
378. He gave me a watch.
379. He got me a watch.
380. He asked me a question.
381. He gave me an example.
382. He denied having written to me.
383. He offered to help me.
384. He asked me to help him.
385. He asked me for help.
386. He didn't give me anything to eat.
387. He is kind to her.
388. He asked me if I liked mathematics.
389. He gave me some stamps.
390. He told me not to wait for him.
391. He asked if I liked Chinese food.
392. He asked me two questions.
393. He is angry with me.
394. He lent me two books.
395. He made me sing.
396. He gave me a wink.
397. He isn't my cousin.
398. He married my cousin.
399. He found my bike.
400. He accepted my present.
401. He looked over my report.
402. He acted as my guide.
403. He listened to my opinion.
404. He accepted my idea.
405. He is my best friend.
406. He is my classmate.
407. He doesn't live in my neighborhood.
408. He isn't my brother. He's my cousin.
409. He is a friend of my brother's.
410. He doesn't speak our language.
411. He is my old friend.
412. He stood behind me.
413. He blocked my way.
414. He married my sister.
415. He came to my office yesterday.
416. He didn't answer my question.
417. He didn't respond to my question.
418. He is my uncle.
419. He asked for my advice.
420. He is my boss.
421. He turned down my offer.
422. He was just behind me.
423. He was jealous of my success.
424. He congratulated me on my success.
425. He is my teacher.
426. He walked ahead of me.
427. He is not my son, but my nephew.
428. He explained to my son why it rains.
429. He wouldn't listen to my advice.
430. He would not listen to my advice.
431. He interpreted for me.
432. He didn't agree to my proposal.
433. He wouldn't look at my proposal.
434. I thought he was my special friend.
435. He earns double my salary.
436. He cured my illness.
437. He is my father.
438. He is not my father but my uncle.
439. He is as old as my father.
440. He is as tall as my father.
441. He entered my room.
442. He came into my room.
443. He did not accept my apologies.
444. He called my name.
445. I owe him my life.
446. He is my friend.
447. He lives next to me.
448. He is two inches taller than I am.
449. He speaks English better than I do.
450. He is a better speaker of English than I.
451. He can speak English much more fluently than I can.
452. He introduced me to Sue.
453. He made me go there.
454. He stared at me.
455. He calls me Pete.
456. He often takes me for a drive.
457. He called me a coward.
458. He made me go.
459. I hope that he will help me.
460. He made me his assistant.
461. He invited me to dinner.
462. He kept me waiting.
463. Does he know me?
464. He doesn't know me.
465. He flatly refused to let me in.
466. He treats me like his slave.
467. He introduced me to his parents.
468. He forced me to go.
469. He called me by name.
470. He turned down my application.
471. I thought he held something back from us.
472. He showed us some pictures.
473. He asked us not to make any noise.
474. He teaches us history.
475. He kept us waiting for a long time.
476. He kept quite calm.
477. He has good eyesight.
478. He has poor eyesight.
479. He was learning a poem.
480. He is a poet.
481. He tried solving the problem.
482. He tried opening the door.
483. He was caught cheating in the exam.
484. He successfully passed the exam.
485. I expect him to pass the examination.
486. He couldn't pass the examination.
487. I expected him to fail the exam.
488. He had his tooth pulled.
489. He went to the dentist.
490. He survived the accident.
491. He is punctual.
492. He is just killing time.
493. He arrived in time.
494. He got his watch fixed.
495. He sometimes watches TV.
496. He occasionally visited me.
497. He writes to me once in a while.
498. He comes to see me once in a while.
499. He sometimes makes dinner for us.
500. He comes to see my son now and then.
501. He wrote to me from time to time.
502. He sometimes comes home late.
503. He got off at the next bus stop.
504. He got off at the next station.
505. He was refused medical treatment.
506. He stuck his pencil behind his ear.
507. He went there in person.
508. He drives his own car.
509. He tried to kill himself.
510. He committed suicide.
511. He is riding a bicycle.
512. Can't he ride a bicycle?
513. He is washing his car.
514. He was hurt in a car accident.
515. He was killed in a car accident.
516. He volunteered to help her.
517. He confessed that he was guilty.
518. He felt that the reason he was able to succeed was because of his friends' help.
519. He thought that he was a genius.
520. He felt himself growing old.
521. He did it himself.
522. He prepared supper by himself.
523. He put all his money in the box.
524. He built a new house for himself.
525. He explained his plans in detail.
526. He named his dog Popeye.
527. He admitted his mistakes.
528. He got through his work.
529. He has his own car.
530. He waited his turn.
531. He named his puppy Pooch.
532. He described his own experience.
533. He is afraid of his father.
534. He named his son Robert after his own father.
535. He entered his room.
536. He was cleaning his room.
537. He has his own room.
538. He gathered his books together.
539. He took his book.
540. He didn't hear his name called.
541. He repeated his name slowly.
542. He admitted his guilt.
543. He considered himself lucky.
544. I don't think he'll be able to do it by himself.
545. He was angry with himself.
546. He reached for the dictionary.
548. He lived to be seventy years old.
549. He has lost his job.
550. He studied interior decoration.
551. He repeated his question.
552. He hasn't actually been to America.
553. He took a picture.
554. He is very sociable.
555. He came by car.
556. He went to Boston by car.
557. He drove to school.
558. He spent all of his money on a car.
559. He was run over by a car.
560. He is bad at driving.
561. He does not know how to drive a car.
562. He put the skis on top of the car.
563. He backed his car into the garage.
564. He drives a car, doesn't he?
565. He is old enough to drive.
566. He stopped the car.
567. He started washing his car.
568. He is washing the car.
569. He is washing a car.
570. He was too young to live alone.
571. He looks young.
572. He was chosen captain.
573. He has big hands.
574. He was holding a pen in his hand.
575. He raised his arm.
576. He reached for the book.
577. He has written a letter.
578. He went to the post office to mail the letter.
579. He is wearing gloves.
580. He likes to hunt.
581. He tried many different methods.
582. He hanged himself.
583. He shook his head.
584. He picked up the phone.
585. He may have missed the last train.
586. He writes me once a week.
587. He plays golf on weekends.
588. He changed his address.
589. He left high school at seventeen.
590. He has been dead for ten years.
591. He treats his employees well.
592. He made an important discovery.
593. He laid down the gun.
594. He will visit his uncle.
595. He was busy with his homework.
596. He must finish his homework today.
597. He got ready for departure.
598. He is in his library.
599. He was forced to sign the document.
600. He finished sorting the papers.
601. He called for help.
602. Women didn't care for him.
603. He's always chasing girls.
604. He bowed to the Queen.
605. He disguised himself as a woman.
606. He married an actress.
607. He is in business.
608. He was experienced in business.
609. He sold his business and retired.
610. He went to New York on business.
611. He often goes abroad on business.
612. He traveled on business.
613. He was small, but strong.
614. He was able to build a small house.
615. He grew up in a little village.
616. He signed the check.
617. He is writing a novel.
618. He left a while ago.
619. He looks a bit tired.
620. He looks a bit tired, doesn't he?
621. He has at least one thousand books.
622. He caught a boy stealing his watch.
623. He dropped his books on the floor.
624. He is qualified for promotion.
625. He lived in Matsue for seven years.
626. He was embarrassed.
627. He laughed.
628. He was afraid of being laughed at.
629. He explained it in detail.
630. He carved designs in ivory.
631. He was in good spirits.
632. He plays the guitar well.
633. He can handle English well.
634. He zipped up his jacket.
635. He took a key from his coat pocket.
636. He hung up his coat.
637. He had no coat on.
638. He laughed at my joke.
640. He studies day and night.
641. He has no common sense.
642. He abuses his authority.
643. He is a very fussy eater.
644. She is particular about food.
645. He is eating.
646. He asked for food.
647. He has a good appetite.
648. He is lazy.
649. He lost his honor.
650. He can be relied on.
651. I believe that he is a reliable man.
652. Is he sleeping?
653. He felt his heart beating fast.
654. He has a bad heart.
655. He is a careful player.
656. He is a careful worker.
657. I heard that he bought a new computer.
658. He built a new house.
659. He bought a new pair of shoes.
660. He wants to get a new dictionary.
661. He can't afford to buy a new car.
662. He wants a new car.
663. He bought a new pair of gloves.
664. He discovered a new star.
665. He bought a new car.
666. He started a new life.
667. He likes to read newspapers.
668. He stopped reading the newspaper.
669. He was reading a newspaper.
670. He delivers newspapers.
671. He breathed deeply.
672. He could not breathe deeply.
673. He took a deep breath.
674. He accepted our offer.
675. He told the truth.
676. He believed in the truth.
677. He doesn't believe in God.
678. He is a gentleman.
679. He is my close friend.
680. He become a singer against his parents wishes.
681. He seems kind.
682. He is a kind boy.
683. He seems to be friendly.
684. He disagrees with his relatives.
685. He didn't reveal his identity.
686. He is five feet tall.
687. He was patient.
688. He was willing to work for others.
689. He's used to speaking in public.
690. He is used to speaking in public.
691. He jumped into the water.
692. He asked for a drink of water.
693. He drank three glasses of water.
694. He left the water running.
695. He cannot swim.
696. He didn't care for swimming.
697. He didn't meet the standards.
698. He is too drunk to drive home.
699. He can't count.
700. He likes mathematics, but I don't.
701. He is good at mathematics.
702. He is terrible at math.
703. He traveled about the world.
704. He traveled around the world.
705. He broke the world record.
706. He traveled all over the world.
707. He has a nice personality.
708. He made it.
709. He wanted to succeed.
710. I doubt if he will succeed.
711. I think that he will succeed.
712. He hoped to succeed.
713. He knows nothing about politics.
714. Politics didn't interest him.
715. Is he right?
716. He's not all there.
717. He'll be here until noon.
718. He came here before noon.
719. I doubt whether he is honest.
720. He seems honest.
721. I think he is honest.
722. He seems to be honest.
723. He is far from honest.
724. He is an honest man.
725. He put on clean trousers.
726. He lived to be ninety.
727. He is lazy by nature.
728. He dedicated his life to helping the poor.
729. He works for his living.
730. I think he needs to alter his lifestyle.
731. He told the students to be quiet.
732. He cheated on the biology exam.
733. He is a biologist.
734. He's dying to see Seiko.
735. He was dressed in blue.
736. He told us to keep quiet.
737. He walked quietly.
738. He used to be a nice boy.
739. He used to drink.
740. He picked up a stone.
741. He threw a stone into the pond.
742. He has a strong sense of responsibility.
743. He looked after the baby.
744. He drank a glass of red wine.
745. He was late because of the snow.
746. He never touched wine.
747. He has absolute power.
748. He divorced his wife last month.
749. He quit school last week.
750. Is he a teacher?
751. He bowed to his teacher.
752. He drowned in the river.
753. He walked along the river.
754. He fell into the river.
755. He lives across the river.
756. He got across the river.
757. He became a sailor.
758. He won the election by a large majority.
759. He doesn't study as hard as he used to.
760. He was sent into combat.
761. He was left all alone in the woods.
762. He felt utterly humiliated.
763. He's perfect at everything.
764. He was covered with bruises.
765. He didn't study at all.
766. He betrayed his country.
767. He is afraid of his grandfather.
768. He resembles his grandfather.
769. He did not get up early.
770. He went to bed early.
771. He arrived too early.
772. He was impatient to see his daughter.
773. He wakes up early.
774. He is used to getting up early.
775. He is a fast speaker.
776. He joined the opposing team.
777. He has nobody to consult.
778. He went out the window.
779. He denies having broken the window.
780. He kept the window close.
781. He began running.
782. He began to run.
783. He is a fast runner.
784. He heard the noise.
785. You can't hate the guy.
786. He held his breath.
787. He made his son a chair.
788. He left his son a large fortune.
789. He named his son James.
790. He was out of breath.
791. He is fast runner.
792. When he broke his leg, he had to use crutches for 3 months.
793. He sat there with his legs crossed.
794. He sprained his ankle.
795. He can swim fast.
796. He can run fast.
797. He promised not to tell.
798. He told me to be kind to others.
799. He is not likely to succeed.
800. He is Taro's brother.
801. He is busier than Taro.
802. He's well built.
803. He is putting on weight.
804. He was wet all over.
805. He exhausted all his energy.
806. He's sitting in the waiting room.
807. He is a lazy student.
808. He proposed an alternate plan.
809. He's running for Congress.
810. He works in a big city hospital.
811. He has a large family.
812. He majored in drama at college.
813. He studied economics at college.
814. He studies history at college.
815. He's saving up to go to college.
816. He won't go on to graduate school.
817. He's a late bloomer.
818. He is a dramatist.
819. He is a good carpenter.
820. He was born in Osaka.
821. He drinks like a fish.
822. He called out for help.
823. He came in spite of the heavy snow.
824. He is about your age.
825. He was elected president.
826. He resigned as president.
827. He married a very pretty girl.
828. He felt very lonely.
829. He was very excited.
830. He is good at flying kites.
831. He escaped from prison.
832. Who is he talking to?
833. He's nice to everybody.
834. He was very friendly to everybody.
835. He didn't see anybody.
836. He is known to everyone.
837. Who does he look like?
838. He has a warm heart.
839. The news made them happy.
840. He likes geography and history.
841. He will regret it sooner or later.
842. He was at work till late at night.
843. He managed to get there in time.
844. He excused himself for being late.
845. He has brown eyes.
846. He entered junior high school.
847. He should have bought a used car.
848. He wrote a lot of books on China.
849. He is fluent in Chinese.
850. He speaks Chinese very well.
851. He did not appear until about noon.
852. He began to eat lunch.
853. He bumped his head against a post.
854. He came down to breakfast.
855. He began to eat his breakfast.
856. He had a shower before breakfast.
857. He took a walk before breakfast.
858. I heard that he left town and moved east.
859. He sang off key.
860. He believes in the supernatural.
861. He was waiting for a long time.
862. He has been sick for a long time.
863. He can't stay long.
864. He was born in Nagasaki.
865. He lives in Nagasaki.
866. He was a tall man.
867. He opened the cages.
868. He was in pain.
869. He walked across the street.
870. He is fond of fishing.
871. He loves fishing.
872. He's an absolute fool.
873. He found a ball in the garden.
874. He likes to work in the garden.
875. He likes taking care of the garden.
876. He cut down a tree in his garden.
877. He walked across the garden.
878. He was covered with mud.
879. He is a thief.
880. He is a typical Japanese.
881. He hung a lamp from the ceiling.
882. He painted the ceiling blue.
883. He may be a genius.
884. He is a genius.
885. He jumped on the train.
886. He may have taken the wrong train.
887. He took the wrong train by mistake.
888. He forgot to turn off the light.
889. He is talking on the telephone.
890. He hung up.
891. He saw the accident on the way to school.
892. He often comes late.
893. He sold all his land.
894. I think he is angry.
895. I thought he would be angry but, to my surprise, he smiled.
896. He was frozen to death.
897. He is in Tokyo.
898. He has been in Tokyo for a year.
899. He moved to Tokyo.
900. He lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.
901. He graduated from Tokyo University.
902. He was fired for stealing.
903. He is guilty of stealing.
904. I believe that he's trustworthy.
905. He felt lost and uncomfortable.
906. He asked an awkward question.
907. He was reluctant to answer.
908. He hesitated before answering.
909. He handed in his paper.
910. He had no choice but to run away.
911. He attempted to escape.
912. He is thick-headed.
913. He is an intelligent boy.
914. He hit his head against a rock.
915. His head ached.
916. He saves what he earns.
917. He is ready to work.
918. He moves quickly.
919. He was unable to move.
920. He loves animals.
921. He repeated the same mistake.
922. He lives just across the road.
923. He crossed the street.
924. He was crossing the street.
925. He killed himself by taking poison.
926. He talked to himself.
927. He taught himself French.
928. He has a lot of original ideas.
929. He has too many books.
930. He can read and write.
931. He wants a book to read.
932. He can't read it.
933. He got tired of reading.
934. He suddenly rose from the chair.
935. He solved the difficult problem.
936. He is thinking it over.
937. He came about two.
938. He has been teaching for 20 years.
939. He has a dual personality.
940. He keeps a diary.
941. He is a famous composer.
942. He is also very famous in Japan.
943. He doesn't know much about Japan.
944. He went back to Japan.
945. He is a Japanese boy.
946. He went to India by way of Japan.
947. Can he speak Japanese?
948. He speaks Japanese very well.
949. He always wanted to study Japanese.
950. He is not Japanese.
951. He has a Japanese car.
952. He appreciates Japanese culture.
953. He rarely stays home on Sunday.
954. He works every day but Sunday.
955. He plays golf every Sunday.
956. He's always at home on Sundays.
957. He's not always at home on Sundays.
958. He cleaned his room on Sunday.
959. He works every day except Sunday.
960. He passed the entrance examination.
961. He failed the entrance exam.
962. He accomplished his mission.
963. He does not like cats.
964. He keeps a cat.
965. He sipped the hot coffee slowly.
966. He has to study hard.
967. He is old.
968. He is too old.
969. He grew old.
970. He lied about his age.
971. He is studying agriculture.
972. He fell off the horse.
973. He looks like a horse.
974. He handles horses well.
975. He is not stupid.
976. He is an actor.
977. Is he tall?
978. He is short, but strong.
979. He was sitting up straight.
980. He bit off more than he could chew.
981. He died of lung cancer.
982. He's got lung cancer.
983. He is afraid of getting lung cancer.
984. He asked me the way to the museum.
985. He carried the box upstairs.
986. He is a friendly person.
987. He is beginning to lose his hair.
988. He had his hair cut.
989. He lacks judgement.
990. He provided them with food.
991. He is respected by them.
992. He did not accept their invitation.
993. He waited until she came.
994. He accepted her gift.
995. He went along with her.
996. He decided to marry her.
997. He made up his mind to marry her.
998. He intended to marry her.
999. He promised to marry her.
1000. He asked her to call him later.

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