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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. He asked her some questions.
2. He bought her a sweater.
3. He bought her some chocolates.
4. I remember seeing her once.
5. He advised her to stop drinking.
6. He whispered something to her.
7. He picked flowers for her.
8. He bought her a dog.
9. Is he nice to her?
10. He was humiliated by her.
11. He meets his girlfriend Saturdays.
12. He gave her a book.
13. He made her a bookshelf.
14. He walked to and fro in front of her house.
15. He got angry with me.
16. He stole money from her wallet.
17. He ignored her advice.
18. He didn't get her joke.
19. He walked up to her.
20. He sat next to her.
21. He scolded her.
22. He held her tightly.
23. He took her out for a drive.
24. He called her bad names.
25. He slapped her.
26. He made her happy.
27. He made her his wife.
28. He helps her.
29. He tried to persuade her.
30. He looks tired.
31. He seems tired.
32. He found out the secret.
33. He had kept the secret to himself.
34. He knows the secret.
35. He didn't reveal his secret.
36. He is overweight.
37. He catches cold very easily.
38. He pushed the emergency button.
39. He lacks common sense.
40. He hates air travel.
41. He flew to Paris.
42. He doesn't like traveling by air.
43. He bought a plane ticket.
44. He likes air travel.
45. He smiled and said goodbye.
46. She has a beautiful voice.
47. His nose bled.
48. He slipped on the ice.
49. He has a good reputation.
50. He wants to work in a hospital.
51. He was sick, so he did not go out.
52. He was ill, so he couldn't come.
53. He seems ill.
54. I am concerned about his poor health.
55. He is not ashamed of being poor.
56. He was poor and could not buy it.
57. He was a poor musician.
58. He is poor, but honest.
59. He didn't like being poor.
60. He felt ill at ease.
61. He felt uneasy.
62. He is an evil man.
63. He died an unnatural death.
64. He helped the lady into the car.
65. He's getting cold feet.
66. He was cheating.
67. He is not as tall as his father.
68. He disagreed with his father.
69. He didn't help his father.
70. He respects his father.
72. He closely resembles his father.
73. I think he takes after his father.
74. He took over his father's business.
75. He substituted for his father.
76. He ignored his father's advice.
77. He takes after his father.
78. He ran into the room.
79. He entered the room.
80. He came into the room.
81. He hates cleaning his room.
82. He shares a room.
83. He looked around the room.
84. He keeps his room clean.
85. He works at the welfare office.
86. He lives by begging.
87. He understand physics.
88. He is a physicist.
89. He is a good writer.
90. He pretended not to be listening.
91. He placed the ladder against the fence.
92. He threw a ball over the fence.
93. He climbed over the fence.
94. He grows rice.
95. He must be an American.
96. He was leaning against the wall.
97. He leaned against the wall.
98. He painted all the walls green.
99. He had a strange dream.
100. He has changed.
101. He walked with a limp.
102. He is doing his work.
103. I don't believe he is a lawyer.
104. He is qualified to be a lawyer.
105. He has a lunch.
106. He was held in captivity.
107. He walks to school.
108. He walked through the forest.
109. He will walk.
110. He is well off.
111. He resembles his mother.
112. He writes letters to his mother.
113. He held a package under his arm.
114. He played baseball after school.
115. He broke the law.
116. He kept his hat on.
117. He has a hat on.
118. He had no hat on.
119. Is he busy?
120. He said he was busy.
121. He was busy.
122. He gave up hope.
123. He likes adventure.
124. He has been in Hokkaido before.
125. He has gone to Hokkaido.
126. He went skiing in Hokkaido.
127. He has been to Hokkaido.
128. He is not from Hokkaido.
129. He helped me do my homework.
130. He objected to our plan.
131. He introduced me to a pretty girl.
132. He showed me her picture.
133. He patted me on the shoulder.
134. He is my close friend
135. He disregarded my advice.
136. He reluctantly agreed to my proposal.
137. He hit me on the head.
138. He is much taller than I am.
139. He called me Ichiro.
140. Does he have many books?
141. He left the book on the table.
142. He tore the book apart.
143. He has a book.
144. He read the book from cover to cover.
145. He kept reading a book.
146. He likes to read books.
147. He stopped reading a book.
148. Is he reading a book?
149. He dropped in at the bookstore.
150. He showed what he meant.
151. He is a nice person.
152. He does know the fact.
153. I hear he is good at mahjong.
154. He doesn't have a sister.
155. He took his sister along.
156. He washes the bike every week.
157. He reads the paper every morning.
158. He walks his dog every morning.
159. He walks in the park every morning.
160. He drinks a glass of water every morning.
161. He doesn't come here every day.
162. He goes there every day.
163. He plays tennis every day.
164. He watches TV every day.
165. He called me up almost every day.
166. He drinks a lot of milk every day.
167. Does he study English every day?
168. He practiced every day at home.
169. He plays baseball every day.
170. He goes abroad every year.
171. He goes to Karuizawa every year.
172. He skis in Hokkaido every winter.
173. He calls her up every night.
174. He laid his head on the pillow.
175. He does nothing but read comics.
176. He entered the garden secretly.
177. He is asleep.
178. He pretended to be sleeping.
179. I fell asleep.
180. He is a rude person.
181. He must be innocent.
182. He was acquitted.
183. He made a rude reply.
184. I believe that he is innocent.
185. I bet my bottom dollar he is innocent.
186. He quit without notice.
187. He was forced to work overtime.
189. He bought his daughter a dress.
190. He bought his daughter a new dress.
191. He was angry with his daughter.
192. He kissed his daughter on the forehead.
193. He introduced his daughter to me.
194. He is a good doctor.
195. His life is in danger.
196. He'll be busy tomorrow.
197. I'm sure he will come tomorrow.
198. He will leave here tomorrow.
199. He will play soccer tomorrow.
200. He must go there tomorrow.
201. He may come tomorrow afternoon.
202. He will arrive in Paris tomorrow.
203. He will be free tomorrow.
204. He will be busy tomorrow.
205. He will be back tomorrow.
206. He will go to Tokyo tomorrow, won't he?
207. He is flying to Paris tomorrow.
208. He will play baseball tomorrow.
209. I believe he is coming tomorrow.
210. He seldom goes to church.
211. He did it for fun.
212. He likes to build model planes.
213. He fixed the net.
214. He fell from the tree.
215. He was sleeping under the tree.
216. He cut some branches off the tree.
217. He went blind.
218. He closed his eyes.
219. He didn't eat all of the rice cakes.
220. He used to read at night.
221. He was used to going out at night.
222. He likes baseball very much.
223. He is good at baseball.
224. He is crazy about baseball.
225. He is a baseball player.
226. He prefers football to baseball.
227. He doesn't care much for baseball.
228. He does not play baseball.
229. He can play baseball.
230. He enjoyed playing baseball.
231. He may become a baseball player.
232. He joined the baseball club.
233. She eats nothing but vegetables.
234. He stuck to his promise.
235. He was in time for the appointment.
236. You have made a promise.
237. He's an excellent brain surgeon.
238. He is a brave man.
239. He borrowed money from his friend.
240. He has a few friends.
241. He was laughed at by his friends.
242. He shook hands with his friend.
243. He hid his friend from the police.
244. He has few friends.
245. He teaches English to his friends.
246. He became a famous singer.
247. He is a famous artist.
248. He became a famous actor.
249. He is a famous baseball player.
250. He is eager to become famous.
251. She became a postman.
252. He drinks a bottle of beer at dinner.
253. He watches television after dinner.
254. He came home late in the evening.
255. He says he will come.
256. He says he won't come.
257. I don't think that he will come.
258. He won't come, will he?
259. I am afraid he won't come.
260. He will come.
261. I think he's coming, but I'm not quite sure.
262. I think that he will come.
263. He promised to come, and didn't.
264. I thought he wouldn't come.
265. He will go to New York next month.
266. He comes back from Singapore next January.
267. He will travel abroad next year.
268. He is depressed.
269. He bought a dozen eggs.
270. He is a clever boy.
271. He has to take two science classes.
272. He entered the army.
273. He was promoted to general.
274. He walked away.
275. He stood up and took a deep breath.
276. He tried to stand up.
277. He is a self-made man.
278. He got wonderful results.
279. He likes to sing popular songs.
280. He is eager for a chance to study abroad.
281. He is used to traveling.
282. He's away on a trip.
283. He held up his hands.
284. He rubbed his hands together.
285. He lives with his parents.
286. He said good night to his parents.
287. He often writes to his parents.
288. He wrote to his parents.
289. He is good at cooking.
290. He looks like a good boy.
291. He likes green the best.
292. He poured cold water over himself.
293. He is cool, isn't he?
294. He has a lot of books on history.
295. Will he be able to catch the train?
296. He got home at six.
297. He is a good speaker.
298. He did not speak unless spoken to.
299. He kept talking.
300. He didn't stop talking.
301. He was about to speak.
302. He stopped talking.
303. He has powerful arms.
304. He was shot 3 times in the arm.
305. He looked at his watch.
306. We knelt down to pray.
307. He is not coming, either.
308. He is getting old.
309. He isn't coming, either.
310. Neither of them seemed old.
311. I know they are in love with each other.
312. I wish they would stop fighting.
313. They have been here for an hour.
314. I like all of them.
315. All of them are not poor.
316. They got married only recently.
317. I think they have been married for five years.
318. Were they busy last week?
319. They are hugging and kissing.
320. They have a ten-year-old son.
321. I haven't seen them anywhere.
322. They had only one child.
323. They did not have much food to eat.
324. They had no food.
325. They have twin daughters.
326. They have their own troubles.
327. They have two daughters.
328. They require extra help.
329. I'm considering going with them.
330. He stopped talking to them.
331. Two of them were drowned.
332. None of them are present.
333. I guess most of them went home.
334. Their house is being remodeled.
335. Their muscles are stiff.
336. I do not think their plan will work out.
337. I was invited to their wedding.
338. Their wedding will be tomorrow.
339. I hear their marriage is on the rocks and they'll probably file for divorce soon.
340. You had better do what they say.
341. We prayed for their happiness.
342. Their business is expanding.
343. Their lips met.
344. No one gave up hope.
345. Their son's name is John.
346. Their boy was named Edward.
347. Their son grew bigger.
348. Their losses reached one million-yen.
349. They were mostly women.
350. Who is their homeroom teacher?
351. All their efforts were in vain.
352. A fire broke out at the inn where they were staying.
353. All their secrets have been revealed.
354. Their father is a taxi driver.
355. Their dreams came true.
356. Their names are Tom and Ken.
357. They sat up late taking.
358. They drink coke.
359. They will buy a record.
360. They are doctors.
361. They stopped the music.
362. They are singers.
363. They are artists.
364. They climbed to the top of a cliff.
365. They went fishing.
366. They don't like me.
367. They are my cousins.
368. They call me captain.
369. They're going to Ishikawa.
370. They like Tsuneoki Ikeda.
371. They went to Tottori.
372. They struggled against the dictator.
373. They are actors.
374. They are short and thin.
375. They are breaking down the wall.
376. They like apples.
377. They should arrive by ten o'clock.
378. They eat dinner at twelve o'clock.
379. They have twelve children.
380. They have been here since 1989.
381. They are both good students.
382. They are both good teachers.
383. They are both school children.
384. They moved here two years ago.
385. They'll be here at three.
386. They moved here three years ago.
387. They arrived in Osaka at the beginning of May.
388. They got married six months ago.
389. They stayed in Rome till September.
390. They walked around.
391. Are they American?
392. Aren't they Americans?
393. They must be Americans.
394. How long did they live in England?
395. They are always quarreling.
396. They were always making jokes.
397. Now they have three children.
398. They stopped talking.
399. They looked at each other.
400. They rescued the boy from drowning.
401. Do they love each other?
402. They helped each other.
403. They talked to each other.
404. They bumped against each other.
405. They are a good couple.
406. They settled in Canada.
407. I am sure they will win.
408. They hunted foxes.
409. They are Christians.
410. They held the meeting here.
411. They didn't come here, did they?
412. They live downstairs.
413. They reported seeing the incident.
414. They live in this town.
415. They make frequent trips to Europe.
416. They are crazy about jazz.
417. They blamed George for the failure.
418. They are out shopping.
419. They have been busy.
420. They have a nice house.
421. They burned all the documents.
422. They remained sitting there.
423. They were afraid of the big dog.
424. They were school children then.
425. They abandoned the plan.
426. They have preserved the building.
427. They called the dog Rocky.
428. They adopted the orphan.
429. They went around the lake.
430. They released the prisoner.
431. They searched for the girl.
432. They looked after the boy.
433. They changed the system.
434. They acted on the information.
435. They adopted the proposal.
436. They admired the lovely scenery.
437. They painted the wall white.
438. They broke into the jewelry shop.
439. They cut down the tree.
440. They left the problem unsolved.
441. They discussed the problem.
442. They missed the train.
443. They may have missed the train.
444. They deal in software products.
445. They went their separate ways.
446. They will agree on that.
447. They gave it to me.
448. They have just arrived.
449. They are playing chess.
450. They were just in time.
451. How can they do this?
452. Where did they come from?
453. Both of them are very cute.
454. They are having a really good time.
455. They will be very glad.
456. They are very kind.
457. They are very cheerful.
458. They live next door.
459. They hated Tom.
460. They are both unmarried.
461. They killed time playing cards.
462. They kept on walking.
463. They are pilots.
464. They carried water in buckets.
465. They got off the bus.
466. They came all the way from Brazil.
467. They are playing volleyball.
468. They each received a present.
469. They painted the fence green.
470. They come from the south of France.
471. They became professional soccer players.
472. They were rescued by helicopter.
473. They arrived at the hotel.
474. They could hardly see.
475. They looked really happy.
476. They didn't know what to do first.
477. They questioned him.
478. All of them went there.
479. All of them agreed to the proposal.
480. They all burst out laughing.
481. All of them were gone.
482. They are all college students.
483. All of them remained silent.
484. They all have come.
485. They remained good friends.
486. They have gone to Europe.
487. They sang in tune.
488. They are well looked after.
489. They armed themselves with rifles.
490. They were listening to the radio.
491. They were from Liverpool.
492. He caught them stealing apples.
493. They are wrestlers.
494. They celebrated his success by opening a bottle of wine.
495. They drank two bottles of wine.
496. They talked about love.
497. They used to live next door to us.
498. They wear very little clothing.
499. They sent for the doctor.
500. They're not afraid of hard work.
501. They had to stay at home all day.
502. They had to work all year round.
503. They are typical young people.
504. They were swimming.
505. They know how to swim.
506. Are they speaking English?
507. Do they learn English?
508. They hurried to the station.
509. They are plotting to kill the king.
510. They are talking about music.
511. They were not listening to music.
512. What are they doing?
513. What are they after?
514. They waited for him for hours.
515. They are building a house.
516. They enjoyed singing songs.
517. They came to our assistance.
518. They refused to help us.
519. They are suffering from hunger.
520. They arranged a meeting.
521. They strolled along the beach.
522. They all went to the restaurant.
523. They are all dead.
524. They all laughed at his jokes.
525. They all respect him.
526. They live near the school.
527. They rescued him from danger.
528. They sent up a balloon.
529. They stood on the top of the hill.
530. They do nothing but cry.
531. They looked as if they would cry.
532. They were in Joe's class last year.
533. They have nothing in common.
534. They agreed to work together.
535. They crossed the border into Spain.
536. They decided to build a bridge.
537. They constructed a bridge.
538. They live nearby.
539. They want to become rich.
540. They filled in the blanks.
541. They feel hungry.
542. They must be waiting for you.
543. They escaped from prison.
544. They will never agree.
545. They are far from happy.
546. They are unlikely to marry.
547. They have been married two years.
548. They look healthy.
549. They have tea at five.
550. They study in the afternoon.
551. They must have made a mistake.
552. They may be playing in the park.
553. They stood face to face.
554. They missed a good chance.
555. They seem happy.
556. They are happy.
557. They lived a happy life.
558. They must be happy.
559. They walked three miles farther.
560. They are high school students.
561. They are having breakfast now.
562. They are running now.
563. They look happy today.
564. They called off their engagement.
565. They are confused, aren't they?
566. At first, they didn't believe him.
567. They studied English yesterday.
568. They passed by her house yesterday.
569. They visited their parents yesterday.
570. They got married last fall.
571. They are at work.
572. They accomplished their mission.
573. They named their child Thomas.
574. They are living on charity.
575. They live in our block.
576. They supplied us with food.
577. They asked for my help.
578. They stole apples from my orchard.
579. They are my classmates.
580. They don't know my name.
581. They are my friends.
582. They aren't my parents.
583. They kept me waiting for an hour.
584. They made fun of me.
585. They made me go there.
586. They call me Bob.
587. They made me wait for a long time.
588. They addressed me as doctor.
589. They know us.
590. They are short of funds.
591. They blamed him for the accident.
592. They have something in common.
593. They visited me occasionally.
594. They arrived one after another.
595. They fought for their liberty.
596. They are struggling for freedom.
597. They blamed the failure on George.
598. They were plainly dressed.
599. They meet once a week.
600. They armed themselves with guns.
601. They are beginning their homework.
602. They are about to start.
603. They shouted for help.
604. They are not little children.
605. They are having dinner.
606. They are short of food.
607. They sat up all night.
608. They started a new business.
609. They teased the new student.
610. They adopted a new policy.
611. They went through the woods.
612. They are deeply in love.
613. They started hours ago.
614. They went on a trip a few days ago.
615. They were swearing at each other at the top of their voices.
616. They burned some coal.
617. They named their baby Jane.
618. They went to America last month.
619. They climbed Mt. Fuji last week.
620. They are teachers.
621. They waited for their teacher.
622. They built a bridge across the river.
623. They live across the river.
624. They swam across the river.
625. They sailed around the world.
626. All of them are not present.
627. They agreed to start early.
628. They arrived too soon.
629. They are disappointed in their son.
630. They named their son John.
631. Are they in the gym?
632. They were tired of waiting.
633. They are talking in the kitchen.
634. They have a large house.
635. They liked large cars.
636. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
637. They aren't hated by anybody.
638. Who are they?
639. None of them are happy.
640. They agreed on a price.
641. They took the subway.
642. They are rowing a boat on the pond.
643. I think that they will be late.
644. They work only during the day.
645. They ate sandwiches for lunch.
646. They are at lunch.
647. They walked around the corner.
648. They abandoned the sinking ship.
649. They grow flowers in the garden.
650. They fought against the enemy.
651. They ambushed the enemy.
652. They sank ten enemy ships.
653. They attacked the enemy.
654. They chatted about the weather.
655. They always go skiing in winter.
656. They were frozen to death.
657. They found the stolen money.
658. Did they live here?
659. They entered into a discussion.
660. They attempted to escape.
661. They went to the zoo.
662. They are the same age.
663. They have the same habits.
664. They settled in Japan.
665. They became citizens of Japan.
666. Are they Japanese or Chinese?
667. Are they Japanese?
668. They work in the fields.
669. He took a room at the Yaesu Hotel.
670. They heard him come downstairs.
671. They caught him stealing.
672. They demanded money from him.
673. They made him sign the contract.
674. They let him tell the story.
675. They laughed at his mistake.
676. They made fun of him.
677. He was made captain.
678. They call him Jim.
679. They made him captain of the team.
680. They called him a coward.
681. They laughed at him.
682. They respect him.
683. They made him work.
684. They ask her many questions.
685. They made her go.
686. They have treated her well.
687. They must have been tired.
688. They were very confused.
689. They were very excited.
690. They do nothing but complain.
691. They became man and wife.
692. They found the room empty.
693. They lived in peace.
694. They are eager for peace.
695. They sat side by side.
696. They each paid separately.
697. They live apart.
698. They were taken prisoner.
699. They dug a grave.
700. They are well off.
701. They were busy.
702. They're ignoring me.
703. They laughed at my idea.
704. They go to church every Sunday.
705. They worship every Sunday.
706. They wake up at six every morning.
707. They go camping every summer.
708. They named their daughter Helen.
709. They are proud of their daughter.
710. They are having a party tomorrow.
711. They won't come until tomorrow.
712. They are leaving Japan tomorrow.
713. They are gathering nuts.
714. They sat under a tree.
715. They sat in the shade of a tree.
716. They are baseball players.
717. They didn't keep their promise.
718. They will keep their promise.
719. They remained friends.
720. They drank a bottle of red wine at dinner.
721. They will get married next month.
722. They will arrive a week from today.
723. They believe in a life after death.
724. They drifted down the river.
725. They didn't obey their parents.
726. They waited in line for the bus.
727. They got into the train.
728. They stopped to talk.
729. I bought them each a present.
730. Are they coming as well?
731. Don't make fun of them.
732. Will you help them?
733. Let them come in.
734. They love each other.
735. They died one after another.
736. They are very compatible.
737. Did you know him?
738. Let's call him Snoopy.
739. Have him wait a moment.
740. I must help him.
741. I feel like telling him what I think of him.
742. Don't stop him.
743. Quiet him down, will you?
744. I planned to introduce him to Beatrice.
745. I can't pretend to like him.
746. I couldn't help feeling sorry for him.
747. I saw him off at the airport.
748. I don't see him.
749. Look at him. He's drunk again.
750. Follow his example.
751. I feel kind of sorry for him.
752. You can't trust him.
753. You should not trust him.
754. Don't trust him.
755. Do I know him?
756. Show him in.
757. Bring him in.
758. Give him time.
759. I called him to the telephone.
760. You can rely upon him.
761. I doubt if he is a lawyer.
762. It's hard to please him.
763. She is able to speak ten languages.
764. Is she your teacher?
765. Do you know when she will come?
766. I miss her so much.
767. She played the guitar and he sang.
768. I am sorry she is not here.
769. It doesn't matter to me whether she comes here or not.
770. She can't have said so.
771. She came out of there.
772. She looked after the child.
773. I am surprised that she refused such a good offer.
774. I wish that she would stop smoking.
775. Do you know who she is?
776. I know where she is.
777. Tell me where she lives.
778. I know the reason that she quit her job.
779. Do you remember what she said?
780. I noticed her the moment she got off the bus.
781. She will accompany me on the piano.
782. I saw her play the piano.
783. I often hear her play the piano.
784. I don't know if she will go there with me.
785. I find it strange that she hasn't arrived yet.
786. I hear from her once in a while.
787. I found her letter in the mailbox.
788. I am expecting a letter from her.
789. I had a telephone call from her.
790. Have you heard from her?
791. I was amazed that she had drunk all of the wine.
792. She broke into tears.
793. She loves Tom, not me.
794. She acted as a guide.
795. Have you heard her speaking English?
796. Ask her what she has done.
797. I do not know for certain what she is going to do.
798. I don't know for certain what she is going to do.
799. I had no idea of what she intended to do.
800. It wasn't clear what she meant.
801. Ask her what she bought.
802. I found out where she was.
803. Can you hear her singing?
804. I heard her singing.
805. Should I wait for her to come back?
806. I feel sorry for her.
807. We heard her cry.
808. I heard from someone that she got married.
809. I don't doubt that she is married.
810. I didn't know she was married.
811. I don't know whether she will show up.
812. What she said wasn't true.
813. Her look says that she loves you.
814. I wish she were alive now.
815. I wish she had come last night.
816. Whether she agrees or not is the question.
817. I have known her since she was a little girl.
818. She has been dead for ten years.
819. I don't know if she wants to go with me.
820. She smiled at me.
821. I had her sweep my room.
822. I can't believe that she is older than my mother.
823. She may be our teacher.
824. She came to my aid.
825. As soon as she got on the train, it pulled out of the station.
826. I am of the opinion that she is right.
827. I saw her coming across the street.
828. I'll let you know when she arrives.
829. What she bought was very expensive.
830. She is his present wife.
831. I couldn't understand why she frowned at him.
832. I could hear her sobbing in her bedroom.
833. She came into the room.
834. She gave me a present.
835. I know she is sleeping.
836. I'll leave when she comes back.
837. I am angry that she didn't keep her promise.
838. I don't know the reason why she isn't coming.
839. I don't know if she will come.
840. I don't know whether she will come.
841. She didn't need to come.
842. I had to grab her to keep her from falling.
843. I remember that she wore a green hat.
844. She is first in line.
845. Her speech was excellent.
846. We didn't stay home yesterday.
847. I'm getting married to her in June.
848. She opened the door.
849. I wish I could have gone with her.
850. Do you ever date her?
851. I enjoyed talking with her.
852. She and I usually agree.
853. Do you see her often?
854. I haven't met her.
855. I feel comfortable in her company.
856. Will you meet her?
857. I bump into her.
858. I had known her for ten years when I married her.
859. I have nothing in common with her.
860. I exchanged seats with her.
861. I am friendly with her.
862. I speak French as well as she does.
863. I am fed up with talking to her.
864. I am sure I saw her two years ago.
865. I saw her only a week ago.
866. I don't feel like telling her about it.
867. I know nothing about her except that she is a pianist.
868. I know nothing about her.
869. Where did you see her?
870. Ask her how much soup she wants.
871. She appears to have many friends.
872. There's something mysterious about her.
873. I still have some feelings for her.
874. She has a daughter whose name is Mary.
875. I remember meeting her somewhere.
876. I haven't seen her in years.
877. She didn't want to get involved.
878. She has a brilliant future.
879. She has no brothers.
880. She has five older brothers.
881. She has very few close friends.
882. She has many faults.
883. She has a son and two daughters.
884. She doesn't have any enemies.
885. She has some literary talent.
886. She has a few friends.
887. She has seen better days.
888. Please say hello to her.
889. I remember seeing her before.
890. Ask her when she will come back.
891. I must remember to see her.
892. I wish I had seen her.
893. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her.
894. I had never seen her.
895. I'll never forget seeing her.
896. She had no brother.
897. I asked her to marry me and she accepted.
898. I can't take my eyes off her.
899. Don't tell her about it.
900. I motioned for her to sit down.
901. I saw her again.
902. I got her to wash dishes.
903. I held the umbrella over her.
904. You should apologize to her.
905. You stay away from her.
906. I wanted her to win.
907. I bought her a new car.
908. Give her a doll.
909. I got her a doll.
910. I called her but the line was busy.
911. I'm sure I saw her two years ago.
912. Let her replace it.
913. I laid a blanket over her.
914. Be nice to her.
915. She was found guilty.
916. Let's not talk to her.
917. She's got a point.
918. She is wrong.
919. She is missing the point.
920. Her father passed away last week.
921. Her mother passed away last year.
922. Her mother has gone shopping.
923. Her mother made her a new dress.
924. Everyone in her class likes her.
925. I can't get her out of my mind.
926. I don't know her at all.
927. Her dress looked cheap.
928. Her ideas sound crazy.
929. Her family moved to Brazil.
930. Her English is excellent.
931. It is no use asking for her help.
932. I went to her house, but she was not at home.
933. Her house is very modern.
934. Her house is across the river.
935. I don't know anything about her family.
936. Her family is very large.
937. I'm not fond of her face.
938. Her face turned red.
939. She hopes to become a designer.
940. Don't ignore her feelings.
941. I can't understand what she says.
942. Don't listen to her.
943. What she says sounds strange.
944. What she said did not make sense.
945. Her grammar is bad.
946. I was embarrassed by what she said.
947. Her thick makeup is disgusting.
948. Her ideas are quite original.
949. Her sister looks young.
950. I can't forget her.
951. He stole her watch.
952. Her hobby is collecting stamps.
953. I know her address.
954. She's going to have a baby in July.
955. I'm tired of her complaints.
956. I haven't read either of her novels.
957. I like the way she smiles.
958. What will happen to her?
959. Her voice sounds very beautiful.
960. She is not to blame.
961. Her son was killed in the accident.
962. Her son is a genius.
963. I apologized to her for stepping on her foot.
964. Take heed of her advice.
965. I noted that her answer was incorrect.
966. Her answer was incorrect.
967. Can you guess her age?
968. I guessed at her age.
969. Her skin is smooth.
970. Her hair is long.
971. Her hair is long and beautiful.
972. Her hair is very short.
973. Her hair grew back.
974. She has short hair.
975. Her hair is naturally curly.
976. Her hair is turning gray.
977. Her hair is streaked with gray.
978. She has a long nose.
979. Her husband is usually drunk.
980. Her husband is in prison.
981. Her husband is now living in Tokyo.
982. Her husband is an excellent cook.
983. Her father is an excellent pianist.
984. Her father is a policeman.
985. Is her father a teacher?
986. Her father is Japanese.
987. Her dress was torn.
988. Her story can't be true.
989. All you have to do is to wait for her reply.
990. Her mother is writing a letter.
991. Her dream is visiting Paris.
992. Her name is Lucifera.
993. I know her by name.
994. Her name was spelled wrong.
995. I know her by name, but not by sight.
996. I would like to know her name.
997. Her life is in danger.
998. I saw tears in her eyes.
999. The sound woke her up.
1000. Her friend is a singer.

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