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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. He bought me a new dictionary.
2. My father doesn't like soccer.
3. I think he's right.
4. He's certain to succeed.
5. My name is Hashimoto.
6. He's big and strong.
7. I wasn't aware.
8. His lecture started on time.
9. Everyone likes her.
11. I like spoons.
12. Give me the spoon.
13. He looked away.
14. He has three wires.
15. He has three sons.
16. I use Firefox.
17. She is dead.
18. I'm only thinking of you.
19. I'm going away.
20. Is this real?
21. Cut the potatoes.
22. Just do it.
23. I'm bored.
24. He's feeling really low.
25. I was a teacher.
26. The cake is tasty.
27. She's a stubborn girl.
28. I'm going to bed.
29. It was very dark.
30. When I entered the coffee shop, two young men were watching a wrestling match on television.
31. I think you are a really nice person.
32. What would you do if you met a person from another planet?
33. A little louder, please.
34. What did you say?
35. Make it larger.
36. God exists.
37. It's impossible.
38. I understand.
39. I got it.
40. I'll do it.
41. Hurry up! We'll be late.
42. I quickly ate lunch.
43. I ate lunch in a hurry.
44. That's right!
45. Go away.
46. Of course.
47. Make it smaller.
48. Could you turn it down?
49. What're you saying?
50. Wash you face and hands.
51. Do you like it?
52. Don't move.
53. You understand, don't you?
54. Excuse me.
55. This is surprising.
56. Wonderful!
57. Fantastic!
58. Awesome!
59. Come again any time.
60. What will you use it for?
61. For what purpose?
62. It's dangerous!
63. Go away!
64. It's business.
65. It's work.
66. It's my job.
67. Get down on the floor!
68. I'll take care of it.
69. I think I'm right.
70. I'll give you five dollars.
71. This is true.
72. Please leave right away.
73. Yes, I know it.
74. Say it clearly.
75. Try it once more.
76. Try it again.
77. Please say it once more.
78. Could you please repeat what you just said?
79. Could you please repeat it once again?
80. Would you mind saying that once more?
81. You're a person.
82. What's the name of this tune?
83. I've run out of money.
84. I have no money.
85. I don't have any money.
86. Were you shot?
87. Have you been shot?
88. Look behind you.
89. That's too bad.
90. Please allow me to go.
91. Please let me go.
92. What I'm saying is true.
93. I'm telling you the truth.
94. Answer my questions.
95. I said that.
96. I'm hoping that will happen.
97. I've seen that.
98. I can't do it either.
99. Allow me to go.
100. Don't touch it.
101. Don't touch these.
102. I will never tell!
103. It's a nice day.
104. The skies are clear.
105. The sky is clear.
106. It's a clear day.
107. That's absolutely right.
108. Don't get fat.
109. Do you have a fever?
110. Please don't ask.
111. I'm serious.
112. I made a mistake.
113. That's enough.
114. Did you call?
115. It's lunch time.
116. It's time to eat lunch.
117. Come along with us.
118. Come with us.
119. Is that it?
120. Let's go.
121. Take care of yourselves!
122. I hope that is not the case.
123. It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it.
124. Could you please move out of my way?
125. Has anything changed?
126. Oh! That's too bad.
127. Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.
128. Do I have to do it over again?
129. I'm completely exhausted.
130. I'm really tired.
131. Once again.
132. Of course!
133. I got sick from drinking too much.
134. Let me say one thing.
135. It's my CD, isn't it?
136. I'm a good-for-nothing bum.
137. Have there been any changes?
138. Don't worry about it.
139. Follow him.
140. It's my treat.
141. I think I can.
142. I can't stand this heat.
143. I'm OK.
144. The least you could do is to answer me.
145. There are no problems.
146. Your manners aren't very good.
147. Yes, I have a good idea.
148. No drinkers allowed.
149. People who drink alcoholic beverages are not allowed to enter.
150. I'm very hungry.
151. I have something I want to say to you.
152. Yes. That's right.
153. It's a secret.
154. Speak clearly.
155. How complex is it?
156. I've had enough.
157. I'm full.
158. My stomach's full.
159. Finally, it's Friday.
160. I told you to stop, didn't I?
161. OK. I agree.
162. You're kidding!
163. You're joking!
164. I think it's OK.
165. Hurry. Please lend me a hand.
166. Stop joking around.
167. You were late, weren't you?
168. I'm very busy.
169. The surrounding area was very quiet.
170. The area was quiet.
171. You're really wonderful.
172. I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're talking.
173. I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.
174. I'll buy this.
175. Everyone in the town knows about it.
176. Always count your change.
177. Are they new?
178. Are you all cold?
179. Are you all hot?
180. Are you free?
181. Are you from here?
182. Are you hungry?
183. Are you on holiday?
184. Are you sick?
185. Are you teaching Spanish?
186. Are you thirsty?
187. Barcelona is in Spain.
188. Bring the bill, please.
189. Can I walk there?
190. Can we go fishing?
191. Can you help me?
192. Can you tell me?
193. Clean your room, please.
194. Close your eyes.
195. Come back later.
196. Come here quickly.
197. Come this way.
198. Come with me.
199. Could we meet again?
200. Could you speak more slowly?
201. Did you sleep well?
202. Do you agree?
203. Do you have a vacancy?
204. Do you have children?
205. Do you have mangoes?
206. Do you like rain?
207. Do you like snow?
208. Do you remember us?
209. Do you speak Arabic?
210. Do you speak Chinese?
211. Do you want children?
212. Does anyone speak English?
213. Fasten your seat belts.
214. Goodbye and good luck.
215. Handle this very carefully.
216. Have you finished?
217. He brushes his teeth.
218. He buys clothes.
219. He buys medicine.
220. He has a little money.
221. He is from France.
222. He is running indoors.
223. He is teaching Arabic.
224. He likes to cook.
225. He likes to swim.
226. He needs a ladder.
227. He needs a towel.
228. He needs an umbrella.
229. He needs glasses.
230. He reads Arabic.
231. He reads before bedtime.
232. He sells cars.
233. He sells fruit.
234. He speaks Arabic.
235. He wants red glasses.
236. He washes the car.
237. He writes Arabic.
238. He's got a headache.
239. Help!
240. Her socks are gray.
241. Her sweater is purple.
242. Here is my baggage.
243. How can I get there?
244. I like playing sports.
245. I like sports.
246. I really do want that.
247. That's a shame.
248. What a strong wind!
249. I've quit drinking beer.
250. I have an opinion.
251. Let's meet again soon.
252. Would you like a drink?
253. You're lying, aren't you?
254. Did something happen?
255. What illness do I have?
256. What disease do I have?
257. Please bring me my bill.
258. Could I have the bill, please?
259. It's a real bargain.
260. What's your age?
261. Whose turn is it?
262. It's now your turn.
263. He earns his living by writing.
264. It's too big.
265. It's too large.
266. That shop has many customers.
267. I hate coffee.
268. I'll attend.
269. We really enjoyed ourselves.
270. I dislike coffee.
271. I borrow money.
272. I buy tapes.
273. I like math.
274. I like mathematics.
275. Don't overexert yourself.
276. Calm down.
277. I'm glad to hear that.
278. That's good, isn't it?
279. I go by the nickname "Itch."
280. My nickname is "Itch."
281. Large, isn't it?
282. This place is large, isn't it?
283. There is a traffic jam on the highway.
284. He's a good guy now, so he'll make a good husband in the future.
285. Let's have a few drinks tonight.
286. Would you like to drink a bit tonight?
287. Let me pay tonight.
288. Prices have dropped recently.
289. I pray that you will have the best of luck.
290. Did you grade the tests?
291. Yesterday was Sunday.
292. He drank a lot yesterday.
293. He can speak Russian, too.
294. He can also speak Russian.
295. I wonder if this is love.
296. Please come in.
297. It's very cold.
298. That's an imitation.
299. That's a fake.
300. Please keep it secret.
301. Wait just a moment.
302. I love parties.
303. Everyone, please be quiet.
304. That's a good question.
305. Lemons are sour.
306. Grab a hold of the rope.
307. Has something happened?
309. It's an easy victory.
310. Do it now.
311. It's great! You'll laugh for sure.
312. It's OK not to eat it.
313. You don't have to eat it.
314. You don't have to eat.
315. Everyone dies.
316. Life is enjoyable.
317. Life is fun.
318. Clean your room.
319. It's free.
320. It's gotten better.
321. It's improved.
322. I've gotten better.
323. This book is not as heavy as that book.
324. This book is not as large that one.
325. My TV has quit working.
326. I saw the dirty dog go into the yard.
327. A stranger spoke to me on the bus.
328. Could I please have one more can of beer?
329. His opinions aren't worth listening to.
330. How can I help you?
332. How's that going?
333. I am short.
334. I am tall.
335. I agree.
336. I am a doctor.
337. I am a journalist.
338. I am a redhead.
339. I am cold.
340. I am diabetic.
341. I am divorcee.
342. I am from Columbia.
343. I am from Egypt.
344. I am from Russia.
345. I am glad to meet you.
346. I am happy.
347. I am hot.
348. I am not interested.
349. I am online.
350. I am ready.
351. I am really sorry.
352. I am sick.
353. I am sure.
354. I am sweaty.
355. I am teaching English.
356. I am too short.
357. I am very sorry.
358. I bought nine flowers.
361. I don't feel comfortable here.
362. I don't have any money on me.
363. I don't know if I have enough money.
364. I don't know what to say.
365. I don't understand you.
366. I don't speak Chinese.
367. I feel dizzy.
368. I feel good today.
369. I feel great.
370. I feel seasick.
371. I feel well.
372. I fogot my money.
373. I forgot.
374. I have a backache.
375. I have a stomachache.
376. I have a temperature.
377. I have a toothache.
378. I have brown hair.
380. I have nothing to declare.
381. I hope you like it.
382. I like roasted chestnets.
383. I like this one.
384. I like windsurfing.
385. I lost my passport!
386. I lost my purse.
387. I lost my wallet.
388. I love my wife.
389. I need a doctor!
390. I need a hammer.
391. I need a job.
392. I need coughing medicine.
393. I need money.
394. I need more time.
395. I need mosquito repellent.
396. I need pain medication.
397. I need sleeping pills.
398. I need the keys.
399. I owe you $1,000.
400. I prefer something better.
401. I shave every morning.
402. I study Spanish.
403. I teach Chinese.
404. I teach English.
405. I teach Spanish.
406. I walk to school.
407. I want ten plates.
408. I wash my socks.
409. I wash myself.
410. Celebrate in style!
411. She is not tall.
412. She plans to write a letter after school.
413. It's Monday today.
414. My father is shaving in the bathroom.
415. My wife often telephones me when I'm traveling in another country.
416. You can swim much better than he can.
417. This is food.
418. Cecil lit a candle.
419. The shower is broken.
420. She's our neighbour.
421. Where are my glasses?
422. We are happy.
423. I like this dog.
424. You're completely right!
425. You're absolutely right!
426. Give me a toothpick.
427. You're the boss.
428. I've been here before.
429. You didn't understand.
430. I have a dog and a cat.
431. We have a daughter who is married to a Frenchman.
432. They usually sleep in this room.
433. Those are sunflowers.
434. Whose fault is it?
435. Please do that.
436. I have to paint it.
437. It was a terrible day.
438. Everyone was happy.
439. Spring has come.
440. Of course I'll wait.
441. Please speak in a louder voice.
442. Please say it more loudly.
443. Choose one person.
444. Please choose one person.
445. Don't put it on my desk.
446. Some people were late.
447. Summer has ended.
448. It's time to get up.
449. Please think about it.
450. Please think it over.
451. Follow my advice.
452. That was an excellent putt.
453. Let me check your ticket.
454. Who drew it?
455. What's the weather like?
456. It's as cold as ice.
457. Prices went up.
458. The cost of living has risen.
459. The cost of living has gone up.
460. That's a pheasant.
461. That's a good plan.
462. That's a good idea.
463. I'm 19.
464. Take a deep breath.
465. Are these your things?
466. Let's get started.
467. Let's go, Ken.
468. Great, isn't it?
469. Please open the bottle.
470. That was years ago.
471. That's not fair.
472. That isn't fair.
473. Isn't it black?
474. Is that pure gold?
475. Please wrap it up.
476. Not even one taxi stopped.
477. Can you teach me?
478. I cried all night.
479. It's too quiet.
480. I saw a fight.
481. I would like to go to America.
482. Can all birds fly?
483. I'm fed up!
484. Have you ever been abroad?
485. I live here.
486. What are you cooking?
487. What did you talk about?
488. They translated the text.
489. Where is Customs?
490. I am Edgar Degas.
491. You're perfectly right.
492. I'm sick!
493. I'm ill.
494. I'm so unlucky!
495. Perhaps he'll never become famous.
496. Maybe he won't become famous.
497. Bill is two years older than I am.
498. He can run faster than I can.
499. I wonder why he did that?
500. The clock has stopped.
501. The clock stopped.
502. There's no need to apologize.
503. Let's postpone dinner.
504. There isn't any soap.
505. It's snowing.
506. It's nothing serious.
507. It's nothing to worry about.
508. It was a very hot day.
509. Let's fly a kite.
510. No one knows.
511. They drink cola.
512. Lock the gate.
513. Please be quiet.
514. The train has arrived.
515. What's that bird called?
516. When's it over?
517. Let's eat sushi.
518. It's frozen hard.
519. Don't be disappointed.
520. Do you drink coffee?
521. I eat here.
522. I'll eat here.
523. I'll eat it here.
524. My album is here.
525. Your dog is here.
526. This is your key.
527. Keep going straight.
528. That's not my concern.
529. That's my problem.
530. Everybody knows that.
531. He's too tall to stand up straight in this room.
532. I couldn't make it
533. What's the point in doing that?
534. It's very big.
535. That's very big.
536. Let's go by bus.
538. We still have more time.
539. Everyone. Listen up.
540. Come if you can.
541. Please speak more loudly.
542. Would you like to eat something?
543. There's no need to hurry.
544. Clean the mirror.
545. Clean the dirt off the mirror.
546. Sit near here.
547. Choose the one you like.
548. Choose whichever you like.
549. What's in this bag?
550. People should do their best.
551. He likes playing football.
552. I need a map.
553. A little quieter, please.
554. It's really windy.
555. Are you getting off?
556. First come, first serve.
557. Jim raised his hand.
558. She has few friends.
559. I could answer his question.
560. Everybody likes him.
561. Everyone likes him.
562. Everybody likes her.
563. She has three brothers.
564. He just arrived.
565. He's crazy about soccer.
566. Allow me to introduce myself.
567. Don't lie to me.
568. They are digging a hole.
569. I want to cry.
570. He has blond hair.
571. I don't want it.
572. My mother can't come.
573. He has three daughters.
574. Who's this?
575. The pie is delicious.
576. I love apples.
577. She needs help.
578. Don't come in.
579. Goodbye. See you tomorrow.
580. What are you getting at?
581. Spring follows winter.
582. He's her friend.
583. He's a famous artist.
584. I want a good dictionary.
585. I have two daughters.
586. Happy birthday!
587. Compare the facts.
588. The responsibility is mine.
589. I am a boy.
590. Why did he do that?
591. I play violin.
592. Here are our books.
593. He returned from Canada.
594. It rained yesterday evening.
595. Will he come tomorrow?
596. Love is blind.
597. I live in Kobe.
598. I ordered two hamburgers.
599. It's what he painted.
600. I missed my train.
601. Don't touch the button.
602. He teaches Arabic.
603. Go to sleep.
604. Aoi is a good dancer.
605. Don't drink and drive.
606. Here's a yellow rose.
607. I was playing tennis.
608. I'm a diabetic.
609. Maybe it'll snow.
610. Few people have two cars.
611. Don't open your book.
612. They love that song.
613. Do these insects sting?
614. It was really windy.
615. I did it myself.
616. I had an idea.
617. I already have an envelope.
618. Who broke the vase?
619. Beautiful weather, isn't it?
620. He's a tennis player.
621. You like English, don't you?
622. I need to shave.
623. I won't bother you.
624. What time is it now?
625. She's not a doctor.
626. What are you interested in?
627. There'll be a problem.
628. I write Chinese.
629. I'm expecting someone.
630. I'll be right with you.
631. I'm not free.
632. I'm useless at French.
633. I've got a reservation.
634. I've lost my bag.
635. Is dinner ready?
636. Is it cloudy?
637. Is it foggy?
638. Is it hot?
639. Is it rainy?
640. Is it windy?
641. Is there a fee?
642. Is this your family?
643. It hurts here.
644. It is 7:30.
645. It is 7:45.
646. It is dusty.
647. It is foggy.
648. It is my bedroom.
649. It is very expensive.
650. It is warm.
651. It was very foggy.
652. It was very windy.
653. It will be cloudy.
654. Itยดs your turn.
655. It's about to rain.
656. It's big!
657. It's cold today!
658. It's delicious!
659. It's hailing.
660. It's incredible.
661. It's not practical.
662. It's raining.
663. It's too far away.
664. Itโ€™s too small.
665. Juan is getting dressed.
666. Keep to the right.
667. Let's have another.
668. Let's go shopping downtown.
669. Look into my eyes.
670. Maria is sad today.
671. May I come in?
672. May I help you?
673. May I smoke?
674. May I use your telephone?
675. Most people agree.
676. My bottle broke.
677. My brother has nothing.
678. My brother prefers windsurfing.
679. My mother is a teacher.
680. My name is Henry.
681. My parents are divorced.
682. My shoes are brown.
683. My suit is gray.
684. My sweater is purple.
685. My television is broken.
686. My tie is orange.
687. My tooth hurts.
688. My toy is broken.
689. My wisdom tooth hurts.
690. Old people walk slowly.
691. One good turn deserves another.
692. Our work never ends.
693. Please be seated.
694. Please bill me.
695. Please call a doctor!
696. Please sit down.
697. Please speak more slowly.
698. Please write it down.
700. Push the door carefully.
701. Raise your hand.
702. See you later.
703. See you soon.
704. She has more books.
705. She has sunglasses.
706. She has the measles.
707. She has wet hair.
708. She is from France.
709. She is in the bathroom.
710. She is running outdoors.
711. She likes to read.
712. She likes to run.
713. She lives in New York.
714. She lost her purse.
715. Are you coming down?
716. You don't realize how lucky you are.
717. Hungry?
718. I trust you.
719. I don't have time
720. It's mine, not his.
721. I'm really sorry!
722. There's a storm coming.
723. Is this jasmine tea?
724. Don't underestimate me.
725. My favorite color is red.
726. I lost my key.
727. Take some aspirin.
728. Good night, Timmy.
729. My native language is Japanese.
730. Stick out your tongue.
731. His house is very modern.
732. When he was young, he was a hard worker.
733. When she was young, she was very popular.
734. According to what they say, that boy is very good at singing.
735. I was very happy when I heard that news.
736. I'm hungry.
737. The roses in the garden are blooming.
738. Jessie accepted the invitation at once.
739. Jessie does not speak of these things openly.
740. Jessie gave orders that Alex was to be treated well.
741. Jessie sat at the far end of the table.
742. Jessie shook Joseph's hand and greeted him with affection
743. Jessie spoke bad French and worse German.
744. Jessie stared at Jordan in dead silence.
745. Jessie stood at the Charlesโ€™s side talking into his ear.
746. Jessie strolled along beside the cart.
747. Jessie urged the little donkey forward.
748. The men looked at Jessie in silence.
749. We ought to send Jordan to the hospital.
750. He is one of my neighbors.
751. We have lunch about noon.
752. He's Taro's younger brother.
753. Did he propose to you?
754. Did he pass the test?
755. Did he pass the exam?
756. I usually get up at 6:00.
757. Do you know his older brother?
758. Did you know that he bought a condominium?
759. We took him to the hospital right away.
760. Can anyone help me?
761. I couldn't stop laughing.
762. Do you know why she couldn't come?
763. Do you know why he skipped class today?
764. Do you know why she's so angry?
765. Do you know whether or not she can speak English?
766. Do you know if she can speak English?
767. Do you remember what Cathy was wearing at the party?
768. What did she say?
769. She returned the book to the library.
770. He screwed up his courage and proposed to her.
771. She said that he was handsome.
772. You're an idiot.
773. He plays tennis very well.
774. I am American.
775. He's raking it in.
776. I can't take the heat.
777. She needs a coat.
778. She reads after lunch.
779. She reads Chinese.
780. She sells flowers.
781. She sells vegetables.
782. She speaks Chinese.
783. She writes Chinese.
784. Shut up!
785. Sign here, please.
786. Someone stole my belongings.
787. Spanish is spoken here.
788. Stay there.
789. Take a seat, please
790. Take it away, please.
791. Take me home.
792. Thank you for your help.
793. Thank you very much.
794. Thanks for the invitation.
795. Thanks for your hospitality.
796. That hurts.
797. That is plastic.
798. That man is dead.
799. That seat is taken.
800. That's great.
801. The bedrooms are upstairs.
802. The belt is brown.
803. The bill, please
804. The blouse is clean.
805. The bookstore is open.
806. The children are visitors.
807. The coffee is cold.
808. The coins are metal.
809. The cup is full.
810. The dog wants meat.
811. The dogs are wet.
812. The doors were closed.
813. The fish smells bad.
814. The flowers smell good.
815. The girl likes horses.
816. The jewelry store is open.
817. The lemondade is cold.
818. The man is hungry.
819. The man is sick.
820. The shirts are dry.
821. The stars are shining.
822. The street is wet.
823. The supermarket is open.
824. The tea is hot.
825. The window is closed.
826. The window is open.
827. The woman speaks Spanish.
828. The woman wants jewelry.
829. The women are working.
830. The women have umbrellas.
831. The women like tea.
832. The women play tennis.
833. These are animals.
834. These are gifts.
835. These are our visitors.
836. These are people.
837. These chairs are different.
838. These jewels are expensive.
839. These ties are different.
840. They are gray.
841. They eat chocolate.
842. They have black hair.
843. This is cold.
844. This is delicious.
845. This is my book.
846. This is my brother.
847. This is ugly.
848. This is very important.
849. This isn't Spanish.
850. Is there a doctor on board?
851. John is more intelligent than Bill.
852. She was surprised that he showed up.
853. She's in the bath.
854. She will leave for New York next Sunday.
855. I am very hungry
856. This smells good.
857. Turn around.
858. Turn left.
859. Turn right.
860. Wait for me!
861. Wash your hands.
862. We have forty-five.
863. We live in New York.
864. We study Arabic.
865. We study Chinese.
866. We're closed tomorrow.
867. We're open tomorrow.
868. Weโ€™re not cold.
869. Welcome to Columbia!
870. Well done!
871. What do you need?
872. What does this mean?
873. What is my room number?
874. What is that?
875. I eat breakfast every morning.
876. She came to Tokyo when she was eighteen years old.
877. She looks a lot like her mother.
878. Bob became a pastor.
879. Bob became a preacher.
880. Bob became a minister.
881. I'll help you as much as I can.
882. I'll come back home as soon as I can.
883. Let him in.
884. Please tell him to wait.
885. You might meet him.
886. I'd like to talk to John.
887. When did you meet him?
888. Do you meet him often?
889. I laughed at his joke.
890. His joke was great.
891. Mr. Smith came.
892. Has Mike quit drinking?
893. I voted for Ken.
894. Mr. Johnson's room was a large room.
895. That baby is Tom.
896. His story sounds true.
897. I plan to write Judy a letter.
898. I intend to write a letter to Judy.
899. His car is really cool.
900. They believe that Jane is honest.
901. What do you think of him?
902. What do you think of his suggestion?
903. Does Tom need to stay home today?
904. Does Tom have to stay home today?
905. We chose John to be our captain.
906. We chose John to be captain.
907. Please serve him his meal first.
908. I don't know anything about him.
909. His concert was very good.
910. His concert was great.
911. What he did wasn't wrong.
912. Do it the way he tells you to.
913. Do what he tells you.
914. Everyone who knew him admired him.
915. The owner of this house is Mr. Yamada.
916. Joe is madly in love with that girl.
917. That's not Jack's fault.
918. How was your weekend?
919. Taro, could you help me?
920. Let's drop by his house.
921. Everyone in his family is tall.
922. His new car is wonderful.
923. Watch him and do the same thing.
924. Watch him and do what he does.
925. I'll visit him tomorrow.
926. I'll visit Mr. Brown tomorrow.
927. I'll visit you tomorrow.
928. I visit him every other day.
929. I'll personally visit you.
930. Mrs. Smith cleans that room.
931. We think that Tom is an honest person.
932. I got that news from Hashimoto.
933. His house is across from mine.
934. Please remember what he said.
935. Let's talk about Paola.
936. I work in Milan.
937. What he said would happen has happened.
938. Please wait five minutes.
939. What he said embarrassed me.
940. His lectures are very long.
941. He has reached the end of his patience.
942. He threw a rock into the pond.
943. We work every day but Sunday.
944. She lived in Hiroshima until she was ten.
945. You can't live without water.
946. Could you please tell me why you love her?
948. This is the house where I was born.
949. My father went fishing.
950. There's no more salt.
951. Iron is a useful metal.
952. My son is taller than I am.
953. You shouldn't tell him anything about your girlfriend.
954. This book has a number of mistakes, but it's interesting.
955. Where is your father?
956. He doesn't have any friends to play with.
957. There are many fish in this lake.
958. He knocked on the closed door.
959. He knocked on the door again and again, but there was no answer.
960. He knocked on the door.
961. What did you say your name was?
962. He's very good at guitar.
963. He's very good at playing guitar.
964. Her older daughter is married.
965. Ken shared the room with his older brother.
966. You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.
967. How old is your oldest son?
968. My older brother finished his homework very quickly.
969. I have one older brother and one younger sister.
970. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
971. The company is managed by my older brother.
972. He didn't know that.
973. He is rich, but his older brother is poor.
974. He is not as smart as his older brother.
975. He is not as intelligent as his older brother.
976. He has three older sisters.
977. She's my older sister.
978. She's my sister.
979. Which do you like better, apples or bananas?
980. That's my younger sister's photograph.
981. He might not be happy.
983. My father loves pizza.
984. The train is 10 minutes late today.
985. He is drunk.
986. He lost his eyesight in the accident.
987. If you are by my side, I don't need anything else.
988. His story was made up.
989. That pasture is ten acres.
990. I thought he was my brother.
991. I thought he was my younger brother.
992. I mistook him for my brother.
993. He turned out to be her father.
994. It turned out that he was her father.
995. We found out that he was her father.
996. When I see him, I think of my grandfather.
997. As far as I know, he is a person who keeps his promises.
998. To the best of my knowledge, the lake is the deepest here.
999. As far as I know, he's a nice guy.
1000. As far as I know, he has never come on time.

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