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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. She was moved to tears by the story.
2. I was moved to tears by the story.
3. She was very happy with my gift.
4. She was appointed chairperson.
5. She spent all afternoon cooking.
6. She was busy with household work.
7. She was busy with housework.
8. She was run over by a car.
9. She was hit by a car.
10. The dog was hit by a car.
11. She came very near to being run over by a car.
12. She was almost hit by a car.
13. He was almost hit by a car.
14. I was almost hit by a car.
15. The old man was almost hit by a car.
16. Of course she can speak English.
17. She can speak English, of course.
18. She can play tennis very well, but I can play as well as she can.
19. She can speak French and she speaks it fluently.
20. She was not in the mood for lunch.
21. She didn't feel like eating lunch.
22. She felt like taking a walk.
23. She was about to go out.
24. She was wearing pumps.
25. She caught colds often.
26. She was susceptible to colds.
27. Short skirts have already gone out of fashion.
28. Short skirts are already out of fashion.
29. Those shoes are a perfect match for this white skirt.
30. Those shoes go well with this white skirt.
31. She left here right away.
32. She went to the museum by cab.
33. She went to the museum by taxi.
34. She went to the Takasu clinic.
35. She went to a movie the other day.
36. My father suggested that we go to the movies this afternoon.
37. Let's go to a movie.
38. She cried when she heard the news.
39. Upon hearing the news, she burst out crying.
40. When she heard the news, she broke down crying.
41. Upon hearing the news, she broke down crying.
42. She wept bitterly.
43. She cried bitterly.
44. She cried as she read the letter.
45. She squeezed the juice from many oranges.
46. Keiko, do you have any buttered toast?
47. I've never seen him in jeans.
48. I've never seen him wearing jeans.
49. I think it's strange that Alice should keep silent for such a long time.
50. I thought it would be difficult for her to get the tickets.
51. I'll stay at home the next time she comes.
52. I hope that Mary passes the examination.
53. She may come.
54. She might come.
55. In my opinion, she is correct.
56. In my opinion, he is correct.
57. I'm sure that she has arrived at the village by now.
58. I'm surprised that she did such a thing.
59. I have a feeling that she will come today.
60. I've not heard that she will come.
61. I haven't received any notice that she is coming.
62. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to catch up with him.
63. No matter how hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.
64. I can understand what she is saying.
65. Mary came in.
66. She stood out because she was wearing a red dress.
67. Her red dress made her stand out.
68. Wearing a suit, he stood out.
69. He stood out because he was wearing a suit.
70. Both of the girls are wearing white suits.
71. He lied to us.
72. He told us a lie.
73. He likes watching TV.
74. He likes watching baseball games on TV.
75. He likes to watch baseball games on TV.
76. He enjoys watching baseball games on TV.
77. What she bought there was a camera.
78. It took me a while to understand what she was trying to say.
79. It's strange that she came home so late at night.
80. As soon as she opened the door a cat ran out.
81. As soon as we sat down she brought us coffee.
82. As soon as it stopped raining a beautiful rainbow appeared.
83. As soon as the bell rang the teacher came into the classroom.
84. Immediately after the bell rang the teacher came into the classroom.
85. Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.
86. As soon as she heard the bell ring, she answered the telephone.
87. She answered the telephone as soon as she heard the bell ring.
88. She opened the letter quickly.
89. It's true that she's dead.
90. It's obvious that she's sick.
91. The coat that she said she wanted was very expensive.
92. The coat she said she wanted was extremely expensive.
93. The campaign was successful and she won the election.
94. The court ordered her to pay the fine.
95. Green suits Alice.
96. Green looks good on Alice.
97. I saw Shin'ichi in Kakogawa yesterday.
98. What the teacher said got Mary to study harder.
99. What the teacher said encouraged Mary to study harder.
100. The time will come when she'll regret it.
101. The bathtub overflowed while she was talking on the phone.
102. There are only five minutes left till the train leave and she hasn't appeared.
103. She isn't at home now.
104. There's a rumor going around that she got a new job.
105. They asked Kate to babysit their child.
106. We are men.
107. We are boys.
108. Certainly she is correct.
109. I'm sure that she's correct.
110. She's correct for sure.
111. What do you think she is doing now?
112. What's she doing?
113. Who cares when she gets married?
114. She took the entrance exam yesterday.
115. He was admitted without taking the exam.
116. He was admitted to that school without taking the exam.
117. She was annoyed because she had been kept waiting.
118. She gave up smoking.
119. She quit smoking.
120. "Leave me alone," she said angrily.
121. She may realize later what I meant.
122. She left here in a hurry.
123. He can read well.
124. He can read pretty well.
125. He can read.
126. He can read well enough.
127. Kate is very energetic.
128. Mayuko was very tired.
129. He is intelligent.
130. He found his parents.
131. These oranges have rotted.
132. You must observe those rules.
133. Don't be shy.
134. I will never see him again.
135. He's kind to me.
136. It rained as soon as he got home.
137. Don't believe what she says.
138. These are cakes that she baked herself.
139. I don't like her face.
140. I like her younger sister very much.
141. He loves traveling.
142. He loves taking trips.
143. I'll be at home the next time she comes.
144. Nobody knows where he has gone.
145. I can't understand what he is trying to say.
146. I think it's a pity that he lied.
147. I have a feeling that he knows the secret.
148. Everyone is here except for him.
149. I won't let him come here again.
150. Why did you come here?
151. He's three years older than me.
152. He is the more capable of the two boys.
153. I pretended not to understand what he was saying.
154. I couldn't understand his joke.
155. I didn't get his joke.
156. I don't know and neither does he.
157. I don't know what day he'll come.
158. I resent the way he treated me.
159. He'll get well soon.
160. I think that it was his mistake.
161. Who is younger, him or me?
162. What is this?
163. Is this your DVD?
164. I know everything.
165. The woman is reading.
166. The house is pretty.
167. My father used to travel.
168. When cleaning the classroom, a few students carry the podium.
169. He has no chance of succeeding.
170. I wonder why.
171. Beggars can't be choosers.
172. I don't want your pity.
173. What he says is nonsense.
174. "Give me another bottle," he said.
175. It's bad manners to do that kind of thing during meals.
176. We want you to behave yourself during meals.
177. He said that it would probably rain.
178. I checked to make sure that he was still alive.
179. He's a hopeless case.
180. I didn't know that he was there.
181. I don't know when he'll come next time.
182. He will come soon.
183. According to the newspaper, he committed suicide.
184. The question is whether he'll read the letter or not.
185. This is the house where he lives.
186. This is the house where he lived.
187. This is the house where he was born.
188. This is the house where that poet lived when he was a child.
189. That won't work!
190. Summer is over.
191. Please do that again.
192. I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth.
193. I'm in love with her.
194. He loves her.
195. It's said that she loves him.
196. They say that she is in love with him.
197. Does it sound like I'm in love?
198. It's true that he is in love with her.
199. I felt that I should help her.
200. I think she is charming and attractive.
201. She became a true friend of mine.
202. I made her angry.
203. I bought her a watch.
204. I have two cousins.
205. I'm counting how many people there are.
206. A nail penetrated the car tire.
207. I just met her on the street.
208. I love you more than I love her.
209. I met her on the way to school.
210. I met her late that evening.
211. I sent her a doll.
212. I plan to break up with her.
213. I won't see her again.
214. I don't feel like telling her the truth.
215. I don't feel like meeting her now.
216. It's no good trying to persuade her.
217. I've never met her.
218. I'll never see her again.
219. I didn't receive even one letter from her.
220. What's the matter?
221. The more I listen to her, the less I like her.
222. The red dress looked good on her.
223. The red dress suited her.
224. That red dress looks good on her.
225. That red dress suited her.
226. Stay away from me.
227. I asked her out on a date.
228. That's a great poem.
229. I found a rare stamp at that store.
230. I can't stand him.
231. I can't remember the melody to that song.
232. I couldn't agree with his opinion.
233. I don't feel well today. That well water is the reason.
234. I know that boy who is running.
235. I know those women.
236. I know those girls.
237. Every time I meet him, I think of my father.
238. I like that singer a lot.
239. I think it was a mistake that he didn't take my advice.
240. I was disappointed in him.
241. I want to get that classic car no matter how expensive it is.
242. I think he's happy.
243. I have something that I want to say to him.
244. It's obvious that he lied.
245. Let's go drink a cup of coffee at that coffee shop over there.
246. That guy annoys me.
247. This annoys me.
248. I think it's very difficult for an Englishman to imitate a real American accent.
249. Show me an example.
250. I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.
251. I forgot to bring my health insurance card.
252. I forgot your phone number.
253. She has beautiful handwriting.
254. She writes beautifully.
255. I didn't mean to!
256. I borrowed this comic from his sister.
257. I don't feel that I can trust what he says.
258. I can't remember his explanation.
259. I couldn't understand what he was saying.
260. I thought about the meaning of his painting.
261. I saw him being scolded by his mother.
262. I saw him being scolded by his father.
263. I think we should adopt his plan.
264. I think his novel is boring.
265. I didn't know about your plan.
266. I have to obey his orders.
267. I succeeded because of his advice.
268. Put on your cap.
269. I think this is his umbrella.
270. I know the person that you came with.
271. If I were you, I'd follow his advice.
272. Her hat looked very funny.
273. I don't know her address.
274. It's started to snow.
275. That's my idea.
276. I love math.
277. I haven't forgotten.
278. I'm used to it.
279. The students are back.
280. I am going to school.
281. Choose between this and that.
282. I don't understand what you are trying to say.
283. Would you please close that window?
284. I remember that he said that.
285. It started to snow.
286. These are our books.
287. That book is theirs.
288. Is that in Uighur?
289. I'm an engineer.
290. I am tired.
291. That old man had been making homemade whiskey for fifty years.
292. That boy is smart.
293. That boy is intelligent.
294. I can't put up with that noise.
295. It's fine with me.
296. I just got up.
297. I'm just kidding.
298. That house is mine.
299. I admire his talent.
300. I don't have any money in my pockets.
301. I had to decline his offer.
302. I don't enjoy hanging out with him.
303. School lunches are disgusting!
304. I partially understand what he means.
305. I can't speak English at all.
306. She studied in Belgium.
307. He often helps others.
308. I always walk.
309. I came from China.
310. Can I use a credit card?
311. It's October the third.
312. She likes Russian pop.
313. I am translating.
314. I love Korean food.
315. I think he won't come.
316. He's smart.
317. He's intelligent.
318. Where's his home?
319. Are you alone?
320. I am smart.
321. He keeps his word.
322. I need to study.
323. I must study.
324. That shows the depth of his love for his family.
325. I remember his face but I can't remember his name.
326. You can't appreciate his good points by just seeing what he looks like.
327. Is there any chance that he will come?
328. Is there any hope that he will come?
329. Is there any chance that he'll resign?
330. Is there any chance that he'll recover?
331. Did he draw this picture by himself?
332. It's no use for him to try to find out the real reason.
333. That incident made him famous.
334. That affair made him famous.
335. The news of his death spread.
336. The news of his death spread around.
337. His family was glad to hear that he had arrived safely.
338. He couldn't sleep because of the noise outside his window.
339. The group departed as soon as he arrived.
340. We couldn't go out because of the storm.
341. We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain.
342. He couldn't go out because of the snow.
343. I couldn't go out because of the snow.
344. I couldn't go out because of the rain.
345. We couldn't go out because of the rain.
346. We couldn't go out because of the snowstorm.
347. We couldn't go out because of the typhoon.
348. There weren't any flowers or trees on the streets of his town.
349. There is a little hope that he will succeed.
350. There is a small chance that he will succeed.
351. There is a picture that he himself drew.
352. There's hardly any hope that he'll win the election.
353. This is a picture that he himself drew.
354. Is this a picture that you drew by yourself?
355. Is this a picture that you yourself drew?
356. Is this a picture that he drew by himself?
357. We think the reason for his success was because of hard work.
358. You can't depend on him to be punctual.
359. Have they ever come on time?
360. We soon caught up with them.
361. I couldn't understand a single word of what they said.
362. I hope that neither of them were involved in that traffic accident.
363. What do you want to drink?
364. I tried my best to get them to stop quarreling.
365. I want to ask them when their wedding day is.
366. I don't know why they are fighting.
367. I don't know anything about their relationship.
368. I have nothing to do with their troubles.
369. I don't know anything about their plan.
370. I'm sure that they will pass the test.
371. I'm surprised that you don't know about their marriage.
372. I couldn't remember their names.
373. We met them by accident at the bus terminal.
374. We ran into them at the bus terminal.
375. In order to beat them, we practice very hard.
376. We sometimes see them.
377. We sometimes meet them.
378. We tried to compromise with them.
379. We tried to come to a compromise with them
380. When I saw them on a date, I asked them, "Are you getting married soon?"
381. Are you planning to help them?
382. It isn't easy to write a love letter in English.
383. It's important for young people to study English.
384. It's important for today's young people to study English.
385. Speaking in English is fun.
386. It's fun to speak in English.
387. It's difficult to speak English well.
388. It's hard to speak English well.
389. Speaking English isn't easy.
390. Speaking English isn't easy, but it's fun.
391. Mastering English is difficult.
392. People are apt to take it for granted that professors can speak English.
393. Our English teacher is both strict and kind.
394. Does this letter have to be written in English?
395. Don't quit English.
396. You shouldn't quit English.
397. He became a policeman.
398. Do you know us?
399. The policeman arrested the burglar.
400. The police officer arrested the burglar.
401. The police officers arrested the burglar.
402. The policemen arrested the burglar.
403. I don't spend much time preparing for English classes.
404. I study math harder than I study English.
405. I study math more seriously than I study English.
406. English is third period.
407. I'm practising judo.
408. He is very handsome.
409. He's curious about everything.
410. My brother didn't like her from the first time he met her.
412. How is everything?
413. Anthony was respeced by the Egyptians.
414. She and I are the same age.
415. I'm as old as he is.
416. He pretended not to hear me.
417. He pretended not to hear his boss.
418. She pretended not to hear him yesterday.
419. He was out of breath because he had been running.
420. I remember that man's name very well.
421. Why did you come here so early?
422. What kind of meal did you eat?
423. What did you do yesterday evening?
424. What did you do over the weekend?
425. Why did you do that?
426. What did you do with my luggage?
427. What did you eat for breakfast?
428. What did you eat for lunch today?
429. What did you do last night?
430. "Do you like sports?" "Yes, I especially like baseball."
431. "Do you like traveling?" "Yes, I do."
432. I hit him in the belly.
433. I wonder if they'll get divorced.
434. I must ask Nick for his new address and telephone number when I see him.
435. I'm going to talk to Tom when he comes home.
436. I didn't tell him the truth because I was afraid of hurting his feelings.
437. I envied his new house.
438. I saw her home.
439. I took her home.
440. I don't know what to buy him for his birthday.
441. What I told you about him also applies to his brother.
442. "Aren't you Mr. Ogawa?" "Yes, I am. Can I help you?"
443. You can say that again.
444. His cousin, whose name I have forgotten, was a nurse.
445. He doesn't miss anything.
446. When you are hungry, anything tastes good.
447. It tastes very good, doesn't it?
448. It tastes really good.
449. My father made me a delicious lunch.
450. Nothing tastes as good as the food that you make.
451. The monkey fell from the tree.
452. We saw monkeys at the zoo.
453. Isn't this weather just great!
454. Great weather, isn't it?
455. This really is great weather.
456. Japan, for the most part, is a lovely place to live.
457. Japan, for the most part, is a good place to live.
458. A beautiful sunset, isn't it?
459. The sky was clear when I left home.
460. Yes, it's such a nice evening.
461. You have cute eyes.
462. Don't pay any attention to what your father says.
463. You don't have a fever.
464. He tried to concentrate on the letter.
465. She teaches us French.
466. Do you think the weather will be fine tomorrow?
467. Do you think tomorrow's weather will be good?
468. Do you think tomorrow will be a nice day?
469. Do you think we'll have good weather tomorrow?
470. How's life?
471. Please, eat something.
472. His opposition was more violent than he had bargained for.
473. I didn't expect that Mary would come so soon.
474. I don't know if George is coming or not.
475. I don't know whether George will come or not.
476. I think there is no point in trying to persuade him.
477. It was difficult to persuade him to cancel the trip.
478. It was hard to persuade him to cancel the trip.
479. It was difficult to convince him to cancel the trip.
480. I had a hard time trying to persuade him to cancel the trip.
481. I hope that John comes.
482. I hope that John will come.
483. I met Meg in Kyoto last week.
484. This is Mike. Is Hiroshi there?
485. No, but I like going to watch baseball.
486. I like going to watch baseball.
487. I like to go and watch baseball games.
488. I went to Osaka station.
489. Many friends came to see me off.
490. Many friends saw him off.
491. I tried to write down everything he said.
492. I would rather live by myself than do what he tells me to do.
493. I can't understand his feelings.
494. I don't like men like him.
495. I don't know anything about his past.
496. I couldn't find his house.
497. I hear that his father is in another country.
498. As far as I know, he said that himself.
499. Do you understand me?
500. Where's the airport?
501. Please speak slowly.
502. Do you understand?
503. You're welcome.
504. What's that there?
505. That's the hotel.
506. Is the milk good?
507. The water is good.
508. He not only speaks French, but he speaks Spanish, too.
509. Which tooth hurts?
510. Where do you have pain?
511. Where is the pain?
512. I'm sorry that you are leaving here.
513. His plan is dangerous!
514. I think his method of teaching has good points and bad points.
515. I think his opinion is very important.
516. I thought his opinion was relevant.
517. This morning he said that he would be leaving for Nara tomorrow.
518. I was very confused by his questions.
519. I was terribly confused by his question.
520. I was awfully confused by his question.
521. I was offended by his behavior.
522. I wonder what happened to him.
523. I wonder what happened to his sister.
524. I was surprised by his perseverance.
525. He agrees with my opinion.
526. I agree with his opinion.
527. I agree with that opinion.
528. I'm fed up with him always preaching to me.
529. I'm tired of him bawling me out.
530. I'm tired of listening to his boasts.
531. I tired of listening to his long speech.
532. I wonder if I should answer his letter.
533. I could hardly hear him.
534. I slapped his face.
535. I'm behind him.
536. I'll scold him.
537. I'm a little hesitant to ask a favor of that person.
538. I'm a little hesitant about asking her for a favor.
539. Should I buy something for him?
540. I asked him for a favor.
541. I can't do anything but obey him.
542. I don't think I'll ever meet him.
543. I warned him not to be late.
544. I don't remember the first time I met him.
545. I don't remember when the first time I met him was.
546. I expect a lot from him.
547. We expect a lot from him.
548. I've never met him.
549. I had intended to hand the document to him, but I forgot to.
550. I warned you not to get near him, didn't I?
551. I can barely stand his behavior.
552. I can't stand his arrogance.
553. I can't put up with his arrogance.
554. I couldn't understand his ideas.
555. I have given him permission to do what he wants to do.
556. I'm at home.
557. "I forgot," she answered.
558. My watch stopped, so I didn't know the time.
559. I've heard nothing.
560. I'll be the only one in this world.
561. All things considered, I think you should go back home and take care of your parents.
562. Even though the alarm clock went off, I didn't wake up.
563. I'm hungry!
564. Do you understand what I'm saying?
565. When I got to school, the race had already finished.
566. When I was a child, I used to swim in that pond.
567. As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.
568. Since I didn't eat anything for breakfast, I'm very hungry now.
569. He answered my question with a "no."
570. The man who was smoking said, "He doesn't come here any more."
571. "Let's go," he said to me.
572. You told her that you had finished the work three days ago.
573. "Did she buy a watch?" "Yes, she did."
574. At last, she gave in to him and told him the secret.
575. She asked him for help.
576. She asked me for help.
577. He asked his friends for help.
578. Both of them are in the room.
579. The two of them are in the room.
580. What is happiness?
581. He came to Japan when he was a child.
582. He came to Japan when he was 10 years old.
583. He came first. That's why he got a good seat.
584. Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.
585. He can't come to the office today because he doesn't feel well.
586. Because he's sick, he can't come.
587. He cheated on the test by copying his friend's answers.
588. He admitted that he had committed the crime.
589. He did everything he could to get the prize.
590. He doesn't want to leave the room because he's afraid that he'll catch another cold.
591. He doesn't work as hard as he used to.
592. He became sick. That's why he gave up going abroad.
593. She intended to become an actress.
594. She aspired to become an actress.
595. Many people think I'm crazy.
596. He announced that he would come at once and investigate the matter.
597. Bill got up early in order to catch the first train.
598. Bill got up early so he could catch the first train.
599. As soon as Jim got home, he crawled into bed.
600. Within one month of going abroad, he became sick.
601. Jeff searched for three months before he found a job.
602. She was only frightened, not injured.
603. Close the door.
604. You shouldn't go.
605. I'm going there alone.
606. Do you plan to go overseas?
607. Are you at home?
608. How many books do you have?
609. What do you plan to do?
610. Don't make trouble.
611. Don't you play tennis?
612. You like it, don't you?
613. You can do it, can't you?
614. You may use this car.
615. You shouldn't wait here.
616. May I use your pencil?
617. I have something that I want to say to you.
618. Hurry up! If you don't, we'll be late.
619. I need a medic.
620. It took just an hour.
621. The rumor turned out to be true.
622. You should see a doctor.
623. He's eating an apple.
624. She's eating an apple.
625. They're eating apples.
626. We're eating apples.
627. Please show me your driver's license.
628. May I see your driver's license?
629. She took the old woman's hand and led her to the church.
630. It's nice today.
631. I like to walk.
632. Tom is good at cooking.
633. Tom is taller than I am.
634. Tom is older than I am.
635. Tom is still in the hospital.
636. Tom is a good person.
637. Tom is my friend.
638. Which team are you a fan of?
639. What's your favorite sport?
640. I left the door open.
641. Maybe later.
642. What else?
643. You must leave.
644. Since he was very drunk, he couldn't drive his car home.
645. Do you commute to school by bus?
646. I like white wine better than red wine.
647. I need to get some stamps.
648. There's no way I'm going to do that.
649. Probably it will snow tomorrow.
650. I didn't expect it.
651. She wants to keep him at a distance.
652. I missed you.
653. This coffee is too hot for me to drink.
654. I know that girl.
655. Let's see who wins!
656. We have to pull the weeds.
657. What's your name?
658. Maybe it will snow.
659. Unfortunately, she is absent.
660. I'm thinking of going.
661. What's the date today?
662. It never rains but it pours.
663. No matter how bad it gets, she won't die of that kind of sickness.
664. No matter how bad it gets, she won't die from that disease.
665. She thought about that matter all the time.
666. It's too bad that you couldn't come.
667. Being an only child, he was the sole heir.
668. You can get a nice view from here when the weather is good.
669. You don't get up as early as you older sister, do you?
670. You don't have any money.
671. Don't you have any money?
672. What you say is true.
673. I don't understand what you are saying.
674. We plan to climb that mountain.
675. That boy isn't as mischievous as we thought he would be.
676. I haven't seen him since then.
677. When I see that play, I always cry.
678. I am hungry.
679. She and I are about the same height.
680. I have no intention of asking him.
681. We didn't intend to attack him.
682. I don't meet him so often.
683. She is beautiful.
684. Yesterday's board meeting was a big success.
685. She tried to squeeze the juice out of the orange.
686. She tried to squeeze the juice from the orange.
687. She likes oranges.
688. I have a stupid question.
689. Does she like oranges?
690. May I eat this orange?
691. She goes to night school.
692. They always skip school.
693. They skip school all the time.
694. They dropped out of school.
695. You'd better believe it.
696. Hey guys, please be quiet.
697. Don't stand near me.
698. Shake my hand.
699. We've arrived.
700. Well, let's get going!
701. Well, let's go.
702. Wait a moment.
703. Hey you! Please wait.
704. What an idiot I am!
705. I've been wanting to see you.
706. You really are lucky, aren't you?
707. You really are rude, aren't you?
708. You really are tall, aren't you?
709. I really am unlucky!
710. I continued singing.
711. I sympathize with you.
712. This is all I know.
713. That's my favorite chair.
714. That's the chair that I really like.
715. I like you.
716. You're not here, so I'm really sad.
717. You and I have the same idea.
718. I'm very happy.
719. I'm walking with her.
720. Do what you think is best.
721. Do as you please.
722. Don't touch my camera.
723. This coat fits you perfectly.
724. Those are my pants.
725. Am I wrong?
726. We need your help.
727. He'll be done soon.
728. What do you do for a living?
729. What's your occupation?
730. When can we eat, I wonder.
731. It's exactly as you say it is.
732. You've been deceived.
733. How can I get in touch with you?
734. It's for you to decide.
735. He really wants to meet you.
736. I can't remember his name.
737. I know your older brother quite well.
738. I like this color, too.
739. I went there many times.
740. I'll pay.
741. Please tell me what I should do.
742. What do you eat for breakfast?
743. Where in Canada are you from?
744. What part of Canada are you from?
745. You should go in person.
746. You don't need to hurry.
747. You might be late for school.
748. You don't need to do that right away.
749. You didn't need to take a taxi.
750. Can you swim as fast as he can?
751. He's not as tall as you are.
752. Why were you there?
753. I asked her to wait a moment.
754. I missed the last train.
755. I won't talk to him anymore.
756. I want this camera.
757. I'm sorry, but I can't go with you.
758. If I were you, I wouldn't do that kind of thing.
759. It's been thirty years since we got married
760. You're right.
761. I visited Dan.
762. I see Dan.
763. I see Dana.
764. I saw Dana.
765. Better safe than sorry.
766. She has beautiful eyes.
767. An old man was resting in the shade of the tree.
768. My older brother did all the preparation for us.
769. My older brother made all the preparations for us.
770. One morning, she unexpectedly met him on the street.
771. If you compare this to that, which is better?
772. He must be the principal.
773. I'm doing this for you.
774. Even with all his wealth and fame, he's unhappy.
775. Are you married?
776. Ann doesn't have any sisters.
777. Ann doesn't have a sister.
778. The class begins at 8:30.
779. Ann likes chocolate very much.
780. Ann loves chocolate.
781. Ann loves chocolate more than anything.
782. They weren't at home yesterday.
783. He's famous around the world.
784. Let's do it.
785. Let's try it.
786. What's this?
787. This medicine will help you.
788. How far is it from here to that station?
789. What time is it now by your watch?
790. What time does your watch say it is now?
791. I live in this neighborhood.
792. I live near here.
793. My father bought a new car.
794. Would you mind if I sit at the same table?
795. Please put your shoes on.
796. Please drop me off at the station.
797. I can't see anything.
798. I'm sure that he'll get angry.
799. No one in his class can run faster than he does.
800. No one in the class runs as fast as he does.
801. You're completely right.
802. Even with all his money, he's unhappy.
803. Even with all the money he has, he isn't happy.
804. I think I'm getting a headache thinking about how annoying Jessie is.
805. Did you buy her something for Christmas?
806. He isn't the only one with this opinion.
807. I used to play tennis with him on Sundays.
808. I often used to play tennis with him on Sundays.
809. It seems obvious that he is sick.
810. Do you speak French?
811. Both sisters are very beautiful.
812. The ice melted.
813. No one was late.
814. I quit smoking.
815. UN stands for United Nations.
816. He's not serious.
817. I will try.
818. The castle is beautiful.
819. The word "impossible" isn't in the French language.
820. This castle is beautiful.
821. The Steve Miller Band released a new album in June of 2010.
822. Please, sit down.
823. I'm good at Japanese.
824. I'm afraid it won't work.
825. I think it won't succeed.
826. Trang's party was like a wake.
827. He called me a taxi.
828. He called a taxi for me.
829. He called a cab for me.
830. He works at a bank.
831. Where are you going?
832. What a beautiful sunset.
833. I ate the cheese.
834. We disturbed him.
835. I am a lonely man.
836. Do you like tennis?
837. I'm very tired.
838. You need this.
839. What is the problem?
840. What did the doctor say?
841. If you hadn't had my advice, you would have failed.
842. If you hadn't had advice, you'd have failed.
843. Long time, no see.
844. It's been a long time.
845. I haven't seen you for a long time.
846. It's been a while since we last met.
847. I haven't seen you in a long time.
848. I havenโ€™t seen you for a while.
849. I'll stand by you no matter what happens.
850. I haven't seen you for ages.
851. Wow! It's been a long time.
852. I haven't seen you in ages.
853. He lost his job.
854. I caused him a lot of trouble.
855. I made a doll for Ann.
856. He doesn't have any idea how important this meeting is.
857. These shoes are hers.
858. I was able to catch the last train because I walked very quickly.
859. I couldn't understand anything that he said.
860. Both of those students didn't pass the test.
861. Both of the students passed all their tests.
862. Since I walked very fast, I was in time for the last train.
863. This is by far the best of all of these.
864. My eyes hurt.
865. I have a sore throat.
866. Even children can read this book.
867. He got 90% in English.
868. Riding double on a bicycle is dangerous.
869. You idiot!
870. Two people can enter with this ticket.
871. With this ticket, two people can enter for free.
872. I'll come back to Australia the day after tomorrow.
873. Japanese eat three meals a day.
874. We have a lot of snow in winter.
875. When will you get married?
876. When are you going to get married?
877. There's no one in the room.
878. I don't think he'll come.
879. Today was fun.
880. Isn't that annoying?
881. "How old are you?" "I'm sixteen."
882. I have a lot of homework.
883. That meat is chicken.
884. I'll try harder next time.
885. I've finished reading that book
886. I continued working.
887. I returned the book to the library.
888. He overslept this morning.
889. A long time ago, there was a bridge here.
890. At one time, there was a bridge here.
891. There was a lot of snow last year.
892. I have to study for the test.
893. My wife catches colds easily.
894. I want to breathe some fresh air.
895. What'll you be doing over the weekend?
896. I don't like movies.
897. She doesn't need to work.
898. Running is good for your health.
899. That furniture is my mother's.
900. I'll return at 6:30.
901. My leg was bitten by that dog.
902. She was often late for school.
903. The TV's on.
904. He's still at work.
905. They aren't here yet.
906. I've put on on weight recently.
907. There's been a lot of rain this year.
908. You should wear a coat.
909. Please wait a little while longer.
910. Let's eat a watermelon!
911. I can come tomorrow.
912. All of these meetings are in English.
913. They haven't arrived yet.
914. Is that answer right?
915. I can't stand that noise.
916. I can't imagine going out in this weather.
917. I can't do any more than this.
918. I can't put up with her any longer.
919. I can't agree with you on that point.
920. I can't stand that kind of politician.
921. I can't understand this at all.
922. I can't understand what you said at all.
923. What you said makes absolutely no sense to me.
924. My eyes are blue.
925. The doctor advised him to cut back on drinking.
926. The doctor advised him to cut down on drinking.
927. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
928. There's no beer here.
929. They went to the station by car.
930. It's hot.
931. I don't like Alice.
932. Aaron killed Elizabeth.
933. Abbott killed Mary.
934. Alister killed Barbara.
935. Chris didn't have a car to drive.
936. I have always kept my promises.
937. George seems to be a good boy.
938. Ken didn't have the nerve to try it again.
939. Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.
940. Who is taller, Ken or Taro?
941. Ken lit the candles.
942. Mary helped her mother cook
943. That desk is too small for Meg.
944. Tom made some mistakes on the test.
945. He doesn't have any children.
946. I can't stand this noise.
947. It's cold there even in the summer.
948. I know her.
949. Kim is dressed very attractively.
950. Let's meet this afternoon.
951. She ironed her shirt.
952. Iceland belonged to Denmark.
953. He's always dissatisfied.
954. Skiing is very fun.
955. You like it?
956. Ostriches can't fly.
957. Mary killed Abbott.
958. Muiriel is an Indian.
959. It will snow tomorrow.
960. Let me have a look.
961. I must find it.
962. Foxes are wild animals.
963. These are my CDs.
964. There she is!
965. Is that clear?
966. It's in good hands.
967. That was a lie.
969. Double-click the icon.
970. Good night.
971. The doorbell rang.
972. He's really angry.
973. I'm unemployed.
974. AI means Artificial Intelligence.
975. Nancy seems tired.
976. He became world famous.
977. I threw up.
978. Let's order twenty kebabs!
979. Can I come in?
980. Who's working tonight?
981. Do you eat meat?
982. Where's the cook?
983. I often have nightmares.
984. He has a foreign car.
985. He's in Tokyo.
986. What time is it?
987. Are the passengers all aboard?
988. My knife is broken.
989. He often plays guitar.
990. When did you meet her?
991. He was in France.
992. We're going home.
993. Apples are red.
994. There were two cakes.
995. Please wait a moment.
996. Our food is cheap.
997. May I eat this hamburger?
998. Do you have paper?
999. He speaks Chinese fluently.
1000. There's a yellow rose.

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