Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
anyone pron. Anyone who wants to may join. any person
anything pron. Anything is all right with me. any object
anyway adv. Do it anyway you want. however
anywhere adv. Put it anywhere. any place
apart adv. He took it apart. into pieces
adv. He lived apart from his Dad. separate
apartment noun I have a two bedroom apartment. flat
apologize verb Apologize to your friend. ask forgiveness
apology noun I accept your apology. confession
apparatus noun We need apparatus for the experiment. equipment
apparent adj. The reason is not apparent to me. obvious
appeal verb I appeal to the King for mercy. plead
noun The King granted my appeal. plea
verb The idea appeals to me. is attractive
noun The city with appeal is Xian. has attraction
appear verb The car will appear soon. be seen
verb It appears they will be late. is likely
appearance noun The sun made an appearance at noon. in view
noun Give the appearance of honesty. semblance
appendix noun The doctor removed his appendix. body organ
noun At the end of a book is an appendix. additional material
appetite noun He had a good appetite. hunger
noun He had a good appetite for knowledge. desire
applaud verb After the speech, everyone applauded. clapped
apple noun They each ate an apple. fruit

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