Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
appliance noun She wanted an appliance for her house. machine
application noun He mailed the college application. request
apply verb You should apply for a job soon. ask
verb The rules apply to everyone. pertain
appoint verb I will appoint her the monitor. select
appointment noun My appointment as Minister is today. selection
noun I have an appointment with Dr. Jones. meeting date
appreciate verb I appreciate my wife's help. grateful
verb The value of the car will appreciate. increase
approach verb Approach wild bears with caution. go near
noun The best approach was from the north. access
appropriate adj. The appropriate title to use is Mr. proper
approval noun You will need approval to do that. permission
approve verb I approve of the way you did that. agree
approximately adj. Approximately 5000 people were there. about
April noun The fourth month is April. month name
Arab noun The Arab enrolled at the college. Arabian person
adj. The Arab man lived in Egypt. Arabian descent
arch noun The arch over the door was beautiful. curve
verb The bridge will arch over the river. curve
architect noun The architect designed this building. building designer
architecture noun The architecture in Paris is good. building design
Arctic noun The Arctic is a cold place. continent
adj. The Arctic region has lots of ice. continent
area noun They live in the New York area. location

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