Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
area noun He works in the area of finance. field
argue verb They argue about money. quarrel
argument noun The argument lasted over one hour. quarrel
arise verb He will arise in the morning. get up
verb New ideas arise from our discussion. proceed
arithmetic noun Arithmetic is taught in school. math
arm noun His arm was sore from working hard. upper limb
verb Each soldier was armed with a rifle. has weapon
army noun The army had many soldiers. military group
noun We have an army of workers. large group
around adv. We wandered around the town. everywhere
adv. There was enough to go around. each person
prep. They sat in the camp around the fire. in a circle
arouse verb He is asleep, try to arouse him. awake
arrange verb His mother will arrange the wedding. organize
arrest verb The rope will arrest your fall. stop
noun His arrest was the result of a crime. custody
arrival noun We expect his arrival at any moment. coming
arrive verb They arrive at 3:00 P.M. come
arrow noun He shot an arrow at the deer. weapon
noun The arrow pointed at the door. pointed sign
art noun We saw some art at the museum. paintings
noun The art of writing is difficult. skill
article noun They left an article of clothing. item
noun He wrote a short magazine article. story

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