Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
article noun Two articles are "a" and "an". grammar terms
artificial adj. The artificial flowers looked fake. fake
artist noun The artist painted her portrait. painter
artistic adj. It was an artistic painting. shows skill
as conj. He isn't here, as he wasn't invited. because
prep. He was acting as the moderator. taking place of
ascend verb We will ascend the mountain. climb up
verb She will ascend the throne. occupy
ash noun The fire left only ash. fire remains
ashamed adj. The ashamed man began to weep. felt guilty
Asia noun China is in the continent of Asia. land mass
Asian adj. The Asian man was a doctor. person from Asia
noun My friend was talking to an Asian. from Asia
aside adv. He walked aside his parents. beside
ask verb I will ask you for an answer. request
asleep adj. The bear was asleep on the ground. not awake
aspect noun I don't know that aspect. part
ass noun An ass is similar to a donkey animal
noun He was an ass at the party. fool
assassinate verb They will assassinate the leader. kill
assault verb The soldiers will assault the enemy. attack
noun The assault was carried out well. attack
assemble verb Assemble the students near the flag. gather
verb Please assemble my bicycle. construct
assembly noun The assembly is to be held tonight. meeting

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