Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
assert verb You should assert your authority. declare
assign verb We will assign you a room. designate
assist verb She will assist her mother. help
assistant noun The assistant was there to help. helper
adj. An assistant teacher helps me. helper
associate verb We associate with other scientists. link
noun His associate was not at home. ally
association noun We joined the auto association. group
noun The association with her was helpful. relationship
assume verb I assume you can come. guess
verb He assumed the responsibility. took upon
assurance noun I want assurance that you like it. confidence
assure verb I assure you that I will pay you. guarantee
astonish verb You astonish me with your ability. amaze
astronaut noun The astronaut sat in the space probe. space pilot
astronomy noun Astronomy is the study of the stars. study of universe
at prep. I will meet you at the market. location of
prep. I will meet you at 10:00 P.M. near time
prep. Look at him. toward
prep. He came to me at a run. in manner of
athlete noun He was a superb athlete. sports person
Atlantic noun The Atlantic is a big ocean. ocean name
adj. The Atlantic Ocean often has storms. ocean name
atmosphere noun The earth's atmosphere is 21% oxygen. air
atom noun The atom is a particle of matter. part of matter

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