Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
atom adj. The atom bomb can kill many people. nuclear
attach verb Lice attach themselves to your skin. fasten
verb He was attached to his family. loved
verb He was attached to the Sixth Army. assigned
attack noun The army attack came at dawn. charge
verb The army will attack at noon. assault
noun She had a heart attack. failure
attain verb I think he will attain good skills. achieve
attempt verb You must attempt to climb the hill. try
noun He was successful in his attempt. try
attend verb Please attend the meeting. be present
verb The servant will attend the lady. help
attendant noun The attendant helped the doctor. helper
attention noun We need the attention of the teacher. notice
attentive adj. She was an attentive person. observant
attitude noun The attitude of the students is good. mental feeling
attorney noun If you're sued, you need an attorney. lawyer
attract verb Pretty girls will attract boys. lure
attractive adj. She was an attractive woman. pretty
attribute verb I attribute my success to hard work. ascribe
audience noun The audience applauded the speech. attendees
noun He wanted an audience with the King. meeting
August noun August is the eighth month. name of month
aunt noun His aunt came to visit him today. parent's sister
aural adj. A radio can improve your aural skill. listening

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