Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
Australia noun Kangaroos live in Australia. country name
author noun The book's author spoke to me. original writer
authority noun The authority lies with our leader. control
automatic adj. I have an automatic washing machine. self-regulating
automobile noun We will ride there in an automobile. car
autumn noun It begins to get cold after autumn. fall season
available adj. He is an available person. easy to find
avenue noun He lives on Maple Avenue. street
noun Use every avenue of help you have. approach
average noun The average score was 70. mean
verb Please average all the scores. mean
adj. He was an average worker. mediocre
avoid verb Try to avoid trouble when you can. get away from
awake verb He will be awake by 6:00 A.M. aroused
adj. He is awake. not asleep
award noun He received an award for best worker. honor
verb We awarded a medal for his efforts. bestowed
aware adj. He is aware of the difficulties. alert to
away adv. They walked away from the accident. not towards
awful adj. It was an awful mess. terrible
adj. It was an awful burden. great
awfully adv. The food was awfully good. very
awkward adj. It was an awkward situation. uncomfortable
axe ax noun He used an axe to cut down the tree. wood cutting tool
baby noun She held her baby in her arms. infant

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