Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
baby noun At ten he was the baby in the family. youngest
bachelor noun The young man was a bachelor. unmarried man
back noun Lifting too much, he hurt his back. spine
adj. The shop was on a back street. not main
verb We will back the Red Army. support
noun The back of the house was dark. rear
adv. We must go back because of the snow. return
adj. It was a back issue of the magazine. not current
background noun He had an excellent background. history
backward adj. In 1930 China was a backward country. undeveloped
adv. The man bent backward from his load. to the rear
adv. The car was going backward. to the rear
bacon noun Bacon is made from the side of a pig. pig meat
bad adj. The children were bad. disobeyed
adj. He had a bad back. injured
adj. She was in bad health. poor
adj. He was a bad man. evil
adj. He used bad grammar. not proper
badly adv. He acted badly at the meeting. unacceptable
adv. His tooth hurt badly. greatly
badge noun You must have a badge to enter here. chest emblem
badminton noun Badminton is a popular in China. racket game
bag noun She was carrying a bag of oranges. sack
baggage noun You check your baggage when flying. luggage
bait noun The money will be bait for criminals. lure

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