Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bake verb I will bake her a birthday cake. cook in oven
balance noun He used a balance to weigh the gold. scale
verb Balance the books this week. account
verb If I lose my balance, I will fall. equilibrium
noun The balance of the money was lost. remainder
balcony noun She stood on the balcony to watch. veranda
bald adj. The bald man wore a hat on his head. hairless head
ball noun The child was playing with a ball. sphere
noun The formal ball was at the hotel. dance
ballet noun Russian ballet is well known. classical dance
balloon noun Each child had a big red balloon. child's toy
bamboo noun Panda bears eat bamboo. type of plant
adj. It was a bamboo chair. type of plant
banana noun We ate a banana for our lunch. type of fruit
band noun The marching band played in the parade. music group
noun She wore a band around her head. cloth ring
verb We must band together for strength. join
noun Our band of soldiers is very strong. group
bandage noun She wore a bandage over the cut. gauze covering
bandit noun The bandit demanded money from us. robber
bang noun We heard a loud bang when it fell. noise
verb Do not bang on the table. pound
bank noun They put the money in the bank. vault
verb Do not bank on that idea being true. depend
verb I bank at the main building. deposit

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