Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bankrupt adj. It was a bankrupt business. can't pay debts
verb We'll be bankrupt if we buy that. can't pay debt
banner noun There is a red banner over the road. cloth sign
banquet noun They held a banquet on National Day. formal dinner
bar noun The bar served whiskey and beer. saloon
noun He used an iron bar to lift a stone. rod
noun He had a bar of soap. block
verb We will bar anyone without a ticket. stop
barber noun The barber gave him a haircut. cuts hair
bare adj. His head was bare. naked
adj. She had only the bare necessities. meager
adj. The cupboard was bare. empty
verb Please bare your arm. uncover
barely adv. The man was barely alive. almost not
bargain verb You must bargain to get a good price. haggle
noun I got a bargain when I bought a car. good price
bark verb He will bark out a command. yell
noun The tree had a brown bark on it. covering
noun The dog's bark was loud. dog's sound
barley noun Barley is used to make beer. type of grain
barn noun The cows lived in the barn. farm building
baron noun Baron is a title of English nobility. nobility title
barrel noun They drank a barrel of beer. round container
barren adj. It was a barren desert. empty
adj. The woman was barren. childless

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