Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
barrier noun They erected a barrier on the road. obstruction
base noun The army base was very large. camp
noun The base of the tower was concrete. bottom
verb Base your ideas on facts. build
baseball noun Baseball is a popular sport. name of game
basement noun The house had a basement. cellar
basic adj. The basic idea is simple. primary
basin noun She washed her face in a basin. pan
noun The Sichuan basin is a fertile land. valley
basis noun The basis of truth is honesty. foundation
basket noun We bought a basket of fruit. container
basketball noun Children love to play basketball. name of game
bat noun You must hit the ball with the bat. wooden club
bat noun A bat is a night flying creature. name of creature
bath noun She takes a bath to keep clean. wash in water
bathe verb You must bathe to keep clean. wash body
battery noun A flashlight needs a battery. electric cell
noun He faced a battery of tests. series
noun He was charged with battery. assault
battle noun The battle went on for four hours. fight
verb We will battle with our enemies. fight
bay noun San Francisco Bay is a good harbor. body of water
bazaar noun We bought our coats at the bazaar. market
B.C. abbr. It was built in 600 B.C. before Christ
be verb Tomorrow will be Sunday. exists as

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