Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
ache noun My back had an ache yesterday. dull steady pain
achieve verb We will achieve victory. to perform or carry out with success; accomplish
achievement noun It was a great achievement. something accomplished successfully with skill
acid noun Acid will destroy metal. high PH
acknowledge verb Please acknowledge they are right. to admit the existence, reality, or truth
acquaintance noun She is an acquaintance of mine. a person whom one knows; friend
acquire verb You acquire a taste for Chinese food. to get by one's own effort
acre noun He owned one acre of land. land of 43,560 square feet
across adv. The bridge swayed when he ran across. from one side to the other side
prep. She was there across the road on, at, or from the other side
act noun He was caught in the act. the process of doing or performing something
verb Please act as if you liked it. to behave as; or pose as; pretend
action noun Let us see some action. a movement or series of movements; motion
active adj. He had an active life. engage in activity; busy
activity noun There is school activity on Saturday. a specified pursuit in which a person partakes
actor noun The man was a good actor. male playing a part
actress noun She was a skillful actress. female playing a part
actual adj. The actual painting is not here. real; original; genuine
A.D. abbr. The city was built in 600 A.D. after Christ
adapt verb Try to adapt to your surroundings. to make suitable to or fit for a purpose
add verb Shall I add cream to your coffee? put into
verb Add one to three and you get four. augment
addition noun He built an addition to their house. something added, such as a room to a building
additional adj. They now have an additional child. another
address noun Is this the right address? the location of a house or building

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