Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
beach noun We went to the beach to swim. shore of ocean
beam noun The light beams came through the trees. ray
noun The beam supported the wall. strut
verb He will beam with pride. glow
bean noun He ate each bean with delight. food
verb He was beaned by the ball. hit on head
bear noun The bear chased the man. animal
verb A man can bear a lot of trouble. endure
verb You must bear yourself with pride. conduct
verb She will bear a child in May. give birth
beard noun The old man had a white beard. whiskers
beast noun The wild beast ran into the forest. animal
noun The man was a beast. like an animal
beat verb The man beat the horse. hit
verb You must beat the deadline. do before
verb We will beat the enemy. defeat
noun The music had a strange beat. rhythm
beautiful adj. She was a beautiful woman. pretty
beauty noun Her beauty was apparent to all. attractiveness
noun The apple was a beauty. pleasing to see
because conj. Because I am hungry, I will eat now. therefore
become verb The girl will become a woman. develop into
verb The dress becomes you. flatters
bed noun She laid down on the bed to sleep. sleeping place
noun It sat on a bed of sand. layer

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