Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bee noun The honey bee is a hard worker. type of insect
beef noun Americans like to eat beef. meat of cattle
beer noun Qingdao is famous for its beer. alcoholic drink
beetle noun A large beetle crawled up her leg. type of insect
before prep. He was standing before the house. in front of
conj. Before you go close the door. prior to
adv. We saw that movie before. previously
beforehand adv. We prepared the dinner beforehand. ahead of time
beg verb It is difficult to beg for food. plead
verb I beg you to be careful. implore
beggar noun The beggar was very dirty. panhandler
begin verb You should begin at once. start
beginning noun Start at the beginning. starting place
behalf noun I ask you on his behalf. interest
behave verb You must behave yourself. good manners
behavior noun His behavior was very good. conduct
behind prep. She was standing behind the house. in back of
adv. She is behind in her work late
being noun It was a human being. person
belief noun It is my belief that it is true. opinion
noun He had a belief in God. faith
believe verb I believe he is telling the truth. think
bell noun The school bell rang at noon. alarm
adj. The tower was bell shaped. like a bell
belong verb Does that belong to you? ownership

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