Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
beloved adj. It was his beloved wife. dearest
noun In the crowd he saw his beloved. loved person
below prep. Below the shelf was a table. under
adv. The Captain told us to go below. down stairs
belt noun He wore a belt on his pants. waist band
bench noun The woman sat on a bench in the park. a long seat
noun The woman sat on a bench. long seat
bend noun There was a bend in the pipe. not straight
verb Please bend your arm. not straight
beneath prep. The small boy was beneath the table. under
adv. It's not on my table, it's beneath. under
beneficial adv. She got some beneficial advice. helpful
benefit noun I got a benefit from the treatment. help
verb You will benefit from the study. get reward
berry noun The bush had a berry growing on it. fruit
beside prep. He was sitting beside the stream. next to
besides adv. Besides Charles, who is coming. other than
best adj. It is the best car for sale. none better
noun It is my best. can't do better
bestow verb They will bestow the honor on her. give to
bet noun If you bet, you may lose. gamble
betray verb Do not betray your friends. be a traitor
better adj. Choose the better of the two books. best of two
adv. You must try to work better. improve
verb He will better his effort next time. improve

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