Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
between prep. She was standing between her parents. in middle of 2
adv. It was between. in middle of 2
beware verb You should beware of pickpockets. alert to
bewilder verb Long words bewilder a new learner. confuse
beyond prep. It was six miles beyond the house. past
Bible noun The Bible is the word of God. Christian book
bicycle noun She rode her new bicycle to work. 2 wheel vehicle
bid verb I bid you to consider my offer. request
verb I will make a bid for the car. make offer
noun His bid was the highest. offer
big adj. It was a big bear that we saw. large
adj. This is a big opportunity. important
bike noun The small boy rode on a bike. bicycle
bill noun When it comes, please pay the bill. owe money
noun She had a ten dollar bill. money
billion noun China's population is over one billion. 1,000 million
bind verb They will bind the books. fasten together
biology noun She studied biology in college. science subject
bird noun A bird sat on the limb of the tree. winged species
birth noun The birth of my son was on Friday. being born
noun October 1 is the birth of new China. start
birthday noun She had a cake on her birthday. birth date
biscuit noun We ate the last biscuit today. piece of bread
Bishop noun The Bishop gave the sermon in Church. rank in church
bit noun I ate a little bit of the cake. small piece

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