Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
bite noun She took a big bite. mouthful
verb The dog will bite strangers. attack with teeth
bitter adj. He was a bitter man. disagreeable
bitterly adv. She bitterly opposed the leader. with rancor
black adj. It was a black car. dark color
blackboard noun I wrote on the blackboard with chalk. chalkboard
blacksmith noun The blacksmith forged a new tool. iron worker
blame verb Blame the weather for crop failure. give fault to
noun I take the blame for the lost book. fault
blank adj. The page is entirely blank. empty
blast verb We will blast with dynamite at noon. explode
noun The blast was heard for two miles. explosion
blaze noun The blaze was seen for many miles. fire
verb The fire blazed for hours. burned
bleach verb She bleached her hair white. remove color
bleed verb If you are cut, you will bleed. lose body fluid
blend noun This blend of coffee is very mild. mix
verb Blend some of this with your tea. mix
bless verb We will bless the wedding. give approval
blessing noun The son had his father's blessing. approval
blind adj. The blind man walked with a cane. sightless
verb The bright light will blind you. keep from seeing
noun The blind can walk using a dog. sightless
blink verb If you blink your eye you'll miss it. close eye
block verb You must block the road. barricade

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