Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
block noun She lives in the next block. square
noun He had a block of steel. piece
blond noun The blond sat in the restaurant. yellow hair person
adj. The blond man was sitting down. yellow haired
blood noun Blood was all over his shirt. red body fluid
bloom verb The flowers will bloom in Spring. blossom
noun The bloom of flowers is beautiful. blossoming
blossom noun The blossom smelled pleasant. flower
verb These flowers blossom in the Spring. flower
blouse noun She wore a red blouse yesterday. woman's shirt
blow verb The wind will blow hard today. air movement
verb She will blow her horn for us. play
noun The head blow made him unconscious. hit
blue noun They were all dressed in blue. sky color
adj. She wore a blue dress. sky color
adj. He was feeling blue. gloomy
blunder verb You blundered when you spoke. made an error
noun Talking to him was a blunder. mistake
blush verb She will blush when you talk to her. face turn red
board noun I will need a board to build that. lumber
noun Room and board will cost $100. meals
noun She served on the school board. committee
verb We will board the ship at 3:00. embark
verb She will board you for $50 a week. feed
boast verb I heard his boast as the best student. brag

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