Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
boast noun Everyone heard his boast. bragging
boat noun You'll rock the boat if you stand up. water vehicle
body noun The body was found on the street. corpse
noun The student body elected her leader. group
noun He has a good body. frame
noun The body of her work is in this book. bulk
boil verb You should boil all drinking water. steam
noun He had a boil on his arm. sore
boiler noun They used a boiler to make hot water. water heater
bold adj. She was a bold person to do that. courageous
adj. That word was in bold type. dark
bolt noun It was held by a metal bolt. metal fastener
verb The horse will bolt from a noise. run
verb Do not bolt your food. gobble
bomb noun The bomb exploded with a bang. explosive
verb We will bomb the enemy. shell
noun The speech was a bomb. failure
verb You will bomb if you try that. fail
bond noun There is a bond between them. link
verb You should bond them together. connect
noun He bought a Government bond. money certificate
bone noun The dog was chewing on a bone. rigid body part
book noun The student read her book. volume
verb You can book on that being true. depend
verb You can book an airline ticket. arrange

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