Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
boot nouns She wore boots to keep her feet warm. high topped shoe
booth noun They sell that at a booth over there. compartment
border noun One border of the U.S.A. is Canada. national boundary
verb Canada borders on the U.S.A. common boundary
bore noun He is a big bore. pest
verb His speeches bore me. of no interest
verb They will bore a tunnel. drill
born verb He was born on the weekend. given birth to
noun It was their first born. birth
borrow verb May I borrow your bicycle? use temporarily
bosom noun He took me to his bosom. heart
boss noun He is the boss of this company. leader
verb She bossed us from morning to night. gave orders
both pron. I gave it to both. two persons
adj. Both were talking at the same time. two people
bother verb Don't bother her while she is here. annoy
bottle noun They drank beer from the bottle. glass container
verb They bottled the wine to sell it. put in glass
bottom noun The bottom of the box was torn. lower part
bough noun The bough on the tree was broken. branch
bounce verb The ball will bounce if it's dropped. rebound
bound noun It was securely bound. fastened
verb He jumped up with a bound. leap
adj. We are bound to lose. doomed
boundary noun China has a boundary with Russia. border

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