Sunday, July 3, 2011


Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
address noun My address to the crowd was exciting. speech
verb The president will address the crowd. to make a formal speech to
adequate adj. Is this an adequate amount of money? sufficient to satisfy a requirement to meet a need
adjective noun The word is an adjective. grammar term; it modifies a noun
adjust verb You should adjust the price. to change so as to match or fit; alter
administration noun The administration of the school is honest. management, especially of business affairs
admire verb We admire her energy. to regard with pleasure, wonder and approval
admission noun It is an admission of guilt. a confession, as of having committed a crime
noun It is $1.00 for admission. the state of being allowed to enter; entrance fee
admit verb You should admit you were wrong. to grant as true or valid; concede
verb You admit one person per ticket. to permit to enter
adopt verb The Congress may adopt my resolution. to vote to accept
verb They will adopt a child. to take into one's family as your own child
adore verb They adore their child. to regard with deep, often rapturous love
adult noun You can vote when you are an adult. one who has attained maturity or legal age
advance verb You advance to the head of the line. to move or cause to move forward
noun It's an important advance in science. a forward move, as toward an objective
advanced adj. It was an advanced idea. highly developed or complex
advantage noun It is to our advantage. benefit or profit; gain
adventure noun It was an exciting adventure. an unusual or exciting experience
adverb noun An adverb modifies a verb. grammar term
advertisement noun It was an advertisement for beer. a notice to sell designed to attract public attention
advice noun Do you have some good advice? opinion about what could or should be done
advise verb I advise you not to go there. to recommend; suggest
verb I will advise you of their decision. to inform; notify

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