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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. Her friends call him Ned.
2. Her cleverness often amazes me.
3. Both her parents are dead.
4. Her story touched my heart.
5. I don't think her story is true.
6. Is her story true?
7. I wondered if her story was true.
8. Her story was not interesting.
9. I was moved to tears by her speech.
10. I felt sorry for her when I heard her story.
11. She's been working all day long.
12. She likes oranges, doesn't she?
13. She is not herself today.
14. She lost her only son in the traffic accident.
15. She ordered the book from London.
16. After winning the Nobel prize, she remained as modest as ever.
17. She substituted margarine for butter.
18. She plays the piano very well.
19. She likes wine.
20. She is not as old as Mary.
21. She is a doctor.
22. She went to Ibaragi.
23. She tends to be late for school.
24. She ought to have arrived by now.
25. She takes care of my children.
26. She told me she knew my brother.
27. She tried.
28. She studies mathematics.
29. She's going to Ooita.
30. She spoke through an interpreter.
31. She is the messenger.
32. She speaks relatively fast.
33. She walked very carefully.
34. She plays tennis after school.
35. I can't figure out what she really wants.
36. She likes Lake Mashuu.
37. She likes her eggs hard-boiled.
38. She saved a hundred dollars.
39. She has ten children.
40. She started ten minutes ago.
41. She died on a cold night in December.
42. She was born in 1946, on August 19, in California.
43. She died in 1960.
44. She was born at six a.m. on July 17, 1990.
45. She concentrated on one thing.
46. She left the hospital an hour ago.
47. She will be back within a week.
48. She gave birth to twins a week ago.
49. She went to Mexico by herself.
50. She stayed at home by herself.
51. She shouldn't go by herself.
52. She visits us every other day.
53. She stayed in the house all day.
54. She could pass for twenty.
55. She got married at the age of 25.
56. She bought two dozen eggs.
57. She went upstairs to her bedroom.
58. She lives in a two-story house.
59. She visited Kanazawa two years ago.
60. She can't be over thirty.
61. I guess that she is over thirty.
62. She taught music for thirty years.
63. She is thirty-one.
64. She can speak three languages.
65. She tried a third time.
66. She must be forty or so.
67. She went down to the fifth floor.
68. I expect her back by six o'clock.
69. She got home at seven.
70. She may have missed the 7:00 train.
71. She is eight.
72. She came back before eight.
73. She lived to be ninety.
74. She works from nine.
75. She gave a vague answer.
76. She was laughed at.
77. She's about the same height as you.
78. What did she whisper to you?
79. She'll lend you a book.
80. Is she your mother?
81. She waited for you for two hours.
82. She is mad at you.
83. Does she know your phone number?
84. Is she your sister?
85. She seems to hate you.
86. She resembles that actress.
87. She has too many boyfriends.
88. I don't think she cares very much.
89. I don't particularly like her.
90. She didn't take many photos.
91. She can't play the piano very well.
92. She has gone to America.
93. She speaks a little Arabic.
94. She takes everything for granted.
95. She makes a good living.
96. She majors in medicine.
97. She was feeling kind of tired.
98. She has gone to Italy.
99. She went to Italy to learn Italian.
100. When did she break the window?
101. I wonder where she lives.
102. She always keeps her word.
103. She is always neatly dressed.
104. Does she always go there?
105. She arrived late as usual.
106. She usually wears jeans.
107. She always buys milk.
108. She always works hard.
109. She always speaks in English.
110. She always tries something new.
111. She always looked happy.
112. She always looks happy.
113. She always buys expensive clothes.
114. She was always telephoning me.
115. She always smiles at me.
116. She always stood by me.
117. She always keeps her room clean.
118. She is constantly writing letters.
119. She always looks pale.
120. She always speaks in a low voice.
121. She always walks to school.
122. She usually walks to school.
123. She is always busy.
124. She always gets lost.
125. She is a always cheerful.
126. She always wears fashionable clothes.
127. When will she return home?
128. When did she get married?
129. When was she born?
130. She lives in the country.
131. I was lonely without her.
132. She was accused of telling a lie.
133. She fell on her face.
134. She answered with a nod.
135. She keeps a parrot as a pet.
136. She has a hot temper.
137. She's fashionable.
138. She strongly resembles her grandmother.
139. She resembles her aunt.
140. She married a rich man.
141. She blew out all eight of her birthday candles.
142. She was making tea.
143. She went shopping with her mother.
144. She's as good a cook as her mother.
145. She takes after her mother.
146. She should help her mother.
147. She wasn't helping her mother.
148. She was holding an umbrella.
149. I think she was trying to pull a fast one.
150. She used to play basketball.
151. She used to work for our company.
152. She came from Canada to see me.
153. She sang pretty well.
154. She has had quite a lot to drink.
155. She isn't poor.
156. She comes from California.
157. She has a pretty face.
158. She is a pretty girl.
159. Is she a pretty girl?
160. She wore a pretty hat.
161. She died of cancer.
162. Can she play the guitar?
163. She knows how to play the guitar.
164. She plays the guitar.
165. She is good at playing the guitar.
166. I don't doubt that she will come here.
167. I am sure of her success.
168. She gave birth to a daughter yesterday.
169. She wears beautiful clothes.
170. She filled the glass with wine.
171. She can sing better than anybody else in her class.
172. She married her classmate.
173. She's a glamorous girl.
174. She wore a green dress.
175. She left on Christmas Day.
176. She gave me a book for Christmas.
177. I am not sure but she may come.
178. She says she will come.
179. She is fond of cake.
180. She baked three cakes.
181. She is no ordinary singer.
182. She put on her coat and went out.
183. She likes word games.
184. She knows many proverbs.
185. She is getting married this fall.
186. She is going to Sendai this spring.
187. She lives in the village.
188. She sent this book to me.
189. She doesn't know how to play golf.
190. Isn't she a computer programmer?
191. She doesn't like soccer.
192. She lived a lonely life.
193. She said goodbye.
194. She was in a hurry to go home.
195. She hurried across the lawn.
196. She is interested in jazz.
197. She kept on talking.
198. She can't cook well.
199. She died of shock.
200. She pressed the switch.
201. She behaved quite foolishly.
202. She is great at skiing.
203. She is good at skiing.
204. She lives quite close by.
205. She easily catches cold.
206. She came at once.
207. She will come soon.
208. Will she get well soon?
209. She is able to skate.
210. She has a good figure.
211. I hear she has been absent from school.
212. She has always lived in Otaru.
213. She kept quiet.
214. She is singing a song on the stage.
215. She turned around quickly.
216. She is a wonderful wife.
217. She is a wonderful woman.
218. She has a wonderful personality.
219. She turned down every proposal.
220. She is bad at sports.
221. She is eighteen at most.
222. She was taken in by the salesman's smooth manner of talking.
223. She may have said so.
224. She lived there for years.
225. She insisted on going there.
226. She lived there about five years.
227. She went there by herself.
228. She did not go there.
229. She must go there.
230. She denied having been there.
231. She played a sonata.
232. She won the one hundred meter race.
233. She hung the calendar on the wall.
234. She won the contest.
235. She sang the song softly.
236. She attended the meeting.
237. She hung the picture upside down.
238. She visited the teacher.
239. She found the money gone.
240. She refused to accept the money.
241. She carried out the plan.
242. She acted in the play.
243. She eyed the stranger suspiciously.
244. I don't think she is fit for the job.
245. She did the work alone.
246. She bent over the child.
247. She cared for the children.
248. She got very angry with the children.
249. She got into the car and drove off.
250. She spent the weekend by herself.
251. She listened to him.
252. She declined the invitation.
253. She chose the red dress.
254. She likes the teacher.
255. She swam across the river.
256. She has the large house to herself.
257. She didn't marry the man.
258. She went to that store.
259. She borrowed a saw from the farmer.
260. She carried the box under her arm.
261. She witnessed the crime.
262. She seems to have known the secret.
263. She looked after the patient.
264. She looks pretty in that dress.
265. She completely cleaned her plate.
266. She must have done it yesterday.
267. She translated it word for word.
268. She did it easily.
269. She explained it over again.
270. She did it on purpose.
271. She took it off.
272. She is going on 35.
273. She is a regular beauty.
274. She's very beautiful.
275. She is about my age.
276. She is usually at home on Sundays.
277. She set out for Thailand.
278. She is a typist.
279. She types well.
280. She sung very well.
281. She plays the violin very well.
282. She is quite angry.
283. She speaks English very fluently.
284. She has a lot of English books.
285. She has plenty of books.
286. She has many handkerchiefs.
287. She got in the taxi.
288. She is a taxi driver.
289. Is she a taxi driver?
290. She called me a taxi.
291. She will come even if she is tired.
292. She stopped smoking.
293. She has to stop smoking.
294. She's wearing a loose coat.
295. Perhaps she will come tomorrow.
296. She didn't want to speak to anyone.
297. She is a good dancer.
298. She is getting prettier.
299. She telephoned just now.
300. She is just going shopping.
301. She loves chocolate, too.
302. She is quite a poet.
303. She won't give up easily.
304. She is having dinner now.
305. She set the tray down on the table.
306. She is a good tennis player.
307. She is good at playing tennis.
308. She knocked on the door.
309. She wouldn't let him in.
310. She drinks a little wine at times.
311. She went shopping elsewhere.
312. Where has she gone?
313. I don't know which doctor she meant.
314. She is very pretty.
315. She is very pretty, isn't she?
316. She looks very lovely.
317. She cooked us a wonderful meal.
318. She asked a very good question.
319. She looks very young.
320. She works very hard.
321. She looks very happy.
322. She was very excited.
323. She's a very interesting person.
324. She looks nice and healthy.
325. She is very wise.
326. She can play the piano very well.
327. She can speak English very well.
328. She is very intelligent.
329. She is very sad.
330. She is very bright.
331. I found her very amusing.
332. She cooks very well.
333. What is she like?
334. She married Tom last month.
335. She invited Tom and me to the party.
336. She is Tom's sister.
337. She is older than Tom.
338. She loves Tom.
339. She can play the drum.
340. She had her dress made.
341. Do you know what color she likes?
342. What color do you think she likes?
343. She is crying.
344. She cut the apple with a knife.
345. Why is she so silent?
346. Why did she go to the station?
347. She did not say anything.
348. What does she do?
349. She is a cheerful giver.
350. She smiled.
351. She hates carrots.
352. She is afraid of cats.
353. She is easygoing.
354. She drank two glasses of wine at the party.
355. She wants to attend the party.
356. She called off the party.
357. She wore heart-shaped earring.
358. She played basketball.
359. She must have taken the wrong bus.
360. She bought two pounds of butter.
361. She has been to Paris.
362. She has gone to Paris.
363. She left for Paris.
364. She is visiting Paris.
365. She folded her handkerchief neatly.
366. She had her handbag stolen.
367. She lost her handbag.
368. She spread the butter on the bread.
369. She is a pianist.
370. She played a tune on the piano.
371. She played a waltz on the piano.
372. She takes private piano lessons.
373. She is good at playing the piano.
374. She is learning the piano.
375. She plays the piano.
376. Does she play the piano?
377. She can't play piano very well.
378. She hates green peppers.
379. She went on a picnic.
380. She applied for a visa.
381. She went out without saying a word.
382. She wanted to be alone.
383. She lived there by herself.
384. She promised not to go out alone.
385. She is muttering to herself.
386. She bought a chicken.
387. She wasn't able to open the bottle.
388. She dived into the swimming pool.
389. She gave birth to twins.
390. She sang better than usual.
391. She left France for America.
392. She is proficient in French.
393. She was fluent in French.
394. She can speak French.
395. She knows French inside out.
396. She is a native speaker of French.
397. She can speak French fluently.
398. Does she speak French?
399. I don't think she can speak French.
400. She may be French.
401. She majors in French literature.
402. She poured brandy into the glasses.
403. She is wearing a brooch.
404. She is a computer programmer.
405. She turned down his proposal.
406. She put clean sheets on the bed.
407. She is Betty.
408. She admitted to having heroin.
409. She took a pen out of her pocket.
410. She hit the ball hard.
411. She is my girlfriend.
412. She brushed away the dust.
413. She stayed at a hotel.
414. She got to the hotel late at night.
415. She didn't have much money.
416. She hardly ate anything.
417. She asked Bob to teach her how to ski.
418. She is not here yet.
419. She has broken the toaster again.
420. She is not up yet.
421. She still loved him.
422. She has not come yet.
423. She is loved by everybody.
424. She is known to everyone.
425. She will have to cook for everyone.
426. She wore glasses.
427. She seldom goes out.
428. She is seldom late for school.
429. She seldom eats breakfast.
430. She kept her eyes closed.
431. Is she here yet?
432. She is close on sixty.
433. She doesn't live there any more.
434. Has she finished the book yet?
435. She'll try it once more.
436. She has already left the office.
437. She is out of danger.
438. She is already married.
439. Has she finished her work yet?
440. She was almost late for school.
441. She can naturally speak English.
442. She should have been more careful.
443. She is old enough to know better.
444. She is herself again.
445. She lacks common sense.
446. She is likely to come.
447. She finally reached the hotel.
448. She turned the doorknob slowly.
449. She closed her diary slowly.
450. She wore a loose jacket.
451. She rushed home with the good news.
452. She came with good news.
453. She talks a lot.
454. She was frequently late for school.
455. She works hard.
456. She rode a camel.
457. She turned down the radio.
458. She had a radio.
459. She turned off the radio.
460. She had a basket full of apples.
461. She can speak Russian.
462. She is living in London.
463. She prefers beer to wine.
464. She came home after dark.
465. She disappeared in the dark.
466. She became a great artist.
467. She died of stomach cancer.
468. She was a medical student.
469. Is she a doctor?
470. Isn't she a doctor?
471. She became a doctor.
472. She will become a doctor.
473. She supports her family.
474. She came alone.
475. She was afraid to travel alone.
476. She worked hard.
477. She is hard at work.
478. She must have studied very hard.
479. She remained single all her life.
480. I don't know what's got into her.
481. She kept silent all day.
482. She kept crying all night.
483. She lay awake all night.
484. She handed me a postcard.
485. She suddenly became famous.
486. She accused me of telling a lie.
487. She tried to swim.
488. She is a good swimmer.
489. She went there to swim.
490. She can't swim.
491. She is good at speaking English.
492. In addition to English, she speaks French fluently.
493. She got good grades in English.
494. She can speak both English and German.
495. She is fluent in English and French.
496. She is busy learning English.
497. She speaks both English and French.
498. She speaks English very well.
499. She speaks good English.
500. She studies English.
501. She studies English every day.
502. Does she speak English?
503. She was reading a gardening manual.
504. She refused my offer to help her.
505. She was anxious for help.
506. She stopped to smoke.
507. She didn't go far.
508. She didn't have any pencils.
509. She lives in Yokohama.
510. She climbed down from the roof.
511. She resented being called a coward.
512. She is a quiet woman.
513. She likes music very much.
514. She is interested in music.
515. She went to Italy to study music.
516. She was listening to music.
517. She married a musician.
518. She enjoyed herself at the concert.
519. Does she have a hobby?
520. She believes whatever he says.
521. What does she have?
522. What is she worried about?
523. She is quick at everything.
524. She waited for hours and hours.
525. She has hundreds of books.
526. She doesn't speak Japanese at home.
527. She has lunch at home.
528. Is she at home?
529. I do not think that she is at home.
530. She had an air conditioner installed in her house.
531. She went home.
532. She spoke for the homeless.
533. She has put her house up for sale.
534. She likes to cook for her family.
535. She began to sing.
536. She sings well.
537. She stopped singing the song.
538. She became a singer.
539. She warmed herself by the fire.
540. She says that she likes flowers.
541. She is watering the flowers.
542. She arranged the flowers beautifully.
543. She likes to arrange flowers.
544. She lives just across from us.
545. She quit the company.
546. She happily granted my request.
547. She has never gone abroad.
548. She is living abroad.
549. She is loved by everyone.
550. She is liked by everyone.
551. She looked at the picture.
552. She is drawing a picture.
553. She went down the stairs.
554. She was coming down stairs.
555. She has gone abroad.
556. She drives an imported car.
557. She went out.
558. She was late to school.
559. She goes to school.
560. She dislikes going to school.
561. She dropped out of school.
562. She is a student.
563. She is a fluent speaker of English.
564. She was shivering with cold.
565. She shuddered with cold.
566. She couldn't suppress her emotions.
567. She is a nurse.
568. She wore a simple dress.
569. Can she come in time?
570. She dialed the wrong number.
571. She is in the wrong.
572. She didn't seem interested.
573. She almost drowned.
574. She may not be aware of the danger.
575. She looks unhappy.
576. She looks happy.
577. She found her purse under the desk.
578. She knew the story already.
579. She is aggressive.
580. She almost passed out.
581. She's good at getting around rules.
582. She got up late.
583. She stood on her head.
584. She is now on vacation.
585. She cleaned her room in a hurry.
586. She cried.
587. She does nothing but cry.
588. She tried not to cry.
589. She felt like crying.
590. She began crying.
591. She kept on crying.
592. She gets a high salary.
593. She can't do without milk.
594. She got married last year.
595. She married him last year.
596. She is obstinate.
597. She was scared to cross the road.
598. She trembled with fear.
599. She was trembling with fear.
600. She threw her arms around him in horror.
601. She screamed with terror.
602. She turned pale with fear.
603. She will be a teacher.
604. She looks like a teacher.
605. She went into teaching.
606. She looked excited.
607. She saw herself in the mirror.
608. She was astonishingly beautiful.
609. She has put on weight recently.
610. She is a wealthy woman.
611. She seems rich.
612. She taught rich Indian girls.
613. She was married to a rich man.
614. She is a blonde girl.
615. She works in a bank.
616. She married a bank clerk.
617. She parked her car in a vacant lot.
618. She spends a lot of money on shoes.
619. She laced her shoes.
620. She had her shoes shined.
621. She manages a shoe store.
622. She bought two pairs of socks.
623. She froze at the sight of the bear.
624. She is almost as tall as you.
625. She is as tall as you.
626. Did she show you the picture?
627. She knows your mother very well.
628. She is two years older than you.
629. Does she know you?
630. She visited her husband in prison.
631. She majored in economics.
632. She was arrested by the police.
633. She bought chicken.
634. She is far from honest.
635. She is no ordinary student.
636. She didn't telephone after all.
637. She didn't come after all.
638. Is she married?
639. She isn't married.
640. She's not the marrying type.
641. She writes to me once a month.
642. She gave birth to a healthy baby.
643. She banged the table with her fist.
644. She can drive a car.
645. She will take her dog to the river.
646. She is afraid of dogs.
647. She was breathing hard.
648. She is not as young as she looks.
649. She put the key in her pocket.
650. She's getting on all right.
651. She got on a bus for Harajuku.
652. She has a strong personality.
653. She is five years old.
654. She called me in the afternoon.
655. She got up at seven in the morning.
656. She was there all morning.
657. She studied English in the morning.
658. She says she will call you later.
659. She's looking the other way.
660. She is happy.
661. I don't think she is happy.
662. She had a happy childhood.
663. She seems to be happy.
664. She said that she had been happy.
665. She became happy.
666. She bought a tea set.
667. She decided not to go.
668. She decided to go.
669. She has gone out.
670. She is active.
671. She has many friends in Hong Kong.
672. She can jump high.
673. She is wearing a valuable ring.
674. She was dressed in black.
675. She bent down.
676. She is busy preparing supper now.
677. She is having coffee now.
678. She isn't lonely now.
679. Where does she live now?
680. She was on the verge of crying.
681. She is practicing the violin now.
682. She's not at home now.
683. She is out now.
684. She is now in danger.
685. She is doing her homework now.
686. She isn't running.
687. She will be seventeen years old next February.
688. She brought his lunch today.
689. Is she any better today?
690. She feels bad today.
691. She is wearing a white dress today.
692. I have an idea she will come today.
693. She is leaving for America tonight.
694. She is off duty tonight.
695. She writes with her left hand.
696. She is guilty of fraud.
697. She came last.
698. She didn't like the horse at first.
699. She is a gifted artist.
700. She can sew very well.
701. She committed a crime.
702. She had nothing to do yesterday.
703. She went to the hospital yesterday.
704. She killed herself yesterday.
705. She went there yesterday.
706. She died yesterday afternoon.
707. She left for London yesterday.
708. She started for Kyoto yesterday.
709. She left for Osaka yesterday.
710. She didn't visit anybody.
711. She bought some vegetables yesterday.
712. She was born last year.
713. She glanced though the magazine.
714. She's at work, isn't she?
715. She's not as beautiful as her sister.
716. She did not turn up.
717. She looked after the children.
718. She bought a toy for her child.
719. She is good with kids.
720. She's good at handling children.
721. She is gentle with children.
722. She loves her children.
723. She helped me pack my suitcase.
724. She insisted on us going.
725. She told us not to make a noise.
726. She cooked us a delicious dinner.
727. She made coffee for all of us.
728. She gave us a present.
729. She fixed us a snack.
730. She gave us some food.
731. She sang a Japanese song for us.
732. She cooked vegetable soup for us.
733. She accepted our invitation.
734. She turned down our proposal.
735. She asked us to dinner.
736. She asked me to wake her at six.
737. She asked me where I was going.
738. She told me not to go there alone.
739. She told me that she would go to Paris in August.
740. She showed me her album.
741. She wished me good night.
742. She brought a cup of tea to me.
743. She made tea for me.
744. She made me a cake.
745. She served me coffee.
746. She asked me if I knew Tom's address.
747. She accompanied me on the piano.
748. She asked me to pass her the salt.
749. She came to see me.
750. She came near to me.
751. She doesn't speak to me.
752. She asked me a question.
753. She sent me a letter.
754. She was kind to me.
755. She gave me a nice pair of shoes.
756. It said that she had better return to me early.
757. She told me to open the window.
758. She asked me if I was all right.
759. She left me a note.
760. She bowed to me politely.
761. She showed me his album.
762. She told me her secret.
763. She asked me about my mother.
764. She told me an interesting story.
765. She wanted me to come.
766. She is my classmate.
767. She's my type.
768. She sat next to me.
769. She turned down my request.
770. She asked about my school.
771. She accused me of making a mistake.
772. She approved of my plan.
773. She ignored all my warnings.
774. She cooks chicken the way I like.
775. She agreed to my idea.
776. She is not my sister but my mother.
777. She is not as old as my sister is.
778. She avoided answering my questions.
779. She took my hand.
780. She answered my letter soon.
781. She is seeking my advice.
782. She refused my invitation.
783. She turned down my proposal.
784. She rejected my proposal.
785. She turned down my offer.
786. She doesn't like the way I speak.
787. She held my arm firmly.
788. She is three years older than I am.
789. She can swim further than I can.
790. She accused me of being a liar.
791. She introduced me to her brother.
792. She stared at me.
793. She made me a star.
794. She made me hurry.
795. She looked at me.
796. No sooner had she caught sight of me than she started running in my direction.
797. She makes me happy.
798. She insisted on helping me.
799. She invited me to dinner.
800. She knows me.
801. She avoids me.
802. She showed me around the campus.
803. She asked us to leave her alone.
804. She told us the road was closed.
805. She taught us singing.
806. She attracted our attention.
807. She's worrying about her exams.
808. She passed the examination.
809. She had her tooth pulled.
810. She majors in child psychology.
811. She has very neat handwriting.
812. She has good handwriting.
813. She is never on time.
814. She got off at the next station.
815. She gradually began to understand.
816. She goes to a school for the deaf.
817. She took her own life.
818. She attempted to kill herself.
819. She tried to commit suicide.
820. She attempted suicide.
821. She looked around.
822. She can't ride a bicycle.
823. She got on her bike and rode away.
824. Can she ride a bicycle?
825. She lost her son in a car accident.
826. She tried it herself.
827. She had to go herself.
828. She cooked herself a good meal.
829. She filled her bag with apples.
830. She put sheets on her bed.
831. She talked about her family.
832. She can't control her emotions.
833. She insisted on her innocence.
834. She knows her limitations.
835. She abandoned her children.
836. She is looking for her car keys.
837. She felt insecure about her future.
838. She took her book.
840. She makes all her own clothes.
841. She got to the station at seven.
842. She was burning with jealousy.
843. She couldn't answer the question.
844. She does talk a lot.
845. What did she actually say?
846. She has a picture.
847. She arrived in a car.
848. She's lost her car key.
849. She doesn't know how to drive a car.
850. She is learning how to drive a car.
851. She left her gloves in the car.
852. She backed her car into the garage.
853. She isn't afraid of snakes.
854. She married young.
855. She's not young, is she?
856. She looks young.
857. She looked lonely.
858. She looks lonesome.
859. She held out her hand.
860. She raised her hand.
861. She tore the letter into pieces.
862. She finished writing a letter.
863. She tore up the letter.
864. She forgot to mail the letter.
865. She finished reading the letter.
866. After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.
867. She abstains from drinking.
868. She doesn't care for sushi.
869. She was wearing an ugly dress.
870. She became very ill.
871. She shot a gun.
872. She has done her homework.
873. She was busy doing her homework.
874. She is about to leave.
875. She screamed for help.
876. She goes to a girls' high school.
877. She became an actress.
878. She watched the bird carefully.
879. She had a little money.
880. She wasn't a bit impatient.
881. She looks at least sixty.
882. She had the boys paint the house.
883. She can speak Spanish well.
884. She can sing and dance beautifully.
885. She took off her coat.
886. She went out to buy some food.
887. She didn't mind doing the dishes.
888. She ate her dinner.
889. She is on a diet.
890. She is a reliable person.
891. She had gone to bed.
892. She slept off her hangover.
893. She has a tender heart.
894. She has a kind heart.
895. She turned around and smiled.
896. She lost her new watch.
897. She wants a new hat.
898. She walked in the woods.
899. She took a deep breath.
900. She may know the facts.
901. She doesn't believe in God.
902. She graduated from Kobe University.
903. She is kind.
904. She is a kind girl.
905. She is good-natured.
906. Is she making a doll?
907. She is shy of strangers.
908. She hates speaking in public.
909. She detests speaking in public.
910. She is friendly to everybody.
911. She is good at swimming.
912. She stopped picking daisies.
913. She traveled all over the world.
914. She grew up to be a beautiful lady.
915. I think that she is honest.
916. She is weak by nature.
917. She was buried in her hometown.
918. She raised her voice.
919. She likes blue dresses.
920. She prefers quiet music.
921. She is quiet.
922. She slowly closed her eyes.
923. She is fond of singing old songs.
924. She used to be diligent.
925. She wore a red dress.
926. She was dressed in red.
927. She looked after her baby.
928. She ate only lean meat.
929. She is guilty of stealing.
930. She is guilty of theft.
931. She helped me to clear snow away.
932. She was in America last month.
933. She is a teacher.
934. She is a teacher's pet.
935. She is far from beautiful.
936. She is not quite content.
937. She is a twin.
938. She had an early breakfast.
939. She tends to speak rapidly.
940. She put her head out of the window.
941. She hung a curtain over the window.
942. She left the window open.
943. She opens the window.
944. She hates running.
945. She is a slow runner.
946. She is a runner.
947. She held her breath.
948. She told her son to wait a minute.
949. She patted her son on the shoulder.
950. She cared for her son.
951. She loves her son dearly.
952. She has small feet.
953. She has many valuable books.
954. She began to gain weight.
955. She weighs 120 pounds.
956. She has lost weight.
957. She was aching all over.
958. She extended her stay by five days.
959. She has large blue eyes.
960. She is a great talker.
961. She is preparing for college.
962. She is a college graduate.
963. She is a college student.
964. She called for help.
966. She is very busy.
967. She was very busy.
968. I wonder who she is.
969. Who is she?
970. Who is she speaking to?
971. She likes short skirts.
972. She worked side by side with men.
973. She took the news calmly.
974. She glanced shyly at him.
975. She has brown eyes.
976. She is progressing in Chinese.
977. She is having lunch now.
978. She helped cook lunch.
979. She got ready for lunch.
980. I expect her to come back before lunch.
981. She is an outstanding poet.
982. She worked from morning till night.
983. She plays tennis in the morning.
984. She is getting breakfast ready.
985. She took a walk before breakfast.
986. She left early in the morning.
987. She didn't like living in the city.
988. She sings out of tune.
989. She has long hair.
990. She lived a long life.
991. She came across the street.
992. She used to visit me regularly.
993. She grows tomatoes in her garden.
994. She found a ball in the garden.
995. She planted roses in the garden.
996. She picked flowers in the garden.
997. She weeded the garden.
998. She aimed at the target.
999. She left her umbrella in the train.
1000. She got angry.

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