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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. She must be angry.
2. She was burning with anger.
3. She sometimes hesitates before answering.
4. She appears to have a headache.
5. She held up her head.
6. She complained of a headache.
7. She's always on the go.
8. She went on working.
9. She is fond of animals.
10. She lost her way.
11. She has a sharp tongue.
12. She wears heavy makeup.
13. She stayed here by herself.
14. She went to the movies by herself.
15. She is a self-educated woman.
16. She teaches reading and writing.
17. All of a sudden she began to laugh.
18. She turned around suddenly.
19. She went inside.
20. She is pigeon-toed.
21. She brought up two children.
22. She has two thousand books.
23. She traveled round Japan.
24. She can speak Japanese.
25. She spoke Japanese well.
26. She visited the old man in the hospital every day but Sunday.
27. She rarely goes out on Sundays.
28. She scared the cat away.
29. She studies hard.
30. She was wearing dark brown shoes.
31. She is growing tall.
32. She has gone shopping.
33. She went shopping.
34. She wore a white dress.
35. She had white shoes on.
36. She is dressed in white.
37. She had a white book under her arm.
38. She took off the lid of the box.
39. She is brushing her hair.
40. She was jealous when he talked to another girl.
41. She enjoyed talking with him.
42. She went to the park with him.
43. Did she come with him?
44. She married him.
45. She warned him not to go alone.
46. When did she promise to meet him?
47. She asked him to mail that letter.
48. She made a new suit for him.
49. She bought him a sweater.
50. She gave him the money.
51. She gave him the car.
52. She gave it to him.
53. He loved her very much.
54. She is loved by him.
55. She whispered something into his ear.
56. She didn't know what to say to him.
57. She advised him not to use too much sugar.
58. She gave him a watch.
59. She asked him to open the window.
60. She testified against him.
61. She was unkind to him.
62. She ironed his shirts.
63. She stood by him.
64. She spoke up for him.
65. She refused his proposal.
66. She leaned against his shoulder.
67. She got what he said.
68. She is his real mother.
69. She turned down his invitation.
70. She refused his offer.
71. She accepted his offer.
72. She accepted his gift.
73. She believes that he is innocent.
74. She refused to do what they wanted.
75. She gave them some apples.
76. She wanted to help them.
77. She kept him waiting half an hour.
78. She described him as handsome.
79. She despised him.
80. She made him happy.
81. She identified him as the murderer.
82. She sued him for damages.
83. She thinks highly of him.
84. She called him by name.
85. She called her bear Ted.
86. She has to look after her mother.
87. She calls her sister Mina-chan.
88. She looks sad.
89. She looked sad.
90. She was too tired to go on working.
91. She let the secret out.
92. She admits knowing the secret.
93. She looks very much afraid.
94. She looks very afraid.
95. She had an unfriendly attitude.
96. She said with a smile.
97. She smiled and said goodbye.
98. She is a beauty.
99. She has a pretty doll.
100. She runs a beauty shop.
101. She went to the hairdresser's.
102. She felt her knees tremble.
103. She is not always happy.
104. She works for a hospital.
105. She took a taxi to the hospital.
106. She pretended that she was sick.
107. She must be sick.
108. She seems to be sick.
109. She is awkward.
110. She lived an unhappy life.
111. She seems to be unhappy.
112. She does nothing but complain.
113. She divorced her husband.
114. She played a part in the women's lib movement.
115. She took an active part in the women's lib movement.
116. She is not afraid of anything.
117. She usually sleeps for eight hours.
118. She usually goes to bed at nine.
119. She knitted her father a sweater.
120. She was very proud of her father.
121. She takes after her father.
122. She looked around the room.
123. She reserved a room.
124. She was ironing her dress.
125. She slipped into her clothes.
126. She is sewing a dress.
127. She is a good writer.
128. She is remarkably attractive.
129. She was educated in the United States.
130. She is just a wallflower.
131. She looked all around.
132. I think she will succeed as a lawyer.
133. She sang as she walked.
134. She walks.
135. She made her mother happy.
136. She is as beautiful as her mother.
137. She looks like her mother.
138. She loved her mother dearly.
139. She thanked us for our help.
140. She bowed deeply to me.
141. She showed me her room.
142. She must be angry with me.
143. She is angry with me.
144. She is my dream girl.
145. She took me by surprise.
146. She calls me Kenji.
147. She likes to read books.
148. She did come here.
149. She is really cute.
150. She is a real beauty.
151. She realized that she had better tell the truth.
152. She is too young to know the truth.
153. She had to take care of her sister.
154. She goes to the movies once a week.
155. She writes me every week.
156. She plays tennis every Sunday.
157. She used to play tennis every Sunday.
158. She showers every morning.
159. She gets up early every morning.
160. She practiced the piano every day.
161. She dusts the furniture every day.
162. She sleeps with two pillows.
163. She has never been to Hokkaido.
164. She is attractive.
165. She was forced to confess.
166. She made a new dress for her daughter.
167. She made a good speech.
168. She changed her name to Ann.
169. She turned on the light.
170. She turned off the lights.
171. She is certainly above forty.
172. She may not come here tomorrow.
173. She is knitting a sweater.
174. She wrapped herself in a blanket.
175. She went blind.
176. She fell from the tree.
177. She hung up in silence.
178. She has attractive eyes.
179. She rubbed her eyes.
180. She attends school at night.
181. She is used to staying up late.
182. She is an excellent student.
183. She graduated with honors.
184. She was brave.
185. She doesn't have any friends.
186. She's loved by her friends.
187. She majors in organic chemistry.
188. I hear she's a famous actress.
189. She's neither rich nor famous.
190. She is busy cooking dinner.
191. She studied Japanese after dinner.
192. After supper, she cleared the table.
193. She became drowsy after supper.
194. She is too young to go to school.
195. She felt like dancing.
196. She may not come.
197. I don't think that she will come.
198. She didn't show up.
199. Will she come?
200. I expect to come.
201. I think that she will come.
202. I hear she is going to get married next month.
203. She is going to France next week.
204. She will be seventeen next year.
205. Will she go to America next year?
206. She'll be getting married next year.
207. She is going to be six next year.
208. She is frightened of thunder.
209. She bought a dozen eggs.
210. She boiled the eggs.
211. She is a selfish person.
212. She has to study science.
213. She frankly admitted her guilt.
214. She struggled to get up.
215. She decided to study abroad.
216. She is used to traveling.
217. She is busy preparing for the trip.
218. She's gone on a trip.
219. She held her baby in her arms.
220. She is a poor cook.
221. She isn't a good cook.
222. She is used to cooking.
223. She'll make a good wife.
224. She had a clear conscience.
225. She wiped away her tears.
226. She majored in history.
227. She went to the back of the line.
228. She elbowed her way onto the train.
229. She is a bad speaker.
230. She went on speaking.
231. She stopped talking.
232. She changed the subject.
233. She grew roses.
234. She has a rose in her hand.
235. She was about to start.
236. She broke the cup, too.
237. She bought the dictionary, too.
238. She doesn't understand me, either.
239. Is she coming, too?
240. They are pretty.
241. I did not mean to disappoint her.
242. Let's leave her alone.
243. We'd better leave her alone.
244. I invited her to go to the movies.
245. I found it difficult to please her.
246. Go and wake her up.
247. I found it difficult to convince her.
248. Do you know her?
249. He hugged her.
250. They talked about various subjects.
251. They climbed down the tree.
252. They were watching television.
253. They looked down on him.
254. They have finished their work.
255. They invited me to dinner.
256. They are in class.
257. They gave him a chance to escape.
258. You look sick.
259. He came in person.
260. I can't conceive of living without him.
261. I'm sad.
262. Don't be sad.
263. Didn't you hear a scream?
264. I'm feeling tired.
265. I'm too tired to walk any further.
266. He must be tired.
267. Are you tired?
268. Mr. Sato collapsed from exhaustion.
269. I had my secretary run off ten copies.
270. I had my secretary type the letter.
271. The secret leaked out.
272. The secret got out.
273. Can you keep it a secret?
274. We had a secret meeting.
275. She may spill the beans.
276. Keep the secret.
277. The accused was sentenced to death.
278. That's enough money to cover the expenses.
279. I don't care about the expense.
280. The refugees struggled against hunger.
281. The refugees barely escaped death.
282. Where's the emergency exit?
283. Some fish fly.
284. An airplane is flying overhead.
285. I saw a plane.
286. Have you ever traveled by plane?
287. I don't want to miss my flight.
288. The plane takes off in ten minutes.
289. The plane took off exactly at six.
290. The plane flew over the mountain.
291. The plane arrived on time.
292. The airplane flew very low.
293. Is the plane on schedule?
294. The airplane took off on time.
295. The airplane made a safe landing.
296. The plane crash was only last week.
297. Keep on smiling.
298. How deep is Lake Biwa?
299. Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.
300. A beautiful girl sat next to me.
301. A beautiful woman was seated one row in front of me.
302. It's a beautiful day.
303. Beauty is but skin-deep.
304. Where's the museum?
305. Did you go to the art exhibition?
306. Miho is a pianist.
307. Miho plays the piano.
308. I have a stuffed-up nose.
309. Your nose is running.
310. My nose is itchy.
311. My nose is stuffed up.
312. I can't breathe through my nose.
313. Please breathe through your nose.
314. I can't stop my nosebleed.
315. My nose is running.
316. I have a runny nose.
317. I got a shave and a haircut.
318. Be sure to mail this letter.
319. You must come without fail.
320. I don't need it.
321. I will go with you if necessary.
322. Tom said he would draw a map for her if necessary.
323. Get off at Himeji Station.
324. Yuri often went to London in those days.
325. The ice is too thin to skate on.
326. The ice is melting.
327. The ice has melted.
328. Would you like ice?
329. The hospital is near here.
330. Please take me to the hospital.
331. Will you drive me to the hospital?
332. I didn't go to the party because I was sick.
333. Are you sick? You look pale.
334. The goods arrived yesterday.
335. I don't think being poor is anything to be ashamed of.
336. I don't want to be left holding the bag.
337. The bottle smashed to pieces.
338. I have an irregular pulse.
339. Carelessness often result in accidents.
340. Carelessness often causes accidents.
341. Careless driving causes accidents.
342. A careless man often makes mistakes.
343. It is no use complaining.
344. I can't sleep at night.
345. May I go with you?
346. My husband earns $100,000 a year.
347. Where is the ladies' room?
348. How high is Mt. Fuji?
349. Mt. Fuji was covered with snow.
350. Tomiko guessed my weight.
351. Rugs absorb sound.
352. That gentleman usually wears a hat.
353. I generally have lunch there.
354. My father has five brothers and sisters.
355. I don't know when my father will come back.
356. I helped my father water the flowers.
357. I don't think my father is willing to lend us the car.
358. My father made me a nice lunch.
359. This is one thing my father left to me.
360. My father will help me.
361. My father repaired my old watch.
362. My father and I played tennis on Sunday.
363. My father and sister are carpenters.
364. My father's car is new.
365. My father's hobby is growing roses.
366. Father's hair has turned gray.
367. My father's hair has grown white.
368. My father has gone to America.
369. Father bought me a bicycle.
370. My father passed away two years ago.
371. My father is in his fifties.
372. My father retired at the age of 65.
373. My father will come home at seven.
374. My father came home at nine.
375. My father is as busy as ever.
376. My father does not eat much fruit.
377. My father is too busy to take a walk.
378. My father always speaks in a very loud voice.
379. My father sent for the family doctor.
380. My father is sweeping the garage.
381. My father brought me here by car.
382. My father is always getting angry.
383. My father slept through the movie.
384. My father must do the work.
385. My father is a heavy smoker.
386. My father smokes.
387. My father has just come home.
388. My father is busy just now.
389. My father urged me to go with him.
390. My father was always missing buses.
391. My father is a businessman.
392. My father seldom smokes.
393. My father often washes the dishes.
394. My father used to go to work by bus.
395. My father has never been abroad.
396. My father can speak English well.
397. My father gave up smoking.
398. My father is in.
399. My father fixed a broken chair.
400. My father is now traveling abroad.
401. My father was in the navy.
402. My father is out.
403. My father struggled with the robber.
404. My father is not as old as he looks.
405. My father is in good health.
406. My father is out in the garden now.
407. My father may be at home now.
408. My father is leaving for the United States next Thursday.
409. My father is in the hospital now.
410. My father got home late last night.
411. My father allowed me to go swimming.
412. My father died before I was born.
413. My father objected to our marriage.
414. My father is the tallest of us all.
415. My father took us to the zoo.
416. My father never gave me much advice.
417. My father told me where to go.
418. My father is very strict with me.
419. My father wants me to be an engineer.
420. My father made me wash the car.
421. Father told me to wash the car.
422. Father bought me a new bicycle.
423. My father gave me a new fountain pen.
424. My father left me a large fortune.
425. My father advised me not to be lazy.
426. My father made a shelf for me.
427. My father is very angry with me.
428. My father helped me study.
429. My father drives very well.
430. My father likes his job.
431. My father is in his room.
432. Father is busy writing letters.
433. Father stopped drinking.
434. My father is a bit old-fashioned.
435. My father has bought a new car.
436. My father is very tired.
437. My father has gone to China.
438. My father lives in the country.
439. My father works for a power company.
440. My father lives and works in Tokyo.
441. My father is getting bald.
442. My father is not always free on Sunday.
443. My father likes strong coffee.
444. My father is tall.
445. My father died of lung cancer.
446. My father is becoming gray.
447. My father got well again.
448. My father usually drinks beer, but this evening he drank wine.
449. My father grows rice.
450. My father loves my mother.
451. My father plays golf every Sunday.
452. My father goes jogging every morning.
453. My father takes a walk every morning.
454. Father is coming home tomorrow.
455. My father painted the mailbox red.
456. My father takes a bath before supper.
457. My father goes to Sydney twice a year on business.
458. I'm looking for a gift for my father.
459. I don't like to see food go to waste.
460. The wounded are getting better.
461. The wounded arrived by ambulance.
462. The export of weapons was prohibited.
463. A samurai, even when he has not eaten, uses a toothpick like a lord.
464. He's in charge of the department.
465. Charge it to my room.
466. The room was locked.
467. There isn't anybody else.
468. I left my key in my room.
469. There isn't anyone in the room.
470. Please air the room.
471. I have finished cleaning my room.
472. You must clean your room.
473. Will you help me to clean the room?
474. Is the room big enough for you?
475. Come into the room.
476. The room was warm.
477. Keep your room clean.
478. I had my room cleaned.
479. Could I change rooms?
480. Clean up the room.
481. The rent is very high.
482. Pay your rent in advance.
483. The men followed him.
484. I have to put a stamp on the envelope.
485. I need an envelope.
486. It's blowing hard.
487. I think the wind's picking up.
488. The wind is picking up.
489. It's a windy day.
490. The wind blew all day.
491. The wind is blowing from the east.
492. I can't shake off my cold.
493. It's just a cold.
494. How's your cold?
495. Colds are contagious.
496. I've caught a cold.
497. I caught a cold, and I have a fever.
498. I hope you are not catching a cold.
499. I must have caught a cold.
500. I am getting a cold.
501. The balloon was caught in the tree.
502. Did you take a bath?
503. Have you finished dressing?
504. Get dressed and come downstairs.
505. Change your clothes.
506. Yukichi Fukuzawa introduced Western ideas into Japan.
507. He became irritated.
508. Don't lose your temper.
509. Don't get angry.
510. A noise woke her up.
511. Not a sound was heard.
512. Prices have been climbing steadily.
513. Prices have jumped.
514. Prices are going up.
515. Prices are rising.
516. Prices dropped suddenly.
517. Prices have been rising steadily.
518. Prices continued to rise.
519. See things as they are.
520. Take thing as they are.
521. I forgot to lock the storeroom.
522. Physics is my weak subject.
523. Physics is my favorite subject.
524. Do you hear me?
525. I know.
526. Do you follow?
527. I think I understand.
528. A capital letter is used at the beginning of a sentence.
529. Sentences begin with a capital letter.
530. Literature teaches us about humanity.
531. Complaining won't change anything.
532. Don't believe everything you hear.
533. Listen to this!
534. I can't hear it.
535. I can't hear you.
536. I go to Hyogo University.
537. Soldiers are used to danger.
538. The soldiers are ready for battle.
539. The soldier groaned with pain.
540. The soldiers narrowly escaped death.
541. The soldiers were guarding the bridge.
542. You'll be OK.
543. My temperature is normal.
544. Wait in line, please.
545. The meeting was closed.
546. Production of rice has decreased.
547. The paint was coming off the wall.
548. There is a picture on the wall.
549. Show me another camera.
550. Please show me another.
551. Can I get you another one?
552. Show me another bag.
553. I have found another job.
554. Show me another watch.
555. Please show me another example.
556. He is on another phone.
557. I have another engagement.
558. Give me another example.
559. Show me another example.
560. I can still see my mother's face.
561. Could you wrap this separately, please?
562. I have a migraine.
563. That's strange.
564. That's weird.
565. I hear a strange sound.
566. Is everything OK?
567. It was quiet all around.
568. I want a refund.
569. Talk to me!
570. Keep in touch.
571. I need some writing paper.
572. Don't distract me from studying.
573. I don't feel like studying.
574. What subjects do you like the best?
575. My studies are going okay.
576. The lawyer has many clients.
577. The lawyer was expecting Ben.
578. The lawyer was expecting him.
579. The prisoners were set free.
580. It's a short walk.
581. I walked to school.
582. He is walking very slowly.
583. Walking is a good exercise.
584. I prefer riding to walking.
585. I found a coin on the sidewalk.
586. I live with my mother, brother and my grandparents.
587. My mother has been sick for two days.
588. I don't know when my mother will come back.
589. I hear from my mother once in a while.
590. My mother sent me a birthday present.
591. Only my mother really understands me.
592. My mother has four brothers.
593. I am looking for a present for my mother.
594. I write to my mother once a month.
595. I'm dying to see my mother.
596. I am worried about my mother's health.
597. I gave my mother carnations on Mother's Day.
598. My mother cannot drive a car at all.
599. My mother left home ten minutes ago.
600. My mother is not always at home.
601. My mother is making a cake.
602. My mother cut the cake.
603. My mother never gets up early.
604. My mother didn't mention it.
605. My mother tasted the milk.
606. My mother is sick with a bad cold.
607. My mother was up late last night.
608. My mother speaks slowly.
609. My mother lives by herself.
610. My mother is out.
611. My mother was in tears.
612. My mother is writing a letter now.
613. My mother is in the hospital now.
614. My mother is reading a magazine.
615. My mother told me not to be noisy.
616. My mother asked me to set the table.
617. My mother made me a new dress.
618. My mother bought me a new dress.
619. My mother made me a white dress.
620. My mother made me study.
621. My mother took my temperature.
622. My mother cut my hair too short.
623. My mother took me to the park.
624. I have just been to Sapporo Station to see my mother off.
625. My mother can't ride a bicycle.
626. My mother hates writing letters.
627. My mother teaches flower arranging.
628. My mother has been sick since last month.
629. My mother is busy in the kitchen.
630. My mother must be angry.
631. My mother went shopping, didn't she?
632. My mother acquired her knowledge of English in the United States.
633. Mother stays at home every day.
634. Mother boiled ten eggs.
635. My mother cooks well.
636. Her mother knocked on the door.
637. His mother was right.
638. His mother was a school teacher.
639. The mother kissed her baby.
640. I can give you a copy of the report but I can't vouch for its accuracy.
641. I went over the report.
642. Let's split the reward fifty-fifty.
643. I won the lottery.
644. Could you help us after school?
645. Will you play tennis after school?
646. After school, I go to an English school to practice English conversation.
647. I talked to him after class.
648. We will play soccer after school.
649. Let's play tennis after school.
650. Let's play baseball after school.
651. Are you free after school?
652. Let's play basketball after school.
653. The court found him guilty.
654. The law was changed.
655. We should obey the law.
656. You must observe the law.
657. I got a bee sting.
658. Bee stings can be very painful.
659. Visitors are welcome.
660. Yutaka has two elder brothers.
661. My hat blew off.
662. Put your hat on.
663. I hung my hat on the peg.
664. Take off your cap.
665. Don't forget to mail this letter.
666. I must remember to mail the letter.
667. Don't forget to sign your name.
668. Don't forget to call me.
669. Be sure and call me tonight.
670. Write it down before you forget it.
671. I must write down his address before I forget it.
672. Do you have everything?
673. I didn't answer your letter, because I was busy.
674. The gang was planning a robbery.
675. It is not always cold in Hokkaido.
676. I've never been to Hokkaido.
677. Hokkaido is very far, isn't it?
678. Did you enjoy staying in Hokkaido?
679. Hokkaido is to the north of Honshu.
680. I'm going to climb Mt. Kitadake.
681. I'm as hungry as a horse.
682. I'll pay the bill.
683. I wrote this book.
684. I'll admit I'm wrong.
685. It's not my fault.
686. I'm right
687. I'll see to it.
688. Deal us the cards.
689. Don't interrupt our conversation.
690. We are staying at our uncle's.
691. We often played chess after school.
692. Will you exchange seats with me?
693. She and I are classmates.
694. Save me some ice-cream.
695. That just doesn't make sense to me.
696. I could not afford to buy a bicycle.
697. I can not afford to keep a car.
698. I have no one to turn to for advice.
699. I have many abilities.
700. Please make a milkshake for me.
701. Can you give me a house?
702. Tell me the truth.
703. Leave it to me.
704. My grandfather usually eats breakfast at six.
705. Please fix my toy.
706. She's my classmate.
707. Where's my box of chocolates?
708. My car's in the shop.
709. I can't find my pen.
710. What have you done with my pen?
711. My apartment is near here.
712. My shoes are bigger than yours.
713. Do you know what I mean?
714. Don't tell on me
715. My sister hit the jackpot!
716. Do you love me?
717. Where is my watch?
718. Would you please take my picture?
719. You may use my car at any time.
720. Leave my car alone.
721. My hobby is collecting old coins.
722. My hobby is reading comics.
723. Look at my new car.
724. You can't run my life.
725. Walk ahead of me.
726. I hope you will come to my birthday party.
727. My girlfriend has gone to Canada.
728. My name is Yatarou.
729. Everything went black.
730. All of my friends like soccer.
731. I'm not tired at all.
732. I am supposed to meet him at four.
733. I consider him to be an excellent teacher.
734. I asked her to wait a minute.
735. I offered to help her with her homework.
736. I have not been able to go to school for a week.
737. I brush my teeth twice a day.
738. I took Highway 58.
739. I get up at six.
740. I gave her my word I would be back home by nine.
741. I feel fine.
742. I visited my grandmother's house.
743. I fell asleep before my father came home.
744. I plan to go skiing with my girlfriend.
745. I have three cameras.
746. I meet him at the club.
747. I gave the bag back to Ken.
748. I haven't seen him for about three years.
749. I am looking forward to walking around the Izu Peninsula with some of my friends during summer vacation.
750. I like this color as well.
751. I am going to make him a serious offer.
752. I can't walk any further.
753. I run as fast as Jim.
754. I like jazz.
755. I'm going to change my shirt.
756. I am always leaving my umbrella on the train.
757. I am thinking of resigning at once.
758. I'm bad at sports.
759. I had intended to go there.
760. I had never seen so much money.
761. I agreed to the proposal.
762. I agree with him on that point.
763. I spent two hours solving the problem.
764. I think that it's true.
765. I know better than to do a thing like that.
766. I don't care for television very much.
767. I'm tired of watching television.
768. I remember locking the door.
769. I turned the doorknob.
770. I'm so happy.
771. I am very dangerous.
772. I am as tall as Tom.
773. I like to play basketball.
774. I go to school by bus.
775. I felt much more relaxed.
776. I have never eaten a mango before.
777. I haven't been able to remember her address.
778. I got along with everybody.
779. I can wait no longer.
780. I've got to go now.
781. I have to go now.
782. I often go to the bookstore.
783. I am often mistaken for my brother.
784. I got up while it was still dark.
785. I heard an unusual sound.
786. I want to be a doctor.
787. I gave up smoking a year ago.
788. I feel more comfortable behind the wheel.
789. I stayed at my uncle's during the summer.
790. I'll stay home.
791. I like vocal music better than instrumental music.
792. I like instrumental music.
793. I like putting machines together.
794. I'm too excited to eat anything.
795. I wish I were as smart as you are.
796. I don't quite agree with you.
797. I can swim as well as you.
798. I am thinking of nothing but you.
799. I am not satisfied with what you have done.
800. I agree with you absolutely.
801. I've got everything that you want.
802. I guess I'm not as smart as you.
803. I will make you happy.
804. I support you whole-heartedly.
805. I've been looking for you.
806. I'm never late for school.
807. I like dogs very much
808. I have taught my dog to sit up and beg.
809. I looked over my shoulder.
810. I recognized Mary the moment I saw her.
811. I want something to drink now.
812. I want something cold to drink now.
813. I am in London.
814. I'm being patient.
815. I am supposed to meet him at four this afternoon.
816. I have a good many things to do today.
817. I have no energy today.
818. I am left-handed.
819. I shut my eyes again.
820. I am interested in chess these days.
821. I spent two hours watching television last night.
822. I had a quarrel with my sister
823. I have a dictionary.
824. I have two cars.
825. I am young.
826. I looked around me.
827. I don't mind hot weather.
828. I could hardly keep from laughing.
829. I want to sleep.
830. I overslept and was late for school.
831. I love her from the bottom of my heart.
832. I'm not very good at swimming.
833. I bought this book the other day.
834. I am able to swim across the river.
835. I don't feel like eating at all.
836. I asked him point-blank.
837. I'll get in.
838. I work best under pressure.
839. I share an apartment with my brother.
840. I aimed my gun at the target.
841. I grew up in the country.
842. I am looking forward to going to the zoo.
843. I want to ride a horse.
844. I shared a room with him.
845. I have five times as many stamps as he does.
846. I can't think of his name.
847. I think that she knows the truth.
848. I want to marry her.
849. I am angry with her.
850. I accompanied her on the piano.
851. I love her and she loves me.
852. I like watching planes take off.
853. I have a cold.
854. I'll be watching you.
855. I almost always play baseball after school.
856. I mean what I'm saying.
857. I had my sister take a picture of me.
858. I have many model cars.
859. I painted the gate blue.
860. I'm a night owl.
861. I like walking at night.
862. I like outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.
863. I also like cake.
864. Me, too.
865. May I join you?
866. I agree with you that we should try again.
867. We have nothing in common.
868. When can we eat?
869. We talked until two in the morning.
870. Can you hide me from the police?
871. He doesn't like us.
872. Hopefully, we'll enjoy our China trip.
873. A book dropped from the shelf.
874. Put away your books and notebooks.
875. I have tried every diet that has ever been published and I still haven't lost weight.
876. They have few books.
877. Nowadays anybody can get books.
878. Can I take books out?
879. I have bought a lot of books.
880. Are you certain that you lost your book, or did you merely misplace it?
881. Put your books in order.
882. I asked her to send us the book.
883. I fell asleep while reading.
884. I don't have time to read.
885. I am reading a book.
886. I spent hours reading books.
887. Put your books away.
888. Do you really mean it?
889. Do you really love me?
890. You can't be serious.
891. Is that true?
892. I really feel bad about it.
893. I'm terribly sorry.
894. You can't be so sure.
895. I do think so.
896. I don't really care that much.
897. You really must stop smoking.
898. Can you handle it?
899. Many thanks.
900. It was real hard work.
901. I'm really confused.
902. He's really selfish.
903. It's really hot there.
904. It was really interesting.
905. It is not a real mansion.
906. I regret telling you the truth.
907. Tell me a true story.
908. I wish I could go.
909. What are you serving today?
910. I like mahjong.
911. Do you know how to play mahjong?
912. Mahjong tiles are very beautiful.
913. I saw my sister there.
914. My sister will prepare breakfast.
915. How's your sister?
916. My sister has perfect vision.
917. I gave my sister a pearl necklace on her birthday.
918. My sister saw it with her own eyes.
919. My sister has a good command of both English and French.
920. My sister has a job.
921. My sister is playing with a doll.
922. My sister has long legs.
923. My sister resembles my mother.
924. I'll bring my sister to the party.
925. How much is your monthly gas bill?
926. I do it every Sunday morning.
928. Brush your teeth after each meal.
929. I make it a rule to go jogging every morning.
930. I always watch the weather report before going out in the morning.
931. Thank you for your patronage.
932. She plays the piano every day.
933. How do you go to school every day?
934. I am tired of the day-to-day routine of life.
935. Study English every day.
936. Brush your teeth every day.
937. I keep a diary every day.
938. Each year Hamamatsu has a kite festival.
939. I go every year.
940. A lot of people are killed in automobile accidents every year.
941. I hear from my friend every year.
942. May I have a pillow and a blanket, please?
943. Could I have a pillow and blanket?
944. Can I get a pillow?
945. I'm very glad to see you again.
946. He failed the examination again.
947. She was late once again.
948. Everything went right for me.
949. Fill it up, please.
950. Fill it up.
951. All the seats are booked.
952. I have never been to Paris.
953. My pulse is fast.
954. My pulse is slow.
955. I heard a strange sound.
956. I'm sleepy!
957. Are you sleepy?
958. Aren't you sleepy?
959. Are you sleeping, Tom?
960. I had my wallet stolen while I was asleep.
961. I need to get some sleep.
962. I couldn't sleep.
963. I'm trying to sleep.
964. Dreams come true.
965. Dreams came true.
966. Dreams sometimes come true.
967. Ten dollars of regular unleaded, please.
968. I felt left out.
969. Don't waste your money.
970. Don't waste your breath.
971. Plain white paper will do.
972. I shouldn't have overdone it.
973. You should take it easy.
974. Don't work too hard!
975. Don't exert yourself.
976. Is it free?
977. The fog has lifted.
978. The fog is getting thicker.
979. He had one daughter.
980. I think my daughter's coming down with something.
981. My daughter is barely fifteen.
982. My daughter is the apple of my eye.
983. Can my daughter go to school?
984. A good idea occurred to me.
985. What's the stop after Nagoya?
986. Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.
987. Some people go after fame.
988. I only know him by name.
989. What's its name?
990. My name is Ichiro Tanaka.
992. Please add my name to the list.
993. All the lights went out.
994. The light is on.
995. You left your lights on.
996. The light came on suddenly.
997. Put out the light.
998. Obviously he is lying.
999. Clearly you are mistaken.
1000. Someone is obviously telling a lie.

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