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พูดภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ 27,000 ประโยค
Natural-sounding Spoken English Sentences
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1. Obviously, he is to blame.
2. Obviously he is wrong.
3. I must get this work done by the day after tomorrow.
4. I must get my work done by the day after tomorrow.
5. Akiko has some friends in France.
6. I hope it rains tomorrow.
7. A friend's coming over tomorrow.
8. I'll call you up tomorrow.
9. Call her tomorrow.
10. May I call you tomorrow?
11. May I come and see you tomorrow?
12. Could you come and see me tomorrow?
13. I am seeing my uncle tomorrow.
14. May I see you tomorrow?
15. I promise that I will be here tomorrow.
16. I'll bring it to you tomorrow.
17. I will ask him about it tomorrow.
18. We are going to a dance tomorrow.
19. Can you be ready to leave tomorrow?
20. You can visit me tomorrow.
21. I have an appointment at eleven tomorrow, but can I change the time?
22. What's the assignment for tomorrow?
23. I don't have any plans for tomorrow. I'm going to take it easy.
24. Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?
25. Are you free in the afternoon?
26. Remember to mail this letter tomorrow morning.
27. Call me at six tomorrow morning.
28. Call me at nine tomorrow morning.
29. Mail this letter tomorrow morning.
30. Tomorrow morning will be OK.
31. Get up early tomorrow morning!
32. Wait until tomorrow morning.
33. I'll call you up tomorrow morning.
34. Come tomorrow morning.
35. Are you free tomorrow evening?
36. Let's visit some temples tomorrow.
37. I'm getting up at six o'clock tomorrow morning.
38. It is a holiday tomorrow.
39. I bet it will rain tomorrow.
40. There is a show tomorrow.
41. We have a test tomorrow.
42. What's your schedule for tomorrow?
43. I am going on a picnic tomorrow.
44. I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.
45. It may rain tomorrow.
46. I don't think that it will rain tomorrow.
47. I don't think it will rain tomorrow.
48. Tomorrow is a holiday.
49. I'll be absent tomorrow.
50. It will be hot tomorrow.
51. Will it be hot tomorrow?
52. We may not win tomorrow.
53. Will it be sunny tomorrow?
54. Will it be fine tomorrow?
55. It'll snow tomorrow.
56. Wake me up early tomorrow morning.
57. It is likely to be fine tomorrow.
58. Tomorrow I am going shopping.
59. It's her fifth birthday tomorrow.
60. Tomorrow is her birthday.
61. Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
62. Come again tomorrow.
63. Come see me again tomorrow.
64. I need to know by tomorrow.
65. I must have my work finished by tomorrow.
66. I have a few essays to write by tomorrow.
67. Can't you put it off until tomorrow?
68. I'll come here again tomorrow.
69. You can make more tomorrow.
70. I have to go and have an X-ray tomorrow.
71. I must pay a visit to the doctor tomorrow.
72. I hope it does not rain tomorrow.
73. I don't know if it will rain tomorrow or not.
74. I do not know if it will rain tomorrow.
75. I don't know if it will rain tomorrow.
76. If it rains tomorrow, I will stay at home all day.
77. If it rains tomorrow, I won't go.
78. Can you come to the meeting tomorrow?
79. See you tomorrow at school.
80. I will pay you the money tomorrow.
81. I feel like taking a day off tomorrow.
82. Lend me your car tomorrow.
83. You may expect me tomorrow.
84. I am going to see the dentist tomorrow.
85. Let's get together tomorrow.
86. See you tomorrow at the library.
87. There will be a math test tomorrow.
88. I hope it will be fine tomorrow.
89. I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.
90. I'm going shopping tomorrow.
91. I'm going to meet him tomorrow.
92. I am seeing a friend tomorrow.
93. I'm coming to see you tomorrow.
94. You'll get lost.
95. Do you have your driver's license?
96. Could I see your driver's license?
97. Can I see your license, please?
98. May I see your license?
99. Cotton absorbs water.
100. You'll get into trouble.
101. It's interesting.
102. It seems very interesting.
103. Making model spaceships is interesting.
104. Fur coats are on sale.
105. Do you have blankets?
106. Can I get a blanket?
107. May I have a blanket?
108. Beware of the dog!
109. Guide dogs help blind people.
110. Many trees fell down.
111. The tree fell down.
112. Wood burns.
113. I ran into a tree.
114. I had to take shelter under a tree.
115. The bicycle under the tree is mine.
116. There are some boys under the tree.
117. Wooden houses catch fire easily.
118. I heard the leaves rustling.
119. The leaves are turning red.
120. The leaves have all fallen.
121. Leaves begin to fall in October.
122. Wood floats, but iron sinks.
123. Wooden houses easily catch fire.
124. I thought it best to remain silent.
125. Shut up and listen!
126. Shut your big mouth.
127. My eyes feel itchy.
128. I can see the light.
129. My eyes are sore.
130. Their eyes met.
131. I'm awake.
132. I can't keep my eyes open.
133. Keep your eyes open.
134. Open your eyes, please.
135. Wake up!
136. Dry your eyes.
137. Close your eyes, and count to ten.
138. Close your eyes, please.
139. Don't shut your eyes.
140. I overslept because my alarm didn't go off.
141. The alarm went off.
142. Turn off the alarm.
143. The alarm woke up Mayuko.
144. Is something wrong?
145. The gate is too narrow for the car.
146. The gate is open now.
147. Is there a curfew?
148. It was night.
149. I don't feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night.
150. Swimming at night is dangerous.
151. It rained during the night.
152. It's eight o'clock at night.
153. At night, we usually go bowling.
154. I asked him not to play the piano late at night.
155. Don't call me so late at night.
156. We woke up after midnight.
157. I heard our dog barking all night.
158. The baseball season has opened.
159. I don't like baseball at all.
160. Are you fond of baseball?
161. Don't you like baseball?
162. Baseball is an interesting sport.
163. Have you ever played baseball?
164. Let's play baseball.
165. Playing baseball is fun.
166. A lot of reports came to the policeman that a wild monkey was found.
167. Bird watching is a nice hobby.
168. The arrow hit the target.
169. I must remind you of your promise.
170. I was late for the appointment.
172. A promise is a promise.
173. You must keep your promise.
174. He has a drug allergy.
175. The medicine had no effect.
176. Are you allergic to any medicine?
177. The kettle is boiling.
178. Have fun this summer!
179. Oil will float on water.
180. He is kind.
181. My friend is seriously injured.
182. I received a letter from my friend.
183. Friends should help one another.
184. I have few friends.
185. I have just been to the airport to see my friend off.
186. My friends invited me to dinner.
187. I am disappointed that my friend is not here.
188. A friend of mine asked me to send her a postcard.
189. My friends celebrated my birthday.
190. I went shopping with a friend.
191. I have a friend waiting for me in front of the library.
192. Do you have many friends?
193. My friends call me Ken.
194. My friends call me Beth.
195. I've made lots of friends.
196. Can I have a friend paged?
197. We're having some friends over.
198. Bring along your friend.
199. I don't believe that ghosts exist.
200. Some people believe in ghosts.
201. I think that ghosts exist.
202. Do ghosts really exist?
203. I spent all the money I had to buy the book.
204. All the money was gone.
205. The famous pianist smiled.
206. A famous architect built this house.
207. Yukiko likes potatoes.
208. Yuka types better then Alice.
209. I was watching TV when Yumi came.
210. Yumi and Emi were studying for their English test.
211. Yumi is one of my friends.
212. Yumi is leaving for Osaka the day after tomorrow.
213. Yumi is happy, isn't she?
214. Yumi will not play tennis.
215. Yumi is good at playing tennis.
216. Yumi studied English last night.
217. Yumi went there by herself.
218. Yumi got up early to listen to the English program.
219. Yumi speaks English very well.
220. Yumi studies English hard.
221. Yumi will become a teacher.
222. Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.
223. Yumi has many books.
224. Yumi will use this camera tomorrow afternoon.
225. Yuko has never spoken with a foreigner.
226. It's hard to resist temptation.
227. Can I go out and play?
228. Come and see me.
229. Let's play.
230. Business before pleasure.
231. I still have a lot of time for fun.
232. The mail has arrived.
233. I am going to inform the post office of the change of my address.
234. The post office is down the street.
235. Where is the post office?
236. I've just been to the post office.
237. I had a slight headache last night.
238. I have had a slight headache since last night.
239. I had a date with Jane last night.
240. It wasn't very hot last night.
241. I did not sleep at all last night.
242. It frosted last night.
243. I stayed up late last night.
244. Let's have dinner.
245. I know a good place for dinner.
246. How about going out for dinner?
247. After dinner, we played cards till eleven.
248. It's time for dinner.
249. The dinner is almost ready.
250. Are you ready for dinner?
251. I don't want dinner.
252. What would you like for supper?
253. She cooked the dinner herself.
254. You must not go out after dinner.
255. My father went jogging after dinner.
256. What does she do in the evening?
257. I help my mother in the evening.
258. We are traveling on a tight budget.
259. The budget must be balanced.
260. It's behind schedule.
261. The schedule must be maintained.
262. It's ahead of schedule.
263. I'm expecting my baby in the middle of January.
264. I need an extra pillow.
265. I need an extra blanket.
266. I'd like to make a reservation.
267. I have a reservation.
268. Do I need to reconfirm?
269. Do you have an appointment?
270. Could I make a reservation?
271. I have a confirmed reservation.
272. Can I make a reservation?
273. Could you cancel my reservation?
274. I'd like to change my reservation.
275. All subscriptions must be paid before the end of this year.
276. Are there reserved seats on the train?
277. I didn't enjoy it very much.
278. Don't eat too much.
279. What's your favorite pastime?
280. None of your business.
281. We have plenty of time to spare.
282. An infant is not capable of speaking, so it just screams until it gets what it wants.
283. Do you believe in fairies?
284. Who can speak English better, Yoko or Yumi?
285. Yoko speaks English, doesn't she?
286. Aunt Yoko is too weak to work.
287. Yoko went shopping yesterday.
288. Yoko is unable to buy a computer.
289. Yoko bought some of them.
290. Yoko is the captain of the volleyball team.
291. Yoko is in London now. She's studying English.
292. Yoko avoided answering my question.
293. Yoko will go to Kyoto next week.
294. I don't earn enough money to buy clothes regularly.
295. Take care!
296. The leaves fell.
297. Send me a postcard.
298. Would you like to dance?
299. All I want is you.
300. I will give you anything you want.
301. Take anything you want.
302. Is the bath clean?
303. We were very sleepy the next morning.
304. I had sore legs the next day.
305. No one came except Mary.
306. I just want you to come.
307. Come and help us.
308. I thought you wouldn't come.
309. Whoever comes will be welcomed.
310. Whoever comes will be welcome.
311. Something must have happened to him on the way.
312. I'll see you next month.
313. Taxi fares will go up next month.
314. I am moving next month.
315. We are moving next month.
316. I'll be taking a vacation next month.
317. I have just received a letter from a friend saying that she is coming to see me next week.
318. I'll expect you next week.
319. Tests start next week.
320. I am going to a concert next week.
321. I expect to see Mr Jones next week.
322. Try us again next Monday.
323. I'll see you a week from today.
324. We're having a party next Saturday.
325. I'll be free next Sunday.
326. I'll be busy next week.
327. Check back next week.
328. I'd like to see you again next week.
329. I was wondering if I could take a vacation next week.
330. I am thinking of going to Kobe next week.
331. I am supposed to go to Tokyo next week.
332. I am going to take two days off next week.
333. I hope to go to Canada next year.
334. I want to study abroad next year.
335. He retires next spring.
336. I'll be seventeen next year.
337. I hope to build a new house next year.
338. Hats are coming into fashion.
339. Let's get together again next year.
340. I am taking French next year.
341. I am going to work in Osaka next year.
342. I need a favor.
343. I'm depending on you.
344. Lightning struck the tower.
345. The thunder frightened the students.
346. The thunder became louder.
347. Play it cool.
348. She's depressed.
349. Call me when you get settled in.
350. We must keep calm.
351. I must have lost it.
352. All the eggs went bad.
353. The price of eggs is going up.
354. How do you like your eggs done?
355. I don't care for eggs.
356. Boil one egg.
357. Fry an egg for me.
358. After the storm, it was calm.
359. The storm caused a lot of damage.
360. The storm has died down.
361. The storm developed into a typhoon.
362. I found it rather difficult to make myself understood.
363. Rie and I went to the same school.
364. A barber is a man who shaves and cuts men's hair.
365. I met him at the barber's.
366. I think she will divorce him.
367. Frankly speaking, I hate him.
368. I get dizzy spells when I stand up.
369. Stand up!
370. How long is the stopover?
371. Don't stand up.
372. Keep out.
373. Keep out!
374. Stand up, please.
375. Fashions change quickly.
376. I would like to speak English fluently.
377. I study abroad.
378. I am saving money in order to study abroad.
379. Leave me a message, please.
380. I feel like going on a trip.
381. I left my passport somewhere.
382. Do you like to travel?
383. Please prepare for the trip.
384. I need some shots before I go on my trip.
385. Let's take a trip.
386. Are you ready for the trip?
387. What's the purpose of your trip?
388. It's fun to travel.
389. Did you enjoy your trip?
390. I can't afford the time to travel.
391. I don't blame you for putting off our trip.
392. May I pay with a travelers' check?
393. Let's ask a travel agent.
394. Both countries are now at peace.
395. Hold it with both hands.
396. I heard my parents whispering last night.
397. My parents sent me a postcard.
398. I keep in touch with my parents by mail.
399. Both of my parents aren't alive.
400. Be polite to your parents.
401. My parents live in Kyoto.
402. My parents are old.
403. Let me introduce my parents to you.
404. I got bruises on both legs.
405. They are both good.
406. Our dorm's having heater problem.
407. The price does not include the box.
408. Pay your fare here.
409. I hear you are good at cooking.
410. You are a good cook.
411. Are you good at cooking?
412. The food is cold.
413. Cooking is interesting.
414. I don't know how to cook.
415. Jane told us that cooking was not difficult.
416. The weather is becoming cooler.
417. It's starting to cool off.
418. It has cooled off.
419. The hunter shot a bear.
420. A good businessman knows how to make money.
421. How can you tell good English from bad English?
422. A good idea occurred to him.
423. Have a nice weekend!
424. I left early so I could get a good seat.
425. I came early in order that I could get a good seat.
426. All you have to do is study hard to get into a good college.
427. Good for you.
428. That's better.
429. You'll feel better.
430. You are doing very well.
431. I'd like a receipt, please.
432. May I have a receipt?
433. My strength is all gone.
434. Midori ate the most oranges.
435. I got a lot of insect bites in the woods.
436. It's noisy next door.
437. I can hear someone talking in the next room.
438. Tears ran down Alice's cheeks.
439. Dry my tears.
440. Apes rank above dogs in intelligence.
441. Apes are intelligent.
442. Quote me an example.
443. Let's talk over a cold beer.
444. I would love a cold glass of beer.
445. I am dying for a cold drink.
446. You shouldn't eat anything cold.
447. Bring me some cold water.
448. A refrigerator keeps meat fresh.
449. Nothing remained in the refrigerator.
450. Mind your manners.
451. It pays to be polite.
452. History repeats itself.
453. The train leaves in ten minutes.
454. The train disappeared from view.
455. I like to ride on trains.
456. You'll miss the train.
457. The trains are running late.
458. I think the train will come soon.
459. Trains are running on schedule.
460. The train finally arrived.
461. The train has just gone.
462. Will the train leave on time?
463. The train just left.
464. The train gained speed gradually.
465. Trains were arriving on time.
466. The train left on time.
467. Is this love?
468. All's fair in love and war.
469. The lovers kissed.
470. Thanks for bringing me here.
471. Traffic accidents happen daily.
472. Keep in touch!
473. Streetcars run on electricity.
474. The workers are on strike.
475. Can you tell wolves from dogs?
476. Old people need someone to talk to.
477. The old man lived there by himself.
478. The old man walked with a stick.
479. In June, it rains day after day.
480. Call me at six thirty, please.
481. I have a reservation for six-thirty.
482. Have you ever eaten Japanese food?
483. Can we talk in private?
484. May I speak to you?
485. I need someone to talk with.
486. I can tell it's him by the way he speaks.
487. It is a long story.
488. We talked about various topics.
489. Don't change the subject.
490. We enjoy talking.
491. We talked about a variety of topics.
492. Let's change the subject.
493. Please step aside.
494. I have a slight pain in my side.
495. The planets revolve around the sun.
496. I have an ache in my arm.
497. Let go of my arm.
498. Let go of my arm!
499. I can't find my watch.
500. I had an asthma attack.
501. I have a good sense of smell.
502. He's looking good.
503. My internet connection was cut off.
504. According to the guidebook, this is the best restaurant around here.
505. I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.
506. The curry was nothing special.
507. I broke my leg skiing.
508. That girl loved climbing trees.
509. I imagined my first kiss would be more romantic.
510. Pale ale is a low-alcohol beer.
511. Paul ran his hand through his hair.
512. Paul has dry hair.
513. I don't want to do anything risky.
514. Could you repeat that?
515. Please buy a few apples.
516. I was out all day.
517. Turn the volume up.
518. I'd like the bill please.
519. Check, please.
520. The palace was heavily guarded.
521. I should not have said that.
522. Children should obey their parents.
523. I was kicked out of high school.
524. I met him last week for the first time in ages.
525. I dropped out of school when I was in the 7th grade.
526. I knew I'd broken my wrist the moment I fell.
527. Do it by yourself.
528. You should know it.
529. Even I can't believe that.
530. It's simply that I don't really understand what an "oddball" is when said by a Mixi user.
531. I bought a red tie.
532. I can hear the chirping of insects.
533. Snow completely covered the town.
534. They don't get along together.
535. When her cat died, Diana went to pieces.
536. I heard that he'd died.
537. He's a comedian.
538. He did a cartwheel.
539. He is a handsome man.
540. He has guts.
541. It took all night to climb Mt Fuji.
542. How about tomorrow?
543. I left part of the meal uneaten.
544. After climbing Mt. Fuji, I got the inspiration for a poem.
545. Don't go back to sleep!
546. She plays Bach.
547. It's all over.
548. Let's go to eat together.
549. As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.
550. I don't live in Maigo now.
551. Ai sat down beside me.
552. I'm busy getting ready for tomorrow.
553. It's getting darker outside now.
554. We received an eviction notice.
555. You're doing good work there.
556. That's right, isn't it?
557. Jealousy made him do that.
558. She's got a Turkish boyfriend.
559. Being too busy with work is a problem, but then so is having too much free time.
560. Have I answered your question?
561. The car wouldn't start.
562. Which country are you from?
563. My shoelaces came undone.
564. Wooden buildings catch fire easily.
565. That's certainly one possibility.
566. This newspaper is free.
567. Good morning.
568. I love to dance.
569. Good evening.
570. I do not work.
571. I am eating rice.
572. I should stop procrastinating.
573. I am Chinese.
574. She's stubborn.
575. I can't fall asleep.
576. Have a nice trip.
577. I am French
578. Does your dog bite?
579. I am working.
581. Karin is Austrian.
582. I have many friends.
583. Who is he?
584. I don't know.
585. Let's take a coffee break.
586. I eat noodles.
587. Judy looked at me.
588. Actions speak louder than words.
589. That's unbelievable!
590. I'm leaving.
591. I like walking alone.
592. The experiment failed.
593. The experiment succeeded.
594. Is this pure gold?
595. Let me introduce myself.
596. She lived a happy life.
597. I don't like him.
598. He likes jelly.
599. I like cats.
600. I forgot to ask him.
601. Don't get upset!
602. Everyone makes mistakes.
603. Happy birthday, Muiriel!
604. I must fix it.
605. Who are you?
606. She is living hand-to-mouth.
607. Keep the change.
608. It looked cheap.
609. I feel much better.
610. It's very romantic!
611. He is very romantic!
612. See you later!
613. I'm stuffed!
614. Happy New Year!
615. What a pity.
616. It was freezing!
617. I recommend Maui.
618. I play the violin.
619. Cold water, please.
620. He can't sing well.
621. You can't swim.
622. I was disappointed.
623. He had already gone.
624. I am a vegetarian.
625. We are Arabs.
626. He is smart.
627. My wife is a doctor.
628. I have a problem.
629. I don't know anything.
630. He raised his hand.
631. The students laughed.
632. He left the door open.
633. He taught me history.
634. The door is open.
635. The pen is broken.
636. Bilal went to school.
637. I love Arabic.
638. Where are you from?
639. Where do you live?
640. What is your address?
641. They are my brothers.
642. They are my sisters.
643. I saw five men.
644. I have ten pens.
645. I carried three books.
646. I have one sister.
647. The book is easy.
648. It's your turn.
649. The boy is thirsty.
650. These are birds.
651. He is ill.
652. He is sick.
653. She is having dinner.
654. She works in marketing.
655. Do you like that?
656. I like fishing.
657. She's at a meeting.
658. I am from Norway.
659. She can play the piano.
660. The lights are out.
661. The sun is shining.
662. This is an interesting book.
663. All these books are mine.
664. Do you need this book?
665. Cats don't like water.
666. She wanted to travel.
667. How have you been recently?
668. Are you serious?
669. Really?
670. Too bad
671. Let's take a look.
672. How are you?
673. Hello.
674. I don't like this watch.
675. I had a terrible dream.
676. I am afraid of dogs.
677. He lives in Tokyo.
678. I'm French.
679. The radio is broken.
680. I can understand what you are saying.
681. Thank you!
682. My name is Wang.
683. He comes from Hangzhou.
684. What good will that do?
685. Thanks for the invite.
686. What happened?
687. Watch out!
688. What is new?
689. I feel hungry.
690. He talks too much.
691. I am okay.
692. That was fun.
693. Are you ready?
694. Bill often breaks his promises.
695. I do not understand.
696. I don't understand.
697. Betty killed his mother.
698. Do you speak English?
699. Clean the room.
700. Canada has a cold climate.
701. I have a question.
702. When will he be back?
703. He is in hospital.
704. I have a dog.
705. I saw a dog.
706. My sister often cries.
707. Where is the telephone book?
708. My name is Andrea.
709. Is it true?
710. It is snowing.
711. There is a melon on the table.
712. Do you want to go?
713. I am right-handed.
714. Latin is a dead language.
715. Stay for a while.
716. They were hungry.
717. He's crazy about you.
718. Have you eaten yet?
719. I play the piano.
720. He needs money.
721. He misses his family.
722. Magda marries a Spaniard.
723. Is there an elevator?
724. I don't remember!
725. I couldn't stand looking at it.
726. I have two nieces.
727. Did it not occur to you to close the windows?
728. If you could assist me, it would be a great help.
729. Nobody speaks to me.
730. The bell rang.
731. You're so beautiful!
732. Is that okay?
733. He painted his bicycle red.
734. I am a man.
735. The party was a success.
736. He really likes baseball.
737. Do you like music?
738. He likes hunting.
739. He likes oranges.
740. Nobody likes war.
741. Mike really likes animals.
742. I don't like school.
743. Tomorrow is Christmas.
744. He stopped reading newspapers.
745. Even if he does something bad, he'll never admit it.
746. A cat came out from under the desk.
747. Let's start the party.
748. I wonder if she'll recognize me after all these years.
749. I'll never forget your kindness as long as I live.
750. People love to check out each other's houses.
751. It's a little cold today.
752. This data isn't accurate at all.
753. The moon is already out.
754. I expect him to come at any moment.
755. That kind of thing can't be found just anywhere.
756. He was drunk and forgot to shut of the back door.
757. Can you tell silver and tin apart?
758. Do you know the difference between silver and tin?
759. Whose house is across from yours?
760. He's the most valuable player on our team.
761. Are you related to the Nagashimas?
762. You should apologize to your father for not getting home in time for dinner.
763. The house is burning.
764. He came even though I told him not to.
765. Please hand this in at the front desk.
766. Let's begin.
767. Let's start.
768. He swims better than I do.
769. He's accustomed to traveling.
770. The court declared him innocent on the charge of murder.
771. That program is now being broadcast.
772. I forgot to telephone him today.
773. Generally women live 10 years longer than men.
774. Women usually live 10 years longer than men do.
775. Living a busy life, he usually doesn't see his family.
776. I have a high fever.
777. He left the house without saying goodbye.
778. "That's cheap. I'll take ten yards," the girl answered.
779. In order to buy a foreign car, he worked very hard.
780. He worked very hard so he could buy a foreign car.
781. We have time to spare.
782. I'm not yet used to writing business letters.
783. There are still a lot of dishes on the table.
784. What are your weekend plans?
785. What're your plans for the weekend?
786. John is a member of the swimming club.
787. John is in the swimming club.
788. What he likes is jelly.
789. He's out taking a walk.
790. In Japan, the new semester begins in April.
791. He glanced over the newspaper before turning in.
792. We can't trust him because he often tells lies.
793. Grace goes upstairs to the extension telephone.
794. Do you know whether or not Grace is at home?
795. Mr. Grey didn't enjoy his work.
796. Grace looked angry.
797. Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors.
798. Graham Greene a favorite author of mine.
799. I need to do some shopping since Christmas is coming soon.
800. How many more days are there until Christmas?
801. Please wrap it like a Christmas present.
802. Christmas is soon, right?
803. Christmas is soon, isn't it?
804. Christmas is soon.
805. Christmas is just two weeks from now.
806. Christmas is December 25th.
807. On Christmas day, Tom's right leg was still in a cast.
808. Make your airplane reservations early since flights fill up quickly around Christmas.
809. Christmas is coming.
810. Christmas is coming soon.
811. Have a good Christmas.
812. Merry Christmas.
813. He's afraid of dogs.
814. Ken's dog is very big.
815. He is in college.
816. Let's go out and eat supper together sometimes.
817. He is American.
818. Kent is a born leader.
819. This is the house where she used to live.
820. This is the pencil that she used to write it.
821. We can depend on her to help us.
822. We know that she was born in Canada.
823. While I was talking on the phone, she came to see me.
824. You told me that she was kind and she really is.
825. Oil and water don't mix.
826. Are you Chinese or Japanese?
827. When I met her the other day, she asked about my parents.
828. When I was about to leave my house, I got a telephone call from her.
829. As far as the teacher was concerned, she was a joy to teach.
830. For the teacher, teaching her was fun.
831. I don't know her.
832. That man asked me who I was, but I didn't think it was necessary to answer that question.
833. That man grabbed the young girl's wrist.
834. The man robbed her bag.
835. The boy is wearing glasses.
836. The people stood up and began to sing.
837. She came here as soon as she heard it.
838. She kept me waiting for 30 minutes.
839. She kept me waiting for half an hour.
840. She made me wait for half an hour.
841. She slapped his face.
842. She felt sympathy for the orphan and gave him some money.
843. The story is that Mary wants a divorce.
844. I've heard that Mary wants a divorce.
845. It cost a lot of money to repair the car.
846. It cost $300 to get the car fixed.
847. May I borrow your car?
848. How about stopping the car and taking a rest?
849. People who drive cars should wear seat belts.
850. You must be careful when you drive a car.
851. You should be careful when you drive a car.
852. You need a license to drive a car.
853. To drive a car, you need a license.
854. He confessed that he had committed the crime.
855. He said that he wanted some money.
856. He asked her how to drive a car yesterday.
857. She's popular, not because she's beautiful, but because she's kind to everyone.
858. She went for a walk.
859. She might be taller than you.
860. Does she have a piano?
861. She's worried since she hasn't heard from her son for many months.
862. She's worried because she hasn't received a letter from her son for many months.
863. How did she get to know so much about fish?
864. She usually gets up early.
865. Did she come here to relax?
866. Does she have enough energy to take a long trip?
867. Can she endure a long trip?
868. Is she so stupid that she believes such a thing.
869. Is she so stupid that she believes that kind a thing.
870. It seems that she is keeping that secret.
871. She'll almost certainly pass the test.
872. I hear that she's a famous actress.
873. It's said that she's a well-known actress.
874. I hear that she is a famous actress.
875. I believe that she has never told a lie.
876. Not only does she keep house, but she also works as a school teacher.
877. Not only does she do house work, she is a teacher.
878. Because of her, he lived a miserable life.
879. Please be careful not to break this vase.
880. Please be careful that you don't break this vase.
881. It might have been Miss Satoh who sent these flowers.
882. These flowers can be seen around Hokkaido.
883. These flowers are beautiful, aren't they?
884. These flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell nice.
885. These flowers have a unique smell.
886. The Shinano River is the longest river in Japan.
887. Mariko speaks English well.
888. Mariko is good at speaking English.
889. It was because of her that he lived so miserably.
890. She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.
891. She made him a new suit.
892. She coaxed him out of his dark mood.
893. She helped him overcome his sadness.
894. She helped him get over his bad mood.
895. If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.
896. There are no comments yet.
897. She thought that he was wasting electricity.
898. She helped her younger brother finish his picture.
899. Whenever I hear that song, I remember my youth.
900. When I hear that song, I remember my younger days.
901. When I hear that song, I think about when I was young.
902. She successfully got him to tell the truth.
903. She hired him as a programmer.
904. She employeed him as a programmer.
905. She hated him.
906. She disliked him.
907. She didn't like him.
908. She hated her husband.
909. She didn't like her husband.
910. She disliked her husband.
911. Bill doesn't like that fact that his father smokes a lot.
912. Bill hates that his father smokes heavily.
913. Her stern look got him to quit talking.
914. She had no intention of quarreling with him.
915. She didn't plan on having a fight with him.
916. He died a few days before his hundredth birthday.
917. She handed him the key.
918. She saddled him with the work.
919. She assigned him to the job.
920. She assigned the work to him.
921. She laid the work on him.
922. Mary is at a loss about what to say to him.
923. Mary doesn't know what to say to him.
924. Mary doesn't have a clue about what she should say to him.
925. She walked around looking for him.
926. She began to like him right away.
927. I started liking Mary as soon as I met her.
928. She liked him right off.
929. I fell in love with her the moment I met her.
930. I never thought that they would like their teacher so much.
931. She spends a lot of money on clothes.
932. She told me which clothes would be good to wear.
933. She is careless about the way she dresses.
934. She doesn't pay much attention to how she dresses.
935. She doesn't care how she dresses.
936. She wore a beautiful dress.
937. In other words, she became a good wife.
938. She helped the old man across the street.
939. She made the boy into a fine man.
940. She raised the boy to be a fine person.
941. She testified that she saw the man.
942. She has no sense of beauty.
943. She has an eye for beauty.
944. She gave her seat to a senior citizen.
945. She gave up her seat for the old person.
946. I gave my seat to the old lady.
947. On crowded buses young people should give their seats to old people.
948. To see him talk, you might think he's a girl.
949. The teacher recommended that I read Shakespeare.
950. The men are wearing short sleeve shirts.
951. Boys tend to look down on their younger sisters.
952. She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.
953. She kept working even though she was tired.
954. She was tired, but she kept working.
955. She kept on working.
956. She kept working.
957. He was tired, but he kept working.
958. He worked from morning till night.
959. He continued working all day.
960. He worked last night without taking a break.
961. I have a high temperature.
962. Of course she passed the test.
963. You may have mistaken Jane for her sister.
964. You might have mistaken Jane for her sister.
965. I'll always remember your kindness.
966. I'll never forget how kind you have been.
967. She has two sisters. Both live in Kyoto.
968. Even after all of my objections, she left home.
969. She always looked happy, but never was.
970. She always studies while listening to music.
971. She answered my letter right away.
972. She answered in tears.
973. She was crying as she answered.
974. She argues just for the sake of arguing.
975. She turned eighty-one.
976. She is now eighty-one years old.
977. I now understand that the woman I thought was a nurse is a doctor.
978. She became a teacher when she was twenty.
979. She called me many times.
980. She was able to cross the Pacific Ocean by boat.
981. She succeeded in crossing the Pacific Ocean by boat.
982. She complained about my low salary.
983. She complained that my salary was low.
984. She talked as she walked.
985. She really wants to lose weight.
986. She was accepted to Harvard.
987. She was accepted by Harvard.
988. She got to the other side in 30 minutes.
989. She got to the other side in 10 minutes.
990. She was surprised when she saw the ghost.
991. She was surprised when she heard the news.
992. She was very surprised when she heard the news.
993. She became aware that her parents were watching her.
994. She was dressed in wool.
995. She was coming down the stairs.
996. The fat woman was holding a monkey.
997. She was promoted.
998. She was in a hurry.
999. She was in a great hurry.
1000. Kate was forced to read the book.

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